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Chapter 324 Pirate's Nest (subscription required)

Fang Zhiyuan and others went back to the village with a group of people in the village. The people left in the village haven't slept yet. They have been waiting to know what the result is.

Some people have never had any contact with the government in their life, and they are naturally afraid of the government and officials.

This time, people in the village are also afraid that the government will collude with those pirates and arrest them to find a reason to blame.

The people in the three villages did not rest in fear. First, they gathered in the open space after supper, and then all the people returned home at the time of 1911, except for children, no adult could sleep.

Fang Zhiyuan and his family did not return until the middle of Zishizhong. All the people from the next village returned to their own village, and only the people from Sanjing Village returned.

Because of the cattle carts, people who did not sleep in the village ran out when they heard the sound of the wheels.

He asked the village head, 'What about the village head? The pirates have been handed over to the government?'

'Did the official give a reward?'

'What did the official say? What should those outsiders do?'

'Yes, do you live in our village? Is there a statement? What exactly is it?'

Seeing so many questions, Yu Village Head knows that if he doesn't talk today, he may not be able to sleep at night.

Just ask someone to light a few more torches, and the convener will go to the vacant lot to tell everyone about it, so as to save repetition tomorrow.

When everyone arrived, even those Yuncheng people who had recovered a little physical strength also came. Village Head Yu loudly recounted the experience of seeing the Prefecture Magistrate and the Prefecture Magistrate in Wuling City and the decision of the two adults.

After hearing this, everyone knew that the government attached great importance to them and would catch all these pirates later. Finally, they were relieved.

What's more, they will be rewarded according to their achievements, which is very desirable. What will they reward?

They sent the pirates with great fanfare, fearing that the government would hide their contributions. If the government wanted to deny the debt, it would not be easy to renege.

After listening to the words of Village Head Yu, I was relieved. It was so late. If there was anything I could say tomorrow, I went straight home to have a rest.

After all, the whole day has been busy from morning till now, and I am also very tired, especially those who went out early in the morning and have not had a rest until now. I think they will be tired long ago.

Yu Fugui brought his family and good news back to his home, said a few polite words and then left. They were really tired.

Fang Zhiyuan first discussed with Jiayin and they will have a rest in Sanjing Village tomorrow.

By the way, check whether the government will summon them to ask. If not, they decide to go to the Four Seasons Valley the day after tomorrow and leave.

Anyway, they don't want to be involved in the following things, and they don't need to receive rewards. Who knows when they will wait, they don't have much time, and they have to go somewhere else.

After discussion, they went back to their rooms. Now it's almost ugly, and it's almost light if they don't sleep.

Jiayin left again with green bamboo when everyone fell asleep. This time, he went to the other side of Turtle Island for mining.

One dragon and one snake still go to the deep sea first, and then swim directly to the edge of Turtle Island. Jiayin comes out of the sea in the shape of a man and takes green bamboo to a circular mountain at the southwest corner of Turtle Island.

The top of the mountain is circular, and there is a concave pit in the middle. The bright ore is in this pit, which was seen by Jiayin with divine sense before.

The stone is not big, mostly the size of the nail plate. The biggest one is the baby's fist, but it is very beautiful. It emits colorful light under the light.

Jiayin thought that if it was inlaid on her golden crown, it would be very beautiful and dazzling.

Green Bamboo does not shrink its body at all. It directly carries Jiayin forward with its huge body. It is not like Jiayin's body, because it will be rejected by the world that does not belong to it.

Although the green bamboo cultivates the dragon skills in the broken world bead, it absorbs the aura from many spiritual stones.

But green bamboo itself is bred in this world, so it is recognized by the rules of heaven in this world, and will not reject it, nor will it be struck by thunder.

Although green bamboos have shown signs of turning into dragons, they haven't reached that level yet.

And it is impossible to transform a dragon in this world. After all, there is no aura or thunder. If you want to break through, you must leave this world and go to a higher level.

