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Chapter 312 Collect marine products (subscription required)

Fang Zhiyuan and others are very interested in this talk about going to sea.

Although the route they took when they came was not far from the seaside, they never went to the real seaside. They always walked along the village and the mountain side.

The good news is that she has seen some women, old people, and children walking around the beach with wooden buckets, using sticks to find some small fish, shrimp, and shellfish washed up by the sea.

Jiayin is not very interested in those things. She thinks it's fun to do them.

Especially those children, when they pick up something bigger, they will shout excitedly and smile brightly, as if they have got some treasure.

Liu Yuer and Yang Huiyun were very curious, especially Yang Huiyun, who had never been to the seaside in Hainan County for so long.

They couldn't help chatting with some villagers they had seen before.

Several villagers not only told them when it was the best time to go, how to find and grasp, but also taught them how to cook shellfish and how to cook it best.

Of course, most of their practices here are boiled or steamed, and then put some fishy seasoning, or mix some dipping juice to eat.

After all, their condiments are not very complete, unlike the rich products in the inland.

However, it is different to listen to Fang Zhiyuan. People who are good at cooking will naturally think of many cooking methods when listening to ingredients.

After reviewing the available condiments, I listed a lot of ones that can be fishy and fresh, which can be completely changed to the taste I like.

At this time, Yu Fugui saw that the villagers were almost there. He stood on a big flat stone and shouted, 'Everyone, calm down! Listen to me!'

When everyone calmed down, he said again: 'You must know that a caravan came to collect the seafood of our village a few days ago and told us that the north was devastated!

But today, several young brothers came to our village. They came from the north. They told me that there was no disaster in the north, and it has been good weather for several years'

Hearing this, the villagers below began to talk about it.

'What's the matter? Why do they cheat us? What's the good for them?'

'Yes, yes, what good is it if you cheat us? You can take our seafood at a high price and leave.'

'Isn't that losing money?'

'In other words, they can't be fools...'


Yu Fugui hurriedly raised his hand and pressed down.

'Everyone, just calm down and listen to me! Those people are also fools. I have no way to know, but the young people in our village are moved by this, go to collect seafood and go out to the sea without saying anything.

Just now, I asked Follow Sheng and Follow Fa to inquire about it. There were also young people coming out of the sea in the two villages next to me, earlier than our village. They haven't returned yet!

It is said that the food we brought was not enough when we were going out for three or four days, so we should have no food on board, but we haven't come back for more than two days! They are ready to go to sea to look for it.

What I want to say is, shall we go out and look for it together? To tell you the truth, I have been a little uneasy when I heard some little brothers say that we were cheated today.

Everyone knows that several of my nephews at home are on the boat. I'm worried, lest something should happen to these children.

I suggest that we also go to the sea to look for it. If there is nothing wrong, it is OK. If there is something wrong, we can rescue it early. '

Hearing what the village head said, the following people started to talk again.

'How can I tell? The sea has been calm these days. Why haven't the young people from the next village come back?'

'There must be something wrong, or I won't be back after two days.'

'Oh, my God, my little boy has gone with me! Is it OK? Wuwu, my little boy has not been married yet...'

'Come on, don't say anything bad. The village head said it. Just go to have a look. It may not be an accident.'

'Let's go and have a look tomorrow morning! Today, we should prepare food and water, and check and repair the fishing boat...'

If it is normal, the young people in their village have only gone to sea for three or four days, and the time is not long, they will not be worried.

But after listening to the village head, he said that the merchant cheated them. Why did he cheat them? This lie, which can be exposed once it is out of the territory of Hainan County, certainly does not deceive them to go north.

These young people, including those from the surrounding villages, went to sea together and haven't returned yet. That's a problem.

The families with children who went to sea began to get nervous and urged the village head to organize people to go to sea to look for them. They were also afraid of a chance.

Although there are many children in each family, it is not easy to grow up. It is a strong labor force. It is the pillar of a family. Once something happens, the sky in the family will collapse.

When Yu Fugui saw that everyone knew the seriousness, he began to organize women to prepare food and water for kelp, and experienced old people to check and repair the fishing boat to see if there was anything to be repaired. I ordered twenty strong people to sail tomorrow.

It's late today. The sun has gone to the west. Now we can't catch up with anything when we go to sea. We can't find the direction when we sail at night. It's easier to have accidents.

They usually go out to the sea at dawn just before dark.

You can anchor near the island first, rest there at night, and go fishing in the vicinity during the day. This is the safest way.

In this way, all the families who have gone to sea will go back to prepare for the trip tomorrow, and they will go back to the village head's home with the good news.

All along the way, everyone was very silent. It's too early to say anything else. We should go and have a look first. If we can come back safely, it's best.

After returning to the village head's home, Fang Zhiwen and Fang Zhiyuan came forward and said to the rich: 'Uncle Village Head, our brothers are all skilled. I just heard from the village head's uncle that if we encounter danger, it should not be the wind and waves on the sea, but it is most likely that we encounter pirates.

Why don't we go to sea together? Maybe we can help. '

Yu Fugui was stunned, and then he was happy. He thought that these young people came from the north all the way, but they were not embarrassed at all. He knew that these people must be capable.

Most people go so far. Even the caravans are worn out by hardships. Even the big bosses have lost their identity.

After all, it's a long way to sleep and eat. These people, even three little girls, are very clever. They don't seem to come from far away.

The other side offered to help, and he certainly couldn't help it. Just

Yu Fugui hesitated and said, 'You must have never been on a boat since you came from the north. The boats on the sea are not as smooth as those on the lake and on the river.

