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Chapter 336 Visit the Half Moon Kingdom at night (subscription required)

Seeing that the whistle had no effect, the man stamped his foot and scolded again: 'Damn it!'

Jiayin picked her eyebrows. The man spoke Dayan's language, including the third and fourth leaders of pirates. They all spoke Dayan's language, even the dialect of Hainan County.

The available words are from other countries. Are these pirates from the burning country or from other countries?

In fact, these pirates can be said to belong to no country. It was said before that although the Half Moon State started as a pirate, the sea is not just his family.

For example, the pirates on the Ice Fire Island are closer to Dayan Country. There are a little more pirates on the Ice Fire Island and people in Dayan Country.

They had committed crimes in the interior or could not get along, so they came here to make a living by looting.

Other pirates also came from other countries, or were later captured on the island and finally assimilated.

It can be said that the pirates on Ice Fire Island have many people from different countries, and their languages are also mixed.

Moreover, there are connections among pirates.

Just like the characters we saw before, they are the characters of the Half Moon State.

Among the pirates on Ice Fire Island, some of them came from China for several months and a half, and even became petty leaders.

It's not the secret work here. It's not the pirates led by the army of the Half Moon State. It's the pirates formed spontaneously by some fishermen who can't survive.

Later, the upper class of the Half Moon State saw that it was so easy to earn money as a pirate. After they got involved, many pirates who did not obey the rules felt that they did not get as much as they did alone.

After each robbery, there were too few things on hand, so some simply occupied the island and became king, while others defected to other pirates.

Since the characters in Half Moon State are relatively simple and easy to learn, the pirates on Ice Fire Island decided to use this kind of characters as special characters in Dayan State.

In this way, even if the letter is intercepted, the other party cannot understand it, and the confidentiality is higher.

After rescuing the animals, Jiayin saw that the man who could tame the animals was very angry. I felt a little complacent.

His divine sense can do these things without anyone knowing it. The other party can't find out. It seems that he has bullied others.

However, whatever happens to him, he is not a good person anyway.

After everyone got up, washed and finished breakfast, they set out again.

This time we will climb this snow mountain.

After walking out of the wasteland, they could not imagine that they could see ice and snow directly.

After walking out of the Stone Beach, there was a small piece of grassland!

The good news picked up her eyebrows, but she didn't notice that there was such a place when her divine sense covered her.

I looked up. Oh, there was a huge stone sticking out here, which blocked the bottom, just like a corridor was built.

Fang Zhiwen said, 'I knew it would be great if we could camp here. The grass here is soft and much more comfortable than the gravel ground. And it's obviously warmer here than there.'

After all, green grass can grow, and the temperature is certainly not low.

Before the good news, when it was covered with divine sense, it only looked at the surface without going deep, so this stone corridor was not found.

However, when I see it with my eyes, I still feel that there should be something strange in this place.

Jiayin searched the area with her divine sense. She found nothing and went underground.

Sure enough, a cave was found a few feet deep underground, in which there was a stone carved with runes.

This should also be a node of the array. Unlike the eye of the array, it is composed of several stones carved with runes. There is only one stone here.

Since it is an array node, it must have some influence on the nearby area, so there is such a strange grassland.

Several people walked on the grassland and found that there was no special place, just an ordinary grassland. After seeing a strange place, they stopped.

After all, it's only early in the morning. If it's noon, you can do some food and have a rest. This is just on the road. It's not time to rest.

The people walked along the mountain road to the snow mountain. Yes, there was a mountain road to the snow mountain, which was not what they imagined. It was difficult to climb up.

Although the mountain road is not very smooth and the driving is not good, there is no problem to walk.

If there are really those who come here to play by car, they can also walk around the mountain without going to the snow mountain. There is also a road.

That is a gravel road, which looks flat and wide.

The good news has also been seen with divine sense. This way you can directly go around to the front of the Heavenly Buddha Temple, and it is closer.

They are not in a hurry. They come here to play, so they still have to go to the mountain to have a look.

