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Chapter 326 An intelligent animal (for subscription)

Although it seems easy to say, it is not close to the Tianzun Temple. It takes seven or eight days to walk through the four seasons of the valley. If there is a favorite place to live, it will take longer.

Tianzun Temple is still closed to outsiders, so they don't have to climb up to have a look.

Anyway, I can't get in even if I climb up. There is no need to waste this energy. I directly bowed to the Heavenly King Temple from a distance and walked to the right fork.

The good news is that the statue of God who worships his father is, after all, his own father. It doesn't matter how he worships it.

Everyone worshiped in the temple to show politeness, but they thought that since the former national teacher was practicing in it, there was always something magical in it, so they also worshipped.

They didn't pray for anything in their hearts. After all, they believed in the Lord Dragon God. They might as well pray for other gods.

Besides, what if the Dragon God is unhappy? Who said the immortals were careless?

I didn't know that there was a statue of the dragon god and her father in Tianzun Temple.

Now that she is passing here, Jiayin also explores her divine sense in the Heavenly Lord Temple.

I found that there are only a few people in such a large Taoist temple today.

I still remember the last time she used her divine sense to probe in, there were more than a dozen people. Why are there so few now? Did they all go down the mountain?

I don't know where they have gone. It's not long since she last saw them.

When I was in Sanjing Village at the foot of the mountain, my divine sense didn't go up, and I always looked at the island.

Before that, when they walked this way, she just explored the specific location of Wuling Mountain, and did not look into the Taoist Temple. She did not know what those people were doing.

The rest of the people seemed to be listless, and did not meditate in their rooms or perform their duties as before.

Now it's a daze, a sigh, and I don't know what happened. Jiayin scratched her head in wonder.

They are all alone, without communication, and the good news can not know what is going on through their dialogue. They can only think about paying attention to it from time to time later to see if they can know what it is?

They walked to the right and passed a bare stone road, which was the valley where a hundred flowers bloomed in bloom that Jiayin had seen with divine sense before.

It is really beautiful here. Colorful flowers bloom all over the valley. There are few trees and occasionally some shrubs are also small.

Some small animals ran through the grass, especially a few rabbits. Their fur color was pure white, unlike the rabbits they had caught before, which were all gray and only gave people an appetite.

The pure white rabbit looks very cute, especially the three girls who couldn't help but want to make a scratch.

Liu Yu'er said in a low voice with wide eyes: 'Is this the Jade Rabbit of Chang'e in the Moon Palace? It's white and hairy, and its eyes are red. It's really beautiful!'

Not far from them, a little rabbit was staring at them curiously with red eyes.

I don't know whether it was the breath of Holy Water on Jiayin or whether nobody had entered the valley for too long, so the rabbit was not afraid of people.

He was curious to stand a few paces away from them and stared at them with his head tilted.

Liu Yu'er squatted down curiously and held out a hand to the rabbit.

The rabbit jumped forward two steps, but it was careful not to run to her directly.

Liu Yu'er was excited to hook her fingers at it again. This time, the rabbit stopped to look at her and ran away in the opposite direction.

Liu Yu'er was not disappointed. She thought the little rabbit was really interesting.

Fang Zhiwu looked at her and directly chased her out. She must be happy to get her back and give it to Liu Yuer.

Fang Zhiqiang looks at Fang Zhiwu and goes out. He turns his head to see Yang Huiyun. Seeing that she is also fond of the bunny, he follows Fang Zhiwu to chase her out.

It's not like Fang Zhiwu wants to grab the same rabbit. There are several rabbits not far away.

Like the rabbit just now, it is not an adult, but only a few months old, so it is more lovely.

The two men soon separated in one direction, one chasing the rabbit before them, and the other facing the flowers not far away.

Fang Zhiyuan and others had to stop and wait for them, but they didn't make any noise, for fear of scaring the rabbits away.

The Fang brothers are good at martial arts, but after a while, they came back with a rabbit in their arms.

Fang Zhiyuan looked at Jiayin and asked, 'Does Jiayin sister like bunnies? If you like them, I will help you catch one.'

Jiayin raised her index finger and made a shush, pointing in one direction.

Fang Zhiyuan looked in the direction she was pointing. He was stunned. It was not a rabbit, but an unknown bird.

The bird is only as big as its palm. It is very beautiful and small. Its wings swing very fast, leaving only a shadow. It is flying and sucking nectar from flowers with its long mouth.

'What kind of bird is this? Why is it so strange?' Fang Zhigang beside him obviously saw it and asked in a low voice.

When they heard that, they also looked over there and shook their heads. None of them had ever seen such a bird.

It is obviously a bird, but it is collecting honey like a bee. I think it should be a unique bird here.

'This bird is so strange. Don't birds usually fly up and down? It can even fly back and forth, just like those bees and insects, and its wings flap as fast as bees, leaving only a shadow. I wonder if it will make a buzzing sound?' Fang Zhiwen said curiously.

The good news also inquisitively explored the divine sense. The speed of shooting was very fast. It did make a little buzzing sound, but it was not much louder than the sound of bees.

The bird, like the bee and butterfly, must live on nectar.

At this time, Liu Yuer and Yang Huiyun were both holding a rabbit in their arms.

Liu Yu'er said to Jiayin, 'Jiayin, do you want to touch this little rabbit? Its fur is so soft. It's much softer than the gray rabbits we ate before.'

As soon as this was said, the good news obviously felt that the fur on the rabbit shrank.

The good news raised his eyebrows. It's interesting that this rabbit could understand what Liu Yu'er said. Can't it have opened its own mind?

