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Chapter 321 Waiting (for subscription)

If they do not believe in or collude with each other, they will report to the official in a hot and hot manner. The other party will deliberately suppress or think it is nonsense, and it is estimated that they will defeat everyone.

If they don't say yes, there will still be conflicts. In this way, if they escort the pirates, the other party will not make a contribution, but may also find some trouble.

It's better to wait for Fang Zhiyuan and others to come back and go again.

When the time comes, people in Wuling City and even some villages and towns will see that even if there are pirates inside the government, they will not dare to make small moves.

The village head of Dayu Village hesitated and said, 'I've just heard that only four of your brothers went there. As the saying goes, two fists can't compete with four hands. What if the opponent is over one hundred? No matter how good his skill is, it's useless. He's half tired.'

Fang Zhigang didn't know how to answer. He was not good at words.

Fang Zhixin came forward and said, 'To tell you the truth, besides our brothers, there is also a powerful helper.

Just now you have seen the force of our iron eater. It is still holding its power. It can beat people away. If not, do you know what will happen? '

Then he looked at Pang Pang and said, 'Pang Pang, can you show your magic power to all the villagers, so that everyone can feel at ease?'

Pangpang nodded and proudly walked to the stone pier.

This stone pier is a stone roller for rice milling. It has been discarded because of cracks and is directly placed here. People often sit on it as stools to chat.

Pangpang spread his short legs, one paw on his waist, one paw raised high, and let out a 'woof!' and one paw patted him down!

The stone pier, thicker than a strong man's waist, broke into pieces.

People were shocked by Pangpang, and the scene was silent for a while.

At this time, a child voice said: 'Mom, this dog looks different from our family.'

The child's mother quickly covered his mouth, smiled at Pangpang and Jiayin and others with embarrassment and said: 'The child is not sensible, childlike, childlike...'

Pangpang is so aggrieved that his mouth is shrunk. He is waiting to be worshipped and praised by everyone. He even says that he is a dog!

Twisting his fat body back to Jiayin, he put his big head on her shoulder and said to Jiayin's grievance: 'He said I was a dog! The child's eyes are too bad! Which of his eyes can tell that I am a dog, but I am a noble iron eater!'

The good news patted the plump brain bag and comforted him: 'He is still young. He has never seen an iron eater. It's normal to recognize him wrongly. You should stop seeing him. Stand up quickly and see others looking at you. You lose your share of the image...'

Pangpang quickly straightened up, raised his head, and put forward his previous posture of akimbo.

The reason for this movement is not that I learned it from the village lady, but that it does not stand with its arms crossed

When the boy interrupted everyone, they had already come to their senses. At the beginning, they looked at Pangpang with some fear. When they saw his series of actions, those fears suddenly disappeared.

Such a lovely big fat bear, what's wrong with your strength!

'Could you tell us what the helper you are going to sea with your brothers is? Is it also black and white... er... an iron eater?' Village Head Feng asked.

'No, aren't you just this iron eater? Is there another one?' The people of Mitsui Village also came back to their senses and said.

They saw this one from yesterday to today, but did not find the second one, especially the villagers who sent their families to sea in the morning.

Mingming only saw the four brothers get on the boat with no animals.

Fang Zhixin winked at Fang Zhigang and said, 'To tell you the truth, my brother didn't take it with him. Because of some special reasons, it couldn't appear in front of people. Afraid of causing unnecessary trouble, he went to the sea to explore first.

For it, it is like a dragon returning to the sea. On the contrary, it can help more in the sea. It must have found out the position of the pirate.

At this time, you should have taken the village head and others to rescue, so you don't have to worry, you will be able to save people. '

When people saw that he didn't tell them, they doubted him, but they saw the power of Pangpang before and thought that someone might have an adventure.

Some secrets are also proper, and people can't force them to do so. They can only believe that the other party can save their families for the time being.

The people standing here now, except those outside who are watching the activity, are mostly those who have family members going to sea, so they come to Mitsui Village so actively.

