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Chapter 328 Green Bamboo's Younger Brother (subscription required)

The reason why the letter was sent back was two. One was written by Fang Zhiqiang, who was on their way to Wuling City, and the other was written by Fang Zhigang and Fang Zhixin at home.

So the thick one was written by four people, and the thin one was written by two people. Each of them has their own signature below, which is easy to distinguish and will not be confused.

'I'm going to send it to some of them. They must be thinking about it.' Fang Zhang reached for the letter and walked out.

Fang Yun stretched out his hand and tried to stop it before he could. He thought to himself, this old woman, let me have a look first!

But considering that children should have written for their parents, they should have nothing to do, so they put their hands down.

With the letter, Fang Zhang ran to the open space in the middle of the village outside and said to several old ladies and daughter-in-law who were still sitting there: 'You have a letter from Zhigang! There are also Zhiqiang's mother, Zhiyuan's mother, Zhiwen's wife, and Zhiwu's mother. Come and see!'

Fang Zhang said loudly while waving the envelope inside.

Several daughter-in-law and the old lady quickly stood up, stretched out their hands to pick them up, and thought of something to wipe their hands on their clothes.

'Ouch, my son finally wrote! What does the letter say?' Fang Zhiwen and Fang Zhiwu's mother were most excited.

The last time Fang Zhiwu wrote, he found himself a daughter-in-law.

I wonder if Zhiwen has found one for this letter.

In fact, she is more anxious about Zhiwen. He is more than one year older than Zhiwu.

Fang Zhiqiang's mother is also the oldest. Before they left, she was worried about delaying the marriage.

If you really want to study abroad for two or three years, you will become an old bachelor.

Those good girls were all set up early. When the other party heard about Fang Zhiqiang's age in a few years, they thought there was something wrong with her, so they had to wait until now.

So I was very excited when I heard the letter. I wondered if my son was also settled.

Fang Zhang opened the envelope, opened the thick one first, looked at the thick pile inside, directly turned to the bottom to find the signature, and gave the two sheets above to Fang Zhiqiang's mother.

After that, Fang Zhiyuan wrote three pieces of the second one, which should include the good news.

The third and fourth copies are those of Fang Zhiwen and Fang Zhiwu, who also wrote one copy.

The remaining two copies are those of Fang Zhigang and Fang Zhixin, who gave them to their mothers respectively.

After all, this letter was written to parents by other people's children, so it was not read in public here. Let them take it back and let their own men read it to them.

If so many people hear what they are embarrassed to say to outsiders, they will have no fun waiting for the children to come back.

Li Shi holds three pieces of writing paper written by Fang Zhiyuan, and his eyes are red. This is the first time for the child to leave home. He has been away for nearly half a year, and he can't even return to the New Year's reunion day. He has long been thinking about it.

There was also good news. A little girl followed her out, and she was also worried. Although she knew that good news had great strength, and her force was no less than that of several boys.

But it's really hard to rest assured that a group of boys are taking a little girl out.

She returned home with the letter. Fang Youwei is still on duty in the county in broad daylight and will not come back until evening.

Li Shi couldn't wait to read the letter with her mother-in-law.

Looking at Fang Zhiyuan, he wrote all his experiences along the way, as well as some things he encountered, which were summarized in a few words.

Even so, Li Shi and Yang Shi's mother-in-law and daughter-in-law also shed tears. They were very distressed when they thought that the children had been living in the open air all the way and had met so many things.

Although the children wrote happily, it was impossible for them to have such a smooth journey. They must have reported the good news but not the bad news.

The other five families are the same. Only Fang Zhiqiang's family has a happier atmosphere, because Fang Zhiqiang has really found his daughter-in-law.

Fang Zhiqiang wrote this in detail in his letter. Although he had just bought Yang Huiyun, Fang Zhiqiang had identified her and it was very fast.

Other things are all passed, and this news is just the news of parents. Fang Zhiqiang will be 20 years old after the New Year.

You should know that other men are almost all fathers at the age of 20. Only Fang Zhiqiang delayed his marriage because he was studying for the exam. He never saw each other.

