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Chapter 311 Tortoise Island (subscription required)

'Out to sea?' How does the good news doubt?

Didn't I go to other villages to collect seafood?

Yu Fugui sighed and said, 'Yes, it's been three or four days since we went to sea. The young people have turned around the surrounding villages to collect some dry goods.

But because the caravan had already collected all the goods before, other villages didn't have much stock to say, and the price also increased a lot. They thought it was inappropriate, so they went out to sea to catch fish. They haven't come back yet. '

It usually takes a few days to go to sea here. At least three or four days, and more than ten days to return.

Jiayin and others were stunned. Fang Zhigang asked quickly, 'Aren't you fishing at the seaside? Why do you go there for so many days? Is it to go far away?'

Why have you been out for several days without worrying?

The village head smiled and said, 'Of course, if you only fish around the sea, how many fish are not enough? Besides, that fish is not stupid. If you catch them, who will wander around the sea?

The really good seafood or fish are all in the deep sea. There are some small fish and shrimp in the shallow sea, that is, the place to go to the sea. The real big guys can't catch them.

In our side, every village has one or two big fishing boats, and every time they go to sea, they are sent by the strong workers in the village in batches. '

Fang Zhigang and some people who had never seen the sea suddenly realized that they had heard that they were fishermen and lived by fishing because they were just like those who saw a small fishing boat throwing a net in other places. It's just that there is more water here and the fish are bigger.

Not really.

The good news is that they just haven't seen the sea scene. The sea is very stormy, and that kind of small fishing boat can be directly photographed on the beach by the waves, and the water can't go down.

Jiayin asked unintentionally, 'How far do you go to fish?'

Yu Fugui casually replied, 'Not necessarily. It depends on the wind direction. Most of them are near the Tongtuo Island in the northeast. If there is a sudden storm, you can still go to the island to avoid it. If the wind direction changes, you can go to the southeast. There are also reef islands over there, but they are bare and can't be treated. They serve as landmarks.'

When the good news knew the direction, she released her divine sense and covered the sea in the east.

No fishing boat was found!

But she shrouded the distance from the village head, including the two islands.

Don't say it's a fishing boat. It doesn't even have a piece of wood. Did it run to a farther sea?

Jiayin explored the divine sense to a farther place, and found an island hundreds of miles away from the previous location. The trees on the island are lush, and the shape looks like a turtle with green fur.

She has a head, four claws and a sharp little tail. If Jiayin doesn't find it alive, he can cheat her.

Near the triangle bend near the turtle's front paw, many fishing boats were found parked there.

Fishing boats are big and small. The canvas and mast on them are worn and patched. They are often used.

Did they run to the island?

The good news thought about it and asked, 'Uncle Village Head, will you go farther when you go fishing? There should be many islands on the sea, right? Will you go to other islands to rest?'

Yu Fugui was stunned. He didn't know why the little girl asked, but she replied: 'There is enough water and food on the boat, which is basically enough to last until he comes back. He won't go to the island unless there is a storm.

It is even more impossible to go far away. First, the terrain and climate of fishing there have been familiar for generations.

Another is that you can't go to the island on the sea casually.

There may be poisonous snakes and beasts on the uninhabited island. People dare not go on the uninhabited island. Who knows who is on it? Just like the mountain bandits in the inland occupy the mountain as the king, many pirates also occupy the island as the king. '

Hearing this, the good news immediately swept the divine sense to the Turtle Island.

I saw that there were many paths under the shade of the tree, extending in all directions, and it looked like they had been trampled out for a long time.

A short walk along the widest path is a highland, where there is a lookout made of wood.

The good news looked very cool. She had seen it in the mountain bandits' stronghold!

She knew it was for sentry duty.

The role of building such a lookout on an island is self-evident.

There are two people on the lookout platform. One stands looking around, and the other sits on a chair drinking wine. They chat from time to time, which is very leisurely.

After listening to their conversation for a while, they found that it was all trivial and homely. There was no useful information, so they continued to explore their divine sense.

A few stone thatched houses appeared not far away. Those rooms are not high. The walls are round and the roofs are sharp, like upside down top.

There are a dozen such houses in total. Except for the largest one, which is empty and empty, the rest of the rooms are full of people who are wandering about.

Their clothes look very similar to those of the villagers in this village. They should be the strong laborers going to sea.

Although the place where they went to sea for fishing was not nearby, it was not too far away. They could be there in an hour or two with the wind and water.

If it is to deceive these people to go to sea, the purpose of those people's deception will be obvious.

With the soaring price of sea products, the villagers were tricked to go fishing. They could easily catch people on the island after trying to attract them to the island.

I just don't know what use they have in catching these people. Is it to catch the able-bodied? Strengthen the pirate force?

But if you don't want to, even if you catch it, it's meaningless. You can't think that being caught is just joining their pirate organization, right?

Aren't you afraid of being set on fire and poisoned?

At the moment, only those who were caught on the island were tied up in the house, and a few scattered people were watching outside.

Those people didn't talk to each other, so Jiayin didn't know what organization they were.

As for soul searching for these people, let's forget it. They are all small minions at first sight. How much do you know? Besides, they didn't carry human lives on their backs, so they couldn't help themselves after good news.

Even if you want to search, you should also look for those who have committed heinous crimes. At a glance, you can see that those who are leaders are effective.

The good news swept the whole island, leaving a wisp of divine sense in the empty room. If someone went in, she would know at the first time.

Then he said to the rich and noble, 'Uncle Village Head, since those people also went to other villages to collect seafood, it must not be just the younger generation of Mitsui Village. Did Uncle not go to other villages to ask? Maybe they went to sea.'

Yu Fugui was stunned, 'Yes, although those people said they were passing by their village, they didn't say they would come directly to their village, otherwise the young people in their village would not be unable to receive anything in the surrounding villages.

