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Chapter 294 Fengshui Array (subscription required)

The Fang brothers and Liu Yu'er, who were shocked at the beginning, have become numb since then. They mechanically catch pieces of agate and put them into the basket.

With nearly ten baskets, Fang Zhiwen couldn't help saying to Jiayin, 'Sister Jiayin, please stop.'

Hearing the words, Jiayin stopped obediently, 'Brother Zhiwen, what's wrong?'

Fang Zhiwen sighed, 'Sister Jiayin, what are we going to do with so many agates? Although this thing can sell for a lot of money, it is also more expensive after carving and processing the finished products. It is not easy for us to sell the raw stone.

It is well known that the red agate mine belongs to the Jiang family. If we rush out so much, others think we have stolen the Jiang family's agate mine!'

Jiayin was stunned. Yes, they are not short of money. Why did they dig so many agates?

Just now, she just had fun. In fact, she didn't want to get many agates. She just thought it was very interesting to mine with bare hands, especially to dig out the beautiful red stone from the dusty stone.

Jiayin patted the stone ash on her little hand and said with a shriveled mouth, 'That's all. Let's take it back to Nanyue County and let cousin Chengsi try to see if it can be carved. We can sell it in the shop in Nanyue County City.'

Reached out his hand and patted the green bamboo on his wrist, 'Green bamboo, put these away quickly, we have no place to stay.'

Green Bamboo shakes his head, and shakes off the lime that was patted on his head by the good news. She looked at her helplessly, and it was clearly her own collection, so I must say it was it.

Only ten baskets on the ground disappeared instantly.

They looked at the underground cave again, and when it was dug by Jiayin, an extra suite came out of the cave, which was much larger.

There are many agate stone walls inside, and the good news said regrettably, 'I don't know who will find these in the future. It's a pity. Let's go and play somewhere else.'

Several people nodded hurriedly, and they could leave.

Liu Yu'er and others reached out and rubbed their arms. In fact, it hasn't taken them long since they came in.

It's because Jiayin picked up the stones and threw them back. They caught the stones behind them and loaded them into the basket. They were so nervous that they felt so tired.

That's right. In the past, good news was always thrown back while digging, without even looking at it.

These people had to come forward to catch them. Fortunately, they had all practiced. Liu Yu'er helped to put them neatly in the basket at the back, so that they could pack more.

And watching them running around, everyone feels tired together.

Several people went up to the ground along the vine that had been tied up before, but Liu Yu'er was still caught by Jiayin with her arm.

Once on the ground, Pangpang and Naonao stood still and watched, which was quite similar.

Jiayin shouted to them: 'Pangpang, noisy, we are out.'

The two immediately turned around and ran over as if they were alive.

Jiayin patted them both and gave them a bamboo tube of miraculous water reward.

Jiayin took out a big bamboo tube and cup, and one person poured a cup. Everyone should be thirsty after working for a long time.

After drinking water and having a rest, he read the tender leaves on the book and said to Pangpang, 'Pangpang, go to the tree and pick some of those tender leaves, and let's go back and make delicious food.'

After hearing the delicious food, Pangpang became excited and went to climb the tree without saying a word.

Although Pangpang is so fat, he is a good hand at climbing trees. As long as he can restrain his branches, he can go up even if he is thin.

Pangpang is very happy. In fact, he likes climbing trees, especially looking down from a high place.

Down below, they saw Pang Pang wringing his butt and slowly climbing up. It seemed to be very slow, but in fact, the speed was not slow. After a while, Pang Pang climbed over the trunk to a branch.

The good news commanded below, 'Pangpang, you can pick those tender green leaves at the top, only the ones that can be made delicious, not the dark ones.'

Pangpang nodded, stretched out the big bear's paw and began to pick the leaves. Although the paw was thick and big, it was very convenient to do this job.

I saw that it stretched out its nails hidden in the meat pad and gently stroked towards the branch, and then the tender green branches fell off.

They hold the basket below and then the branches and leaves fall down gently, which is basically acceptable.

