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Chapter 330 Worship the Moon (subscription required)

A pot of pheasant stewed with mushroom and a pot of red sea fish were eaten before dark.

Everyone enjoyed the food very much, especially after walking all day, eating delicious and hot food was really enjoyable.

After dinner, we walked around the lake to eat, ate a fruit, and then rinsed our mouths to sleep.

When everyone is asleep, Jiayin releases her divine sense and prepares to carefully observe the landscape of the valley in the four seasons.

Then she found that only the snow mountain in Baihua Valley in spring and winter, which was closest to the main gate of the Temple of Heavenly Respects, had traces of wildlife activities. There is no wild animal in other summer lakes and autumn fruit forests.

It is clear that there are lotus flowers and water in the lake in summer, and fruits here in autumn are more suitable for wildlife survival.

After passing this fruit forest, there is a maple forest ahead. There are red leaves all over the mountains in the forest, and the ground and branches are all red. It is very beautiful.

These two places should also be the easiest places for people to stay for a few days. But because there are no wild animals to eat and there is no other food except fruit, it must be that those who came here before will not stay more in the scenery of these two seasons.

If Brother Fang's skill is not good in Hundred Flowers Valley, that goat can't be caught at all, let alone those who have opened their minds.

In another winter snow mountain, there are snow leopards and a wild animal with long fur, which looks like rabbits and mice.

Looking at that claw, it is very sharp. It should not be a good match.

If we see these snow leopards, we can't even run in time, and we still want to eat them? It's good not to be eaten.

So in fact, people who come to visit the Four Seasons Valley may leave after a quick walk to see something new. They won't stay there for too long.

There is no supply inside, and people who come out to play cannot bring in too much dry food.

The camp location they have chosen is the best. On one side, there is a lake for water and on the other side, there is a fruit forest for fruit picking.

As for meat, I will take it from the storage bag these days. There is still some stock in the storage bag, so don't worry about having nothing to eat.

Speaking of the weirdness, it doesn't matter much to them.

After seeing the Four Seasons Valley, Jiayin naturally put the divine sense into the Heavenly Honor Temple.

The Taoist Priest still hasn't come back, and the temple is still a few that he saw in the morning.

Because the last time I picked up the Xuankong Taoist in the Half Mountain City, Jiayin knew the appearance of his Shifu, the Taoist Lord, in the memory of the Xuankong Taoist, and also saw it with divine sense, so she remembered it very clearly.

Among the people who stayed in the temple, two were old and four were young.

I don't know what the Taoist Lord and those disciples in their prime of life have done.

The good news put the divine sense in the temple and searched again. Finally, she stayed with the two Taoists who had not rested for years.

I want to see if they can communicate and hear some news.

After waiting for a long time, one of the Taoist priests, who was in his 70s and 80s, got up slowly, walked to the door of an old Taoist priest on the other side, knocked at the door, got a response, and then pushed the door in.

Two Taoists of the same age sat opposite each other, first glancing at each other, then sighing at the same time.

The Taoist who just came in first said, 'Elder martial brother, I don't know if the Lord is going well or not. Although we haven't broken the inheritance of the Heavenly Lord Temple these years, we are all old. The qualification of this disciple is getting worse year by year. Many disciples have even learned some fur, just a few rough arrays. They can't even learn some physiognomy and geomancy skills. You say that...'

Another Taoist called Elder Martial Brother sighed again when he heard that, 'Younger Martial Brother Qiming, we are old, and we don't have much time to live. Don't worry about these things.

As for the qualification of this disciple, our Heavenly Honor Temple has never been open to the public. Even if there is a good seedling, people are unwilling to send it to us.

It's like breaking off the relationship after sending it up. If you want to see me again, you have to wait until you are an adult to travel down the mountain. Which parents will give up.

The disciples we have received in recent years are abandoned children left at the foot of the mountain, or orphans saved or picked up by our martial brothers and disciples when they went out for a journey. There is no reason to choose qualifications.

