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Chapter 355 Back to Nanyue County (subscription required)

The three brothers of the Liu family, especially Liu Dagui and Liu Ergui, are not talented in learning, but they are quite enlightened in boxing and footwork.

I have memorized the whole set of sabre techniques in just a few days, and now it's a tiger that makes the wind grow stronger.

On the contrary, Liu Sangui is clumsy in this aspect. He can't remember all his moves. This may be because he has academic expertise. After all, there is no perfect person.

After several people practiced a set of knife techniques, they washed and cleaned up together.

When Liu Dagui saw that they only took some clothes with them, but didn't take away the bedding in the cabinet, he thought it would be taken tomorrow morning tonight, but Liu Yu'er said that they would leave it if they didn't take it away.

'Don't take them away? What will you do on your way? Don't you need bedding? Doesn't it mean the colder you go north? The weather is not the same as ours.'

Liu Yu'er shook her head. 'These quilts are too thin. We have made thick ones again. In addition, Zhiwu's side is still south, far from the real north.

Zhiwu said that they were originally in the real north, where the winter was very cold, and the water almost turned into ice, and the snow could fall below the knee.

They now live not far from the capital. It's good to have a frost at most in winter, not so cold. '

Liu Dagui nodded when he heard the words. 'If I have a chance, I will go out to see the world. We Dayan are really big and rich. There is such a difference from south to north.'

Fang Zhiwu came over and patted him on the shoulder. 'You are good at practicing sabre technique. You can make a living with martial arts after you say no, and you can protect yourself with your skills. It's easy to go anywhere.'

Liu Dagui nodded seriously and set himself a goal in his heart.

In fact, there was nothing to pack up. There was not much left before. Later, Liu Dazhuang knew that he would leave, and he did not buy any new items. So he packed up two bags altogether.

Everyone ate here at noon and evening, and there was still a lot of food left.

Liu Dazhuang and his family didn't know whether they could see each other again after they left, so the two families took every opportunity to get together and didn't want to separate for a while.

If Liu Dazhuang and the Fang brothers had not lived in the same room, Liu Erzhuang would have stayed to sleep with his eldest brother.

This is also the time when he didn't want to leave, but his daughter-in-law forced him to leave.

The next morning, just before dawn, they went on their way after washing up and eating breakfast.

Liu Erzhuang's family sent them out of the village and followed them a long way before Liu Dazhuang persuaded them to go back.

Fang Zhiwu left the address of Fangjia Village for him. Yesterday, he finally remembered Xiaoling and Eagle.

They told Liu Erzhuang that they would send a letter every once in a while, and if they had anything, they could take it back in a letter. If you encounter any difficulties, you can also tell them. It's really no good, and the Lord Dragon God can help you.

Liu Dazhuang and Liu Erzhuang are in a better mood now, and they have forgotten the Lord Dragon.

The statue of the dragon god that was given to Liu Dazhuang before also stayed with Liu Erzhuang.

That statue was let by the good news in the broken world pearl space for a period of time before. It has aura and even some merit and golden light.

Even if the good news is no longer in this world, it is still good for them to have the dragon god statue, at least it will improve their fortune.

Yesterday, Liu Dazhuang was going to leave all the silver for his younger brother, but Liu Erzhuang refused to accept it, so that he could keep it on the road. When he arrived at the Fangjia Village, he would buy some dowry for Liu Yu'er when he got married. He could not leave his hometown without anything.

Hearing this, Liu Dazhuang felt a little wavering and did not persist.

However, after they left, Fang Zhiwu asked Green Bamboo to help him put a packet of silver in Liu Erzhuang's home and left a letter.

Of course, it was actually put by Jiayin, who didn't save too much silver, but left a hundred liang of silver. And they were all silver coins that Jiayin helped to get, saving time and trouble.

These are for Liu Sangui. After all, reading and literacy are expensive. If Liu Erzhuang has courage, he can also rent a shop in the county to do some small business with the silver.

He didn't tell Liu Dazhuang and Liu Yu'er about this, for fear that they would feel sorry.