If no one goes to the sea at home, most of them are at home except those who like to watch the fun. They can't leave the village alone.

If someone takes advantage of the opportunity to enter, he will ignore the tail.

The four people who were helped up touched their backs and bottoms in fear. It seems that the iron eater was merciful before, otherwise they might have broken into pieces like the stone.

I'm very glad I didn't steal or rob people's money directly, otherwise. They can't fight an iron eater alone, not to mention that other brothers are skilled.

They had thought before that the other side could come here from thousands of miles away and still be so energetic. They must be some kung fu people, so they used circuitous methods to incite villagers to come here and try to take advantage of the weakness.

Unexpectedly, the other side still hides such a big killing weapon!

I am also very glad that I was wrong. Now I have escaped a disaster.

If you move people secretly, you will have to peel off the skin if you don't die.

After listening to Fang Zhixin, the villagers in Jiangshi Village and Dayu Village who have family members going to sea don't want to go back to the village, and they want to wait for the results.

However, it's not a good idea to stay in Sanjing Village, so after a discussion, we decided to leave a few people in the three villages and go to the seaside port to wait for the return of the fishing boat.

Of course, we don't know how long it will take for the other party to come back. After all, every time we go to sea, we can't come back for a few days.

Although I'm not going to fish this time, I'm going to save people, but I can't say how long it will take. What if I stay there for one night?

But they can't calm down to go home and wait. They can wait here for a while. It's too late to go back.

The good news divine sense has been exploring the island, knowing that they have saved people and the pirates have been tied up, waiting for dinner and discussing the allocation of ships.

Let some strong people steer the boat and take the weak with them.

Each boat is divided into several weak ones and rest in the cabin.

They also searched the houses on the island and looked for cellars.

Since those people are pirates, if they have any gold, silver or other treasures hidden, they will be distributed to each family at that time, which can be regarded as a fundamental compensation for being injured by hunger for so many days.

Of course, they don't want to hand it over to the government. If they do, they can't leave anything behind.

Of course, it is also possible that those who come to save people will be rewarded with some credit, but those who are caught must not be compensated, which is the consistent style of the government.

Unless there are dead people, they will give some subsidies.

It must also be said that when people are caught, if they can't catch people, or if they haven't captured money, the government will not take care of them.

The good news also knew what they thought when she saw them digging three feet into the ground.

But they will be disappointed. There is no such thing on this island.

It's not easy to give them some good news. If there are no pirates, you can give them some silver.

But these pirates are still alive and haven't been killed. She released silver and was told to the government by these pirates. Isn't it clear that everyone can't tell?

Moreover, Jiayin has given everyone diluted Holy Water, and they are completely healthy. Even if they were injured before, they can still make up for it.

So even if there is no subsidy, they will have no problems later.

The final result of the discussion is that no matter which fishing village people, or the villagers whose fishing boats were destroyed before, they were brought back here.

Anyway, this is the only way to Wuling City. If they want to hand in these pirates, they must come here.

Instead of sending the villagers back, we'd better wait here for the pirates to deal with them and see how the government arranges.

They are both victims and witnesses. In case the government wants to bring up the case, they should be questioned at that time. It is better to go to Wuling City to wait for them than to go back to their own fishing village.

It will take at least two or three hours for them to return. First, there are many ships, and second, the wind direction is slightly deviated. When they do not go, the speed is fast along the wind and water.

This is also very good. If it doesn't go against the wind, it will be God's eye opener.

Of course, the villagers here don't wait at the seaside. Some gather in small groups to talk, and some try to catch some small fish and shrimp with nets at the seaside.

Anyway, they are also idle. They are going to cook some food here at the seaside. Now it's past noon, and they haven't eaten yet.

Fortunately, the port is not far from my village. Someone went back to the village to carry two big pots.

Every family also provided some food to cook two large pots of seafood porridge.

Now this season at the seaside, the sea breeze is still cool, and it's good for your health to eat some hot food.