You can't pick up the qualification for post test. If the qualification is not good, throw the person away again, right? That would hurt Heaven more. '

Taoist Qiming sighed again, 'I'm afraid that there will be no successors in our Heavenly King Temple. This time, the leader of the temple took people to Guanhai City to fight against the so-called moon worship cult leader, and I don't know if there is a chance of winning?

I heard that the messenger said that the Lord of the Moon Worship was the national teacher of the Half Moon Kingdom on the other side of the sea. It is said that he can control the ghosts and fight against them. I don't know whether it is true.

If it is true, he can control more than thousands of ghosts. Not to mention other places, they said that the king of the Half Moon Kingdom would feed the monster with live people every day. Those who were fed alive would surely turn into ghosts after death!

If they are collected by him for their own use, can't the world let him do whatever he wants... '

Hearing the good news, my eyebrows crinkled.

There is a king feeding monsters with living people! Suddenly, I remembered the memory of the small head intercepted at Turtle Island. In my memory, there were people who were captured who were going to be sent to make food.

Isn't it just making food for monsters?

How unreasonable! What a half moon country has reached out to Dayan! This side is covered by her. She catches people back to cook food without saying, and now comes to fight in the afternoon...

As soon as she thought about this, Jiayin pointed her divine sense toward the northeast. Since the Taoist priest had taken people to Guanhai City, it must be that the so-called moon worship cult leader should be waiting in Guanhai City.

Jiayin Shenzhi goes all the way to the northeast to see if Tianzun Temple and others are still on the way. They are all wearing unified Taoist robes. If they see them, they can be easily identified.

But it's a pity that it's late at night. Even on the way, I should also stay in an inn or lodging house.

After two cities, Jiayin saw the word Yuncheng on one of the city gates. This is the city where the people living in Sanjing Village now live.

Further exploration to the northeast revealed a city much larger than the previous one.

It is not only big, but also the nearest to the sea.

The periphery of these cities here are some counties or villages, and only the city wall of that city is directly built on the sea.

There are three characters 'Guanhai City' written above the gate.

The city is worthy of its name, which really brings the customs outside.

The city wall is far away, not only enclosing the city, but also separating the sea from the land, which has lasted for dozens of miles.

The city is very prosperous, and there are many people coming and going. It's obviously late at night. There are many people walking outside, and many shops are open.

In particular, there are many inns, which should be specially used to receive merchants from other countries. Besides, two wharfs have been built outside the east gate and the north gate of Guanhai City.

There are many merchant ships and fishing boats docked at each dock, some of which are larger than the pirate ships they have seen before.

It was about the same size as the sunken ship she had collected gold from the seabed, and it should be specially used to carry goods on long voyages.

The ship was guarded by someone. Jiayin glanced at it with divine sense, and it was really full of goods.

Some even set up a stall in the open space of the wharf. Because of the night, there was nothing in the booth, so they put it in front of their boats. It was clear that they would sell goods on it during the day.

The good news swept around the city again. Since that religious leader is a national teacher, it should not be a private visit. Otherwise, he would not have posted a war sticker to the Tianzun Temple across several cities.

Although Tianzun Temple is not a national religion in this dynasty, it is still a sect worthy of name. The others are small temples with no climate, and they are not even as large as her Dragon Temple.

But even if the other party knows the power of the Dragon Temple, it is useless to post war posts to the Dragon Temple. There is no monk or Taoist stationed in the temple except Xiaoling, the Dragon Envoy.

Usually, they are villagers who spontaneously clean up there. Even if they post war posts, they don't know who to give them to.

Moreover, Tianzun Temple has a long history. It is also close to Guanhai City, just in the same county. In addition, with the prestige of the previous dynasty, it can be regarded as a national teacher to a national teacher, and will not humiliate the identity of the other party.

The reason why it is given to the Taoist priest is that the Taoist priest should be the highest.

But I don't know why the Lord took all his young and strong disciples. I don't know whether it was to let them see the world or to make them strong.

