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When they have finished eating and are close to Shenshi, they can save dinner.

They are going to stay here until the end of Youshi, when it will be dark. It is no use staying here too late.

At Youshi, the sea began to ebb, and many children and elderly people came to the beach not far away.

No one came to the dock. A stone platform was built on the beach to facilitate boarding, and the water was just beside the platform when the tide was out.

The good news knew that the people at sea had returned safely, so she quietly told several people here.

So they all ran to the beach with confidence to learn how to go to the sea and pick up seafood.

Not only did the three girls pick it up happily, but even Fang Zhigang and Fang Zhixin would laugh in surprise when they found the big one.

The children in the village could not help covering their mouths and laughing when they saw that they had never seen the world before.

They didn't come over with the wooden bucket. They couldn't hold a few in their hands, so they sent them back to the villagers at the wharf. They enjoyed the process of picking up. They were not very interested in these small fish and shrimp.

When the sun was about to disappear at sea level in the Unitarian Period, he pointed to the sea and shouted: 'Back! Back!'

'Eh? Why are there so many ships? I'm afraid there are more than a dozen!' The man was puzzled.

'Can't it be pirates?'

'Are you stupid? Pirates are good at sea. How can they come to land? Didn't they throw themselves into the trap?'

'It may be to rescue some villagers. At first sight, those boats were fishing boats like ours. There were two bigger boats behind, but they were blocked and could not see clearly...'

'Anyway, you'd better hurry back and call someone. You'd better take a weapon to come here just in case, and let someone hide. If something is wrong, go to Wuling City and ask for help from the guards...' Feng Village Head An ordered.

Everyone responded and went back to the village to call people.

We all know that Fang Zhiyuan and his wife are back, but we also know that even if they say something, they may not believe it. Let them prepare for it.

In fact, it is better for them to maintain a sense of defense at all times than to suffer losses due to carelessness.

This kind of attitude is right. We should be cautious in everything. We have anticipated that we will take precautions in the future, and we will also suffer less losses.

Although the ship can be seen from a distance, the distance is not close. After all, the sea is not blocked, and the distance is far.

It's like a dead horse running from Wangshan Mountain. What's more, when the ship first saw it, it was only a few big black spots. Later, when it got closer, it could be seen that it was a ship.

After a while, I saw the general shape and knew it was my fishing boat.

After that, the light became darker and darker. In fact, it was not conducive to sailing, and the wind direction was not smooth. When the tide was ebbing, the sea water flowed back, and the speed slowed down.

When the ship arrived at the port, it was nearly an hour later.

Fang Zhiyuan and his followers could not see that there were villagers waiting here, but they knew that there were many villagers waiting for them after they heard from Green Bamboo.

And because there are too many ships, some villagers worry that pirates are coming, and they are all on guard.

As we got closer, Yu Village Head picked up the flag made by himself on the boat and started shaking it regularly.

People in the coastal village were relieved when they saw it. It was really the people from their village who came back with fishing boats.

The tension between the sword and crossbow immediately subsided, and all of them changed from worry to expectation.

So many ships must have saved people. They also thought of what Fang Zhixin said before. Maybe even the pirates have been captured together!

If that is the case, it will be a great achievement to hand it over to the Yamen!

The village will also be rewarded. It is good for the village to not reward silver.

With the reputation of catching pirates, people can look up to them when they go out.

They are the people who have captured pirates, and they believe that they will be famous in the future. If God does not find fault with them, they will give some natural disasters from time to time, at least the man-made disaster can be completely avoided.

When Fang Zhiyuan and the people from Sanjing Village got off the boat, they found out why there were so many boats.

In addition to the boats brought back from Turtle Island, two fishing boats from the next two villages also came back together.

On their return trip, when they passed the previous fishing position, Green Bamboo told the village head Yu that there were two fishing boats wandering around the reef island.

The village head Yu remembered that the next village started a little earlier than them. It should be the fishing boat of the next village.

