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Chapter 318 Villagers are instigated (subscription required)

Fang Zhiyuan and others have captured the pirates and are ready to return when they are ready.

However, Jiayin has encountered some problems, which should be mentioned after the villagers went to sea.

Jiayin and the people of Mitsui Village returned to the village after sending their families to sea by boat.

Later, Yu Genfa looked at the firewood shed and said he would go to the mountain to cut firewood. Fang Zhigang and Fang Zhixin were embarrassed to stay at home and went with them.

The old people and women sitting at the entrance of the village chatting looked at the crowd coming, and when they approached, they found that they were from the next two villages.

The leader is the head of the next village and the son and daughter-in-law of the head of another village.

The people came all the way and made a lot of noise, asking the people of Mitsui Village to hand over the cheats.

If it is not handed over, it is to collude with the liar to harm the people in their village.

All the people in Mitsui Village are confused and don't know what the other person's words mean.

Later, the village head of Dayu Village asked everyone to calm down and said to them, 'We heard that your village has come to the north again to collect seafood, and then some young people went to the sea again, saying that they were together with the caravan in front of them, they were all liars, and we villagers went to the sea to do evil things...'

It was yesterday when Yu brothers went to the other two villages to inquire about things, they also said something about their side.

At first, people in the two villages did not pay attention. Later in the evening, someone said that they overheard the good news and that they were conspiring to cheat all the young people in the village out of the sea and sell them to the mine.

But just because the village is empty, you can loot the village!

This is not bad. After hearing this, several people who were going to go to sea today did not go out and stayed in the village. They came here early this morning to ask the truth.

However, some villagers have gone to sea before, and they have gone to sea one step ahead of Mitsui Village. They have not come back yet, and they may have been in trouble.

The family members of those people still insisted on searching, and left last night, unable to wait for another night.

In fact, it is very dangerous. It is easy to get lost at night, and the wind direction in the day is different from that in the night, which is not beautiful. In addition, the ebb tide, which is not good, does not know where to go.

Today, most of the people who come to Sanjing Village are women and children, and most of the few men are not from their families.

After listening to this, people in Mitsui Village felt a loud thump. Are these people with the previous group? Those people in front are cheating the young people in the village to go to sea! They came to cheat the people in the village to continue searching, and then let the people in the village go back!

So in addition to the people from two villages and those from Mitsui, the three groups of people became angry and went directly to the village head's house to ask Jiayin for justice!

On the way, the village head of Dayu Village heard from the people of Sanjing Village that they had taken people to the sea, and the liar they said was also on the boat.

Now I'm more sure of what I heard before. Maybe the other party will show his true face when he gets to the sea and arrest all the villagers of Mitsui.

The people in Mitsui Village were also worried and stepped up their pace one after another. They were about to find some good news to confront.

The good news didn't find anything wrong until the noisy voice came.

Before that, her divine sense had been following the side of the sailing ship, listening to Fang Zhiyuan tell them about the deeds of the dragon god, and observing whether the pirates on the other side of Turtle Island would go to the island ahead of time.

She thought that if she couldn't catch up here, she would use her divine sense to hand over the other party's weapons first. In this way, even if the other party went to the island first, the casualties would be limited.

Unexpectedly, there was nothing wrong on the ship, but there was an accident on my side.

Hearing the noise outside, Jiayin's divine sense sounded out for a while, knowing the general context, and then explored the divine sense to the other two villages.

The people in two other villages are also talking about this matter. Some families who have no one to go to sea haven't come with them. They are afraid that the villages are empty and others have a chance to take advantage of it, so they have to leave some house keepers behind.

Others went out to sea, or Duwu, who likes to watch the excitement, came to Sanjing Village.

As soon as the divine sense of good news was swept through the crowd, several people were seen. First, they listened to everyone talk all the way, and shouted when they heard someone questioned, which stimulated the people in front to be more excited.

Two of them were the people who watched them collecting seafood outside their yard yesterday.

