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Chapter 320 Interrogation (subscription required)

Everyone walked noisily toward the open space. The four people who were being escorted looked frightened. They knew they were guilty at first sight. They must know something.

The man who knew this could not help getting excited. It seems that these four people really have problems. Maybe they can find something out.

When the time comes, I will report it to the government, saying that I cannot make a contribution and will be rewarded by the government.

Soon we arrived at the open space and tied people up with all hands to prevent them from running away.

Although there are so many people watching, it is troublesome to catch up if you really run.

The rope was taken by the villagers who had just passed by. It was all hemp rope with thick fingers. It is the most convenient to bind people, but it is not easy to break away.

After tying up the four people, they gathered around them and began to question, 'Tell me quickly! What's your purpose on earth? Are you colluding with those people before you?'

'Yes, yes, or are you colluding with pirates on the sea? You can't have joined the pirates, have you? You deliberately stayed in the village for the pirates to work hard!'

'Oh, dear! As soon as I think they have been in our village, I am in a cold sweat!'

'Yeah, yeah...'

Everyone talked and talked, but there was no theme, and slowly began to tilt.

It was the head of Dayu Village who stood out and raised his voice and said, 'Everyone, be quiet, be quiet. This is not the way to ask, but find some people who understand.'

'Yes, listen to Village Head Feng. Don't talk anymore.'

Yu Genfa said: 'My father is not here, and there is no leader in Sanjing Village now. Village Head Feng, would you like to take the trouble?

Besides, those two people are also from your village. You should be more clear about the situation. Why don't you ask them first, and then we will review them in Mitsui Village. '

Yu Genfa is also selfish. If something can be found out, if it is found out from the people in Dayu Village, it can also be said that the two of them led their own villagers to do bad things together. If the two of them in Mitsui Village choose to do bad things, it is good to say but not good to hear.

In particular, the other two are orphans without parents and will not involve others.

Chen Yaozu's family is a big family in their village. Although he is so unreliable, his family members and relatives are still good.

If he finds out something, he is the one who picks the boat. He cannot say that a large family will be implicated.

The same is true of Liu Erzhu, who also has an old woman at home who has been in poor health.

Although Liu Erzhu is loafing around all day and sneaking around, he is still very filial to his mother. If you have any delicious food, you should eat it with me first.

Therefore, if their families are involved in this matter, it is also unbearable. If an accomplice is involved, at least he will not die.

The head of Dayu Village is not a fool either. Hearing this, he knows that there are twists and turns in it.

I thought that the younger generation of Yu's family had a lot of ideas, and the village head was also a successor.

However, the village head of Dayu Village didn't tell us. The other side was right. These two people have no father or mother, and they don't even have close relatives. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to live a hundred families.

If there is an uncle, how can we have a bite to eat.

Both of them moved from other places. When their parents died, they became single biographies. Yes, even their mother didn't live in other places.

One is Huang Ergou, the other is Jiang Mancang.

Huang Ergou's parents died before he could get his name, so he kept barking.

Jiang Mancang's parents gave him a good name early, hoping that he would have enough food and clothing in the future.

Feng Village Head of Dayu Village directly walked up to the two people and asked, 'If you know anything, tell it. If you wait to be sent to the government, the government will not just ask like us. There are many ways to try criminals, and you certainly don't want to try.

If you say, as long as your sin does not go to death and your sin is not serious, we do not have to put you to death.

After all, everyone in the village raised you, just like half a son. '

At this time, they no longer panic, but look dejected.

To tell the truth, although they are sneaking around in the village, they often steal dry goods from the village, especially those valuable dry goods to sell for money.

One of the main reasons is to fill the stomach, and the other is that they are really greedy and want to save some money to protect themselves.

After all, they have eaten the last meal since they were young. They know the hardships of starvation. Although they grew up eating a hundred meals, they have no food to eat when the year is bad. Can you feed them?

I can only say that I didn't starve to death. It's not easy to grow so big.

They don't know how to be grateful. Like this time, they hesitated to tell the truth.

It's not that they don't want to tell the villagers about it, but they can't explain it. The villagers certainly don't believe them, and they may think they have some tricks, so they don't say it.

However, to this extent, the village head has said so. It's no good not to say it again. If we really want to send them to the Yamen, then we will be really overwhelmed.

They have heard of many unjust, false and wrong cases that were forced into action. If the Yamen were darker, they would be regarded as scapegoats. They would die without knowing how to die.

They have been living in the city for so many years, and they are clean in many things.

After much deliberation, it was just a blink of an eye. Finally, Huang Ergou gritted his teeth and said, 'We really have nothing to do with that group of people. We didn't cooperate with others to cheat villagers to go to sea, but we do know that villagers will be caught when they go to sea.

We heard this when we were in the city. When they came, they, like the Fang family, first asked the beggars at the gate for information.

However, he not only inquired about the city, but also about the nearby villages after he inquired about the situation in the city.

Although most of the beggars live in the city, not all the beggars in the city are urban residents, but many of them are from nearby villages.

So some people told each other the location of their village and the approximate number of people.

We listened to something wrong and quietly followed those people.

When they went to the inn to settle down, we heard them say at the back window of the inn, which village they wanted to go to first, how to tell the villagers and how to lure them to the sea. Moreover, the island has been set up, and can be removed as long as people go there.

They didn't specifically say anything else. We only heard a general idea. But from these words, we also know that this is a plot against the villagers.

Then we went back to the village, but we didn't know what to say. Then the Fang family came. Er Zhu said that the Fang family told the village head that there was no disaster in the north. I think the village head would suspect those people'

When people in Dayu Village thought about it, they really went back to the village when the group of businessmen came.