After a while, I picked up a basket and took out several empty bamboo baskets.

After that, Fang Zhigang and Fang Zhiwu could not help climbing up the tree. When they came down from the tree, there were already four baskets of leaves on the ground.

We still put them in the storage bag. In fact, the good news is that we have received the space. There is Reiki in the space, and they are washed by Reiki. I believe that the cakes made from those leaves must be more delicious.

They walked forward again and reached the center of the mountain. From a distance, they saw someone gathering leaves on the tree.

After looking at this forest, we can see that it is all Handan trees. I think it is the place where those people focus on collecting.

They also don't go forward. The provincial influence on others' work is not good.

Turn to the north, which is the cave where the Fengdao people meditate.

They are going to the cave to find the wind tunnel man. By the way, they will see what's interesting there.

Good news has been swept with a magic stone before, but I'm not curious. Anyway, there is nothing there. The cliff is also bare. It's not as good as the side where they live. At least there are water and vines.

This side is a bare cliff.

When they reached the cave, they found a man standing outside the cave, and there was a faint voice inside.

After a closer look, this person is still the steward of the Yuan family. I think he is the head of the Yuan family. The other party is here to send a thank-you gift.

They did not go forward, and returned to the cliff again.

However, Jiayin is still curious to find out what the head of the Yuan family said.

As soon as Jiayin's divine sense was explored, the head of the Yuan family said, 'Taoist Priest, can't you really help me with this? As long as Taoist Priest helps me, if you have any requirements, Taoist Priest can't help me.'

I didn't hear the good news before, nor did I know what the other side asked the Taoist priest to do.

The Taoist priest replied, 'It's not that I don't help you, but that I can't do anything.

I have limited ability, so I can only divine the marriage of the daughter. Yesterday's man was indeed the same as the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the son of the son of the son of the son of the son of the son of the son of the son of

The head of the Yuan family was a little anxious and disappointed when he saw the wind Taoist Gu Zuoyou talking about him.

'In that case, thank you again, Taoist Priest. I don't know if he knows any experts. Can you introduce me? If other experts can help, I will also remember Taoist Priest's feelings.'

The air duct length shakes his head helplessly, 'Master Jiang, let alone the experts I don't know. Even if there are experts I know, this kind of thing can't be done for us practitioners. Once we do it, it will damage our cultivation.

It hurts heaven. I believe no practitioner dares to do such things at the risk of being eaten back.

Except for that kind of evil practice, and if you encounter that kind of evil practice, whether he can succeed or not, it is no doubt that Jiang's family is profiting from the tiger by cooperating with that kind of person, and in the end it may be even more rewarding. Please think twice before you act. '

After listening to this, the Jiang family did not insist on it, but they were a little impatient in their eyes. They should be impatient to listen to the Fengdao people telling them these great truths.

The Jiang family shouted, and then the outside housekeeper carried a box in and put it in the cave. The Jiang family left with the housekeeper.

They didn't stand on the side of the path. It seemed strange. They walked in the woods, sat on the stone under a big tree, and took a rest there.

When the head of the Yuan family went to the top of the mountain, they didn't feel strange to see them. After all, the Taoist priest was famous. Many people came to visit or beg for help, but they just took a glance and left.

When people go far away, they go down the path again.

When the Taoist priest heard something, he looked up and saw them. He chuckled, 'Have you had enough time in the mountain?'

The good news replied: 'It's meaningless to turn around the places that can be turned. We'll come to play with Taoist Priest. Taoist Priest, what did that person ask you for just now?'

The Taoist priest knew that good news would look at her, so he didn't hide it from her and said, 'Lord Jiang wants me to set up a feng shui array for him.'

Jiayin asked strangely, 'It's normal to set up a feng shui array. What's the trouble?'

Many businessmen or dignitaries will put some feng shui arrays in their homes or shops.

Some are seeking wealth, some are seeking for advancement, and some are exorcising evil spirits.