Good news also stayed here. After all, Fang Zhiyuan and others were also on the boat. In addition to good news, others were also worried.

Although they know that there are green bamboos, which will not cause danger to the public, and they know that green bamboos can send messages back at any time, they do not know the number of pirates. Even if there is no life danger, injuries are inevitable.

Yang Huiyun was really worried. She didn't know about the green bamboo and the dragon god. Another sweetheart was still on the boat.

Yes, Fang Zhiqiang is her sweetheart and the one who helped Yang Huiyun when he was most embarrassed.

In Yang Huiyun's mind, she already thought that she was the other party's person. Since she sold herself to bury her father, she was ready to serve as a slave or buy it back to be a daughter-in-law.

Fang Zhiqiang and his family have shown their attitude these two days. There is little chance that they will become slaves themselves. They should be the daughter-in-law of Fang Zhiqiang.

So Yang Huiyun decided that he was Fang Zhiqiang, and he was certainly worried.

In addition, Fang Zhiqiang is tall, strong, with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He is also very heroic. This kind of man is very popular with women, and can be said to be the ideal husband candidate for women.

Yang Huiyun was grateful to have met such a good person in his heart, but he didn't know whether the other party's family agreed or not.

Yang Huiyun also heard that they came out to study, and their hometown is thousands of miles away.

At the beginning, Yang Huiyun knew that since he had chosen to sell himself, he would surely follow the master's family. His father was buried here, and there should be no chance to go to the grave in the future.

Yang Huiyun has also decided to carve a memorial tablet for his father and take it with him. He can worship in private on New Year's Day.

Just don't know if Fang Zhiqiang's family will look down on him and oppose his son to marry such an orphan daughter when they return to Nanyue together.

After all, many people pay attention to both parents and daughter-in-law, so brothers and sisters can help in the future.

Few people will marry such an orphan girl who has nothing, unless they can't afford to marry a daughter-in-law, and they don't hate it. At most, they can't help but look at her.

If there is a dislike, she will also say that she fights hard with her parents.

So Yang Huiyun was a little nervous.

But these days, Yang Huiyun is relieved because of the attitude of the Fang brothers, Jiayin and Liu Yu'er towards her.

When chatting last night, I also heard Liu Yuer tell her about her and Fang Zhiwu, and how she got to know Fang's family.

Unexpectedly, Liu Yu'er was captured by others and saved by them. Of course, Liu Yu'er did not say that she was saved directly by the Lord Dragon God. She should get the permission of the Lord Dragon God.

However, Liu Yu'er was also saved indirectly by them. Without their own father, she would not wake up, let alone ask the Dragon God to save her.

Although Liu Yuer didn't tell Yang Huiyun about the Dragon God, she also mentioned it vaguely. They had a way to send a letter to their home quickly, which could be passed in a few hours.

Then Yang Huiyun thought that if her parents and family don't agree with Fang Zhiqiang, they will soon know if they want to come to their side.

You don't have to travel a long way to follow them. If you are driven away in the future, you will get a result here.

As for why we don't doubt it, Yang Huiyun actually guessed that this group of people must be not simple, and some mysterious things are not excessive.

In particular, Fang Zhixin said that there is also a mysterious guardian, Yang Huiyun, who is more convinced that his intuition is correct.

On the way over, Yang Huiyun overheard something about the Lord of the Dragon God. Fang Zhigang said, 'Don't worry about the Lord of the Dragon.'

Liu Yu'er's eyebrows immediately opened. Yang Huiyun was originally a very intelligent woman. She had a guess that the successor might be the Dragon God.

Before, Fang Zhixin said that the dragon returned to the sea. It can't be said that it literally means the dragon!

At this time, the aroma of brown rice has come out, and those who spread nets on the reef have caught many small fish, shrimp and crabs.

Clean it up, wash it with seawater, throw it directly into the pot, and cook it for a while.

(End of this chapter)

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