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Chapter 325 Four Seasons Valley (subscription required)

The people ate their breakfast beautifully. When they had finished eating, they said goodbye to the family: 'Uncle Village Head, aunt and Yu's brother and sister-in-law. After breakfast, we will go to Wuling Mountain.'

The Yu family didn't say anything else. After all, the other side is running to Wuling Mountain to play. I am grateful to help the village save people from the sea.

Village Head Yu said: 'You can come back after going to Wuling Mountain for a few days. Maybe the reward of the government will come.

You have made great efforts to make your first contribution, and the government will not lose you. '

The Fang brothers looked at each other, and Fang Zhiwen said, 'We are just curious. We just want to go to the sea with us. It's good to help. We don't need any rewards. There are really rewards. We just need to share them in the village. Don't give them to us.

If we go to Wuling Mountain for fun, we will stay in the mountain for a few more days. If we come out early, we will also go to the next city. '

Fang Zhiqiang also said: 'Yes, yes, we are out to study, so we should go around more.

I don't think those pirates can be eradicated in a day or two. We won't wait here for the so-called rewards. If there are some, you can take them and distribute them by yourself. Don't mention us. '

The village head Yu persuaded again and again. Seeing that several people insisted, he stopped saying anything and knew that they really didn't want to.

As Fang Zhiqiang said, the government really procrastinates, and it is impossible to catch all pirates in a day or two or in a few days.

Even if the net is used up, they will have to distribute and hand in their own internal reports. They may delay the reporting of the first category for a month or two, or even a few months.

It's really not a problem for the Fang family to wait here all the time.

Village Head Yu wanted to ask the other party to leave an address and ask someone to take it to him. He just thought about it. The Fang family came from the north, a long way away. It's OK to say otherwise. If it's silver, it may be difficult to deliver it.

There are not many people who go to business from north to south. It is even more difficult to meet people in the same place. Besides, carrying gold and silver is very dangerous on the road, and it is not always possible to deliver them, or whether they will be delivered to you.

After all, there was no way to communicate, so we had to give up.

After breakfast, the group will go up the mountain.

Fang Zhiwen took out one or two silver coins and handed them to the village head as the cost of accommodation and meals for the past two days. After all, they only gave one meal of food the day before yesterday, and later it was the food of the people who ate it.

Yu didn't want anything and even sent many dry goods to his family.

When people in the village saw them, they came up and asked, but they wanted to leave and ran home.

In a short time, many villagers came, holding some dry goods collected by their families, and said they would give them everything. These people were the families of those who were saved by them.

Of course, the Fang family refused to accept it, but they could not refuse it again and again, so they only accepted it with thanks.

Jiayin put some miraculous water in the water tanks of several houses. In the morning, the water tanks of every house were just full, enough for cooking and drinking all day. This dilution is light, not too abrupt, but it will slowly improve your health.

There is no need to come here openly. Unlike the Fengdao people, they can give it openly. The village is full of ordinary villagers. If they really give them Holy Water and it is spread, it is not a blessing for them, but a curse.

It may also bring disaster to the village if others covet it. This is a good news.

Over the past few years in this world, Jiayin has grown a lot. At least she has learned a lot about the world. She is not as unscrupulous as before and knows how to think about each other.

She is also used to taking one step and thinking three steps, and thinking twice before doing anything. My father said that these are the best experiences for her.

Farewell to the villagers of Sanjing Village. They drove the donkey cart and carriage up the mountain.

Because when Tianzun Temple was established, the road up the mountain had been repaired. In addition to the sloping ramp, it was even wider and more flat than the road outside the village below.

The road is even paved with stone slabs, but the stone slabs have been broken into small pieces for a long time, but they are still firmly embedded on the ground, so it is no problem to walk the cattle cart.

On both sides of the road, there are rock walls and shade trees. It seems that the road is very long.

Pangpang doesn't sit in the car anymore, and walks beside the good news.

At one time, he stood upright and flipped two short legs, and at the other time, he ran forward on all fours, which was very happy.

He deliberately ran to make a face at Pangpang next to Naonao. Angry Naonao sprayed his nose at Pangpang several times and rolled his eyes several times.

Noisy also wants to run around, but it's not convenient to pull the car.

On the bus are the luggage that I pretended to unload in Sanjing Village, as well as the dry goods given by the village head and villagers.