Walking up the rugged mountain road, the closer you are to the top of the mountain, the thicker the snow is. At first, there is only a thin layer. Later, it can submerge your feet. When you reach the top of the mountain, it is as deep as your knees.

They didn't encounter snow leopards and unknown wild animals.

First, because it is daytime, those two kinds of wild animals are nocturnal, and there are so many of them.

In addition, Pangpang and Naonao, as well as green bamboo and small sable, those wild animals are sensitive to danger.

It is estimated that he ran away when he saw it from afar, and would not move up at all.

When I reached the top of the mountain, it was almost dark. The mountain was not high, but it took me nearly a day to reach the top.

Green Bamboo and the little sable each took up Pangpang's shoulder and led Pangpang to find a dry cave.

Yes, the little sable is allowed to squat on the fat shoulder, and these guys have become very familiar in the past two days.

After entering the cave, everyone lit the torch.

These torches were made in the past and put in storage bags. As long as the wild animals we hunted had excess oil, they would be made into torches and stored, so that they could be taken out when they were used.

Although Jiayin has a luminous pearl, it is still convenient to use a torch in some places, for lighting and heating.

After they lit the torch, they built a fire pool with the rubble in the cave, and then threw in some pine towers and charcoal.

The pine tower was almost burnt yesterday, and only one basket was left. The fire pit will burn overnight tonight, so it's definitely not enough. We can burn the two together.

When the fire broke out, they blocked the entrance of the cave with straw curtains and oilcloth, and the temperature in the cave rose instantly, making it much warmer.

The temperature on the snow mountain is actually good for Jiayin and others. As long as they wear thick clothes, it's OK. After all, they come from the north.

It's hard for Liu Yuer and Yang Huiyun, both of whom are native southerners and have never experienced snow.

Fortunately, they had prepared more cotton padded clothes before Jiayin, and Jiayin was not too small. Liu Yuer and Yang Huiyun could also wear them, so there was no cold disease on the road.

Now as the cave warms up, they both breathe a sigh of relief.

We set up two tents as usual. After all, men and women are different. It's better to sleep in tents separately.

They put the tent in the middle of the cave, and built a fire in the front and back, so that the side of the cave is warm and the side of the cave is cold.

Originally, they wanted to go to the top of the mountain to see the scenery, but when they got to the top of the mountain, it was already dark and they could only see it tomorrow.

After dinner, the party went to bed.

The good news still released the divine sense. This time, the good news was distracted, looking at the audience of Tianzun and the Ice Fire Island.

See if there are any other discoveries, or if there are any messenger birds flying back.

If there is any, the good news will be captured directly with divine sense.

It's not that the good news doesn't want to help, and they just catch all the pirates on Ice Fire Island. It's not that they don't know that there are pirates on Ice Fire Island.

It's just that Ice Fire Island is easy to defend but difficult to attack. Secondly, the pirates did not do too much before coming.

Even if you rob a passing ship, it will not harm people's lives. It is not forced to do so, so the Imperial Court did not send troops to encircle and suppress it.

Instead, most of my energy has been devoted to the pirates in Half Moon Country.

At first, the pirates in the Half Moon Kingdom were the same as here. Since the new monarch came to power, they have changed their previous style of plundering money and killed many people.

Not only the Great Inflammation Country, but also several small neighboring countries have great opinions on the Half Moon Country.

Even several small countries are negotiating to jointly attack the Half Moon Country!

If the Half Moon State continues to be so arrogant, their ships will not dare to go to sea. Once they go to sea, they will never return. Who can stand this?

They are not like Dayan Country. Dayan Country has a vast territory and vast resources. Even if they give up their business at sea, they can still be self-sufficient.

They can't do that. They rely on the sea trade to maintain the operation of the national economy. In this way, the Half Moon State has seized their lifeblood.

Although some merchant ships have been hijacked before, it does not mean that all of them have been hijacked. Sometimes they can pass safely by paying some fees.

Now it is not. Half Moon State robbed the merchant ship, and even the people on the merchant ship may not be able to come back.

Their countries are small in size and relatively small in population. As a result, they have lost both their people and their wealth for a long time, and the country is going to collapse. How can they not worry?

