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Chapter 331 Peach Wood Sword (subscription required)

Because the fruits in the fruit forest were very delicious, they decided to stay here for an extra day and pick some fruits and send them to Fangjia Village for family and villagers to taste.

This is much more delicious than the fruit trees on the Snake Hill behind them.

I don't know whether it is because of the perennial fruit. The fruit is big, sweet and juicy.

I wonder if those who came in to play before picked some to take away?

It is really more delicious than the fruits they eat elsewhere. At least Jiayin doesn't want to eat the fruits stored in the storage bag.

They didn't throw it away. They bought it when they passed the city before, but they can't waste the money they spent on it.

They picked some from each tree, because the fruit forest is so big that they can't see it. They stopped picking some from each tree when it was about four or five hundred kilograms, which is enough for every family in the village.

After all, this is a valley belonging to Tianzun Temple, not a land without owners. Although Tianzun Temple doesn't care about this valley, they can't go too far.

Later, Jiayin found that after they picked the ripe fruits, some small fruits beside them would grow up slowly, replacing the position of the picked fruit.

Of course, it is impossible to grow up in a day or two, but the good news just feels it.

They stayed here for one day and two nights in total, and they went on the first morning of the third day.

For the past two days, the good news has been searching for the divine sense on the way to Guanhai City, including the sea.

There are no boats sailing from here to there, so if the Tianzun audience had not left seven or eight days ago, they would have already arrived at Guanhai City, so they should still be on the way.

So Jiayin focused her divine sense on the cities she wanted to pass in Guanhai City and the inns in Guanhai City.

From the first day to the evening, we didn't find it, because it was raining in both cities on the road that day. Jiayin suspected that people might be in the city, because it was raining and we didn't make our way.

Maybe it was because they were at the seaside. It was raining heavily, accompanied by strong wind and thunder and lightning, so they could not travel in the rain.

After a day and night of heavy rain, when the rain stopped, a group of Taoists wearing Taoist robes were found in a city in front of Yuncheng.

The Taoist robe of Tianzun Temple is not like the tawny and black Taoist robe that Xuankong Taoist wore before. It was specially made by Xuankong Taoist before he took some Taoists he knew temporarily to make trouble in the Dragon God Temple.

So Jiayin saw that the color of the Taoist robe on the Xuankong Taoist was still fresh, because he had just put it on for a few days.

Those Taoists belong to a Taoist temple. They met Xuankong Taoists when they went out for a tour. They went to the Dragon Temple to find fault with each other at that time.

They were sent directly to Xiangyun County by the good news. At that time, they walked out of the forest for several days. Later, they were scared when they heard about the Dragon God Temple.

At present, the Taoist robe of Tianzun Temple is blue and gray, the collar and belt are gray, and the rest are blue.

And they didn't wear a hat, but wore a bun with a wooden hairpin on it.

The good news saw that the wooden hairpin they wore was made of peach wood for some years. This hairpin can ward off evil spirits at a critical moment...

Let the good news down. It seems that they are not unprepared. At least they know to carry something to exorcise evil spirits.

For example, the Lord of the Heavenly King Temple carries a peach wood sword, which is different from the hairpin on his head. Although it is also peach wood, it is made of peach wood that has been struck by thunder.

The real peach wood sword that can drive away evil spirits and kill evil spirits is best made of peach wood that has been struck by thunder.

Because peach wood itself has the effect of exorcising evil spirits and avoiding evil spirits. In addition, it has been refined by sky thunder. Its effect is not only doubled, but can even be made into a practice tool if it is engraved with runes.

If you are in the spiritual world, you can even make spiritual weapons.

That peach wood sword is made by splitting wood with thunder. It has a faint halo on it. Of course, ordinary people can't see it. It's only because of Jiayin's skill of observing qi.

In this way, even if he really has the method of soul defense, I believe that he will not hurt people for a while.

Unless that kind of ghost becomes a green ghost, because the resentment is too heavy, it has a certain way, and this peach wood sword can't help it.

If the misfortune really happens, we can only let Green Bamboo go to the rescue.

If it is an ordinary ghost, the audience of Tianzun can solve it by themselves.

Therefore, Jiayin decided to wait and see it become better, which is also a test for them.

