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Chapter 293 Agate Cave (subscription required)

The next day, Taoist Feng came to bring back the pottery bowls and praised Fang Zhiyuan's cooking skills.

'Zhiyuan, you are really good at cooking. You are not far behind the dishes in that restaurant. I wonder how your schedule is today. But you want to go to the city to have a look? I can go with you.'

Several people shook their heads, and Fang Zhiyuan replied: 'We have wandered around the city, so we don't want to go there anymore. We were on our way before. It's good to live in the cave these days, so we can rest here for a few days, and then go to the city after the jade carving is finished.

These days, we can just stroll in the mountains by ourselves. Taoist Priest doesn't need to take time to accompany me, just go to work by ourselves. '

Hearing that they were going to play in the mountain, the Taoist priest told them, 'You may as well walk around the mountain. It's not small, and you can walk for a few days.

Just don't go to the area near the Shanxi, where is the location of the Yuan family's agate mine. There are people guarding it day and night. If you approach, you may be injured by mistake.

Other locations do not matter. There are many scenic spots on the mountain. Most of my days are in the north of the mountain. There is also a cave there, which is called the place where I practice.

After the sun goes down, I will come back here. '

The good news asked curiously, 'Why doesn't Taoist Priest practice directly in his cave, instead of going to the cave in the north?'

The Taoist priest smiled and said, 'I don't know what's strange there, but every time I meditate in it, I feel refreshed, and I can practice more calmly and understand the world.

The cave where I live is too noisy. I can't help being distracted when I meditate in it. I either want to eat or lie in bed. '

Several people thought it was strange after listening to it. The good news thought that it should be in the cave where he lived. His life breath was too strong. The decorations were all according to his own wishes. They were comfortable, so people could not help relaxing and wanted to rest.

And going to the cave in the north every day is like going to work every day. When you get there, you will naturally enter the state of cultivation.

Thinking so, Jiayin couldn't help but explore her divine sense to the north. I want to see if there is anything different. It can refresh people. Is there any ore in it?

The divine sense of Jiayin scanned the cliff in the north and found a cave.

There is a path from the top of the mountain to the cave, but you can't get up from the cliff.

The cave is closer to the top of the mountain.

Although it is the shady side, it is good because the location is high enough for lighting.

Jiayin also scanned the cave. It was very clean, not only free of dust, but also completely free of furnishings. There was nothing except a futon on a flat stone platform.

The futon is supposed to be used by the Taoist priest to practice meditation.

Jiayin did not give up her mind to explore the stone at the back of the mountain. She went into the stone for more than ten zhang. Except for a dark hole, all the other places were white stones, and no ore was found.

The dark hole is just a large stone gap washed out by water. After all, there are waterfalls on the mountain top, which must be the source of water.

This dark hole is a water channel in the mountain. Except that the rock wall is relatively smooth, there is no ore.

The trees and plants around the cave have not found any strange flowers and plants, so it is likely that it is just the psychological role of the Taoist priest.

When the Fengdao people go back, they also tidy up and prepare to go to the mountain for a walk.

Don't take anything else, just put away the bed and cabinet in Jiayin's tent in case anyone comes in and sees it strange.

They didn't take out the rest of the tables and chairs in the morning, so the Taoist priest didn't find anything unusual when he came.

They took Pangpang and made a scene together, and the horse stayed at the cave gate.

In any case, few people come here, and there is the divine sense of green bamboo to watch. They can't lose it if they want to.

Originally, they wanted to leave Naonao and Pangpang to watch at home in the cave, but these two guys didn't want to do it. They also wanted to go to the mountain to play. They had no choice but to take them with them.

When they went, they did not go the way they came, but the other way they went hunting yesterday.

There is no need to pass the wind path man's mountain.

The road on this side is not as easy as that on the other side. It is full of fine stones and a slope. If you don't pay attention, you will slip.

Fortunately, except for Liu Yuer, all the people are practitioners, and the chassis is stable enough.

