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Chapter 290 Young Master Chen (subscription required)

As the burden in the boy's hand was opened, a foot high jade material was exposed, which was made of black, white and brown.

The middle part is black and white, and the bottom of the other side of the stone is mixed with some messy brown stripes.

The stone that looked clean and clear became a little disorderly.

The good news saw that the material was indeed flawed, and felt that it was a pity. Some brown stripes besides black and white were very conspicuous.

But when Master Huang saw the stone, his eyes lit up.

Said to Mr. Chen, 'Mr. Chen, if only you had brought this jade material with you. I can help you carve it into a pine and crane ornament. The brown stripe can just carve out the branches of the pine tree. It is more suitable to give your mother as a birthday gift than a single crane spreading its wings.'

Young Master Chen was also a little upset. At that time, he was only concerned about which material was purer. He forgot to ask the jade carving master for advice.

However, it is too late now. Tomorrow is my mother's birthday. If I wanted to carve another one, it would take me three or two days. It would take the crane four or five days.

I had to sigh and say, 'I knew so. I'll bring the two stones together and let Master Huang choose them. I'm not thinking about it.'

Jiayin didn't understand these things. As a senior jade carving master, he immediately had a composition in his mind as soon as the stone appeared.

Jiayin looked at the stone, which was black and white with brown stripes. She couldn't imagine how to carve it into a pine and crane ornament.

This jade material is obviously larger than the material used to carve crane ornaments. The material used to carve crane ornaments should not be so large, and the finished product is only half a foot high.

The good news thought, is it too stingy to just give some Holy Water? Although the other party doesn't seem to be short of money, it seems that it's not good for him to take advantage of others so blatantly.

I turned over again in the space, found a beautiful floating flower jade bracelet in a storage bag, and pretended to take it out of my handbag and pass it.

'It seems that the small porcelain bottle of holy water takes advantage of your large piece of material. This jade bracelet was blessed by the Dragon God and has the effect of strengthening your body. Give it to your wife.'

It has also been put in the space for several years, and it has been contaminated with a lot of aura. Although it is not comparable to the aura, it has some effect. Moreover, the aura is not strong, and it will not be discovered by the rules of the Heavenly Way. Even if it is discovered, it is estimated that it will not look like a half star.

This jade is also a good jade. It looks very beautiful. I believe that women will like it when they see it.

Young Master Chen quickly refused: 'No, no, I said I would give it to you. It's very good for you to give back holy water. I didn't say that you should take advantage of it.'

When the good news saw that he didn't accept it, she thought about it and put it into the hands of the boy next to her. 'I said, just give it to you! It's really good for people's health. Your wife can wear it to keep fit.'

Then he put the bracelet into the boy's hand, took the jade materials from the boy's hand and handed them to Master Huang.

'Master Huang, that would bother you. I also want to tune a crane and have the feeling of flying with open wings.'

Because only that kind of flying posture can look good in the window of my bedroom.

Master Huang stroked the beard on his chin, nodded and said with a smile: 'Don't worry, little girl. I will carve it beautifully according to your requirements. Now I will go to compose the picture. You can wait here for a while, and modify it if you don't like it, so as to satisfy the little girl.'

Seeing this, Mr. Chen smiled helplessly and did not wait to return to the mansion any longer.

Say goodbye to some people with fists, and then listen to the morality and humanity: 'Please stop, Young Master Chen. The little girl forgot to say just now. When you drink the holy water in the porcelain bottle, you must drop it into the water to drink. You can't drink it directly, otherwise it will be too powerful and will damage your health.'

Hearing this, the good news patted her forehead, looked at the stone and forgot about it. She hurriedly said, 'Yes, I forgot to say it just now, sorry! Fortunately, Taoist Priest remembered it, otherwise it would be troublesome.'

Of course, this spirit water is not the same as the bottle for the Taoist priest. It has been stored for several years.

However, this miraculous water is really undiluted. If it is diluted, Jiayin will directly give it to a bamboo tube.