Although there is no aura in this world, Feng Shui Array seems to be of some use. At least it can block some bad luck and evil spirits. I don't know what the principle is.

The Taoist priest didn't care when he saw her face, knowing that he didn't make it clear.

Then he said to her: 'What he wants to put is not an ordinary geomantic array, not a kind of fortune seeking and evil exorcism, but an opportunity.'

The good news was puzzled and said, 'Take advantage of the situation? What kind of situation?'

The Taoist priest explained: 'I want to borrow the fortune of others to myself.'

The Taoist priest sighed: 'The reason why I helped Miss Jiang before was because I saw that they were still rich in fortune and their moral character was good, so I helped her.

The Taoist priest of Jiang didn't know who told him that he could borrow fortune and life from others, but he wanted me to help him set up a feng shui array and borrow fortune and life from others to supplement himself!

It's really... It's just evil! In this way, the people who are borrowed by him are not covered by bad luck, or die! '

Jiayin also frowned. She had seen the face of the Jiang family before, but she was not like this evil person. Why did she suddenly have this idea?

Thinking of Jiayin's divine sense, she went to the Jiang family.

She saw that the Jiang family was walking on the mountain road hurriedly, leaving the housekeeper behind, with a deep frown.

The good news carefully observed his fortune through divine sense, and unexpectedly, there was some grey spirit!

What's going on? It was transparent before! Even if he is not a kind person, he has never done anything bad.

Now the smell around him turns gray, indicating that he is ready to harm others or has already done so?

Seeing his face is gloomy, I don't know what he is thinking.

We had to explore the divine sense to see if we could find anything in the Yuan mansion.

I searched in the Yuan's mansion.

Miss Jiang embroiders in her boudoir on red cloth. She should be embroidering her own wedding dress. After all, the embroidery balls have been thrown out, and people have been invited to her home. The wedding should also be on the agenda.

The prospective son-in-law of the Jiang family is reading in the guest room, and he seems very serious, and there is nothing unusual.

Later, Jiayin went to the backyard, where Mrs. Jiang and several aunts were.

It was found that there was a Buddha Hall in Mrs. Jiang's yard, and the Buddha Hall was locked, while Mrs. Jiang was sitting on a soft couch, and the servant girl was beating her legs and feeding her fruit.

How can you be so familiar with this picture?

Isn't this the scene of seeing Princess Dongshan in Dongshan County before?

Jiayin looked at the little Buddha Hall, but there was no dark room in it. The Buddha Hall was also a real Buddha Hall, but the futon was so new that it didn't seem to be used often, and I didn't know who it was for.

Take a look at the Buddha statue on the top of the Buddha Hall. Hmm, it's a Goddess of Mercy.

Jiayin thought about it and thought it was strange.

Yuan Fu had several sons, plus a daughter. What did she do to send Guanyin?

Jiayin looks into the other yards again. At this time, women are at home and men are out.

The women have their own things to do. Some are looking at the account book, some are embroidering to kill time, some are playing with flowers and grasses, and one is, uh... playing with the maid...

Yes, a beautiful young woman is beating the maid with a feather duster in her forehand.

The servant girl knelt there and cried for mercy, while the young woman vigorously waved a feather duster on her back!

The girl's body trembled when she was pulled. Although Jiayin didn't know what the girl had done wrong, she thought that she was not normal when she saw the excited smile on her face.

Don't most people beat people because they are angry? Some people may get angry more and more. They should be angry.

The more people beat, the more excited they became? Still smiling...

The good news frowned and stabbed her with her divine sense. It didn't use much strength, but it just made the woman dizzy a little.

The woman swayed, and the feather duster fell on the ground. She put one hand on the table and the other on her forehead. She was not sure why.

I want to reach out to pick up the feather duster and hit again, but I just bow my head. I feel more dizzy from the feeling of vertigo, so I don't want to continue and go straight to one side of the soft couch to lie down.

She waved her hand to let the servant girl leave, and the servant girl hurriedly withdrew sobbing.

Jiayin carefully scanned the room and found a secret passage under the bed!

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