Fang Zhiwu has been holding Liu Yuer's arm and stabilizing her figure, but nothing happened.

It took about two quarters of an hour to walk out of the rubble slope, and the trees gradually grew.

Fang Zhigang said: 'When we went hunting yesterday, we also looked around here. Although there were many trees, we didn't find any fruit trees.

I wanted to pick some wild fruits to go back, but I didn't find any. It's really strange on the mountain, and I don't know what the birds eat? '

Fang Zhiqiang glanced at him and said, 'Of course, they eat worms. You don't think birds eat fruit, do you?'

Fang Zhigang choked. He really forgot about it. Birds can eat ripe fruits and sweet ones, but their staple food is insects.

There is no saying that the early bird catches the worm.

Jiayin and Liu Yu'er looked at him with a smile. Fang Zhigang doesn't make a fool of himself every day. They are not used to it.

As they walked, they looked at the plants on the ground to see if there was anything strange.

Jiayin also picked up a wooden stick and pulled it. At this time, she heard Qingzhu preach to her: 'Jiayin, Jiayin, I found a hole with divine sense. There are red stones in it!'

'What red stone?' The good news didn't respond at the moment, and asked directly.

Hearing this, several people looked over and Fang Zhiyuan asked, 'What's wrong?'

The good news told them about the spread of green bamboo.

Fang Zhiwen hesitated and said, 'Good news, isn't green bamboo the agate mine that was swept to Jiang's house?'

The good news also thought of this and said to Qingzhu, 'Qingzhu, is that the cave opening you mentioned on the west side of the mountain?'

The green bamboo replied, 'No, just in front of us on the left, there is a very strong tree. The roots under that tree are separated.'

The good news also explored the divine sense. Sure enough, there was a big tree just a few tens of feet away on the left in front of them.

There is a hole at the fork position. If it was not for divine sense and naked eyes, it could not be seen that it was a hole, because the complex roots of the big tree were wrapped.

The good news said to them, 'Green Bamboo said that it was less than 50 steps ahead. Let's go and have a look.'

Then he walked forward, and the others followed him in that direction.

Sure enough, after walking dozens of steps, I saw the big tree.

Although the trees in the mountain are very strong, it is rare to see such a big tree.

And this tree is the kind of Handan tree that the wind Taoist pointed out to them before. It is surrounded by vines, and the ground is covered with dense black seeds.

It seems that this side is remote and close to the cliff over there, so few people come here.

The good news was also scanned with divine sense yesterday. There are many such trees on the mountain.

The buds and seeds of the Handan tree close to their path up the mountain were picked cleanly, and there were not many seeds left under the tree.

This tree is obviously stronger than those trees, and it is still more old.

The good news looked at so many round black seeds on the ground, and was too lazy to pick them up one by one.

They simply received a large cloth bag directly in the name of green bamboo, and then collected it in the storage bag in front of them.

Without those black seeds, there are only some dead leaves on the ground.

They walked over and stepped under their feet.

Jiayin thought the sound was funny. She couldn't help stepping on it back and forth, and Pangpang and Naonao followed.

In particular, Pangpang, with his front paws together, pressed his four fat paws on the ground and began to step on it constantly, and finally even rolled on the ground.

Good news:

This guy is covered with scum. Don't go to bed today!

There are four donkey hooves nearby, and they are also stepping on them.

Fang Zhiqiang looked at them helplessly.

Lift up the dense vines and get close to the branch of the tree trunk, and look carefully at the one below. cave.

The root of the tree is very firm, but you can still see the indistinct hole.

It is impossible to see the agate inside, mainly because there is no light below, and the sun cannot shine here.

The leaves of the tree are dense, with vines hanging down beside it. The light can't shine in at all. Even if it rains, it's probably dry below.

Jiayin had had enough of the game of stepping on the withered leaves, so she came to study the cave with them.

After thinking for a while, he said, 'Otherwise, I will break the root of the tree. The hole is not small. As long as the root is cleared, people can go down.'