Jiayin frowned. What's the purpose of the other party?

Last night, Fang Zhiqiang heard that they came back and said that there were people following them in the village, and they didn't get rid of them until they were outside Wuling City.

At that time, she thought of these two people, or they had other partners.

Fang Zhiyuan also thought of it, so the next day they left Fang Zhixin and Fang Zhigang to protect their three women.

Jiayin thought that the other party would come to hell, so she left a man to steal or rob while taking advantage of her family, and they were ready to clean up the other party.

It was unexpected that the other side would incite people from the other two villages to come and challenge them.

In this case, what do they want? What's good for them?

Jiayin once again looked at the two men with thievish eyes. Their breath was a little gloomy, but they didn't kill anyone.

I can't make up my mind at the moment. Do you want to search the other party's memory? After all, she was not sure what the other party's purpose was, whether she wanted to control them to rob money or what?

Deceive these villagers to say that they are with the people before them. How can they be sure that the people going out in front will not come back? If they come back, wouldn't it be a slap?

Besides, Fang Zhiyuan must be able to catch the pirates. At that time, this kind of lie will soon be punctured. Even if they take the money, Fang Zhiyuan can also deal with them as long as several people come back.

Unless they are determined, Fang Zhiyuan will not be able to come back...

The good news is right! The other side is the same as those liars!

It is really possible that they are the ones who intentionally shout to catch thieves, but they are actually the ones who are with the swindlers.

Even if they didn't help cheat, they knew some inside information, so they decided that as long as the sailors couldn't come back, they would be confident and bold to find their troubles.

Jiayin once again detected the crowd with divine sense. In addition to the two people, a short man on the right with a pair of flaring ears and a tall man in the middle with squinting eyes looked the same.

Not like those villagers' doubts, excitement and anger, but with calculation on their faces, they often follow with a voice to arch fire.

The good news immediately confirmed that these four people are a group, and they should also be the people who followed the Fang brothers yesterday.

Jiayin got up from the bench. They had just had breakfast and were chatting with several women in the hall.

Seeing the good news, the rich lady stood up and asked with a smile, 'What's wrong with the good news? But she got up too early and was tired? Anyway, there was nothing to do. Why don't you go back to your room and sleep in?'

Jiayin shook his head, 'There is an accident outside. Pangpang and I are going out to have a look. You should be careful not to let anyone in.'

Yu and his two daughter-in-law were stunned at the same time. I don't know why Jiayin did this.

Liu Yuer and Yang Huiyun are worried. Isn't there any danger in that?

At this time, the crowd outside was getting closer and closer, and they all heard the noise outside. Yu Lin and his two daughter-in-law opened the door and went to the yard. They saw a large group of people coming near the door. As soon as they were about to go out, they were pulled back by Jiayin.

'They are coming for us. I will go out to solve the problem. Don't come out, close the gate, and don't let people in easily to avoid looting.'

Now there are no men in the family, and they are all old, weak, women and children. Jiayin doesn't want that group of people to come in and harass their families, or it's bad to take advantage of the chaos to do some damage at home.

Tell Liu Yuer and Yang Huiyun again: 'Don't come out while you are inside. I'll take Pangpang out and let Naonao protect you.'

Liu Yuer and Yang Huiyun looked at the good news with worried faces. I don't know what's going on outside. They also heard the noise outside, but they don't know what the noise is.

But I was a little nervous when I saw the good news.

Especially when the good news doesn't let them go out, they are more worried.

The good news comforted him: 'It's nothing serious, just a few small fleas. Don't come out if you hear anything. Pangpang and I can solve the problem. Aunt Yu and her two sister-in-law, don't come out either.'

Liu Yuer knows that Jiayin has great strength and kung fu, as well as the iron eater Pangpang, who can break a tree trunk with one claw.

One time before, they were short of firewood when camping in the wild. Pangpang just went to snap a dead tree with one claw and directly carried it back as firewood.

