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Chapter 298 The Heavenly Lord Who Stops Fighting

After turning Xuankong Taoist into a fool, Jiayin regained her divine sense, and then began to sort out Xuankong Taoist's memory.

As he introduced himself before, he is indeed the close disciple of the Lord of Wuling Mountain Tianzun Temple.

Wuling Mountain is located in South China County, not far from Songyuan County, but opposite to Dongshan County.

Songyuan County is in the east of Dayan Capital, while South China County is in the northeast of the capital.

The reason why it is called Hainan County is that the sea is just ahead of Hainan County. The sea is called Nanhai.

Hainan County is just in the south of the sea, so it is directly named Hainan County.

The opposite side of the Strait is the Xingmang Country. Hainan County can be said to be opposite the Xingmang Country across the sea.

Wuling Mountain in Hainan County is also quite famous, which is said to have a history of hundreds of years.

It is said that 600 years ago, there was a noble man who claimed to be the God who stopped fighting. When he left, he passed Wuling Mountain and was attracted by the scenery of Wuling Mountain.

Wuling Mountain has a valley with a view of the sea on the north and mountains on three sides. It is not only surrounded by fog all the year round, but also like a fairyland.

Walking in the valley, you can enjoy it in spring, summer, autumn and winter. So the master built a Taoist temple there. It was originally named after the master's name, but it was not very pleasant, so it was named Tianzun Temple.

At the beginning, the Tianzun Temple was very low-key, but the master's Taoism was superb, and many people came to admire it. Zhige Tianzun simply recruited disciples there to establish a sect.

When there were more disciples, Zhige Tianzun closed the door, assigned one disciple to be the leader of the temple, and asked the rest of the disciples to go down the mountain in batches to help people cope with disasters.

It has been closed for several decades, and then it rose as soon as it came out.

This time, Tianzun Temple was even more famous. Later, even the emperor of the previous dynasty appointed one of its leaders as the national teacher. At that time, it was really beautiful.

Until the demise of the previous dynasty, the founding emperor of this dynasty did not believe in these things. Although the Heavenly Honor Temple did not decline, it was also not beautiful and could only live in a corner.

Until now, many places have not heard of the reputation of the Heavenly King Temple.

According to the memory of Taoist Xuankong, Jiayin directly explored the divine sense on Wuling Mountain. I want to see if the Tianzun Temple is really built by an expert.

The good news was shocked after she explored the divine sense. Unexpectedly, it was really a scene of immortal family!

The whole valley from left to right is the scene of four seasons. The highest position on the left is the peak in the valley. There is a lot of snow on the top of the mountain, just like the Xuelong Mountain.

On its right side, there are many bright flowers. Those flowers are red and look like azaleas.

Further to the right, there are colorful flowers and trees, and then there are fruitful forests, which are connected to the snow mountain.

It is indeed a valley where you can see all the seasons, and the place in the middle of the valley, surrounded by the scenery of the seasons, is a magnificent Taoist temple!

Yes, it is magnificent. Although it is not as grand as the imperial palace, it is quite large in a small valley.

From the huge archway in front to the stone steps ten feet wide in the back, it looks so grand.

Go up the mountain along the stone steps. When you reach the top of the mountain, there are clouds and mists. If you walk in the steps, you will look immortal.

After reaching the top of the mountain, the first thing that came into view was a broad platform, which was made of stone and was still flat over the years.

Then came the gate.

According to the location of the Eight Diagrams, the Taoist Temple faces south with the meridian as its central axis.

The worship halls are all on the central axis, which are the mountain gate, Lingguan Hall, Bell and Drum Hall, main hall, Siyu Hall, and Jietai Hall in turn. There are side halls, deacon lodgings and Taoist houses on both sides.

This Taoist temple is much larger than her Dragon Temple.

Although it is large here, it is not like her Dragon Temple, where incense is burning vigorously. It feels like there is no pilgrim here.

And from the memory of Taoist Xuankong, it is true that this location is difficult and remote. Except that when he was appointed as the national teacher, he built a lot of buildings, and then few outsiders came.

