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Chapter 292 Poisonous Mushroom (subscription required)

The cave was cleaned up and the area was divided, because there were men and women. Although they were in the cave, they still set up two tents.

Fortunately, the cave is spacious enough, and a corridor can be left in the middle.

They can change clothes, scrub their bodies and have some privacy in the tent.

If they were not afraid that the Fengdao people would come to visit the door, they would all like to take out the bed and put it in the tent.

They didn't buy the bed on the road. After all, if they buy a bed, they don't have a place to live. How can people come to you to install it?

It's not realistic to drive away directly.

This bed was collected by them in the tunnel in Yulong County.

In the tunnel, there will be a small lounge every other distance. There are beds in it, as well as cupboards and candlesticks.

I don't know what kind of wood the bed is made of. It has been in the tunnel for so many years, but it is still solid, which makes them cheap.

Of course, they didn't collect them room by room, but Jiayin asked Qingzhu to collect them in the name of Qingzhu. In fact, she received them in the space and put them in the storage bag.

Those quilts were also dismantled and washed at Liu Yu'er's house, and many people had covered them. They had been in the tunnel for a long time, and they had been contaminated with snakes, insects, rats and ants. After being dismantled, washed and exposed to the sun, they were sewn again and put into the storage bag.

Although not all of them can be taken out, Jiayin and Liu Yu'er still have a bed in their small tent. Even if the Taoist priest comes, it is not easy to go to their tent to have a look.

Even if the tents of the Fangs' brothers are not enough, they can get more beds from the quilts, spread two large straw mattresses on the ground, and then spread the quilts. In addition, the hole is dry, and the temperature is suitable for sleeping. It is also very comfortable.

After that, they took out dry food and pots and pans, ready to cook dinner.

There are vegetables but no meat. Fang Zhiqiang is going out to hunt some prey.

This is the convenience in the mountains. I don't worry about having no meat.

There is still water. Don't go to fetch water today.

They must go to places with many trees when hunting. It is inconvenient to hold torches, in case of fire.

Jiayin directly took out her luminous pearl and handed it to them

As soon as the pearl appeared, the whole cave was illuminated. This was not the first time they had seen the pearl. The good news of the overnight stay in the mountain had also been brought out before. Each time, they couldn't help sighing that the pearl was so bright!

They did not dare to hold it directly in their hands for fear that they might fall again. Instead, they hung it on their bodies in a white gauze bag, so that they could light up and not fall off easily.

This night, the Pearl was very happy. She didn't think so since she took over the dark room of the Dongshan King.

There is a box of luminous pearls in the darkroom! They are bigger than their own! In the end, the night pearl has become a lighting tool instead of a treasured treasure.

Then he took out a glass lamp and put a night pearl on it, and threw the torch into the hearth.

The smoke from that torch is too choking, and it can't burn all night.

Fang Zhiqiang, Fang Zhiwu and Fang Zhigang went hunting. Fang Zhixin, Fang Zhiyuan and Fang Zhiwen stayed to make a fire and cook.

Although there is dry food, it can only be eaten when it is hot. It is hard to swallow when it is cold. Simply steam it in a pot, and then boil some hot water under the pot.

When you come back from hunting, you can wash your prey with hot water and pluck its hair.

Jiayin and Liu Yu'er went into the tent to tidy up their beds and lay the bedding. Jiayin also took out a shelf and put up an embroidered tent.

Seeing Liu Yu'er, she could not help shaking her head. 'No one came to see her. What are you doing with a tent?'

The good news touched the tent and smiled: 'It looks beautiful like this! Sister Yu Er, don't you think this flower tent is very beautiful?'

They bought it in the county town. The embroidery on it has local characteristics. The patterns look complicated, but they are all regular, overlapping and very beautiful.

Jiayin likes this kind of bright red and green, such as those elegant plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum. She can't appreciate it.

Fang Zhigang often laughed at her, saying that she was an old lady's eye. The old ladies in the village like this kind of bright red and bright green, happy and lively.

Jiayin also likes to wear red and green clothes. Just like now, Jiayin's upper body is a water red coat, and her lower body is a light green pants.

If it is worn on others, it will probably look like a matchmaker.