And she also obtained the consent of her father, and left a copy of the kung fu she had given to the Fengdao people.

Since they have been given the best spirit stone, if they can be enlightened, they can live for more than one or two hundred years.

Of course, it is not the good news that will be sent to them directly, but when they come back, they will put the kung fu in front of the God of Father.

At that time, they may think that it is the kung fu given by God Zhige from the upper world, and maybe they will learn more seriously.

Although I have been looking for the Lord of the Heavenly Taoist Temple and others for the past two days, I sometimes take a look at the people left behind in the temple.

Nuoda is a Taoist temple, and only a few people are left behind. I don't know if they will encounter any difficulties.

As a result, Jiayin found that she was completely over worried.

The reason why Tianzun Temple is not open to the outside world is that, for one thing, it sends its disciples down the mountain every year for training. There are not many people left in the temple. For another thing, it is completely self-sufficient in the temple, without receiving incense money.

In the temple, not only is there wealth left to them by their father, which is good enough for their life, but also there is a large fertile field behind the temple.

Now there are grains and vegetables in it, and there is a row of fences on one side. There are chickens and ducks in it. People in the temple take care of them by themselves.

So they don't rely on sesame oil money, nor do they have to go down the mountain to buy food from the villagers. Of course, the villagers have no food.

If you want to buy food, you have to go to the city. If you want to eat seafood, you can go to the seaside to catch it, and you don't need to exchange it with the villagers.

Therefore, in the eyes of the villagers at the foot of the mountain, the Taoist Priests of the Temple of Heavenly Respects seem to have become immortals.

Therefore, the valley is totally deserted in these four seasons. In the early years, those travelers who came to visit occasionally did not care. Even the fruits of this fruit forest might be picked and taken back to relieve their cravings when they came back from the foot of the mountain occasionally.

Otherwise, there would not be so many fruits on the tree, as if no one had picked them for several years.

When they got out of the fruit forest, they came to a barren beach not far away.

Jiayin found that there was a stone beach in the middle of each scene, thinking that it might be a node, or it might be the shape of the valley before my father put the array.

The good news is really right. Before Ao Zhan put this array, the valley at the foot of Tianzun Temple was a barren rock beach.

After all, it is not far from the sea, there are not many trees on the mountain, and the ground is also some sand and stone.

Later, after the Tianzun Temple was built, Ao Zhan felt that the valley was too bare and ugly, so he put forward the four seasons array.

Because the age is too long, no one can remember it anymore. They thought it had been the scene of the valley in the four seasons for hundreds of years.

It also casts a mysterious color on the Temple of Heavenly Kings.

After Jiayin and others passed through the barren rock beach, what entered the eyelids was the maple forest they had seen before.

The crowd looked at the red forest in amazement. Fang Zhiyuan said, 'The valley is really magical in these four seasons. The scenery seems to be still. We are walking in a picture. There is no wind, no talk, and no rain.

Yesterday, I saw that a dark cloud was getting thicker and thicker. It seemed that it should rain. As a result, it did not rain at all, but slowly moved towards the northeast. '

The good news didn't say that it actually rained in the village at the foot of the mountain, but it didn't rain very much. After a light rain, the cloud drifted to the two cities next door, where there was a day and night of heavy rain and thunder and lightning.

They didn't stay much in the maple forest. After all, they could only enjoy the scenery here. They didn't eat more fruits for two days after staying here.

To put it bluntly, Jiayin and his entourage are a group of invisible eaters. They will stay for a few more days if they have something to eat. If they don't have something to eat, they will hurry up.

Before they were on the way, if there were specialties that were delicious in any city, they would definitely go in and have a taste and buy some.

With this in mind, Jiayin suddenly remembered that the snacks they had bought before did not seem to have been sent back together, only sea food.

The good news clapped her head.

Seeing this, Liu Yu'er hurriedly asked, 'What's wrong, good news? Is it uncomfortable?'

The good news shook her head. 'No, I just suddenly remembered something.'

I want to see if there is anything else I can send back. I will send it back later. Besides the snacks I bought on the road, I will also send some specialties back together.

It happened that today was the New Year's Day. The villagers must be reunited at home. Youwei Uncle must have stayed at home.

