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Chapter 316 Saving people at sea (subscription required)

On one side, Liu Yuer and Yang Huiyun are saying goodbye to Fang Zhiwu and Fang Zhiqiang respectively, telling them to take care of themselves at sea.

Fang Zhiwu scratched the back of his head with a simple smile and told Liu Yuer not to worry about it. He also took care of himself.

Fang Zhiqiang looked at Yang Huiyun with a shy face, and his eyes were a little confused. He was interested in Yang Huiyun, but he had no time to express it to the other party. Suddenly, he was told like his wife sent him to Yuanhang, and he was embarrassed for a moment

The good news quickly ran to Fang Zhiyuan, handed him the green bamboo, and quietly told him the general situation on Turtle Island.

'Qingzhu knows that the guards on the island have been arrested, but there are still thieves who may not come back at any time on the island. You should pay attention. If you can't, ask Qingzhu to help...'

Fang Zhiyuan nodded and let Green Bamboo hide in his sleeve

Villagers here also want to worship the sea god before going to sea, and they believe this most. Otherwise, there will be no tradition that women can't get on board.

Just now he saw that Yu Village Head had taken a lot of incense candles, which should be used for worship before going to sea.

When everything is ready, everyone goes out while talking.

The same is true of other families in the village. Even if they can't get on the boat, they should at least send their husbands or sons and brothers away.

Every time we go to sea is risky and may be the last time. Even though we have gone to sea countless times for so many years, the villagers will still go to see us off.

Almost half of the villagers came to the seaside in a big way, and the sea water has risen a lot.

The beach that the good news saw with divine sense is now half, and the reef before is also covered by sea water.

There is a huge flat reef at the seaside that can accommodate dozens of people at the same time. Now it is half in the water and half on the water.

Yu Fugui, who led Sanjing Village to the sea, called Shangshang Family Brothers and prepared to go there to worship the sea god.

The Fang brothers didn't want to go. After all, they believed in the Dragon God. They didn't know whether it was useful to worship the Sea God or whether it would make the Dragon God angry. After all, the Dragon God controlled all the waters in the world.

Then they turned around and thought, maybe the sea god they worshipped was the dragon god? They don't have any specific deities. They may worship the Dragon God without knowing it.

Only because there were no gods and names, the dragon gods could not hear their prayers.

If the time was not too tight, Fang Zhiyuan would like to introduce the Lord Dragon God to them and bring out the statue of the Dragon God so that they can have a real object to worship.

The Dragon God will really bless you.

Then they went up to the reef platform, stood behind and listened to the village head praying to the sea god.

The main idea is to hope that the departure will be smooth and everything will be safe. I also hope that all the young people in Sanjing Village will be safe and sound without any danger.

After praying, he led everyone to kowtow.

Because of the strong wind at the seaside, the incense has been almost burned and will be extinguished soon.

Everyone just boarded the fishing boat one after another. The fishing boat looked very big, at least more than those small boats they had seen before.

The cabin is also spacious enough. The twenty or thirty of them are not crowded in it, but loose.

These experienced fishermen have measured the wind direction before, rowed forward for a while, then raised the sail, and controlled the sailing boat to start moving forward quickly.

The Fang brothers looked strange. It was clear that the wind was not blowing in that direction, but the villagers could control the sail and let the boat go in the direction they wanted.

Of course, the premise is not to encounter the lead. In that case, no matter how severe it is, it is impossible to let the boat go against the wind.

At the beginning, everyone was fine. The village head Yu especially stared at the brothers of the Dianfang family, fearing that they would get seasick when they went to sea for the first time.

I didn't expect that the other side didn't respond after half an hour, and they adapted well. Of course, it may also be that the time is short. If it takes longer, it may be uncomfortable.

After an hour's journey, Fang Zhiwen and Fang Zhiwu felt dizzy and nauseous, and a layer of sweat came out on their forehead.