It's too stingy to give him a small porcelain bottle. This is the spirit water that has not been diluted in the stone pool.

Although it is not like the one that has been stored for several years, it may cause the danger of bursting the energy channels, and it must also be uncomfortable.

It will cause pain all over the body. It's better to dilute it.

Then Jiayin added a few words: 'This small porcelain bottle can dilute five bowls of water and drink it five times. After drinking it, you can see the effect.'

Young Master Chen nodded and said, 'OK, I'll remember. Thank you, Mr. Feng, and my friends. I'll leave first and see you again.'

'Good bye, Mr. Chen.' The Taoist priest clasps his fists and delivers.

Of course, Mr. Chen knows Fengdao people. After all, they are all in the Mid mountain City, and their names are quite famous, especially in large families.

With the blessing of the Taoist priest, I looked forward to the holy water in the porcelain vase.

After Mr. Chen left, the Taoist priest called the good news aside and said, 'Little girl, didn't you say that one drop of this holy water can dilute a big bowl? There are more than five drops in this small porcelain vase, and dozens of drops.'

The good news grinned at him and said: 'Of course, what I gave to the Taoist Priest is much stronger than that. After all, the Taoist Priest is not an ordinary human. This is a drop of diluted water.

Young Master Chen, that is less effective than this. It's a little hard to divide it into five bowls. In fact, it's OK to divide it into three bowls.

But I'm afraid that if his wife's body is too weak, she won't be able to make up for it. If her strength is too strong, she will faint at once. Then it will be bad. '

Hearing this, the Taoist priest nodded suddenly, 'I see. I guess I didn't remind Young Master Chen just now, and there should be no danger, right?'

The good news shook his head and said: 'That's not true. If you take it yourself, it will be as painful as the pain of your meridians.

Again, if the weak people take it at once, it may be very uncomfortable, even painful.

Fortunately, the Taoist Priest reminded me that otherwise, Young Master Chen thought it was poison and would come to us to settle accounts. He thought I was going to kill his wife. '

The Taoist priest asked with a puzzled face: 'Why are you so sure that Mr. Chen will drink the holy water for his wife? And when you sent the bracelet, you also named the wife who would give it to Mr. Chen.

You must be new to Banshan City, right? Have you heard about the wife of Mr. Chen? '

The good news shook his head, 'That's not true. I also look at some people's faces. I see that the couple's palace and the children's palace of Prince Chen are somewhat gloomy, which shows that one of the couples is in poor health, or has no children, or even the children are difficult.

The body of Mr. Chen doesn't look ill, which means that his wife must be in poor health. So I took out the holy water to recuperate his wife's body, and naturally there will be children. '

The Taoist priest's eyes lit up and said excitedly, 'Little girl, you can also look at your face! Would you like to talk to me?'

The good news nodded, 'Yes, I am taught by the Dragon God.' My father taught me, of course, the Dragon God.

The two immediately sat aside and talked.

'Where are the children's palace and the husband and wife's palace? How can you tell the darkness of his children's palace? Although I can see some faces, I can't see them accurately. I can only see the general fortune of a person. If I see that person is uncomfortable in my heart or that person's impression is dark, it must be bad luck.

If you are lucky, you can only see these hairs. For example, you can't tell how to look at them when it comes to husband, wife and children. My divination is more accurate. '

Jiayin knows that this is because the Fengdao people have neither inherited nor specifically learned.

She pointed to the corresponding position on her face and said: 'This is the Husband and Wife Palace, and this is the Children's Palace. If it is gloomy here, it means that the wife died early or her body is ill.

In this gloomy place, the children are not abundant, or they are ill, or they die young.

Here is the Palace of Wealth, which looks at the fortune, and the Palace of Parents, which looks at the parents. Fortune Palace, look at your luck... '

In fact, the orthodox Taoism also has these things. But if you don't practice Taoism, you can only see the surface, not the deeper level.