He hurriedly ordered to take the fishing boat in his village to inform them, mainly for fear that other boats might frighten the other party.

The three villages are next to each other, and they are still familiar with the signs on each other's fishing boats.

Sure enough, when the other party saw them, the two fishing boats took the initiative to approach.

As soon as I heard that my villagers had been saved and captured the pirates, I didn't bother to ask for specific information and went back with them.

If you delay any longer, it will be dark. It's hard to find the direction when you return after dark. I'm afraid you'll have to wait for the next day.

When the boats came to the shore, the villagers got on the boat to help, carried down the pirates who were tied and unconscious, and helped those weak villagers in other villages.

When they got ashore, the villagers of Sanjing Village who followed them to save people praised Fang Zhiyuan's brothers and told us about the envoy of the Dragon God.

The emissaries of the Dragon God told from them are more magical than Fang Zhiyuan.

Almost said that Green Bamboo was the god of the sea in this sea area, otherwise how could it be so clear what happened in this sea area?

The green bamboo in Fang Zhiyuan's sleeve was almost believed, and he almost showed the prototype to show us its heroic appearance...

Fortunately, Green Bamboo's reason is still there, and he has not exposed his nature. Otherwise, he might be offered up by these villagers in the future.

In spite of that, Qingzhu will also have the power of belief, but after that, it will leave the world with Jiayin. Jiayin told Qingzhu long ago that this is its chance, and it can't be penny wise and pound foolish.

In addition, when it is offered and proved to be effective, everyone sincerely believes in it, so it has the power of belief. If it leaves here, people ask for it several times but it is not effective.

Finally, I said that I had to but could not get the power of faith, and I would be scolded as a person who cheated the world and stole fame. I'd better not do these things.

It happened that all the villagers were there. Those who were rescued were too weak, so they had to go back to the village and settle down for the night.

After all, they are all victims. If they just get off the boat and go to Wuling City, they may not be able to stand it.

Those who have recovered their strength will follow them and escort the pirates to Wuling City to hand them over to the government.

Of course, the four of Fang Zhiyuan will also go. They are afraid that these pirates will come out again, especially the four who have good kung fu. What if they break free of the shackles and hurt people violently?

So go with us.

Fortunately, they had rested on the ship for several hours before. After all, they could not sail, so they took a rest in the cabin.

In particular, I drank Holy Water when I went there before. Now I'm not tired at all. It's no problem to go to Wuling City.

But it's not good to walk like this. Some of those who are still unconscious and awake can't walk with their hands and feet tied.

Even if the rope on the pirate's leg is untied, if the other party does not cooperate, there is no way. They can't carry the pirate away, can they?

At any rate, it's an hour's journey, which will be very tiring.

After a discussion, they contributed the donkey cart and carriage together with several ox carts in the three villages.

And hanging the empty cart behind the ox cart is like dragging two carts with one ox.

Now we don't pay attention to anything. Anyway, we throw all the strong pirates who are in a coma and are bound to the car and go straight to Wuling City.

Yang Huiyun looked at the four people who had left, and then looked at the ships on the beach. He asked Jiayin and Liu Yu'er in doubt.

'I don't mean there is another one who goes with them. Why can't he get off the boat? Is he in the sea?'

Hearing Yang Huiyun's question, the good news pointed to Fang Zhiyuan and their backs and said, 'No, they went to Wuling City together with their brother Zhiyuan.'

Yang Huiyun is confused. Is she with Fang Zhiyuan? The other party will be invisible?

In Yang Huiyun's imagination, it should be a giant like Pangpang, even bigger than Pangpang. Otherwise, how could it help save so many people.

It was totally unexpected that the other party could grow bigger and smaller. Now it is a mini snake less than a foot long, which is coiled in Fang Zhiyuan's sleeve pocket.

Liu Yuer knows the existence of green bamboo, but she doesn't know how big the bamboo is. She just thinks it depends on the Dragon God.