As for the fact that the woman is only an orphan, they don't dislike it.

As the good news thought before, it would be better if the other party were an orphan girl. Then they would come back with them directly, and they would be more practical to be their own daughter-in-law, so as to save thinking about their parents.

If you meet the bad family, you will be more upset if you have something to do or want your daughter to help you.

Although there is relatively no help from their in laws, they believe that their sons have the ability to support their families.

Those who depend on the old man's family are no different from those who eat soft food. Their Fang family are all ambitious and have no soft bones.

Fang Zhiwen and Fang Zhiwu's mother were disappointed. They thought that Fang Zhiwen had found his daughter-in-law, but they didn't see it.

However, it's good that the children are safe. It's so good to receive the news before the New Year. I miss that the New Year is not good.

After reading the letter, I heard the village head ringing the bell. The bell was hung in the open space in the middle of the village, and it would ring whenever there was a meeting.

Soon everyone gathered in the open space again, and there was a pile of things that I didn't know what they were.

Some families who have children go on school trips know that the children wrote in the letter, but they have not seen it, only know that it is dried by sea products.

Fang Yunping asked people to get out all the sea goods, spread straw mats on the ground, and put dry goods there.

Standing on the big stone used as a platform, he said loudly: 'These are the sea products sent back by Zhiqiang and they are now in the southeast of Dayan, where they live by fishing.

These are good things only in the deep sea, and they are very valuable locally.

In order to prevent people from making mistakes, I will divide the rare ones and use them for the New Year's Eve dinner when they come back.

As for these, it is not very difficult to divide them among different families. Here is a letter written by them with strong aspirations. They have the methods of these things on it. Let's study them.

Try a little first. Make more delicious food to save waste. This is all dried in the sun. You need to use water to make bubbles. It is estimated that more bubbles will open. Look at it yourself. Don't make too many bubbles at a time... '

After that, each family shared a portion of the dry goods that were more than the others, and those that were less than the others, and they would get them when Xu Hong came back.

The Fangjia Village is bustling with seafood, and they are also happily eating roasted whole sheep.

As she ate, Jiayin felt something was wrong. She looked diagonally back and felt that there was a pair of eyes staring at them.

He directly explored the divine sense and found that the little sable Pangpang was chasing was lurking behind a piece of gravel.

Because he was too small, he was covered by stones.

Jiayin looked at it curiously for a while, and then said to Qingzhu, 'Qingzhu, there is a little sable behind us. Do you want to ask that little sable to eat mutton?'

Green Bamboo is eating on a piece of mutton. After listening to the good news, he also explored his divine sense.

As expected, I saw a little sable swallowing saliva towards this side, and said directly to it, 'Hey! Boy, what are you looking at?'

The little sable was startled, stood up and looked around, not knowing how it could make a sound in its head.

The green bamboo tastes bad: 'Don't change it. I'm just talking to you. What are you looking at? Are you greedy for our roast mutton?'

The sable tilted its head and immediately realized that the sound was made by the dragon eating mutton.

Don't ask why it knows that the other side is a dragon. The bright dragon horn should not be too obvious.

The little sable replied respectfully, 'You can call me Xiaohei. The little one came here after smelling the fragrance. It's really delicious.

Sir Jiaolong, are you short of the people who serve around you? Small ones can help others. '

After hearing this, Green Bamboo stopped chewing. It was still a cultural mink and could even chew words.

She repeated what the little sable said to Jiayin, who also picked her eyebrows with interest.

He said to Green Bamboo, 'Ask him how he can speak so politely. Did he go to a village or school down the mountain?'

Green Bamboo directly asked the sable, 'You speak so politely. Have you ever been to the human world? Or have you been to a school or something?'

The little sable said respectfully, 'Master Hui, I went to the temple to listen to people preaching every day. They talked about their lessons every day. I listened to them for a long time, and naturally understood.'

Green Bamboo passed on these words to the good news.

Jiayin is really interested this time. This is Diao, who always loves learning!