Although they went to the city, they also came back occasionally. Of course, they also came back to steal some dry goods and sell them in the city.

Every time is the season for them to dry their goods, especially the season when they can salvage valuable marine products. They are most active when they come back.

It is strange for us to come back this season. After all, the New Year is coming soon. Basically, we will not go to the sea, nor will we buy valuable sea products.

However, we didn't think much about it at that time. We just thought that we wouldn't have anything to lose at home. It was very good.

Now I think that the other party may also want to tell the villagers when they come back. But with their reputation in the village, the villagers themselves assumed that if the other party said that these people were trying to cheat people to go to sea, would they believe it?

The answer is no, and they may even think that they are afraid of selling the inventory directly at a high price, and they have nothing to steal, so they say these words.

In this way, people believe that these two people may not collude with those people. Otherwise, if they really collude, they can't cheat the villagers to go to sea.

If the two of them said that they would let the villagers go to sea, maybe they would not go out. Maybe they could leave people behind in disguise.

It can be seen from their bad reputation in the village.

At this time, Liu Erzhu also said, 'We met in the city, and we went to listen to it together.'

Chen Yaozu nodded vigorously beside him, 'Yes, yes, you know, we also often go to the city. We go to the city to be beggars. We go to the city in the morning and come back in the evening.'

When everyone heard this, they were really speechless. Although they know that Wuling City has a lot of beggars, now they hear that some beggars do their work. When they go to work in the daytime and come back at night, they can't help but complain about it. It's really a long time to see.

The reason why the good news didn't intercept the question is because of the other person's breath. Although the other person's breath is somewhat gloomy, it means that he is really not a good person.

However, there is no blood and evil spirit on the body, which means that the other party has not killed anyone, either directly or indirectly.

It's really just a matter of petty theft. When the other person said these words, Jiayin saw their expressions change and knew that they should be true.

At this time, Huang Ergou begged for mercy: 'We were wrong. Please let us go. We really know that the village head is wrong. We won't sneak around any more. We must reform!

We didn't incite you to come here to harm them. We did this to let you know that the villagers are in danger of going to sea. We really didn't mean to harm them. 'Liu Yaozu said sincerely.

The other three also nodded, 'Yes, yes, we really want to get you together and talk about this.'

Jiayin rolled her eyes. She could only say that Chen Yaozu was the most active one among these people. Jiayin didn't believe that the other party was out of this mentality.

The other party's idea at the beginning was to make everyone suspect the Fang family. If those villagers were instigated by these people and arrested, they could take the opportunity to steal their money.

You don't need to search the other party's memory, you can see the good news.

As for telling everyone that people going to sea are in danger, there are also some aspects. Otherwise, they will not disclose the matter. It must be the same idea. Take your feet and save the villagers.

Like Chen Yaozu, some of his family members go to sea, and they are also cousins who have a good relationship with him. When Chen Yaozu was bullied in the past, his cousin often helped him. Today, he followed him to find people.

Chen Yaozu didn't know how to stop the other party before, so he did have this idea. He can only say half of it.

However, in this way, it was just wrong. Those villagers believed it, and even hurriedly went forward to loosen the rope for them.

The uncle of Old Chen also came forward to loosen the rope for Chen Yaozu, and rubbed his wrist which had been tightened just now.

When Chen Yaozu was rubbed like this, his eyes turned red and his tears began to fall.

This uncle has ignored him since he took medicine to steal water. He hasn't said a word to him for two years and ignored him even when he met. Chen Yaozu is very sad.

Chen Yaozu still spent a lot of money to buy the medicine. He knew that he would only sleep after drinking it and had no sequelae, so he dared to give medicine to his uncle.

However, Chen Yaozu did not master the dosage well, so he fell down more quickly. His uncle slept for two days and nights. At that time, he was very scared and thought he had been tricked into buying fake medicine.

Although the uncle often talked about him, saying that he didn't do his job, Chen Yaozu actually knew that the uncle was good for him. Sometimes he even secretly gave him some coins to buy food when he saw him hungry.

Now his uncle unties him personally and rubs his wrists. Chen Yaozu knows that his uncle has forgiven him. It seems that he did the right thing.

Chen Yaozu has hypnotized himself by this time, and thinks that he just wants to help people in the village, and he has no bad intentions at all.

And he said in righteous words: 'Now you all believe me. Let's go to the city to report to the officials and let them send official ships to save people!

If it is too late, the three ships we will go to may also be meat buns beating dogs. They will never return. '

At this time, Fang Zhigang came forward and said, 'Don't worry. Our Fang brothers' kung fu is one of the best. One to ten is no problem. As long as the number of opponents is less than one hundred, they can certainly rescue them.'

He said this because the good news just said that Qingzhu had sent a message to her that the people there had already gone to the island and would soon rescue them.

Now the time has come. Fang Zhiyuan and others have been on the island for a long time. As for the boats from the other two villages, they are still looking for the places where they often fish.

It has been a long time before I knew it. Fang Zhiyuan, on the other hand, has already been on the island. Although he has not started at this time, there are green bamboos here. The victory is definitely on his side.

Therefore, the good news directly let Fang Zhigang tell you this, and also gave you some confidence.

Now is not the best time to go to the government. It is not too late to go to the government after the pirates are captured.

In this way, the pirates are captured by them, and the credit is theirs. They will not be picked.

If you go to report to the officials, let's not say whether the officials will believe it. Even if they do, it will not take a short time to prepare for going to sea. At that time, people will come back

(End of this chapter)

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