After all, the emperor would close his pen on New Year's Day. He didn't go to court again until the fifth day of the New Year. The same is true of the government offices below. Before the fifth day of the New Year, they were basically reunited at home.

Of course, if there is an emergency, someone should be on duty, but most of those on duty have no family members or are really short of money.

I want to get more money, so I am still on duty in the government office when I am reunited with thousands of families.

In this case, Shangfeng usually gives a big red envelope to the bag as a reward.

It was four hours later when people crossed the maple forest.

In front of us, there is another barren stone beach. Obviously, the Fang brothers have also figured out this rule.

Fang Zhiwen said, 'It seems that the junction of each scene is the barren stone beach. Once we arrive at the stone beach, we know that the scenery will change.'

The crowd nodded and Fang Zhigang said, 'Yes, it should be this as the boundary. Where are we going to camp this time?'

They didn't stop to cook when they passed the maple forest before. They just had some snacks and fruits for lunch.

After all, there is no water source in the Maple Forest. Although they put a lot of water in the storage bag in the lake before, they still want to find the water source and set up camp there to cook.

Unexpectedly, after the maple forest, there is another barren rocky beach.

Fang Zhigang guessed, 'Isn't it the snow mountain after passing the stone beach? After autumn, it should be winter, isn't it?'

People also guessed this, because they could already see the white top of the snow mountain here.

The good news wanted to tell them, no, there is a large pine and cypress forest after passing here.

Pines and cypresses are evergreen trees all the year round, and they do not shed leaves in winter, so it is no problem to put them in the winter scene.

It still took two quarters of an hour to walk across the stone beach and see the pine and cypress forests. It is obvious that not only the scenery has changed, but also the temperature has changed significantly.

They rubbed their arms and looked at the green bamboo. The good news knew what they meant and took out their luggage.

Everyone gathered around and changed into thick clothes.

Fang Zhigang said, 'I didn't feel anything in the scenes of spring, summer and autumn before, which was not much different from the temperature before we went up the mountain.

Especially when I walked by the lake, although there was no wind, I felt cool by the water and didn't feel very hot.

In autumn, it is neither hot nor cold. When I sleep, I don't feel cold without adding clothes. When I enter winter, I feel cold immediately. '

Everyone felt the same way, but it was not as cold as in the north. It was also equivalent to the temperature in late autumn in the north. It was already possible to wear thin cotton padded clothes.

After they entered Songberlin, they found a spring.

The spring is the source of a stream. This stream has walked around the woods for half a circle. The water in that stream is clear and bottomless, but the water is not deep enough to reach the foot.

They walked along the brook and found the spring that was emitting water.

Fang Zhiqiang tasted the spring water, which was very clear and sweet, so they decided to camp here.

They also saw that beyond the pine and Berlin was the snow mountain.

Meanwhile, it was already dark, and people picked up some dead branches on the road to make a fire.

This area of pine and Berlin is obviously different from the previous scene. First, there is live water flowing out of the spring, and second, there are dead branches falling to the ground.

Although pine and cypress are evergreen trees all the year round, there are also many dead branches falling on the ground.

We should know that they picked up some dry shrubs when they baked the whole sheep before, and there were no branches or hay falling on the ground near the lake or in the fruit trees.

When they camped there, they cooked by burning the charcoal they had saved before.

I still know that I bought a lot of storage bags on the road, just in case of rainy days on the road and I can't find dry firewood and twigs for emergency use.

I thought I would use it in this forest, but I found dry firewood that can be burned.

The people started to work again, found a slightly larger space near the spring and put up two tents.

It was still the food in the storage bag, but in the evening they made a fire.

Because they found that the temperature at night was much lower than that during the day, and the pine branches had a pine smell when burning, which was not unpleasant.

Besides, smelling the rosin can also help you sleep.

When they returned to the tent, Jiayin took out the thick quilts she had brought when she came out of Fangjia Village.

After they went south, they bought some thin quilts from the south. Those thick quilts have not been used for a long time, and now they can take them out for use.

The good news is that he sleeps with his arms around him and doesn't feel cold.

Noisy is still hanging around outside. From time to time, he takes a piece of firewood and throws it into the fire to keep it burning...

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