She has seen it with divine sense. As long as the roots are opened, the people at the bottom of the cave can easily go down.

In addition, there is a large room below. Although there are many roots of the tree in it, it is still possible to move in it.

Fang Zhiwen looked at her white and tender hands and compared them with the smallest tree roots with baby's arms thick

The proposal said, 'Otherwise, Sister Jiayin, do you have any tools like axe or machete in Qingzhu's storage bag?'

The good news waved her hand and said, 'Why is it so troublesome? Just come directly.'

Finish. He reached out and pulled all the roots out!

A group of people were stunned, especially Liu Yu'er, whose eyes were straight and mouth was wide.

Along the way, she knew that Jiayin had great strength, but she looked like pulling cotton and pulled out the strong roots in three or five places, which was too powerful!

I couldn't help reaching out and touching the root of the tree that Jiayin threw aside! It was heavy and solid when I lifted it!

Jiayin pulled up the roots of the tree and took out the luminous pearl to shine on it.

She took the one in the gauze bag. It happened to have a belt on it. She put the belt down with her hand and put it directly into the cave.

The space below was clearly photographed, and the local chronicle went far: 'I'll go down and have a look. I'm the thinnest and better.'

Fang Zhigang also said, 'I can do the same.'

Fang Zhiqiang and his colleagues have no problem. They are the youngest, and their bodies are really the most flexible.

Several people pulled down several vines beside them, tied them together on the trunk, and tied the other end to their waist.

Fang Zhiyuan went down with the Night Pearl first, followed by Fang Zhigang.

As soon as Fang Zhigang went down, he shouted, 'Oh my God, how beautiful! There are many red agates! There is no danger. Come down quickly!'

The good news said to Pangpang and Naonao, 'You watch from above. If anyone comes, please call us.'

Pangpang and Naonao nodded at the same time, and then the tacit one stood aside.

One side is the road they came from, and the other side is the cliff. They just need to guard the front side facing the forest.

Fang Zhiqiang has gone down. Fang Zhiwu wants to go down with Liu Yu'er. Liu Yu'er is a little embarrassed, so Jiayin refuses for her. This cane can't help the weight of Fang Zhiwu and Liu Yu'er.

Jiayin put her arms around Liu Yu'er's waist with one hand and slid down with the other holding the cane.

At the bottom of the cave, Liu Yu'er looked at Jiayin with adoring eyes. Jiayin's strength was really great! As if she had no weight, one hand caught her.

She was ignored by the good news, and her eyes were wide open, staring at the red agates on the stone wall one by one.

She knew how those jade stones came out. They were all wrapped in inconspicuous stones. She had to cut the stones to see the jade inside.

She thought agate was the same, but unexpectedly, it was all exposed on the surface!

It seems that the agate mine in the middle of the mountain is not only near the Jiang family's ancestral tomb in the west, but nowhere else.

Jiayin rummaged through her space and found no tools at her disposal. I just started to pick it up.

Fang Zhiyuan subconsciously tried to stop her, fearing that she would hurt him, but when he saw the good news, he easily picked out some agates exposed on the stone wall.

Even some of them are connected with stones, which can be broken off by hands.

A few people took a puff at the corners of their eyes. If they didn't know that Jiayin has great power, they thought it was all tofu.

Even so, they couldn't resist trying.

Mmm! As expected, they did not move at all.

Several people agreed to help them load the baskets. Jiayin just brought out some bamboo baskets to them.

She kept picking her hands so fast that several people could hardly keep up with her.

After picking up those exposed on the surface, Jiayin sweeps the inside with her divine sense.

The agates inside are all wrapped in stones, which is right. I think they are exposed only when the roots are stretched hard. Here is the root of the tree. The upper trunk is split, and the lower trunk is also split.

Unexpectedly, the tree is so powerful that it has to carve out a cave.

The good news continued to reach out for the stone, and the feeling of digging the stone pool with your hands came again!??! (??)??

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