Moreover, since it is the Tao taught by the Heavenly View, it is also half a disciple of his father's king.

It was handed down by my father, and it was nourished by the spiritual power of the cornucopia left by my father. I think it was quite predestined by their family.

Since the other party wants to follow Qingzhu, it's up to Qingzhu to decide.

The good news said to Qingzhu, 'Qingzhu, if you want to accept it, please accept it. This is also the fate between you two.'

Green Bamboo thought for a moment and said to the little sable, 'You can follow me, but it was agreed in advance that we won't stay here too long, and we will leave in a few days. If you don't want to leave, I will treat you as if you didn't say and don't mention following me again. If you follow me, you will be more than a thousand miles away from here.'

The sable tilted its head for a moment and said respectfully again, 'I am willing to follow the Master Jiaolong. I have long wanted to leave here and wander around, but I don't dare. I don't know what the outside world looks like, and I am afraid that I will be accepted by someone who is capable and strange.'

Green Bamboo nodded and said, 'OK, then come out. I will introduce you to everyone.'

Qingzhu said to everyone that he had received a younger brother and wanted to introduce him to them.

The Fang brothers, including Yang Huiyun, who was first heard, were curious.

Yang Huiyun suddenly heard a man's voice in his head, and was shocked. Later, the other side said that he had received a younger brother to introduce them.

Then everyone looked at Qingzhu and quickly realized that it was the voice of Qingzhu. It turned out that the envoy of the Dragon God communicated with everyone in this way.

Then he wondered who his little brother was.

With the words of Green Bamboo, a small black sable with smooth fur came out from the rubble pile not far away.

We didn't see Pangpang chasing it before, and Pangpang told the good news, so we didn't know the existence of the sable.

The little sable came near and arched its paws towards the men, as if bowing.

The humanized action amused everyone.

Green Bamboo shook his tail, and the little sable hurried forward.

Green Bamboo rolled up a piece of roast mutton with its tail and threw it to it. The mink jumped up, caught the mutton with its two forepaws, and ate it.

They looked at the little sable and the green bamboo. It was very interesting.

Fang Zhigang said: 'Green Bamboo, this is your little brother. What's his name? Oh, it's Xiao Hei! Is Xiao Hei also smart?

Xiao Hei, we will be a family in the future. I'm Fang Zhigang. Do you still want to eat? Let me help you... '

Xiao Hei listened to Fang Zhigang while eating, put the last mouthful of mutton into his mouth, arched his paws at him, and nodded.

Fang Zhigang was even happier. He was really smart and could understand them just like Pangpang.

Since it was her own mink, Jiayin did not mean to hand Xiaohei the Holy Water directly.

Xiao Hei smelled a particularly attractive taste, and hurriedly made a bow to the good news before taking it over. He drank a bamboo tube of Holy Water at one gulp.

Everyone looked curiously at its small body and wondered where so many things were stored.

Such people who have opened their minds can fully withstand the spirit water without dilution.

After drinking, Xiao Hei belched comfortably and took a long breath, then curled up there without moving.

Jiayin and Qingzhu know that it is digesting the aura in the water, which is equivalent to practicing.

Green Bamboo said to the good news, 'Good news, is there a method suitable for its cultivation?'

The good news shook her head and said: 'There is no aura in this world, so it is useless to cultivate its skills, and it can't enter my broken world bead.

Unlike you, you are of the same origin as us. I can help you to awaken the power of your blood. It's not good. If you practice in this world, it's hard to make progress. It's useless.

It can open its mind here because it has the aura of a cornucopia.

It's OK to cultivate by spirit stone, but once the cultivation reaches a certain level, it will attract thunder robbery. The world thunder robbery can't help it to advance, it can only kill it.

Because this world is not allowed to exist higher than the world bears. Just like when we went to the sea before, I showed that there was a thunder that wanted to come down. If I didn't hide in the deep sea, I would never die if I exposed my head. '

Of course, there is no way for this rule of the Heavenly Way to get good news. After all, as a divine dragon, it is famous for its rough skin and thick flesh.

But it's annoying to be chased around.

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