Even those lists that give people relief from disasters, subdue demons and eliminate demons are picked up by Taoists of the Heavenly Honor Temple when they go down the mountain for training. Everyone knows where the Heavenly Honor Temple is, but there are really few people asking for help.

Because the disciples of Tianzun Temple are still very active, they can meet all over the Great Inflammation Kingdom, and they will also go to some other Taoist temples to help others preach.

It may be that some of them have been in disrepair for a long time. The statues and pillars in the hall are no longer as magnificent as they were at that time, and the gold paint is a little mottled.

The divine sense of good news is all over the sky. I watched the luck of the Heavenly King Temple.

I found some faint aura above the main hall! This is impossible. My father said that this is a low level plane, and there is no aura at all.

Therefore, she never took the Holy Stone out of space, fearing that the Holy Qi would be followed by the rules of heaven in this world.

Since there is aura here, it means that aura is allowed to exist in this world. Is your father wrong?

Also, the scene here really looks like a fairyland. Is it true that the God who stopped fighting 600 years ago is really an expert?

Thinking about it, he explored the divine sense into the main hall and found that the statue was not the founder worshiped by everyone in this world, but a human figure!

That's right. It looks like a fairytale just according to the statue of a real person, but it looks ordinary.

What surprised you more was that you saw some power of faith in the idol!

Is it true that the Zhige Heavenly Lord has become a true fruit in this world and has risen to the upper boundary? So leave this Taoist temple and this statue to absorb the power of faith and continue to practice?

There may be some differences in what she thought before. It may be that she listened to her father's words and was too preconceived to take it for granted.

With this in mind, Jiayin hurriedly called her father, 'Father, father! Are you there?'

Ao Zhan has just been driven back to the Dragon Palace by his wife. Now he is bored. He hears the voice of his precious daughter and immediately replies, 'What's wrong, sweetheart? What's the matter with my father? Do you miss my father? My father misses you too...'

The good news rolled her eyes and said perfunctorily, 'Think about it, I miss my father too. Father, didn't you tell me that there is no aura in this world? I actually saw aura in the sky when I was in a Taoist temple today! And the gods in that Taoist temple still have the power of belief! What's the matter?'

Ao Zhan was stunned when he heard Yan and turned over his memory again. Then he took out the diary he wrote hundreds of years ago from his own life space.

Turning over, he asked, 'Good news, what is the Taoist temple you just mentioned?'

The good news replied, 'It's called Tianzun Temple, which is located in the Wuling Mountain, Hainan County, Dayan Country.'

Ao Zhan became more and more familiar, swallowed saliva and said, 'That... this... was that statue 600 years ago?'

The good news nodded, 'Yes, how do you know? I just didn't say the age!'

'Hey hey, what's that? The broken world pearl is my father's treasure, isn't it?' Ao Zhan felt embarrassed.

The good news then nodded, 'Yes.'

Ao Zhan said simply, 'The world you are going to is also the world your father has been to.'

The good news was stunned and quickly responded, 'Father, don't tell me that the statue is you!'

Ao Zhan smiled awkwardly, 'Ho ho...'

The good news was silent for a moment and said, 'I didn't expect that when you came to this world, Father, you even built a Heavenly View as a Taoist.'

It's right to think about it again. The name of this coquette conforms to the temperament of my father.

But I haven't seen the good news about the appearance of the statue, so I didn't think about my father.

He asked his father, 'Father, when you were in this world, did you use other people's looks or did you change them?'

Ao Zhan replied: 'Of course, it's a change. How can you use someone else's looks? Your father is too handsome and handsome. He is loved by too many women in this world, and he is very annoying.

Your father, my body and mind are all your mother's. How can I look up to others? So it changed a more ordinary appearance.

Unexpectedly, all the women in the world look at their faces, and the peach blossoms are gone. They are really superficial. Only your mother likes my inner... '

The good news thought, your mother also likes your face. Well, haven't you seen that your body has been sold to ward off evil spirits?

Stopping his father's boasting, the good news asked again, 'Where did the aura come from? Is there a spirit vein below?'