The good news basically doesn't let green bamboo appear in front of people now. Green bamboo looks too strange. It's not like chubby and noisy. It's the original appearance, even if it's bigger.

However, Qingzhu has already changed. It is not the same as the original. Its two horns have started to bifurcate, which is not a normal snake.

If it is not because green bamboo can reduce its size, if its body is revealed to people, it can be seen as a dragon.

It is even the same as the dragon logo used by the royal family.

The royal dragon is a snake with long horns on its head and five claws.

The good news doubted whether the royal family had ever seen the dragon, so they decided that it was the shape of the dragon.

What she did not know was that since the Third Prince saw the appearance of the Dragon Temple. I have no feeling for the logo on my father's dragon robe and flag, and I feel it is really incomparable.

The three princes wanted to embroider the image of the dragon god on their dragon robes and carve it on their dragon chairs after they ascended the throne, but they were afraid of offending the Lord of the Dragon God, so they had to continue to use patterns that they could not look up to.

Thinking of going to the Dragon God Temple later, please ask the Lord Dragon God to see if you can use the other person's image.

Continue to return to Jiayin. Since everyone has left, the rest of them will return to the village.

In addition to those who went to sea, the village heads of the three villages also went to Wuling City, and the rest stayed in the village to watch their homes.

Good news When they came home, they saw that all the women were cooking. Obviously, they were not cooking dinner at this time. They should be prepared for the village head and his family.

The three of them also came to help. Fang Zhiyuan and others also wanted to eat when they came back.

This time, they didn't take food out again. First, they helped the villagers to save people. It was OK to have a meal with them.

Second, when their donkey carts and carriages were just vacated, they moved out all the things. Yu's family also saw that there was no food on the surface, and yesterday they gave it to the family to cook together.

It would be strange for them to take food out again. They haven't gone out to buy food today. Where does the food come from?

It's better not to let others know that Green Bamboo has a storage bag. If someone knows that he wants to kill people and steal treasures, he will make trouble for himself?

When helping with the cooking, they regretted giving away the things they had picked up in the sea before. They would have known they would have brought them back. At least it was a fresh dish.

In a word, the loss in the village is relatively large. After all, so many people went to sea and didn't say anything about anything. They also lost a lot of food.

Every time we go to sea, we have to take food and water with us. This time, we wasted so long, and we also took food with us, which is a heavy loss.

They have no land to farm, and the food is very valuable.

If it's OK to return some seafood, you can go to the city to exchange money or food. Now, people have suffered a lot since seafood has not been returned. I'm afraid they can't go to sea for a short time.

After consuming so much food, people in the village can hardly afford to go to sea.

Fortunately, they received a lot of dry goods from the villagers yesterday. They were all valuable dry goods and gave villagers a lot of money.

They can also use the money to buy some food, otherwise they may be cut off.

Thinking of this, those who sell seafood and dry goods are especially grateful to Jiayin and others.

At this time, Jiayin's broken boundary pearl space was inexplicably filled with several more merits and virtues.

The good news glanced at her with divine sense, and thought that they had helped save people before. These villagers thanked them.

Although the good news didn't help them, they heard about the emissaries of the Dragon God and should thank the Dragon God more or less.

The good news did not know that this was actually the gratitude that they received the marine products with silver so that they could not stop.

While helping with the cooking, the good news explored the divine sense to Fang Zhiyuan and others.

A group of dozens of people walked on both sides of the car and followed them to the city.

On the way, they made some simple torches and lit them.

I left in a hurry and only took the oil lamp on the boat. The light was dim and I couldn't see the road clearly.

Later, I found some dry branches at the roadside, wrapped some hay at one end, and made torches, which made the brightness higher.

Today is not a good day. Without the moon and stars, it feels like the sky will change.

We didn't dare to delay any more. We hurried into the city and sent the pirates to the government so that we could go back quickly.

As for their contributions, the officials of the government will not surpass them and take their contributions if they bring pirates into the city in such a big way.

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