The first time I took a boat, some people would feel dizzy, vomiting and diarrhea'

Fang Zhiyuan and others also hesitated. They really didn't do sea going ships and didn't know whether they were dizzy or not.

The good news interjected: 'It's all right. We have a kind of liquid medicine by ourselves. After drinking it, we will feel refreshed and won't get seasick.'

Yu Fugui still doesn't believe it, but since the other side says so, he can try tomorrow. If he can't, he lets them rest in the cabin.

Just listen to the little girl. Does she want to go too?

He hurriedly said: 'You can go to sea with some little brothers. Women can't get on the boat. We have a tradition here. You can't take women on the boat when you go to sea, otherwise it's very unlucky.'

Hearing the good news, she was disappointed. If so, wouldn't she be able to take a boat?

However, the other side also said that it was their tradition, and she was not able to force it. She thought that she could not take a boat without taking a boat. She could swim directly to the island tomorrow.

In any case, as long as she saved the person, the merits and virtues belong to her. It doesn't matter whether you take a boat or not.

The sea is her world. Even if you can't use the blink technique, a strong man can pierce it.

Of course, the only regret is that you can't show the original shape, or you can fly over directly, but it will scare many people.

After all, she won't be invisible. How many people will see such a big dragon!

At this time, the villagers who had agreed to sell them dry goods, some pushed carts, some carried baskets with carrying poles, and sent dry goods.

The Fang brothers looked at the dry goods. Some of them were dazzled. Many of them did not know each other. They asked about the names and practices carefully, classified and weighed them, and then Fang Zhiyuan took out a pen and paper to write down the names and practices one by one on each category.

Take it with you when you send it back. When your family sees it, they will know how to do it.

Some villagers carried the sea goods to send them to the village one after another. They didn't stop until they received nearly 600 kg.

The main reason is that they all look good and want to. They didn't tell lies before. They really have a shop, but they don't sell dry goods. They can still earn a lot of silver if they get it back to sell in the tavern.

After all, Nanyue County is not close to the sea. These are rare goods and fresh food.

Every time they receive a share, they will give a piece of silver, which is cash for them. Yu's family is amazed at how much cash they have brought with them?

Just now, they gave them silver notes. They thought they gave them to villagers, but they are still worried. After all, many villagers are illiterate, and some people have never seen silver notes, so they may not accept them.

Now look, OK! The other party paid neither coppers nor silver coins. I don't know how much these people brought, but they paid all the money.

Looking at the full stack of dry goods, Yu Fugui is worried about them. How can I get rid of them?

Fang Zhiwen winked at the good news, and the good news nodded.

I pretended to go to the side of two cars for a turn, called Pangpang out, and put the luggage in the storage bag.

Yu Fugui was surprised when he saw Pangpang! Unexpectedly, there is a beast hidden in the car!

I can't complain that they dared to take so much silver out of the house. It turned out that there was a beast guarding the car.

Look at that bear paw with its own big head. If anyone dares to twist his head, he will not be killed by a slap!

Although there is no such animal as bear, the village head is quite knowledgeable. He has heard from outsiders and is afraid to see such a huge body!

This good news didn't explain Pangpang's harmlessness. When they paid the money just now, several people had some wrong eyes. They must have some bad ideas.

Those people did not come to deliver dry goods, but came along and stood beside to watch the excitement.

The slobbering action and greedy expression were just like the village's rascals.

So before she called Pangpang out, Jiayin told him to make some fierce expressions and not to act coquetry with him, just to frighten him.

If those people don't do something, it's OK. If they do something, they must let Pangpang clean them up.

She also wanted to help them save people, which really affected her mood.

Pangpang stretched his waist and showed his teeth not far away. There were two people who pretended to look at this side unintentionally and were shocked by Pangpang's expression.

Although Pangpang's two arms crossed with round waist looked harmless, the big white teeth showed out, which was quite frightening.

Pangpang tried hard to keep his ferocious state by enduring the impulse of holding high with the good news.

After a while, his mouth became sour, and he couldn't help drooling at the corners of his mouth... He quickly sucked back.

Small eyes sweep around. When others are not paying attention, they wipe the saliva on the chest hair with their paws and continue to show their teeth.

Brother Fang's mouth twitched

He shook his head funny and began to load the dry goods into the car.

Fang Zhiwen said to the rich while pretending: 'Uncle Village Head, let's send these things out later. Our fellow villagers will be waiting for us in Wuling City. We agreed to let them take them back to their hometown.

We should be back in an hour or two when we drive back to Wuling City. Several sisters and younger brothers will stay here until we come back. '

It's not far from Wuling City. It's only about an hour's journey to hurry up. If they had not found a place to rest because of the sun, they would not have arrived at Sanjing Village in the afternoon.

Yu Fugui stopped them and said, 'The sun is going to set soon. It's better to go there after dinner. There is no curfew in Wuling City.'

Fang Zhiwen looked at each other and saw that everyone had no objection. He nodded and said, 'Then we will trouble the village head and uncle. We will try to go back soon.'

They must come back today, after all, they will go to sea together tomorrow morning.

Yu Fugui then said, 'I will ask the old lady to clean up the empty room. Then your three sisters will rest at home first. Don't worry about my safety in Sanjing Village. I will ask you to clean up your room together. Then you can come back and have a rest.'

So it was settled. Liu Yu'er and Yang Huiyun went to help the village head's wife and daughter-in-law cook for them.

There are many of them. It's not good for them to eat other people's food. Fang Zhiyuan took a bag of rice from the carriage. They also took out a lot of fresh seafood, which is just what they did here.

A few women in Yu's family saw how polite they were, and their smiles deepened.

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