Now that they know it, other villages must also know it. It is impossible to say that there are also young people who have an active mind and have gone to sea.

I just don't know whether those people speak the same language or otherwise.

Yu Fugui became more worried. He always had a bad feeling.

Although he did not know that the younger generation in his village had been captured, he did not know that the purpose of those people was even more disturbing.

The second son went to help Jiayin and asked the eldest son and the three sons to go to the next village to inquire about the dry goods.

Not far from their village, there is a village on the left and a village on the right, but not on the far side. Just ask about these two villages.

If it is the same as their village, it is impossible to say that those left by them will sail to the sea to look for them.

Not all the young people in the village want to go out and have a try, but they still have a lot left.

Even if we go out to sea to fish, we only go to one third of the strong labors, and most of them will stay at home. We are afraid that if we encounter any danger, the village will retain its strength.

After all, there are more storms and waves at sea, and there is a danger of death at any time.

'Gensheng and Genfa, you two go to Hanjia Village in the south and Yangji Village in the north to inquire about whether they have young people going to sea. If they have returned, ask if you have seen the fishing boats in our village.'

'I know Dad.' The two replied in unison and turned out of the yard.

While walking, I assigned a village to ask.

As soon as I heard from the village head about the location, I used divine sense to explore. I know that the other two villages are similar to Sanjing Village.

Otherwise, the stone house on the island could not be crowded with people, and it was impossible to see that only Sanjing Village was a village.

There are probably hundreds of people in the ten or so crowded rooms. Maybe there are more people in the village.

Although the good news was only a cursory glance before, it can also be seen that those who were caught were drugged.

Some were still unconscious, while others were awake. They looked as if they were limp on the ground with no struggle or tried to escape by grinding the rope.

Of course, it is also possible that those people did not give them food, and it is normal for them to be weak after a few days of hunger.

The other party Zhiwen and Fang Zhiyuan made a gesture quietly. Several people walked away and pretended to see if the villagers who delivered goods outside the hospital had arrived. They whispered about her discovery.

In the name of green bamboo, of course.

Fang Zhiwen and Fang Zhiyuan were shocked when they heard Yan. Unexpectedly, those young people were arrested!

But how to disclose this to the village head? They are a little embarrassed.

We can't just come up and say that the emissary of the Lord Dragon God we worship found that the young people in your village were locked in the island of XXX, right?

The other party will definitely think that they are not with those people and continue to cheat others in the past.

Before they can think of it, the two sons of the village head have come back to inquire about the news. As soon as Yu Gensheng entered the courtyard, he shouted, 'Dad, I just entered Hanjia Village and saw them organize people at the village head to go to sea. He said that more than a dozen young people in his village had gone out for six days, and they had only brought food for four days before they went out.

It was said that after listening to the caravan, they were ready to catch some ordinary sea fish, mainly in quantity, so they didn't have to go to a specific place, and they would come back in a few days. '

Yu Genwang also said, 'So is Yangji Village. The married women in their village said that they had gone to other villages. The earliest villages have been seven or eight days and have not returned.'

Yu Fugui frowned and couldn't help worrying that several of the people who went to sea were his nephews at home.

I haven't found any waves on the sea these days. I think it's right to be in the place where they often fish, but I can't rest assured until I have a look.

He said to his eldest son, 'Go and ring the bell, gather the villagers and say that there is something important to discuss. I will go later.'

The good news saw that they paid attention to it. She thought that in this way, she would not have to worry about what to say. If there were no people and boats there, she would definitely look around.

The good news thinks so. If they can't find it, she can lead them directly to the island.

Of course, the premise is that they can go with them. Jiayin's idea is to go to sea with them. If they are really pirates, they villagers can't deal with it. They should have their own skills.

Another thing is that she has never been on such a big ship. Saving so many people will also have merit and golden light. Why not do such a thing with the best of both worlds.

When the time comes, they will give the captured pirates to the villagers and bring them back to the Yamen. They can also stay on the island and stroll around.

The island is not only very beautiful, but also has a kind of ore that is more shiny than jewelry and jade.

The little stone in Jiayin's hand was tightly held. She just looked through her fingers, and it was shining with colorful light in the sun!

The only disadvantage is that the small ones are not big.

As for the Four Seasons Valley here, they can't run long. It's not too late for them to come back and have a look after they save people and stroll around the island.

Both Fang Zhiyuan and Fang Zhiwen are not stupid. Since Qingzhu told them about this through good news, they must have deliberately asked them to help save people.

They also know that the presence of green bamboos is equal to the presence of the Dragon God, which will certainly not put people in danger.

In addition, they are also very curious and want to go to the sea to see and experience. With their skills and the protection of the Dragon God, they are not afraid of any accidents.

The rapid bell rang in the middle of the village, and the good news group also followed.

Anyway, it's not a secret. Yu Fugui didn't say anything and slowed down to wait for them.

They followed the good news alone. The car was left at the village head's house. Anyway, they were not worried about the noise and Pangpang.

Because the village head's house is not far from the center of the village. After a short walk, we arrived. Many people have gathered there. Some people who went to the village head's house to ask them what dry goods they want are among them.

When I saw them coming together, I took the initiative to come forward and say hello.

'A few of you have also come here. I asked my wife to tidy up at home. Some dry goods are scattered, so we need to tidy them up. We will send them to you after we discuss.' A middle-aged villager said.

Fang Zhiwen came forward and said, 'Uncle, we are not in a hurry. We have to stay here for a few days. We also want fresh seafood.'

The man smiled and nodded, 'Well, you can go to the sea together in the evening, and you will get some harvest. The food you pick up will taste better...'

(End of this chapter)

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