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Chapter 315 It is better to teach people fish than to teach them fish (subscription required)

Yu Jiaqing, who was locked in the stone house, had been sleeping in a daze. Hunger and being tied for a long time made his blood blocked, leaving him without any strength. It was even more painful not to sleep.

Suddenly, I heard such a voice in my mind. I thought it was a dream, but I woke up because it sounded through my mind.

At first, I looked at him blankly. When I saw the same expression as him by the moonlight shining through the window, the expression on my face turned into ecstasy.

He wasn't alone!

'Family, can you hear me?' He asked his cousin who also woke up in a hoarse voice.

'Brother Jiaqing, did you hear that? Then I'm not dreaming!' The answer to him was the other side of the forest.

'Yes, yes, the Dragon God really sent messengers to save us!'

'Sobbing... I'm hungry...'

The originally quiet stone house seemed to have broken the barrier, and suddenly there was a noise, although the sound was weak.

Yu Jiaqing is surrounded by his cousins who came out of Sanjing Village and grew up together with his fellow villagers.

They were the first to wake up, because they were the last to be caught in this stone house for two days, but they were hungry for two days, and they only drank some water.

Green Bamboo saw that some people reacted and said again: 'Now let's untie the ropes on you. There is dry food outside. If you can move, you can come out to eat some dry food, and then do some food to take care of those who can't move.

The people who arrested you may come back tomorrow. You need to get your strength back before you can leave here. '

When Yu Jiaqing heard these words clearly, they were immediately refreshed, and their eyes were not dull, especially when they saw that the rope on their body was loose!

After painstakingly moving his numb wrist, he felt like countless small needles were pricking. When he got better, he knelt down at the first time, kowtowed, and murmured: 'Thank you, Lord Dragon, thank you, emissary of Dragon God...'

The active people nearby also follow the example and kneel down together.

The good news was satisfied with the money they received. She thought these people were not bad, and they didn't save in vain. She put some magic water into the big bucket outside, so that they could recover their strength quickly.

Now she is not short of merit and virtue. Because of the Dragon Temple, she can collect a lot every day.

But just like a businessman, no matter how much money she has, she can still afford to be rich in merits and virtues (`)**

Because there are many people on the island, even if they give food once a day, they also need to make a lot of dry food. Now, a stone house as a kitchen has a lot of food stored in it, and there is also a lot of good dry food.

I can still get up after a short time of starvation. I quickly took the dry food and chewed it with water. I don't know whether it was psychological. I felt that I had some strength in a moment.

When they are full, those who can cook will tidy up the food and boil it to give it to those who are hungry.

As for why don't they run first when they are full?

Even though the island is still in the sea area they are familiar with, they can't even lift the sail with their current strength.

Besides, they are all brothers in distress. Of course, we should keep watch and help each other. Didn't you listen to what the envoy of the Dragon God said? Let them have the strength to take care of those who are hungry. Only when everyone has the strength can they find a way to leave.

Although they have some doubts, why can't the Lord Dragon God kill those bad people directly, and let those bad people come back and let them find their own way to deal with them.

Of course, they don't dare to ask about them. It's a great blessing to save them. They can't be too aggressive to offend the Dragon God.

They don't know what the other party's purpose is to catch them, but these days, no matter what the purpose is, it's definitely not a good thing. Who would like to stay here or go to a strange place if they can go home?

More than a dozen people who work, boil water and cook are all young people of Sanjing Village. They came here late and recovered most quickly.

Although other people had some water and food every day before, they had been here for at least six or seven days. They didn't have the strength to work for a while. It would be good if they could go out to eat and drink by themselves.

Even the earliest ones have been locked up here for more than half a month.

They are locked here and guarded. No matter how noisy they ask, they are ignored by the other party. So they never know what the other party's purpose is.

The reason why this good news made them self reliant was not that she helped them solve the problem as before, nor that she could not fight against the bad guys.

As long as it doesn't hurt people's lives, when those bad people come back, Jiayin will naturally clean up, so that they won't have the chance to hurt others.

Besides, the Fang brothers and the people from Sanjing Village, including those from the next village, will come tomorrow. Of course, they may not be able to find this place. After all, there is still more than 100 miles away from their perennial fishing position.

However, she has many ways to lead them here. At that time, the Fang brothers will naturally take care of the pirates who catch villagers.

Dozens of people have no problem with their brothers.

In addition, these people have gained strength after eating and drinking diluted spirit water. How can these people help.

Maybe we can make a contribution if we catch those pirates at one stroke!

This is also an opportunity given to them by good news.

His father told her before that the reason why he built the Heavenly Goddess Temple in those years was that he did not hear much magic. Later, he only developed in the way of helping people to eliminate disasters and relieve Ebua.

It does not mean that after the Ao Battle, the spells will be blocked and can not be used. At least, there will be space for breaking the boundary bead and divine sense available.

It's because he can't cultivate these ordinary people to do everything only by worshiping God and Buddha.

In that case, the world might be destroyed.

First, he can't stay here forever. Even if he stays here for hundreds of years, he can't be idle every day to help others solve problems. He has to rely on himself to do everything.

If you really can't solve the problem, you can pray to God and Buddha. You have a belief in consolation. If you pray to God and Buddha for every little thing, you will be totally abandoned.

Ao Zhan didn't tell Jiayin so much when she was still young. Ao Zhan would remind her of this from time to time when Jiayin gradually learned some truth.

She came here to experience and accumulate some merits.

However, it is not the cultivation of merit and golden light. It is just to save energy for the world breaking beads, so that they can travel back in time and space. There is no need to focus on how to earn merit and golden light. Training itself is the real purpose.