But wearing it on the good news, it looks very harmonious.

Especially with her white skin and delicate facial features, she looks like a girl inside a golden virgin.

It makes people feel that they can be drawn at any time.

Jiayin also bought this suit from Songyuan County. Large camellia flowers are embroidered on the cuffs, neckline and waist of her blouse.

If you just look at the clothes, it is actually a bit dazzling.

Liu Yu'er is wearing clothes embroidered by herself. Although there are many flowers embroidered on the clothes, because the clothes are made of indigo, even if the flowers on them are layered, they don't feel as gorgeous as the clothes of Jiayin.

Instead, it shows a simple and elegant beauty.

The pattern embroidered on Liu Yu'er is a unique phoenix tail flower in Yulong County.

The flower is like the tail feather of a phoenix, long and oval. And a flower presents three colors, the middle is dark red, then a circle is pink, and the outer circle is white, just like a gradual color.

Liu Yuer's embroidery is also quite realistic, and it looks very beautiful in the indigo sleeves and neckline.

Jiayin also likes the pattern, but she doesn't like the background color.

It was woven and dyed by the local people themselves.

It was boring to ride on the donkey cart all the way. Liu Yuer also embroidered a skirt for Jiayin. The pattern on the skirt rim was the phoenix tail flower.

The skirt is light pink, which is the color chosen by Jiayin herself. It is very harmonious to embroider the gradually changed color of phoenix tail flowers.

Only a few flowers can be embroidered, otherwise Jiayin could not wait to wear them.

It is approaching Youshi, Fang Zhiqiang and some of them have returned.

Wiping the sweat on his forehead and neck with a cloth towel, Fang Zhigang said there, 'These wild animals really can hide! We walked a long way to find them, and there was not a wild animal on the mountain here! But the pheasant is fat enough, and it's not bad to eat.'

Then he shook the pheasant in his hand, which was much fatter than the pheasant they had caught on the road before.

'By the way, we also picked some mushrooms on the mountain, just to stew chicken.' Fang Zhiwu opened his coat in his hand and let them see it.

Only then did they find that Fang Zhiwu was wearing an undercoat, and took off his coat and carried it in his hand to hold mushrooms.

When Fang Zhiwu opened the coat, Liu Yu'er looked up and said, 'Alas! This mushroom can't be eaten. If it's eaten, people will die!'

Fang Zhiwu scratched his head in doubt. 'We have eaten this kind of mushroom before. It's not poisonous. Isn't it the colorful mushrooms that are poisonous?'

Liu Yu'er shook her head and said: 'Most of the colorful mushrooms are poisonous, but there are also some that are not different from ordinary mushrooms.

The umbrella top of this kind of mushroom is white, which seems to be no different from those ordinary mushrooms. It depends on the following.

There is dark gray under the umbrella, which is toxic. If it is milky white or brown, it is not toxic. After eating this kind of mushroom, people in our village would have a fever even if they vomited and diarrhea. Some old people could not bear this kind of mushroom, but some young people could not bear it, but they were also weak. '

Fang Zhiwu immediately took the mushrooms out and threw them away.

At this time, Green Bamboo jumped out of Jiayin's wrist and directly went into the pile of mushrooms. He opened his mouth and began to eat!

Fang Zhiwu was shocked. 'This... this... green bamboo! Don't eat it, it's poisonous!'

The good news smiled and said, 'Brother Zhiwu, don't worry. The green bamboo itself is more poisonous than it. Since it likes to eat, you should give it a good meal. It should be harmless to it.'

Green Bamboo said to the good news, 'I like this kind of mushroom best. There are also some on Snake Hill, but they are very few. I can only find some in spring.'

The good news was curious, 'Is it so delicious? Since this mushroom is poisonous and you like it, can it enhance the poison in your body?'

Green Bamboo kept saying, 'That's not true. We just like to eat it. This kind of mushroom tastes very good. It's not like other mushrooms. It tastes like grass. This kind of mushroom has a smell of meat. When you eat it, it looks like you are eating meat. After eating it, you feel more comfortable and stronger.'