Fang Zhiyuan hurriedly took out a small bamboo tube from his arms and handed it to Fang Zhiwen. Fang Zhiwen knew it was holy water at first sight. He drank it without saying a word.

It doesn't mean that the village head noticed that after drinking, they put down the discomfort.

He only took one drink, and the rest of the Fang brothers passed on a drink to each other, so as to avoid suffering later.

After drinking the holy water, the brothers did not respond until they arrived at the destination. The villagers of Mitsui Village praised them as natural sailors.

They were seasick when they went to sea for the first time, but it took them a long time to get used to it. After a few days of fishing, the fish still felt wandering on the land.

Nobody wants to risk their lives to go to sea, but they have no other way. Everything is for livelihood.

They set out in time and didn't reach the position where they had been fishing until the end of the day. It took them three hours.

Looking at the empty sea, they drove the boat around the island, but did not find any fishing boats docked. Everyone felt anxious.

Although they guessed that something was wrong, they still held some hope. After all, the young people in the village had only been born for three or four days, and they might still be fishing here.

Now this situation does not allow them to think about it. Later, they want to go to another fishing location to look for it. Although the young students said they came to this position before they came out, what if they went to another position after finishing the fishing here?

Fang Zhiyuan stopped them. He had told them a lot about the deeds of the Dragon God and his miracles during the three hours on the road.

Before that, he had communicated with Fang Zhiwen and others to let them know that green bamboos came out with him, and he also told them about some green bamboo discoveries.

Of course, he didn't say that it was the good news that told him, but directly said that it was Qingzhu who delivered the message to him, and Qingzhu also cooperated with Zhiwen and others of the other party to deliver a message.

At this time, although Yu Village Head and others were skeptical, they had heard it as a story before.

After all, they have worshipped the sea god for so many years, and they have never seen the sea god.

In fact, they have always been quite ambivalent. Whether they have been helped by the sea god or not can only be said that they are comforted by the sea god. Every time they come back safely, they are blessed by the sea god. But the village may not have never encountered the capsizing of a ship in a storm. How can we explain this? Are they dishonest?

But after listening to Fang Zhiyuan, I still want to gamble.

First, it takes a lot of time to go to another fishing location, because it is totally in two directions. If something really happens, I'm afraid I will miss the rescue time, and I will regret it when it comes time.

When Qingzhu saw the other party hesitating, he used his divine sense to detect that the pirate ships not far from Turtle Island were coming, and he was a little worried. Before he came out, he told Jiayin that he would do well.

Without showing up, he said to the village head, 'You are going a hundred miles to the northeast. There is a turtle island, and people are on the island.'

Village Head Yu was stunned. Did a voice just appear in his head?

He looked at the people around him with a puzzled face. 'Did you hear any voice? And did anyone speak to me just now?'

Everyone shook their heads.

The people in Mitsui Village are all confused.

Fang Zhiwen said, 'Did a voice suddenly appear in your head? It should be the messenger of the Dragon God. He has spoken to the village head. The village head uncle can do what the messenger of the Dragon God says, and he will be able to find the villagers in your village as soon as possible.'

At this time, Yu Fugui dared not say anything else.

He was so old that he had never met such a magical thing, and a voice came out of his head to tell him! If he didn't meet some strange people, he would really be an emissary of the Dragon God.

And Fang Zhiyuan said that the dragon god was in charge of the waters, not the sea god, but they didn't know which direction to worship before, maybe they were wrong.

When I think about this, my heart is burning. If I can really save the young people in my village, I must worship the Dragon God in the future. I will worship every time I go out to sea, and I will surely bless them every time

They walked along the direction pointed by Green Bamboo towards the northeast, and the wind direction was just right. This season, the southwest wind was blowing, and the sail was raised to the end, and the speed was much faster.

I don't know if it was the blessing of the Dragon God. It took me two quarters of an hour to travel a hundred miles.

Of course, it's not the help of the good news, it's just the wind and the water, but there is some luck in it.

Like those pirates, they are coming against the wind, so the arrival time is late.