At that time, Liu Yu'er was taken for granted. Only then did I know what kind of force value this simple, fat guy, like Jiayin, was under the harmless appearance.

Seeing what Jiayin said so seriously, Liu Yu'er also realized the seriousness of the matter, and quickly nodded and said, 'Jiayin sister, don't worry, we will wait in there obediently. If there is danger, don't fight hard, just run to find Zhigang and Zhixin.'

Yang Huiyun said: 'Otherwise, I will go to the mountain to find them. When they come back to deal with it, I will be back soon after running fast.'

The good news shook his head and said, 'I'm almost at the door. Brother Zhigang should be back soon. Just protect yourself.'

After saying that, he shouted loudly, 'You should guard in the yard. If someone you don't know breaks into the yard, kick him out and don't let them hurt our people.'

Yang Huiyun and Yu's family were surprised to see that the donkey was so human!

Then I was even more surprised to watch Naonao untie the reins tied to the stake with his mouth, then twist his neck to the side, pull the reins off, and go straight to the center of the yard to stand.

The good news was relieved and took Pangpang out of the courtyard.

After coming out, he turned to Liu Yu'er and said, 'Sister Yu'er, bolt the gate again. Remember not to come out or let anyone in.'

After saying that, he walked towards the direction of the crowd, and his divine sense spread. He saw that no one else was sneaking around. It seemed that there were no other friends, and they were all mixed in the crowd.

That's easy to say. At the beginning, these people just looked at the situation and asked clearly, but they didn't look like evil with weapons. They were just excited to be provoked.

When we saw Jiayin, a little girl stood in the middle of the road with a huge black and white bear, and stopped.

Just heard a voice that was deliberately coarsened behind, 'She is one of those liars! She was left in the village, maybe she will continue to cheat people to go to sea!'

'Yes, yes! They are a group, and there are still several village heads!' Another voice said.

'I didn't expect that such a beautiful girl could be a liar. Could she also be cheated?'

'Yes, it doesn't look like it!'

'What do you know? A liar can't write the word' liar 'on his face, which makes a person look beautiful...'


Jiayin looks directly at the first and second speakers, Crisp voice said: 'What are you two doing stealthily? Come out and talk, we are liars? What did we cheat?

We are dry seafood collected with real gold and silver, people still stay here, and help people in the village go to sea to find people.

Also, what do you say we cheat people to go to sea to do? Why do you want to cheat people to go to sea? How do you know so clearly?'

The two people immediately hid in the crowd, trying to hide themselves.

The little girl just looked at them, and they felt cold all over, as if they were being stared at by some ferocious animal. The hairs of the whole person stood upright, and they felt that they would be wiped out if the other party thought about it!

Come along with me, and the excited Mitsui villagers who were provoked came to their senses and thought, yes! They just told their village head that there was no trouble in the north and they didn't encourage them to go to sea!

They heard from the people who went to the next village to inquire about the situation that the people who went out to sea in the next village had never come back and they were worried. What's the relationship between them and people who want to go out to sea to have a look?

With this in mind, people in Mitsui Village unconsciously withdrew from the crowd and stood aside, as if to divide the camp.

And they talked in a low voice, saying that it was a low voice, and others could hear it clearly.

There are two villages next door, one is Dayu Village in the south of Sanjing Village and the other is Jiangshi Village in the north.

The usual relationship among the three villages is just so so, even some discord before.

Many years ago, women in Jiangshi Village and Dayu Village preferred to marry in Sanjing Village, and women in Sanjing Village also preferred to marry in their own village.

As a result, the single men in the two villages complained a lot for a long time, and even the noisy relatives had bad relations.

These contradictions are mainly due to the sweet well in Sanjing Village and the fact that it is at the foot of the Tianzun Guanshan Mountain, which is closest to the Tianzun Temple.

There are sweet wells, and people in the village live a long life, as well as going to visit the Four Seasons Valley of Tianzun Temple. The rich people who stay here can earn money at home. Of course, most of them get married...

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