I can't understand the good news. Is it possible to fight with poison? Because the green bamboo itself is poisonous, you don't feel like eating it at all. Do you still think it's delicious? '

Fang Zhiwu listened to the good news and carefully put the green bamboo and mushrooms on a clean stone.

The clothes are ready to be brought back after the green bamboo is eaten. There are a lot of grass dust and mushroom juice on the clothes, and they will be washed later.

Fang Zhiyuan has taken the pheasant over. They went out for a round this time and brought back three pheasants, all of them very fat.

However, there were many of them, so they just killed them.

Just as the water in the pot is boiling, put the steamed dry food on the table beside, and the pheasant directly rinsed in the pot and began to pluck the hair.

When the pheasants are ready, they will be stewed. Fang Zhiwen said, 'Let me go to the wind tunnel leader to have a look. If he is not practicing, he will come and eat with us. Anyway, there are many pheasants.'

They nodded, ate a meal at noon, and invited back a meal at night.

Fang Zhiwen lit a torch and went out. It was too dark in the mountain. If he didn't light up a little, he could not walk along the mountain path.

Because the pheasant is fresh and tender, it doesn't need to be stewed for long. It can be eaten after being stewed for two quarters of an hour.

At this time, Fang Zhiwen also came back, but there was no Taoist priest behind him.

When Fang Zhiwen saw them looking over, he explained: 'The wind tunnel leader said that he would not come over and he would concentrate on practicing. Is the chicken ready? I will bring him a bowl and eat it after he has finished practicing.'

The people nodded, thinking that Laifeng would not waste any time. If they came to have dinner with them, they would also have a chat for a while, which would definitely take a lot of time.

I don't want to waste any time based on the extent of the wind Taoist's obsession with that skill. If not, they can understand.

Just as the pheasant was out of the pot, Fang Zhiyuan took a large pottery bowl, filled it with a full bowl, and put it in a small basket and handed it to Fang Zhiwen.

Fang Zhiwen didn't even put down the torch. He took it directly and went out again with the basket.

Jiayin took out a larger table and four benches from the storage bag.

It is more than enough to make two people on a bench. The table is square, and two people sit on one side, just surrounding the table.

One person holds a bowl of stewed chicken, and put some dry food in the bamboo basket to get it.

When Fang Zhiwen came back, everyone sat at the table and began to eat.

Fang Zhigang said as he ate, 'It's still made by himself. It's comfortable to eat. Although the lunch in the restaurant is delicious, the amount is too small. One bite is almost gone. Unlike our big pot of stew, it can be eaten open. It's just delicious.'

The people nodded in agreement, but it was true that they did not have to pay attention to the beauty of their own food, just delicious. There is no need to hold the shelf when eating. It is more comfortable.

'By the way, we will stay in the mountain for four or five days, and then go to get the jade carving. Don't we go somewhere else?' Fang Zhigang asked curiously.

Fang Zhiwen and Fang Zhiqiang looked at each other. Look at them and say, 'What do you think? Sister Jiayin and her brother and sister, if you want to go to the Half Mountain City to play again, let's go around again tomorrow.'

Jiayin and Liu Yu'er shook their heads at the same time.

Liu Yu'er said, 'Today we have visited. I don't think there are as many interesting places in the Mid mountain City as there are in the county town, so we should just have a rest on the mountain. We have been on our way a few days ago, but we haven't had a good rest. We have had a rest on the mountain for a few days. When it is time to get the jade carving, we will continue to go to Qisong Ridge.'

The good news also nodded: 'Yes, yes, we can play in the mountain. Isn't the wind tunnel leader saying that the raw material of the jade cake is the tender leaves on the Handan tree? We also pick some.

The pastries made by Brother Zhiyuan are also delicious. We can learn to make them. Maybe they are even better than those made in this half mountain city.

We can also collect more seeds from that tree. I also want to wear a bead curtain and hang it on our donkey cart or carriage. It must be more beautiful than the cloth curtain. '

Fang Zhiwen thought helplessly that, apart from eating the beautiful pearl curtain, the sister of Jiayin was really a little girl.

Liu Yu'er also agreed, 'Yes, let's find more seeds of that tree. It's also nice to wear a bead curtain and hang it on the door of the house.'

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