Fortunately, the villagers have sold before, and there are not many dry goods. Otherwise, they will pretend to send them to the city.

When waiting half way up the mountain, Jiayin thought that she would not meet any acquaintances at the foot of the mountain, so she gave a voice to Naonao and put the car and its belongings into an empty storage bag.

She was so noisy and beautiful that she immediately ran forward, looking at Pangpang provocatively while running.

It means that you are so short legged that you can compete with me in mountain climbing and speed. You are far behind!

Jiayin didn't favor one over the other. She put the carriage away. The horse had just been looking at the noise with envious eyes. Jiayin was a little impatient.

This is the first time for Yang Huiyun to perform this kind of collection in front of him. Yang Huiyun was surprised at first, and then he knew something about it.

As expected, the emissary of the Dragon God was right beside them.

Yang Huiyun did not think of Jiayin. After all, Jiayin is a girl just like them. At most, she is stronger.

In addition, when the show was just launched, the good news didn't even move, it was just a thought, which was completely invisible.

At this time, the resting green bamboo leaves the room, coils on the arm of the good news, and runs out when they hear the noise.

Although it is still a small one, the horn on that head is too conspicuous.

Yang Huiyun first took a breath, then looked in awe. This is the emissary of the Dragon God! Even thinking, this is not just an emissary. Look at the green body and obvious dragon horns, it is clearly a small dragon.

Then, without saying a word, he knelt down in the direction of Qingzhu and scared Fang Zhiqiang, who was beside him.

Now that their relationship has been clarified, Jiayin and Liu Yuer no longer accompany Yang Huiyun specially.

Now it is Fang Zhiwu and Liu Yuer who walk together, and Fang Zhiqiang and Yang Huiyun who walk together. Anyway, there are no outsiders on the mountain, and no one will say anything.

And the good news is to follow Pangpang.

Fang Zhiqiang did not rush to help Yang Huiyun up when he saw her like this.

Seeing that Yang Huiyun bowed to Green Bamboo and stood up straight, he reached out to help her up.

Without waiting for Yang Huiyun to ask, he introduced her: 'That's green bamboo, the envoy of the Lord Dragon God. Green bamboo has been protecting with us all the way.

The family was also worried and went to ask the Lord Dragon God, who sent green bamboos to protect us all the way, so we would be safe all the way. '

Yang Huiyun looked surprised. She didn't expect that they were so close to the Lord of the Dragon. She could ask the Lord of the Dragon to send envoys to protect the children even when they were close. This was even more incredible than she imagined.

From a distance, green bamboos, noisy people and Pangpang fight together, and even compete who runs faster in the end.

The horse wanted to catch up, but could not keep up with the speed, so it had to catch up with some lonely people. Jiayin came forward and patted its neck to show comfort. The horse rubbed Jiayin's hand.

It seems that these animals are very unusual. They should all be favored by the Dragon God.

In fact, Ma Jiayin didn't give him less Holy Water, but he didn't help him to open his mind. Under the leadership of the noisy, Ma Jiayin was much smarter and healthier than ordinary horses.

Fang Zhiqiang helped Yang Huiyun to go forward, telling her about the relationship between the Lord Dragon God and the villagers, as well as some things that happened.

From their village to escape from famine, to the village where they met the Dragon God, to the development of their village and the building of the Dragon God Temple, they came out to study...

The reason why we are so frank with Yang Huiyun is that we have regarded her as a member of our family.

Although he has only known each other for two or three days, Fang Zhiqiang has recognized his heart and regarded Yang Huiyun as his daughter-in-law.

Fang Zhiqiang also asked Qingzhu, the envoy of the Dragon God, if he could tell Yang Huiyun about the Lord of the Dragon God?

Green Bamboo told Fang Zhiqiang that he could, and that Yang Huiyun was a good partner who could spend his whole life together.

Therefore, Fang Zhiqiang will speak out boldly.

Although Qingzhu was telling Fang Zhiqiang about this, it was actually a good news that told Qingzhu. After all, the good news knows how to observe Qi, and knows what Yang Huiyun is like.

After two or three days of observation, Yang Huiyun has a good character, even more calm and meticulous than Liu Yu'er.