In this way, staying in this world can actually perform some magical powers, of course, only to communicate with people or drive the sea animals in the sea.

It is to use its power to control the sea animals. Of course, it can also be used on land, but it is not easier to use it in the sea. After all, it can control water even if it becomes a dragon.

In this way, Jiayin rode on the green bamboo, pointed to the direction, and ran to the top of the circular mountain at a very fast speed.

The two men ran to the low-lying place and prepared to dig here.

Jiayin has seen it with divine sense, not only on the surface, but also under the ground, and it is larger.

Because it is night, it is not convenient for two people to dig only by divine knowledge.

Jiayin simply takes out the luminous pearl from the space for lighting.

She put the luminous pearl on a dead tree branch and put it on the shelf, which is just the right place to shine.

If someone looks down from above, you can see the southwest corner of the Tortoise Island, where there is a bright circle.

Fortunately, the southwest corner is a low-lying place. If you look at it from all around, you can't see it at all.

Of course, their divine sense covers hundreds of miles around, and there is no ship at all.

When you intercepted the memory of the pirate before the good news, you know where the pirate's home is.

The pirate's home is on an island outside Guanhai City in Hainan County, which is called Binghuo Island.

The reason why it is called this name is because of the unique climate on the island. One side of the island is very hot all the year round, like a stove, while the other half is very cold, even with snow all the year round.

The whole island has a double sky of ice and fire. It is said that there is no way to live on this island.

Few people know that the location of a piece of land about ten miles in the middle of this ice fire island is like spring all the year round.

Just like Songyuan County before, it is clear that the snow on the Snow Dragon Mountain is not melting all the year round, but the mountain is like spring all the year round.

The whole island of Ice Fire Island is divided into two. No, it should be said that one is divided into three, half is ice and half is fire, and the middle is an environment suitable for people to live in. Those pirates camp there, and there are many people.

According to the small head's memory, there are hundreds of people living on the Ice Fire Island. There are men and women, men are pirates, and women are captured by them.

There are also hundreds of pirates out there. It's really difficult to catch them all.

Because those people who live outside have no fixed place, even the pirates on the island do not know where they are.

It may be near or far away, even in other countries.

The main reason is that it is not convenient to communicate with outsiders, and they can only passively receive information from outsiders.

When these pirates go out, they are free. To put it bluntly, they go everywhere to rob and do business, or even collect information.

Most of them walk around in the name of a caravan. Only when they encounter an appropriate opportunity, they will turn into robbers and rob other caravans directly, and then disguise themselves as that caravan to sell other people's goods. What they do is purely unprofitable business.

Like the pirate caravan coming to Mitsui Village this time, these pirates really came from the north.

They ran to the north a few months ago, and when they came back, they met a caravan coming here to collect marine goods.

He pretended to travel with others' caravan, and then directly started in a remote place to kill all the people in the caravan!

After that, they took the money from the caravan and the grain they transported as their own. They sold all the grain in a city, bought many local specialties and continued to go south.

Just walk back from the north to the south. When we arrived in Wuling City, we heard several pirate companions who had just left the island say that they should find a way to catch some people back.

It is said that this is the goods that the leader promised to others. It is said that the half moon country spent money to buy people, and the price was very attractive, much higher than the price of slaves.

It seems that they have promised something else. The people below them are not very clear, but there are only a dozen of them in the pirate caravan. How many people can they catch if they want to catch them?

After a discussion, they simply went to the sea to cheat. These pirates sent signals to their partners through special methods, and asked them to send people and ships to meet them. They caught people directly from the sea and carried them away.

The reason why these three villages go later than Yuncheng is that their fake caravans are divided into two groups.

A group of people will go first to the other two cities, spread some rumors along the way, and can cheat others.

Deliberately leave Wuling City to the next batch, so as to make a time difference and not be easily exposed and found.