Ao Zhan denied: 'No, the Zun Temple was built by his father that day. There is nothing below. The reason why it has aura is that the father put a treasure there.'

Hearing the good news, my eyes began to sizzle! 'What treasure?'

She knew that the things that her father said were treasures were absolutely extraordinary.

Ao Zhan said, 'It's the censer in front of the statue. It's not a censer, it's a cornucopia.

Because the shape is too much like a censer, my father used it to insert incense after he built the temple.

Later, when I left, I thought that staying there would make the land more suitable for cultivation and protect my father's disciples and grandchildren, so I didn't take it away. '

The light in the eyes of Jiayin was even brighter, 'The cornucopia? Is it the cornucopia that can be changed and increased if anything is thrown in?'

'That's not true. It's a cornucopia that can upgrade items. For example, if you put a low-grade spirit stone in it, it will become a middle grade spirit stone. If you put a middle grade spirit stone in it, it will become a top grade spirit stone. And so on, it can be upgraded by a level.'

The good news said brightly, 'Does that mean that a low-grade spirit stone can directly become a top-grade spirit stone?'

Ao Zhan thought about it for a while. It's really true. It's just that he has to take it out repeatedly. It's OK to say so.

The good news wanted it even more. I looked in the space and saw if there was anything like a censer to replace it. You can't take it away directly, can you? After all, it's the idol of my father. The power of belief is also given to my father. It's too wicked to buckle the censer.

I searched in the space for a long time but didn't find it. Then I found it directly in the Half Mountain City.

If you want it, you can buy it directly and replace it.

But the shape of the cornucopia is neither gold nor jade. It looks like a ceramic.

The pattern on it is very complicated. It should be an array.

The good news thought, if you can't, go to the place where the kiln is burning and order one. Just give more money. The pattern is almost OK.

Although porcelain is a high-end luxury that can be used by high-ranking officials and dignitaries, as long as there is money, it can still be customized. However, in this half mountain city, it can be said that there is no porcelain in Songyuan County.

This is troublesome. Her divine sense can cover the whole Dayan Dynasty, even neighboring countries.

But you can't just give someone a dream and let them burn porcelain for you. In this way, don't you frighten them?

Finally, I thought of a way, that is to steal the teacher!

Yes, she wants to learn the skills of those porcelain craftsmen, and then burn one herself.

With her unforgettable ability, there should be no problem.

So he once again explored the porcelain kilns in Yicheng County. Yes, the place with the most porcelain kilns is in Yicheng County.

It was from there that they met with the porcelain transport team.

The soil over there is very suitable for firing porcelain. The porcelain produced is extremely beautiful, so the porcelain produced in Dayangchao all over the country basically comes from there.

There are kilns in other places that only burn some pottery, and they can't burn porcelain at all.

The good news watched how the workers who were still working on the project mixed the mud, how to compact, how to shape, how to burn, and even how to heat the whole thing.

Of course, Shenzhi is watching over there, and his body is not idle. He follows the local chronicles and others to wander around the mountain.

This time they are going to the south of the mountain. It is said that there are many poisonous mushrooms that Fang Zhiwu picked there.

They just want to pick more and prepare for green bamboo. It is rare to find something that green bamboo likes to eat.

In this way, Jiayin followed the crowd to stop and stop. When she saw the mushrooms, she picked them together, focusing on two tasks at the same time. Her divine sense was always watching those processes.

Although it is impossible to see all these processes in one day, an old master has been explaining them to his disciples all the time and listened to the good news, so the general process has been known. Now it is up to them to see how they operate and how the final product is.

As a result, Jiayin Shenzhi had been working there for three days before the first batch of porcelain came out of the kiln.

When those exquisite porcelain were taken out one by one after cooling down, the good news was somewhat amazing!

Unexpectedly, those grey mud bricks can burn such transparent objects. There are many colors on them. The colorful ones are very beautiful, and there are people painted on them.

The good news thought that she must try. It happened that they still had two or three days to go on the mountain, because the Taoist priest had asked them down the mountain, and it would take them two or three days to finish carving their ornaments. In fact, even if it was good, it wouldn't matter if they delayed a day or two.

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