It was supposed that Jiayin could arrive at that distance in a few minutes, but it was actually arrived by the fishing boat of Sanjing Village.

It's just that the landing positions of the two sides are different. Green Bamboo and the fishing boats in Mitsui Village directly stopped at the place where the hijacked ships docked.

What can people in Mitsui Village not understand when they see those ships? They all saw the fishing boats in their village!

The sails of fishing boats in each village are marked. They even saw the boats in the two villages next door. They don't know the other boats. They should belong to other seaside fishing villages.

After all, the sea area is so large and the coast is long. The direction of coming here is also different. Thinking that the caravan walked along the coast, I don't know how many people have been deceived.

When I think of this, I feel a lot. If so many people are tricked to come here, there must be many guards on the other side.

They didn't dare to get off the ship. After listening to the news nearby for a while, Fang Zhiwu and Fang Zhiwen bravely got off the ship to investigate.

After looking in the surrounding woods, I didn't find any trace, so I ran back to let everyone follow me off the ship.

Before going out, they also took some iron weapons such as machetes as weapons, just in case.

The Fang brothers were afraid that the villagers would think more about it, and they did not dare to take out their broadsword, for fear that they thought they were going to commit murder on the boat.

So they also took the machetes provided by the villagers as weapons, and walked in front of each other.

Fang Zhiyuan and Fang Zhiwen walked in front of him. Green Bamboo was using a voice to guide him forward. When they walked into the forest and were about to walk on the beaten path, they suddenly heard a wail in front of them

The crowd was startled. They immediately stopped and looked back at their own people. Fortunately, I'm not my own person.

Fang Zhiwen raised his hand and pressed it down. Several smart people understood the gesture and immediately lowered their bodies and bent forward. The people behind them also learned something.

After walking for dozens of steps, the wailing became louder and louder. They subconsciously found some sturdy trees to hide behind.

Fang Zhiyuan climbed up the tree directly, climbed to the top and looked forward. He found a group of people surrounded there, at most thirty or forty people!

They are all dressed in short fight, with cloth scarves on their heads and knives in their hands. They are not good people at first sight.

A few people surrounded by them were hoisted into the air by ropes and swung back and forth. At first sight, they stepped on the rabbit trap. But the thickness of the rope made it clear that it was not a rabbit trap but a human trap.

Others fell into the pit, which was not deep, but there were many sharp stones and branches in the pit. Those who fell into the pit were directly injured with blood.

The intact people on the top were busy saving people. Another leader said, 'Put them down quickly, second and third. After putting them down, you are tired and carry them back. The rest of you should go with me to have a look. I'm afraid the island will change!

As soon as Fang Zhiyuan heard this, he knew that it was the traps set by the captured people, which was told to him by Jiayin before. It was just because there was not much time. The layout was just the entrance.

Someone is injured in front of you, and people behind you will surely notice that the traps behind you are useless. You can only take them by surprise. If you are prepared, you will not hurt anyone.

Sure enough, the boss led people to the forest directly and stopped walking on the road.

They are also too lazy to investigate traps and go around the woods directly, ready to go around the woods.

Fang Zhiyuan came down from the tree and whispered to the people, 'I think the people who were captured on the island were released and set some traps. These people may be those who came back from outside and were injured by the traps, but the number is still large.

Let's hurry to get there. We can cooperate with the captured people, and attack them back and forth to get rid of them'

Just now, he also saw that there were only more than 20 other people except those who were injured and cared for here.

Considering that there are more than a hundred people caught inside, even if half of them can move, it should not be a big problem.

Of course, if these pirates have kung fu, it is not necessarily.

After listening to this, Fang Zhiwen quickly said to the village head, 'So, our two brothers go there to help rescue people, and the rest of this will be cooked for him, so that there will be no fish left behind.'

Although Village Head Yu doesn't know what their skills are, he can only trust the Fang brothers because they are so confident. Another thing is, if we really want to wait for a critical moment, the Dragon God Messenger will help us, right? He can only hope on this.

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