There are some things that the good news and Liu Yuer did not expect, but Yang Huiyun could think that such a person is the most suitable daughter-in-law, especially for Fang Zhiqiang.

Fang Zhiqiang's character is between Fang Zhigang and Fang Zhiwen. He is a little reckless but will think twice before acting.

It's not like Fang Zhigang rushing forward directly or Fang Zhiwen having everything in his mind for three times.

In fact, this kind of man is most suitable for living, and some of them are not too impulsive.

For someone like Fang Zhigang, looking for a daughter-in-law in the future, just looking for someone like Yang Huiyun, who is more delicate and steady, is not enough. You'd better be more shrewd, or you can't control him.

It is useless to be calm and not listen to you. If there are always contradictions, the two people may be estranged. After all, sometimes their personalities are completely different, not necessarily complementary, but also repulsive.

For example, Fang Zhiwen is more suitable for finding simple minded ones. Of course, they are not silly ones, but simple ones that go straight. If the couple turn their minds all day long, don't do anything else.

Of course, this is what the good news thinks through observation. It's hard to say what kind of things the Fang brothers like. Maybe Fang Zhigang likes those who are impulsive and angry like him.

Fang Zhiwen may like the kind of person who has the same mind and can speak the same language with him. It's hard to say, after all, each person has his own eyes.

Soon, they came to the entrance of the Four Seasons Valley at the foot of the Heavenly Blessed Temple.

Yes, there is an entrance here, not a man-made gate, but a stone cliff on both sides and a big opening in the middle.

It is very wide and can accommodate two carriages. When Tianzun Temple was built, it should be used to transport materials.

The stone walls on both sides are straight up and down, about ten zhang high, which looks very lofty.

There are also three characters carved on the stone wall: Heavenly Blessed Temple!

When you look at the good news, you can see that it is your father's handwriting, because he always likes to leave a tail on the last stroke, and draw a little fork under the tail, just like a dragon tail.

Of course, ordinary people can't feel it. After all, it's not very obvious. They just think it's a big word.

I think that when my father carved these words, he injected some divine power into them. Therefore, they have not been weathered for so many years, and they are as obvious as the new ones.

The Mingming character is the same color as the stone, but it is very conspicuous, as if there is light coming out of it.

But when I looked carefully, I knew it was my illusion.

Green Bamboo then straightened up and stared at the three words, then solemnly nodded the snake's head.

We don't know, but we thought that green bamboo was a nod of appreciation. In fact, green bamboo was devoutly kowtowing.

There is a familiar dragon flavor in it, which is the same as that of Jiayin, even more vast. After asking Jiayin, I realized that it was left by her father hundreds of years ago.

Ao Zhan asked Jiayin to teach Qingzhu the dragon skills that Qingzhu practiced. These Jiayin told Qingzhu, so in Qingzhu's mind, Jiayin is her sister and Ao Zhan is her teacher.

After that, they followed the road until they came to a fork in the road. There was a small space in front of them, and then they walked on to the stone steps of Tianzun Temple.

There are hundreds of stone steps. Climbing up the stone steps can also test people.

Because each level of the stone steps is not low, and each level is about a foot high, while there are no guardrails or handrails on either side of the stone steps. It's OK to go up normally at the beginning, but it's estimated that you will have to use all your limbs to climb up after a short walk.

The good news can see from a glance that this stone is the same material as the big stone in Qisong Ridge before. It is extremely hard. After hundreds of years of wind and rain, it still has sharp edges and corners.

It seems that this was done when my father practiced the Heavenly Honor Temple. Later, it became a place for national teachers to practice, and was expanded and rebuilt. These stone steps were not moved.

First, it is very solid and cannot be moved. Second, it is rare and hard to find.

The good news also found that in addition to this stone step, there is actually a road around the mountain that can take a car to get to the Tianzun Temple.

It should have been built together when the temple was rebuilt. Otherwise, it would have been very difficult to build the Tianzun Temple so lofty.

After discussion, they decided to take the right fork. I have seen the road on the left leading to the snow mountain before, which is the winter view of the Four Seasons Valley.

Although it is warmer and warmer to walk from here, it will take two or three days to climb this snow mountain. Although the snow mountain is not high, it is not interesting to think about it because it is covered with snow all the year round.

It's better to start from the right, turn from right to left, and then go back down the mountain.

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