The first group of people who had already left for Yuncheng, although they were not idle all the way, in some villages, people were more cautious, fearing that some of them would be cheated, so they sent people to inquire about the city.

In this way, we knew immediately that there was no disaster in the north, so we didn't fall for it.

In some villages, like Mitsui Village, people in the village are simple and easy to believe.

In particular, the nearest villages to the Fucheng may be dark under the lights. They are closer to the Fucheng, but they feel that the other side will not tell such easy lies.

But the truth is just the opposite. The other side just lied so easily and cheated the villagers.

It can only be said that some of their villages are really too careless. They are so close to each other that none of them ever thought about going to the city to inquire before going to sea.

They are not careful enough, so they will be cheated.

If all the villages passed by the pirates were deceived, there would not be hundreds of people arrested on that island.

Jiayin wanted to search the memory of the four leaders on the ship.

Just Fang Zhiyuan and his colleagues will escort these pirates to Wuling City and hand them over to the government. If the good news intercepts the memory, these pirates will become fools, and the government will not be able to interrogate them.

Jiayin could not directly tell the people in the government about the clues she found, so they simply let the government judge them.

Good news can be searched for other people's memories, for example, the fake caravan of more than a dozen people who have gone to Guanhai City.

Those people are the pirate caravans who cheated the people of Mitsui Village before. Now they have come to Guanhai City, which is half a day away.

There is a curfew in Guanhai City. Even if we arrive at night, we can't get in. If we want to get into the city, we have to wait until the next morning.

So the pirate caravan is still on its way. It is planned that it will arrive at Guanhai City at dawn and enter the city at the right time.

Jiayin felt that, since that was the case, she was not polite. Divine sense directly probed into a leading pirate and searched his memory, which was just known from his memory.

Now this information is enough. If the pirates here are not recruited, the good news can be sent to the village head by Green Bamboo, and the village head can tell the Governor Zhou and the Captain Han.

Anyway, Prefecture Magistrate Zhou and others have already known about the envoy of the Dragon God. They would rather believe what they have than what they don't have, and they are not afraid that they will not pay attention to it.

Jiayin and Qingzhu both stopped mining until the divine sense could no longer be found. They put the ore into the storage bag and put it into the broken boundary bead space, and then returned to Sanjing Village.

In fact, Jiayin can directly collect those ores with divine sense, but it's not interesting. It's just like digging by yourself. It's like digging red agate in the middle of a mountain.

Another thing is that I want to have a swim in the sea. Jiayin has been bored for a long time. How can I play in the sea once.

I thought I could go to sea by boat with the villagers, but the tradition here is that women can't get on the boat, so I have to swim out stealthily.

So it is not so much to mine as to make waves.

When the good news returned home, it was already in the prime of time. Fortunately, they didn't have to get up early today, so they could sleep a little longer.

Green Bamboo went straight into the space of the Broken Bound Pearl and lay prone. After all, he didn't sleep the night before yesterday and went to sea with Fang Zhiyuan and others early in the morning.

All the way, green bamboos explore their divine sense to help investigate the situation around them. Although they know that Jiayin will also use divine sense to observe, and they will definitely tell it if there is something, they must play their role since they come out together.

Therefore, green bamboo has no rest for two nights a day, and it is not good to be tired directly. After entering the space, they lie down beside the Holy Water Pool and sleep soundly.

Jiayin is also a little tired. After all, she does not rest during the day and has been waiting at the dock with everyone.

Just touched the pillow and fell asleep.

I woke up after a long sleep.

Because people in Sanjing Village slept very late the first day, and the whole village got up late the next day at the same time. There was no movement in the village until noon.

They were awakened by a delicious meal.

Because it was agreed yesterday that today, after a day's rest in Sanjing Village, everyone did not go out. The breakfast was a kitchen held by Fang Zhiyuan, and several women in the Yu family were amazed.

Unexpectedly, these young people not only grow well, but also cook!

This means that Yu has no daughter at home, otherwise he must be introduced...

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