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Chapter 333 Internal service (subscription required)

It will be half an hour before you pack up and go on your way.

They walked and stopped in the pine and cypress forest. When they came to the deep forest, they found the pine tower!

The little sable and Pangpang immediately began to pick up the pine tower, especially the little sable, who climbed the tree very quickly, climbed directly to the high branches, picked the pine tower and threw it down.

Pangpang followed it below and put it in his arms after receiving it. The good news saw that one of them had dropped two, so she simply took out a bamboo basket for them.

Later, he became fat with two fat claws, holding a bamboo basket, and kept picking it up from left to right. The little sable kept throwing the pine tower down.

They were not worried anyway, so they also found them nearby. The pine nuts are delicious. The pine tower can also be used as charcoal. It burns less smoke than the branches, and has a light pine smell.

Fang Zhigang also joined the ranks of picking pine towers.

Even the childish one competed with the mink and asked Fang Zhiyuan to take the basket to the pine tower below. He threw it down the tree to see who would pick the basket first.

Of course, the result is that they can't do the mink. After all, the mink is much more flexible than him. In addition, it is small in size and can climb up even thin branches.

Fang Zhigang could only pick some pine towers on the thick trunk.

When they picked the two full baskets, they simply stopped, knocked out the pine nuts, and then put them directly into the storage bag with the pine tower.

Then he picked two baskets and stopped. Although he was not worried, it was better to leave Songberlin before dark, or he would have to stay in Songberlin for another night.

Put away the pine nuts and pine towers, and move on.

As they walked forward, Liu Yuer and Yang Huiyun said regretfully, 'There is no rain in the valley in these four seasons. If there is rain, there will be mushrooms growing in Songberlin. Then we can pick up some mushrooms and eat some fresh ones.'

Although there are many mushrooms in the storage bag, they are all dried in the sun and are not as delicious as fresh ones.

And they didn't pick it up themselves. They bought it on the road.

The good news thought of the experience of picking up mushrooms on the Snake Hill before. It was very interesting. Every time the children went up the mountain, they could pick up a basket of mushrooms. It was very fulfilling.

Fang Zhigang listened and sighed: 'The valley is beautiful in these four seasons, but it's not very interesting.

There are only wild animals in the spring, and the fruit forest in autumn.

There are no fish in the water. I haven't even seen wild vegetables. This pine nut is an unexpected harvest. '

They didn't see pine nuts until they arrived at the camp after they had just entered Songberlin.

Otherwise, if you see it during camping, how can you let it go? It's estimated that you can fry the pine nuts directly and eat them now.

It took some time to pick the pine tower and knock the pine nuts. By the time they left Songberlin, it was four hours later.

It was completely dark, and they came out directly with torches.

Fang Zhiqiang and Fang Zhiwu held a torch and took photos of this barren rock beach.

It is found that the barren rock beach is more flat than before. There are not so many broken stones on the ground, and the stones are larger. The smallest one is about a foot square, and the largest one is even more than a zhang long.

Since no dangerous animals have been found, they don't have to build a tent against the stone wall. Instead, they directly find a flat place and put the tent there.

Then he picked up a few smaller stones and built them into two fireplaces to directly ignite the pine tower.

Then insert the torch into a stone gap, so that it can be lit at night and burned until it is naturally extinguished.

Although I know there are no beasts, some firelights are more reassuring.

Put the iron pot on the burning fire pool, take out the processed pheasants and rabbits at the brook at noon, no matter what they are braised and fried, and directly stew them.

Then another fire pond is used to steam rice.

Fang Zhigang watched them set up the tent and cook. He wandered to Qingzhu and Pangpang when he was idle. He and Qingzhu wanted to put pine nuts and an iron pot into their storage bag.

He is going to start another fire and stir fry the pine nuts.

Although Fang Zhigang is not good at cooking, he can still stir fry pine nuts.

Green Bamboo directly takes a bag of pine nuts out of the storage bag. Yes, several baskets of pine towers are knocked out, just a bag of pine nuts. After all, it doesn't take up space.