Let the good news have a good look at the various states of the world, especially how ordinary people at the bottom compete with the sky, which may encourage the good news to make progress.

So now, unlike before, Jiayin has helped people clean up. Let these people lie down and win. Now, they can also use some methods.

Just like now, the more than a dozen young people in Sanjing Village eat dry food, drink water and feel strong. They start cooking. No matter how tasty, they can certainly fill their stomachs.

After that, they and other people who had recovered some strength helped those who could not get up out of the house one by one.

First, I fed them some water, and then served it to them after the paste was cooked.

Because there is a magic water bonus in the water, those people feel much better after drinking the water.

Then they tied up the people who guarded them one by one and threw them into the stone house where they had been locked before, including the little leader who was cut off by the good news and became stupid.

Let them kill these people, but they can't do it.

The main reason is that although they are locked here and starved, they have not been beaten or killed by them, so they are really not willing to kill each other.

Of course, it is impossible for them to let them go. How can we let the other party taste the pain they have tasted? They must be hungry for a few days.

The good news is that they are so busy and orderly that they don't stay here anymore.

Look at the sky. It's already ugly now. In more than one hour, the sky will be almost white. At that time, Yu's family and the people of Sanjing Village should be ready to go to sea.

So Jiayin did not delay any more. She took the green bamboo back to the broken boundary bead space, removed her makeup after half a day, and then returned home.

They went back to the room directly, looking at the fat man who was sleeping on the bed, Liu Yuer and Yang Huiyun who were snoring smiled.

I think they haven't slept well these days. One is busy selling his body to bury his father, the other is following them on their way. This fragrance just makes them fall into deep sleep, which may be beneficial to their health.

Jiayin had seen those incense charms before. Although they were used by kidnappers, after all, they wanted to sell these people for money. The overpowering drugs used did not have too much side effects. After all, who wants to buy a fool back? It's not a brain problem.

If you use a small amount of this incense, you can only get into deep sleep. After you sleep, you can shake it hard and wake up. It won't make you feel abnormal.

The good news made me sleepy all night, so I just went to bed with my clothes and hugged my fat body.

Green Bamboo looked at them helplessly, and put his divine sense on Turtle Island to avoid change.

It was not until there was a noise outside that the good news opened its eyes again.

She patted herself on the forehead and slept like this!

He quickly found out the divine sense on the Turtle Island, and found that those people had almost recovered, while some people who had been hungry for a long time still had some empty feet, and others began to tidy up in an orderly manner.

Some people even set traps on the roads they must pass, which seems to be prepared to pick up the pirates.

The good news nodded with satisfaction, not bad. These people are not stupid.

Later, he explored his divine sense to the sea and found that the pirate ships were far away. Jiayin calculated the distance, and it would take a long time to get to Turtle Island.

It should be in the middle of Yin Shi now. She had slept less than an hour just before dawn.

Then the good news touched the green bamboo and said to it, 'You and brother Zhiyuan will go to sea together. I don't know how long it will take for their fishing boats to get there from here. They will definitely arrive later than those pirates.

But let me see. Try not to hurt those fishermen who are caught. You can pick up people when you go and clean the battlefield. Those pirates who are caught and handed over to the Yamen in the city may find something else. What's the windfall! '

It seems that the direction of the pirates is not the territory of Dayan, but other countries.

In this case, the so-called caravan from the north should also be from other countries to cheat these young people to go to sea. If we investigate deeply, we may be able to catch some detailed works.

It is not a good thing that people from other countries can act recklessly in the territory of the Great Inflammation Country.

Although for Jiayin, as a dragon, she comes from other countries, which country in this world should be similar to her.

But who let her stay in Dayan for such a long time? In addition, there are Fang family members here that she likes. Of course, they help here.

Besides the villains of Dayan Dynasty, she also helped to deal with them.

She also helped the Queen of Xingmang, so Jiayin felt that she was fair.

Hearing that the noise outside is getting quieter and quieter, the good news knows that the family should have cleaned up pretty much outside. It is estimated that we will start soon.

The good news hurriedly woke up Liu Yuer and Yang Huiyun. People in the province started to leave. They did not know that they would be embarrassed when they woke up.

They were awakened by the good news. At first, they were confused. Then they heard the voice outside and quickly sat up.

As soon as she sat up, her head was still dizzy, and Liu Yu'er fell back with a puff

The good news touched her nose and felt embarrassed.

It seems that this overpowering drug still has a little sequela.

The good news hurriedly took the cup beside the bed with some miraculous water in it and handed it to them.

'Sister Yu'er and Sister Huiyun, please dry your mouth and drink some water.'

The two people sat up slowly this time, shook their heads, smiled and thanked, took a drink from the water glass, felt much better, and their heads were not so dizzy.

Liu Yu'er asked, 'Sister Jiayin, what time is it now?'

The good news replied: 'It's already in the middle of the time. My brothers should be about to start.'

Hearing this, Liu Yuer and Yang Huiyun quickly got up and dressed, and went out.

Jiayin didn't take off her clothes when she went to bed. She got up and shook and stretched her clothes.

After taking a look at Pangpang, who was sleeping soundly, he did not intend to wake him up. He followed Green Bamboo out of the room.

Yu's yard is already full of people. Men, women and children have all got up. In addition to staying at home with the third man, Yu's men even go to sea with the village head. He doesn't want to go with them. He feels uneasy.

Now they, including the Fang brothers, carry a big burden on their bodies. The three Yu family even push a small cart with a big bucket and many dry food on it.

There is well water in the barrel, and there is also dry food in the baggage they are carrying. I can't help it. I don't know how many days I will stay on the ship. I must bring enough food and drink.

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