After a few hours' journey and a noon break, the sable got out of Jiayin's pocket.

Liu Dazhuang was also shocked. He thought it was a big black mouse. A closer look revealed that it was a sable.

Liu Yu'er told him about the origin of the little sable, and Liu Dazhuang was amazed.

When the little sable was in the village, he didn't dare to run around. He stayed honestly in the pocket of Jiayin.

The main reason is that Liu Dazhuang's family is full of people every day, afraid to frighten others or be bullied by those children.

He saw a child crawling all over the yard!

The children climbed onto Pangpang, pinching their ears and scratching their hair. They saw the little sable shivering.

How cruel!

I can't figure out why Pangpang still enjoys not getting angry.

There is also noisy. Sometimes they even lie on the ground and let the children ride on its back and carry them everywhere.

Noisy and Pangpang are familiar with the children in the village these days, and they are completely integrated. They hardly stay at home during the day except when they eat.

At first, the adults in the children's families were worried that the donkey and the black and white bear might hurt the children.

After all, the donkey can kick people, and the black and white bear can bite off a child's head with a big mouth.

Later, they found that the two were very good-natured. They were not bothered to be surrounded by children, and they would also coax the children. Even the little ones who usually made a lot of trouble at home did not behave mischievously with them, so they were relieved.

However, two adults will still be left to watch, always in case.

Therefore, the Fang brothers and the Liu family are busy talking these days, and the two of them have a good time.

When I left this morning, Pangpang was reluctant to give up. Pangpang also stuck his head out of the carriage from time to time. The good news seemed funny.

Fortunately, they left early in the morning, and those children had not got up yet. If they left late, they would have to come to see them off and wail at the entrance of the village.

On the road again, the little sable jumped into the carriage lively and squatted beside Fang Zhixin, who was driving in front of him. He looked left and right and refused to enter the carriage.

Fortunately, the car has been renovated. The seats in front of the car are also very comfortable. In addition, there are shelters on both sides. The sable is in front of the car, and people outside can't see it.

The way back was smooth, and nothing happened. I arrived in the capital city within two months.

They took Liu Yu'er and others for a stroll, because they had been here once before, and they were familiar with the road.

Although several months have passed, I still remember the inner and outer cities of the capital very well. I stayed in the capital for two days and walked back.

Out of the capital, Liu Dazhuang asked strangely, 'Isn't this a smooth journey? Although I haven't been far away, I know it's quite normal to meet wind and rain outside.

It was sunny all the way, and the place we walked by looked wet. It should have rained just now. It's so lucky! '

But he heard that those who went out said that when they went out, they should guard against bandits and let the wind and rain fall.

It's a narrow escape from death to meet bandits, and you will be seriously ill if you encounter wind and rain.

They walked all the way in peace. They didn't even encounter rain. They always felt a bit magical.

The Fang brothers in the car looked at each other and Fang Zhiwu said, 'Uncle Liu, this is a good explanation. We are blessed by the Dragon God!'

It was not the same when they escaped from famine. Every time it rained, either they arrived or they left.

The feeling of being drenched has never existed before, so they are used to it.

At that time, when they were making the carriage shed, although it was said that it was rainproof, they actually knew that it was only used for shading, and their carriage had never been exposed to rain.

Before, people in the village were also strange. Later, when they learned about the existence of the Dragon God, they became accustomed to it.

Even if they go hunting in the mountains, they never bring rain gear, knowing that they will never encounter rain.

After that, Fang Zhiwu told Liu Dazhuang about the interesting things about Fangjia Village, including the terrain on their side and the winding snake mountain behind them.

Liu Dazhuang listened with great interest and asked questions in surprise from time to time.

After walking out of the capital for a few days, they arrived in Nanyue County. When they entered the city, they went directly to Xu Hongkai's restaurant.

Yes, the tavern before Xu Hong has gradually expanded into a famous tavern in the county.

Xu Hong's craftsmanship is really not built. People want to eat it after eating it. Several famous restaurants in the county have been compared in the past few years.