Like Taoist Feng, he has wisdom roots and can cultivate. After cultivating, he can cultivate wisdom eyes. Then he can look through these twelve temples of facial expressions, which is different from what the naked eye can see.

So Jiayin told him in detail. Of course, these are not part of their dragon inheritance, but what her father learned from the Taoist philosophy and taught Jiayin.

With their own eyes, they can see more clearly and accurately.

Two people were whispering there. The good news said with laughter that the Taoist priest listened carefully.

Fang Zhiqiang and others were speechless for a while. Unexpectedly, Sister Jiayin also taught the Taoist priest to look at his face... It's really true. I don't know what to say.

After waiting for a while, Master Huang drew the outline of the crane drawing to let the good news see it, and then filled in the details.

After all, it was a decoration carved for her. Although he had a composition in mind, he still had better draw it for the guests to have a look.

If the guests are not satisfied, they can also make some modifications according to the shape and color of the jade.

When I saw the picture, my eyes lit up.

I saw a flying crane standing on a curved brown branch.

There are no green leaves on the brown branches. Jiayin naturally thinks that it is like a pine tree.

There is not any green on it, but it can be seen that it is the branch of a pine tree. So what Master Huang said just now is the longevity of pines and cranes.

The good news nodded with satisfaction and said, 'It's beautiful! Just carve it like this. I like it very much. Shall we pay Master Huang some deposit?'

Master Huang waved his hand and said: 'No need, you are from the wind tunnel leader. The wind tunnel leader and the old man are old friends. When the carving is finished, you can pay when you come for it.

I don't want more from you. These three ornaments are very laborious, and it will take about four or five days to carve them. This is because the two ornaments use a picture, one big and one small.

For the three ornaments, you can pay fifty liang of the work fee altogether. '

The good news nodded, 'OK, it will be hard for Master Huang.'

The Taoist priest didn't say anything, but he should pay together.

Money is something outside of his body. He is really not interested in those things. He just wants to practice.

Now that I have the cultivation method given by the Dragon God, I am eager to go back and understand it.

Of course, I didn't forget Jiayin and others, who said to them, 'I will show you around this half mountain city.'

Seeing that he was eager to go back to practice martial arts, they shook their heads at the same time and said, 'No, no, Taoist Priest doesn't have to spare time to accompany me. We've already walked around the city this morning.'

Fang Zhiqiang came forward and said: 'Taoist Priest, we have an unsolicited invitation. We are not going to stay in the inn in the city. If we don't bother, we want to go up the cliff to have a look.

If Taoist Priest's cave is big enough, we want to stay there for a few days. Or we can set up our own tents. '

They are also really curious about the cave on the cliff. They heard that the geomantic omen there is very good. Since this Taoist priest practices there, it should be good.

Hearing this, the Taoist priest quickly said happily: 'That's great. I want to ask the girl for advice on facial expressions.

The cliff in the middle of the mountain is said to be a cliff. In fact, it is flat and there are many caves. Besides the cave I use for cultivation, there are also many caves nearby.

You can still live in the next few caves. I think you should have a lot of experience in camping in the wild along the way. You should also have soft tents in your luggage.

You can live in the caves nearby, not only for a few days, but also for dozens of days. '

Liu Yu'er then asked curiously, 'Taoist Priest, we heard those people say that there is no such thing as food and drink in your cave, and you don't fire there. You also said that you have become an immortal and you can eat, drink and drink. Is that right?'

The Taoist priest laughed.

'No, that cave is where I meditate. Actually, I don't live there. There are many caves on the cliff, and the cave facing the sun on the other side is where I live.

There is a path for cars and horses to go there. Usually people walk on that path, mainly to collect raw materials for making jade cakes.

The cave where I live is inconspicuous, and a door is woven with cane to block it, so that some small wild animals can go in and eat the food.

There is a small waterfall and a small pool of water beside the cave. The water is very clear and can be drunk... '

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