Jiayin thinks so now. She has just searched the memory of a small pirate with her divine sense.

This little leader happened to be a half moon native, and he knew this from his memory.

So I put down the idea of helping Han Fu Wei, the Imperial Court, to take down the Ice Fire Island for the time being, and went straight to the Half Moon Kingdom to explore God Knowledge.

Jiayin, with her small head's memory, directly explored her divine sense to the Half Moon Kingdom.

That half moon country is really far away from the big inflammation country. There are several small countries in the middle, among which there is a slightly larger country.

Although that country also relies on sea trade, it is composed of several large islands. It has a relatively wide land area and can also be planted on it, which is basically self-sufficient.

In addition, they can take another route to trade with the Great Inflammation Kingdom without going through the Half Moon Kingdom, so the Half Moon Kingdom can't take advantage of others.

The good news probably scanned that relatively large country. On an island outside the country, I saw a boundary tablet with several characters engraved on it, including three characters in Dayan's national language, 'Inca'.

In addition, the people in the Inca are not the same as those in the Great Inflammation Country, nor are they the same as those in the Half Moon Country.

People in the Half Moon Kingdom have dark skin, which is bronze, but their hair and eyes are still black.

The Inca man's face is very white, much whiter than that of the people in the Great Inflammation Country, but his hair is light yellow and brown, and even his eyes are mostly green and blue.

He is tall, more than half a head taller than his brother, which is eight or nine feet long.

And they also produce a beautiful stone. The red one is very similar to the red agate, but it is more transparent and bright than the red agate.

And the green ones are also more dazzling than the emerald green ones.

The most beautiful one is blue, which is purer than the sky and sea, and is the favorite of good news.

Without saying a word, Jiayin picked up two pieces in the mine and put them into her own broken boundary bead space.

The good news is very beautiful. It's unnecessary to collect more.

After appreciating it, Jiayin explored the divine sense to the Half Moon Kingdom.

It can be seen that the whole country of Half Moon Country is the size of a county in Dayan Country, and its population is not as large as that of a large county.

The land is just a little bit, surrounded by sea, and they live by fishing. Of course, people mainly depend on robbery.

So the whole country is not poor. There are shops on the main streets, and most of them are those who eat, drink and play.

But now there is no one on the street, even though it is night.

Except for places like the capital, there is no curfew in Dayan State, so many people wander outside at night.

It's strange that the whole country of the Half Moon Kingdom is quiet and there is no one wandering outside.

Even if there is a half month national curfew, there are still soldiers who come home at night or patrol.

But there are no soldiers patrolling here. Those soldiers who are guarding the city gate are also motionless, and they don't leave their posts at all.

The good news is strange. She directly explored the divine sense to the imperial palace. It is said that the monster was kept in the imperial palace by the half moon king.

The divine sense of good news is all over the palace. I found that the palace of the Half Moon Kingdom is said to be a palace, which is far from the Great Flame Kingdom. It is equivalent to... How do you say? It is about the same size as the Dragon Temple.

Of course, the building covers a large area, including a large sea water enclosed by a wall.

Yes, I don't know how it was built, but the sea water was enclosed by a wall.

The palace is built near the sea. The main entrance of the palace is facing the main street and a square in the city. The back of the palace is the coast, and a circle of sand beach and sea is directly enclosed by a stone wall.

The good news thought that the reason why the sea came in was to raise the so-called sea monster.

According to the emperor of the Half Moon State, he is the sea god.

Jiayin was curious, and when he explored the water, he found the so-called sea god.


The good news roast in her heart that it was just a small sea snake.

It is not small for ordinary people, and it is several zhang long, but for good news, this sea snake can't catch up with half of Green Bamboo.

The green bamboo is more than ten zhang long and has horns. It looks more powerful.

This one is only a few feet long, and the head is also bald, and the color is even more gray, just the teeth are longer.

Even in the sea, it is not huge. At least the whale that Jiayin saw is much bigger than it

That guy seemed to have a feeling. He even looked up. Jiayin saw that his eyes were red!

(End of this chapter)

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