In fact, there is more than that. After leaving, Jiayin collected all the pine towers that they did not see into the space.

Knock out the pine nuts with divine sense and put them in the storage bag.

However, if you take out too much, it is too obvious. Although it can be said that it is green bamboo, collected with divine knowledge.

But it's unnecessary. What if they want to rely on green bamboo for everything in the future?

They still have to rely on themselves for a lot of things, and this bag of pine nuts is enough to eat, which is a bit wasteful.

Fang Zhigang took the pine nuts and picked up some relatively broken stones. Then he smashed those broken stones with large stones, washed them with water and put them in an iron pot to fry them dry.

After the stones were heated, the pine nuts were poured in and fried with the stones.

The fried pine nuts are heated evenly, which is better than directly frying pine nuts in an iron pot.

They learned this from a peddler when they passed a small county town.

The peddler specializes in selling fried goods, including melon seeds, peanuts and chestnuts.

So Fang Zhigang thought that the pine nuts could also be fried like this. When the pine nuts came out of the pot, some people who had set up the tent came over and picked up a pine nut and looked at it.

Fang Zhiqiang said, 'This is a good method. Not only does it not smell burnt, but all colors do not turn black.'

Blow at the mouth. When it is cold, push one into the mouth. It is fragrant and crisp. It tastes very good.

Fang Zhiwen also tasted some of them and said with a smile: 'Zhigang, you have a lot of money to make in the future. It's really no good. You can also go to the county to set up a shop to buy these fried goods. The business should be good.'

Fang Zhigang scratched his head with a smile, and thought it was really OK. Although he also passed the exam of Tongsheng, he knew his weight.

I'm not very good at learning. It's estimated that if I can pass the Scholar's Examination, I will be a great scholar. As for the Master, don't even think about it.

Fang Zhigang can't guarantee that he will succeed even if he takes the test of a scholar. So, if he can't, it's really a business.

Thinking of this, Fang Zhigang also pinched a pine nut and put it in his mouth, smashing it and smashing it. His craftsmanship is really good!

Jiayin ate the pine nuts on her hands, and her divine sense came to Jiangcheng.

After searching in several large inns, I couldn't find the audience of the Heavenly Honor. I think they have left.

After all, the Tianzun audience is going to attend the appointment. It is impossible to stay in Jiangcheng for more than a day or two. It is also because of the heavy rain, so there is no way.

However, it should not be easy to walk on the road just after the heavy rain. If you want to come for a day, you should not go far.

Jiayin's divine sense continued to move forward, and sure enough, he found the audience of Tianzun in an inn in a county dozens of miles away from Jiangcheng.

There is only one inn in the county town, which is easy to find. Besides, they seem to live in the inn.

The audience of Tianzun has already rested, so the good news will not pay attention to it. We are going to watch it tomorrow.

Just as he wanted to recover his divine sense, he suddenly settled down there again, and divine sense went to a small courtyard.

Just now, when Jiayin was about to recover her divine sense, she accidentally found that two people were sneaking into the yard with a sack.

If it were just two sneaky and suspicious people, it would not attract the attention of the good news, but because the sack would move!

Look at the shape. There should be a person in it. Divine sense dipped into the sack and found that it was a young man in gorgeous clothes.

This... Is it the kidnap scene?

The well-dressed man was tied firmly, and his mouth was blocked with a piece of rag, which was tied with a cloth strip, so that he could only make a purring sound.

At night, this kind of voice can't attract people's attention.

The two men walked in with their struggling sacks, but they didn't speak.

After entering the yard, they did not enter the house, but walked around the house to the backyard.

They carried the sacks to the backyard. The good news was still wondering, do they want to throw the sacks in the backyard?

They did not stop, but went straight to a well in the corner.

The good news frowned and took so much trouble to bring people back. Is it just to throw them into the well and drown?

Just thinking about this, I saw the people in front put down the sacks and turned back, then lifted the sacks and went back into the well.

Yes, I went into the well.