Before the good news, I heard that the religious leader had the method of soul defense. I had a bad feeling.

Although there is no aura in the world, there are souls after people die. If the leader of the Moon Worship Cult really cultivates some evil spirits or gets the inheritance of the soul dispelling skill by mistake, he can really hold those souls around and use them for him.

Just like Taoist Xuankong before, you can cultivate by absorbing people's resentment. These things, like the five elements in the world, also exist.

If so, the audience of Tianzun may not be able to deal with it. At least, those who come to Yin will not be able to do the opposite.

If the other party manipulates those ancient ghosts to come to the Yin people, disturbing people's minds or making people infected with Yin qi, they will certainly make people weak and lack of Yang qi.

Even the practitioners in the Heavenly Honor Temple are the same. They don't have any magical skills to protect their bodies.

The good news also found that the practice of the Heavenly View is only to cultivate the mind but not the moral integrity. Even the former Fengdao people are the same. Looking at the appearance of an outsider, if they are good at it, they will not be able to fight back.

Any brother of the Fang Family can knock them down. It may be useful to deal with ordinary people. After all, they also play some five animal shows every day to improve their health.

If you really have kung fu, you can't do it.

Jiayin was lost in thought and thought about countermeasures. After all, she was the disciples and grandchildren of her father's king. She could not watch her family being bullied.

However, the distance between Wuling and Guanhai City is too far. Even if they set out now, they were late in the past. However, if they had disappeared in the past, they could not explain it.

But she can't, Qingzhu can!

When I thought of this good news, I could not let Green Bamboo pass by at that time. I would go in the name of the divine beast that my father left behind in the world. I could clean up people at the critical moment.

It can be turned into a real thing, which can even more frighten people. In any case, green bamboo is far away from becoming a real dragon in this world. It can build a strong momentum and is not afraid of being discovered by the Heaven and being struck by thunder.

Moreover, Green Bamboo has been with himself for a long time, and he has been infected with a lot of dragon spirit. Even if there is really a resentful soul, as long as it is lower than the Ghost King's realm, it is not easy to enter, and his soul is scared.

It is not easy to reach the realm of ghost king in this world.

With this in mind, the good news told Qingzhu directly: 'Qingzhu, the Heavenly Honor Temple was left by my father, and it is full of his disciples and grandchildren. They are also our nephews and grandchildren. Now they have been challenged by the national teacher leader of a half month country and have gone to Guanhai City to fight.

It is said that the cult leader, who practices the magic of controlling ghosts, is a person who can resist souls. The audience of the Heavenly Honor can only set up to watch geomantic omen, but they have no magic power, nor can they use force.

If it comes to the critical moment, I will send you there with divine sense. You can directly show up with your body and directly clean up the so-called Lord of the Moon Worship, as long as it doesn't hurt people's lives, and it doesn't damage your practice. '

After listening carefully, Green Bamboo replied, 'I know. Is it tomorrow?'

'No, I don't know where they have been for several days. I have a look. There are three cities separated from Guanhai City. If you take a boat, it will take seven or eight days. If you take land, it may take a month.

If we had explored the land route by divine sense before, we would have found no other ships except the pirate ship.

I will throw my divine sense over there in the daytime tomorrow. If I have arrived, since it is a competition, it is impossible to be in a closed room. It should be in the open air. If there is a heavenly audience, they are all wearing Taoist robes, which I can find at a glance.

If you haven't arrived at Guanhai City, you can wait and protect them at the critical moment. '

Green Bamboo nodded the head of the snake. Thinking that the good news could not be seen, she said, 'Well, I am ready to go there at any time. Don't worry, I will put the religious leader in order and not hurt their lives. If he is really a bad cultivator, I will abolish his practice!'

The good news nodded with satisfaction. She knew that the celebration could be done.

If you are a person of orthodox practice, it is very harmful for you to easily abandon the way of others. If you practice evil, you will accumulate merit and virtue. So Jiayin is very supportive of its practice.

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