After thinking about it, it is also possible that, after all, there was a cornucopia of spiritual power here before, so the famous Four Seasons Valley came into being. Some of the small animals in the valley can be justified by their intelligence.

Jiayin reached out and touched the rabbit's head, asking Qingzhu to communicate with the rabbit.

Sure enough, after a moment, Qingzhu said to her: 'This rabbit has really opened his mind, but not many, because his mother has opened his mind, so it is considered to be inherited from him.

Just because I was born just a few months ago, I can only understand our words and can't think for myself.

Its mother has lived for decades now, which is a long life for a rabbit.

It was the first child born by its mother a few months ago. There were six of them in total, and the others were ignorant without wisdom.

Their mother rested in the cave, and the rabbits came out to have a rest. Unexpectedly, we caught them. '

The good news thought that now that she had opened her mind, she would tell Liu Yu'er that if she wanted to raise it, she would keep it well. After all, it was very rare to have opened her mind, so she could be a companion.

If you don't want to raise it, let it live in this valley.

'Sister Yu'er, Green Bamboo said that this little rabbit has been smart. She just understood what you said and shrunk her neck. If you want to keep it, you should keep it well, and it will live much longer than other rabbits.' The good news said to Liu Yu'er.

Liu Yu'er looked at the little rabbit. It looked at her squarely.

She reluctantly touched its soft fur twice and said: 'That's all right. Everything has spirit. Since I have opened my mind, I can't take it away by force.

Presumably, it also knows that its home is here. If I take it away, we will live in the open air all the way, and it is not easy to support it. '

Then he reluctantly put the rabbit down and patted its fart to let it leave by itself.

The little rabbit looked at them suspiciously with his head tilted, and then left with a spring.

Fang Zhiwu on one side also heard their conversation and did not stop it, as long as she was happy.

Yang Huiyun raised the rabbit in his hand and asked, 'What about this dead rabbit? Is it also enlightened?'

The good news shook her head. 'It doesn't have one, only one. This is an ordinary rabbit.'

Yang Huiyun was relieved. 'That's OK. I'll keep this rabbit.'

She thinks the same as Liu Yu'er. She knows where her home is, and she definitely likes this environment. She can't take it away by force.

This kind of muddleheaded should not matter.

Fang Zhigang heard that the rabbit was really smart. They wanted to hunt some big rabbits and roast them, so they gave up the idea.

It's better to eat their stock. There are a lot of sea food on the car in the storage bag, as well as the pheasants and rabbits they hunted before. There's no need to eat the intelligent creatures in this paradise.

At this time, I heard a barking voice. I turned around and saw that Pangpang ran out. I didn't know what he was chasing.

The good news looked at the place where Pangpang's huge body passed by, and all the flowers on the ground were broken. When he came back again and again, it was estimated that the flowers would be scattered everywhere.

He hurriedly shouted: 'Pangpang, don't run in the flowers. If you overwhelm the flowers, they won't look so good.'

Hearing the words, Pangpang stopped, looked at the direction not far away, and ran back.

'I just saw a dark guy running so fast that I couldn't see what it was,' he said to the good news

Jiayin inquires into her divine sense and finds that it is a black mink.

The ferret was black and glossy. It looked well nourished. At this time, I was looking towards them from the flowers.

It should be that I felt the divine sense of good news, turned my head and looked around. I didn't find anything, so I continued to look towards them.

The good news is quite unexpected. There are so many spiritual things here for wisdom.

I wondered if after I had taken away the cornucopia, it would become as common as other valleys.

But let her put the cornucopia back, and she was reluctant. This cornucopia is really easy to use, especially every time you just exchange for the inferior spirit stone, you can get the best spirit stone.

It must be hard for her to put such a useful thing back.

As for putting an individual magic weapon, you can't open your own life space. Everything in the broken sphere bead is collected in this world.

At most, they are like Lingshi, and magic weapons can't be used in the world.

After thinking about it, she took out two top quality spirit stones and buried one in the incense ash of the censer and the other in the center of the Flower Valley with divine sense.

This place seems to have a lot of aura in an instant, the flowers seem to be more colorful, and the animals are happier.

Everyone could not help taking a deep breath subconsciously, and felt the air was fresher.

This top quality Holy Stone is upgraded in the cornucopia. Jiayin doesn't feel distressed when using it. Since she knows that the Holy Stone can be taken out, she won't be sucked out by the world at once.

Although the aura will dissipate slowly, time is still enough, at least for several decades.

The name of Hundred Flowers Valley was just taken by Jiayin. Because there are so many kinds of flowers, this place symbolizing spring is called Hundred Flowers Valley by Jiayin.

The crowd stayed here for a while and then walked on.

This valley. Just now, a hundred flowers bloom in this area, and the green grassland is just like a prairie.

In addition to the rabbits seen before, there are two black goats eating grass there.

Don't think about big cattle. If there were any, they would have been captured by villagers at the foot of the mountain and raised as laborers.

These goats usually live on the cliffs beside them. They only come down to eat grass on the lawn when they are hungry. When they are full, they return to the mountain. Ordinary people can't catch them.

The goats did not dodge when they saw the group, but looked up at them and continued to eat grass.

The good news looked at these goats carefully, but she was not enlightened. It should be because she had lived on the mountain wall for more time, unlike those living creatures who have lived in the valley, who have been baptized by the spirit all the year round.

Fang Zhiwen also looked at the goat and asked Green Bamboo, who was sitting on Pangpang's head, 'Green Bamboo, are those goats smart?'

Green Bamboo shook the snake's head. Needless to say, it also saw that these are ordinary goats.

The brothers of the Fang family have their eyes lit up and finally found fresh wild animals to eat!

Roast whole sheep are already waving to them.

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