Good news God knows that there are steps under the wellhead, and the wellhead is larger than the ordinary wellhead.

It's just that a half stone slab has just been built, which is invisible. There are only steps in it.

At this time, the man stretched out his feet, kicked the slate away, and then drilled into the well.

He walked backward slowly, and the people behind him also carried the sacks to keep up with him. They put the sacks upright and went down the well.

Jiayin Divine Knowledge went straight down the wellhead and found that there was a tunnel, which was very spacious. It was OK to walk two or three people side by side. It seemed that it was not dug right now.

Go along the tunnel, not far away. There was a door, which was made of wood, not locked, but only half closed.

The divine sense of the good news dived in and found that there was a big dark room with two beds, a table and several chairs.

There was an oil lamp on the table, and two people sat beside it.

The good news looks familiar with their clothes. Isn't that what the pirates look like? He is a short hitter with a cloth towel tied to his head.

And there are two big knives on the table in front of them, which should be their weapons.

The two men who were waiting to carry the sacks entered the darkroom. One of the men with slender eyes and a hooked nose said, 'Did you catch them?'

After getting down the tunnel, the man in front of him who walked in the opposite direction had already straightened up and carried the sack with his hands behind him, so he was now facing the speaker.

The man replied respectfully, 'I have caught the third leader.'

The eagle nose, known as the third leader, nodded with satisfaction.

'Is there no tail on the road?' The man with small eyes and garlic nose beside said slowly.

The man then replied, 'The Fourth Leader, absolutely not. We were very careful when we came back.'

The good news picked her eyebrows. These two are still three leaders and four leaders. There should be big leaders and second leaders.

It can't be the people they caught. It's a pirate gang, right? In this case, what do they want to do to catch this person?

The clothes of those two people are very normal. They are no different from the local civilians. They are supposed to be lurking here.

The reason why these three leaders and four leaders hide in this underground secret room is that they cannot easily see people.

The third leader then said, 'Now that someone has caught him, he will send a message to Wuling City. If Han Fu Wei doesn't want his son to have an accident, he will let my younger brothers go, or he will wait to collect his son's body!'

The two men threw the sacks that were still struggling on the ground and said respectfully, 'Yes, we will write the letter and send it out. We will receive it tomorrow, so that the Six Headmasters will suffer less.'

The third leader squinted and said, 'Well, go ahead.'

The two men hurriedly left the basement and headed out of the well.

The three leaders stood up, came to the middle of the room, and kicked heavily at the sack.

There was an instant muffled noise in the sack.

'If you want to blame me, I should blame you for arresting my brother. If my brother comes back safely.

I will spare your life and let you go back. If my brother loses a hair... I will operate on you! 'The cold tone made the people in the sack shiver.

The good news left a touch of divine knowledge here, and the other divine knowledge also paid attention to the two people who had just gone out.

After the two men came out of the well, they went back to the house and lit the oil lamp to find a piece of paper and a charcoal stick, and wrote some words on it.

I don't know the good news of that word. It should not be in the language of the Great Inflammation Kingdom.

After writing, the man put the note into a small bamboo tube and whistled, then saw a bird fly in from the window.

The man tied the bamboo tube to the bird's feet and fed the bird something to eat. The bird ate, flapped its wings and flew away.

The good news looked at the bird and picked her eyebrows. There were many such birds here, but they were not conspicuous. Unexpectedly, they could tame and help deliver the letter.

Jiayin doesn't know the name of this bird, but it is quite common at the seaside.

The good news thinks that these pirates are very smart, not using carrier pigeons. At least it is strange to find a pigeon in this coastal area.

It was said that they would not be beaten down, and this ubiquitous seabird was ignored by everyone.

The bird flies very fast. It takes more than half a month to walk. It flies for one night and arrives at Wuling City.

This is the good news that put some divine sense on it, or it might be lost in a flash. After all, the bird is too inconspicuous.

The bird flew directly into a grocery store in the northwest corner of Wuling City, stopped at a window in the backyard, and pecked at the window twice.

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