At first, some people came to make trouble, to dig the chef away, or to make trouble.

Later, they knew that the tavern was covered by the governor, so they stopped thinking and didn't dare to think again.

As a result, Xuhong's Shiquanshimei Restaurant is developing better and better, with more and more people coming to eat. It has changed from a street shop on the second floor to a large courtyard with two entrances inside and outside.

The front and back are two storey buildings, and the street front is a two storey lobby for ordinary diners. The back yard is all made into private rooms, which are specially provided for guests with identity.

They directly drove the two cars to a side lane, where there was a special place for livestock, which was prepared for guests from afar.

They unloaded the noisy horse from the cart and let them go to the food trough to eat some fodder.

Jiayin took a large pottery bowl and fed them a bowl of diluted Holy Water. Seeing that they were just tired, she followed the crowd to the front.

In this tavern, except for a few servants bought from the human children, the main places are in the charge of people in Fangjia Village.

The good news is that they have been recognized since the past. They are Fang Youfu from Grandma Fang Er's family. He is now the shopkeeper here.

Fang Youfu followed Fang Youwei as a guard in the county for a period of time. Later, he felt that he was not suitable for that. He still liked doing business, so he quit there and came here to help manage the tavern.

Seeing them, Fang Youfu walked out from behind the counter and said, 'You are back so soon? Your parents said before that it would take two or three years to come back after a trip.

I came back in less than a year. What happened or did I get into trouble? '

Of course, Fang Youfu said this jokingly. He also knew that his younger generation was not the kind of people who made trouble outside.

The good news came forward and said, 'Uncle Youfu, you don't miss us. It's almost a year now, and you don't even think we're back early.'

Fang Youfu smiled and patted her on the head. 'Why? Uncle Youfu certainly misses you, but he was surprised to see you just now.

Have you eaten yet? I'll tell Aunt Xu Hong that she can get you something to eat while nobody is around. '

The time is just past now, so there are no guests in the tavern.

They shook their heads, and the local chronicle said: 'We just made do with breakfast on the way, hoping to come back and have a good meal made by Aunt Xu Hong.'

Others nodded their heads.

Although their own cooking skills are good, they are no match for Aunt Xu Hong.

Fang Youfu smiled, 'Don't you guys want to eat the food made by Aunt Xu Hong before they come back?'

Several people were embarrassed to scratch their heads.

Fang Zhiwu and Fang Zhiqiang took Yang Huiyun and Liu Yu'er's father and daughter to introduce Fang Youfu.

When Fang Youfu returned to Fangjia Village for the Spring Festival, he heard that Fang Zhiqiang and Fang Zhiwu had found a daughter-in-law for him and that Liu Dazhuang was coming.

He hurried to greet Liu Dazhuang and exchanged greetings with him.

After that, he patted Fang Zhiwu and Fang Zhiqiang on the shoulder and said: 'You guys are good. You know you can find a wife for yourself when you go out.

In the future, treat others well and live with them in a down-to-earth way. '

The two men nodded solemnly, 'Uncle Youfu, we will be fine in the future.'

Fang Youfu asked, 'Do you want to sit in the front or go to the back to find a private room? Go and tell Aunt Xu Hong that you are back.'

The front yard and the back yard have been changed into a dining place, so there is no private space.

At first, they lived in the backyard. Later, because there were too many guests, they changed the backyard into a two-story private room.

They also bought two small yards in the county town to live in, and went back every night after closing.

After thinking about it, they sat down in the lobby. There was no room for them. Most of them were reserved.

Find a seat in the lobby on the first floor. Apart from Fang Zhiwu and Fang Zhiqiang, the Fang brothers went to the back kitchen to help them.

You can't wait for food when you arrive at your own place.

Fang Zhixin and Fang Zhigang are not very skilled. It's OK to help them carry a plate.

Of course, no one can leave. Someone must stay with Liu Yu'er and them.

The good news also followed her to the kitchen to greet Xu Hong's aunts and sister-in-law. I really miss her after seeing her for several months.

(End of this chapter)

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