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Chapter 319 Four gangsters (subscription required)

When the four people in the crowd heard the good news, they were not so excited as before. They quickly opened their mouths and continued to stir up: 'You said you were not liars, why did you go to sea together? You know that many of you from the north have never seen the sea, so how could you have the courage to go to sea together by boat? That doesn't make sense!'

'Yes, yes, you can't help going out together. Isn't it a mess?' The other echoed.

'Yes, if it was not for a purpose and not for a relative, who would risk going to sea with him? You know, when going to sea, you don't put your head on your belt...'

'That's true. Every time my wife goes out, our family is worried...'

'Something unexpected happened on this day. If I didn't pay attention, I would stay at sea and never come back...'

Hearing this, the people next to him were not happy, and quickly said, 'Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, go ahead! The dog can't spit out ivory. Are you cursing our family?'

'Yes, if you dare to talk nonsense again, I will beat you to death!'

'What a stupid thing! I'm afraid someone will talk nonsense behind my back when I go to sea...'

'If you dare to talk nonsense again, something really happened. I will kill you!'

'I can't blame Li Dayong for his impatience. The two sons were at sea, and they went out on both feet. If something really happened, it would kill him.'

'If you dare to talk nonsense again, I will let you be buried with me when something happens!'

The four people who fanned the evil wind and lit the ghostly fire were so scared that they kept silent and dared not say anything more.

The good news said to Pangpang, 'Have you seen the four people who just started talking? Go and catch them all.'

Pangpang, who had been standing by with his waist crossed, nodded and rushed directly!

When the crowd saw the huge black and white bear rushing towards them, they were scared and quickly scattered.

Those people also subconsciously followed the crowd to one side and were pulled out by Pangpang.

Although Pangpang is huge, he is very flexible and very fast. Before the other person reacts, he pulls out one paw at a time and shoots the good news.

That's right. It was a direct slap and fell right in front of Jiayin.

At that time, four big men were lying in front of the good news, 'Ouch... Ouch...'

Although Pangpang has strength, that paw is not acceptable to normal people. At least the bones of these people are injured to varying degrees, but it is not fatal.

Seeing this, the people beside him cried out in surprise, 'Ah! The black and white bear hurt people!'

'The black and white bear is so ferocious that it can directly shoot people away!'

'Come on, let's... let's run!'

Whether they want to seek justice or follow the crowd, they all run to both sides to find something to cover themselves.

Those who want to fish in troubled waters also have a rest. If they want to find something, they must have their life.

How powerful is the black and white bear when it pulls people away in three or two strokes?

The good news heard that there was chaos at the scene, and he said: 'Don't be afraid. Pang Pang won't hurt people casually. These four people have just been hiding behind to stir up trouble. I asked Pang Pang to come and get them.

Let's have a good trial of these four people. What's the matter? Do you know these four people here? '

At this time, a villager standing far away said, 'There are two from our village. The short man with a square face is Liu Erzhu, and the round face with a pointed head is Chen Yaozu of the Chen family.'

'That's right. They are the two. I was just wondering why they went to other villages? I didn't recognize their voices just now. If he hadn't spoken, I wouldn't have recognized them...' A nearby person agreed.

The man said again before, 'They are from our village. Why are they bringing people from other villages to make trouble? They can't be the ones who used to make trouble, can they?'

'It's really possible that these two people are usually lazy, and they don't want to sneak around. This time, they won't take money from someone else to help them, will they?'

'That's true. Do you remember two years ago, they took money from people outside to get more water from the sweet well and poured out the medicine to Old Chen, which made him sleep for two days and nights before he woke up?'

'I don't remember. Old Chen's family thought he was suffering from some strange disease. He was dying. If he didn't have a breath, he would be buried.

Later, when I woke up, I knew that it was Chen Yaozu who brought me a glass of water for my uncle. After drinking it, old Chen became unconscious'

'It's obvious that he has been drugged, or that he is his own uncle. If there is any good or bad, those cousins can spare him?'

'In other words, I don't know how many buckets of water he sold. He had a free time in those days. I heard that he went to the city to roam for several days.'

'It seems that I went to the brothel. I think there is a lot of money here. The brothel is a gold selling cave. It's said that it costs several liang silver once...'

'Who are the other two?' I don't know where to go when I see the topic. The good news interrupts them.

The people of Mitsui Village walked forward hesitantly, looked carefully, and shook their heads.

'We don't know these two people, we haven't met them.'

At this time, someone from Dayu Village said, 'Those two are the boys from our village.

As a result, the kindness of the villagers did not breed a good man, but two white eyed wolves.

The two men said it was dangerous to go to sea. They were the only blood left at home. They refused to help them unload fish from the boat. They said they had no strength and walked around the village every day. '

'These two are not good things either. Every time the villagers come back from the sea, they always lose a few pounds when drying dry goods.

They all belong to the same village. At the beginning, they were pitiful that they had no parents. After a long time, no one could stand it. They worked hard to get it back, but they went to sell money on the spot. '

'The problem is that they haven't said we are good, and many outsiders say we bullied them, and they were lonely since childhood...'

'These are two pure white eyed wolves. Later, they went to the city. I heard they were beggars.'

'Yes, I came back once in the middle, and said that the beggars in the city had a good life. Every day, rich young men came out to give money. I don't know why they came back, but I haven't seen them for some time...'

The good news felt that something had flashed in her mind, but she didn't catch it for a moment, so she had to continue to interrogate the people on the ground, 'What's your purpose? Yesterday, my brothers went to the city to deliver dry goods, and when they came back, they said that someone was following them. Are you guys?

