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Chapter 30 Hilltop pool

The exit of the depression is actually a slope, which is only ten feet wide. There are rock walls on both sides. After climbing the slope, there are dense trees.

of course, fangyouwei has cut a four foot wide corridor on the left, while the trees on the right are close to the trees. It is very dense.

the direction to the pool is on the right. They enter the woods to the right and grope forward. Every twoorthree trees on the road, Lee ties a straw rope, which is pulled from the ground and rubbed. They can't find the way when they come back.

the pool was not far away. After walking for about two quarters of an hour, they came out of the woods and came to a vacant land without trees and grass but only rocks.

a large pool is inlaid on the grayish brown rocks like a mirror.

the old lady looked at the pool and said to Li: 'it seems that the spring should be under the pool, and the surrounding rocks are full of trees and plants.

however, it is said that there should be wild animals coming here to drink water, and there should be dried feces over there.

But looking at the dried excrement, it should have been more than a month ago. That's what happened before we came. It means that after we came, those wild animals didn't come. '

after they came here, they were busy taking a rest, building stone houses, hunting and collecting wild vegetables, gathering mushrooms and cutting firewood for almost 20 days.

in these 20 days, they really never heard the cry of wild animals. If there were jackals, wolves, tigers and leopards, there could be no movement.

especially wolves, which are in groups. They would call their companions or howl at the moon at night.

From the time they lived in the mountains to the time they lived in the mountains, they had never heard of it.

when I lived in the village, I could still hear it. It's very strange. Have the wolves moved away?

I didn't move away. I ran to the opposite side of the mountain. There are little dragons here. They certainly don't dare to stay here. You know, the more ferocious the beasts are, the more powerful the dragon is.

this is also related to the fact that the little dragon cub can't accept and release the pressure like an adult dragon. The little dragon cub releases the pressure unconsciously, and she doesn't know it.

wolves, bears and tigers, who have high IQ and are sensitive, are also fierce animals. They have already run away.

the rest of the mountain are some low intelligent animals still active.

Mrs. Yang and Mrs. Li are still wondering. Jiayin and fangzhiyuan have gone to the pool.

neither of the two children would be foolish enough to drill directly into the pool. Instead, they would observe whether there were fish in the water.

Jiayin wants to jump into the water and swim around for a while. Isn't someone watching? She was also afraid of scaring them.

Jiayin put her hands into the water and shook them. She tried to summon the creatures in the water with her mind. As a result, she tried for a long time and found nothing.

Jiayin was so disappointed that she ran over with joy. She thought there would be fish in the pool. As a result, there was nothing in the pool. It was cleaner than the stream. There were still a few water plants in the stream.

Mrs. Yang and Mrs. Li also came over and observed the pool. They found that the water was really clear and the rocks at the bottom were clearly visible. But you said that the water was shallow. Looking at the distance between the rocks and the water, they felt that the water should be very deep.

'the water is really strange. It has been here for many years, but it is still so clear. Unlike the puddles at the foot of the mountain, they turn green in a few days.' With that, old lady Yang took a little water in her hand and put it in her mouth to taste.

well, the taste is the same as that of the stream water. It is very clear and sweet. It is not bitter at all. It shows that this water should not contain alkali. It seems so clear. It is still related to the source of the spring water.

it may have emerged from the crack in the rock, which means it has been filtered once, so it is so clear!

Li nodded and agreed with her that the water was unusual.

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