Today, I knew that my four brothers had gone to sea, and they came to trouble us again. Isn't it because we spent money to collect dry goods and coveted our money? '

After hearing this, the people also felt it was reasonable. It could not really be that way, so they were encouraged to come and help bully other girls.

You know, my brother is also helping me to go out to sea to find people, but they are bullying my sister behind their back. What will they think of them in the future?

When I thought of this, everyone was embarrassed. After all, they came with me indiscriminately, and they were somewhat upset.

At this time, two voices came from behind the crowd, 'What's the matter? What are you doing around here?'

'Good news, are you all right? Who are they?'

Yu Genfa was the first to speak. He thought something was wrong at home when he saw so many people around his home.

The other speaker was Fang Zhigang. Because of his height, he saw people lying at the foot of Jiayin from afar. He thought that these people wanted to bully his sister Jiayin and were put down by her.

It is mainly because Pangpang looks far away and doesn't seem to move his hand.

Fang Zhixin and Fang Zhigang rushed forward, stood beside Jiayin and looked at her anxiously.

The good news shook his head and said, 'I'm fine. It was Pangpang who knocked them down. These four people incited people from the two villages next door to come and trouble us. They said we were liars and tricked people from Mitsui Village to go to sea.'

'Are we liars?' Fang Zhigang pointed at his nose.

'What are we cheating on you? Do we cheat on your dry goods with money? Our brothers are still going to sea with us to help you find people and leave three sisters here. What can we cheat on you?' Fang Zhixin said this.

All the people in Mitsui Village retreated in embarrassment. They followed each other to join in the fun when they heard the other's words. They were a little embarrassed.

Now I hear people say that. What are they cheating on? The cash that people received from the sea was not the same as those before. After receiving the sea goods, they said some specious words and ran away. They not only stayed, but also went to the sea together, leaving several people in the village.

If it is really bad people, if something happens to the villagers, they will all become ready-made hostages?

'In other words, tell me what's going on here?' Fang Zhigang asked the four people on the ground loudly.

Seeing those people pretending to be dead, one of the villagers in Mitsui Village said, 'Just now, little girl said that when your brothers went to the city to deliver goods yesterday, someone followed them. They must be these four guys. They may be interested in your family's money.'

'Didn't you come from Wuling City? Maybe they will look at you from the city...'

The good news also left Fang Zhigang and Fang Zhixin stunned. They didn't expect that they might be watching in the city. They didn't spend less money in the city. One was asking for directions from the old beggar, and the other was paying a high price to buy Yang Huiyun

That is to say, it is not in Sanjing Village that people collect money from sea goods, but they have been watched from the city!

The other party follows them all the way. In addition, they are considered to have run to the other party's lair, so they will be regarded as fat sheep.

But why didn't the other party do it by himself, instead, inciting people from the other two villages to find fault? What good is it for them?

For a while, Fang Zhigang and Fang Zhixin were also confused, and they didn't know what the other party meant.

At this time, the good news said, 'They won't be with those liars, will they? That's why they know so clearly that those who go to sea will be caught!'

'Yes! How did you know that those who went to sea would be caught? Where did you catch them?'

'Before, they could do anything for money. This time, they won't sell the villagers for money!'

'Tell me! Who captured my son?'

'Yes! Tell me quickly! Did you collude with those people to cheat my brother out of the sea?'

'Don't tell the truth, I will kill you bastards!'

The four men winced at the same time and said, 'We just listened to them when we were caught at sea. We are not liars, they are liars!'

'Heard that? How did you hear that? Yesterday they slept in two rooms in the middle of my house. Why didn't we hear them say that? We heard them say they were being followed!' Yu Genfa said.

'This is our wooden house. You can hear it next door when you speak. If someone is really evil, how can they say it? How can they stay here and wait for the brothers to go to sea? Why don't you take the opportunity to run?'

'Besides, they didn't hear it from their families. Where did you hear it? They stayed in their guest room yesterday. Did you go over the wall to listen to the corner?'

Yu Genfa said again, 'Even if you climb over the wall and enter our yard, the window is also facing the barn. Unless you can hide, how can you not be found by the animals in the yard?'

'That is to say, our donkeys can watch the house. If they hear something, they will definitely shout. How can they not find you?' Fang Zhigang said loudly.

At this time, people in Mitsui Village thought that when they came yesterday, they were driving donkey carts and carriages.

Generally, animals can watch over the house, especially donkeys, which can be heard all over the village if they make any noise.

When they heard this, they cast more suspicious eyes on the four people who were lying on the ground and refused to get up.

In fact, the four people have recovered. Although some of them have injured bones, they are not completely unable to get up, that is, they have some pain.

But these people are lying on the ground pretending to be dead. If they had not seen several people with their eyes open and knew how to refute, they would have pretended to faint.

The man from Mitsui Village said, 'Catch them and have a good trial to see if they are with those people before.'

'Yes, they know too well. The Fang family's younger generation didn't say anything else. They knew that they would be caught at sea, which means they must know something. Take them and have a good trial to see if they can find something...'

Hearing this, the four of them quickly got up and were about to run. Fang Zhigang kicked them one by one and fell to the ground again. They continued to roll on the ground.

The villagers also rushed forward, put up the four people with all hands and feet, and went directly to the open space in the middle of the village.

Prepare for a good trial there.

Then there is Yu's Ancestral Hall. If the other party refuses to say anything, you can also borrow the Yu's family law.

Yu's family law is a whip, which was used by the first generation of ancestors moved by Yu to punish the disobedient small generations of the family. The whip is made of unknown materials. It has been passed on for hundreds of years and has not been spoiled. It is said that it is easy to use it, and it is also very painful to beat people. Even people in their 70s and 80s can use it to teach bad children a lesson

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