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Chapter 36 The residence of a clansman

Fangyouwei followed the crowd back to the place where they had a rest. It was a large cave, dozens of feet deep. During this time, more than a hundred people in Fangjia village could be crowded in it.

the cave entrance is on the shady side of a mountain, so it is dark and damp inside. There is moss everywhere. Although they made a fire inside, they did not bake it dry.

it is also a little far away from the water source. Every day, you have to go to a place twoorthree miles away to get water.

it has been a long time since everyone had a good time to wash. Fang Youwei went into the cave. After a while, he couldn't stand it and withdrew.

maybe the people in Fangjia village have been used to that taste?

as a matter of fact, Fang Yunping and those who just came back were a little suffocated when they rushed in.

it's OK to stay inside all the time. When you go out for a while and come back, you will feel vivid. The smell inside is very bad.

there is the smell of sweat from everyone, the musty smell on the wet cave wall, and the smell of children's excrement and urine. These smells are mixed together, It is conceivable that...

Fang Youwei said to Yun Ping, 'uncle, why don't you come with me now? Don't stay here. Our mountain depression is not very far from here. We can walk for two hours or so. We will be there before dark.

and there is a stream in the mountain depression, so we can clean up.'

although there is still a large pool outside, don't mention it first. If someone goes there to take a bath, it will be bad. It is the source of the stream. In the future, everyone will have to eat and use the water in the stream.

fangyunping called the people together and repeated Fang Youwei's previous words with them. As soon as they heard that there was such a good place, they immediately agreed.

I've been here for so long. I've been here long enough! It's just that they have been afraid to go out. Now Youfang Youwei, an experienced hunter, is leading them. It's too late for them to be happy. How could they be unwilling.

with the unanimous consent of everyone, they packed their bags and began to go to the direction of xiaoshan'ao.

of course, those old and weak women and children also saw six.

I thought Liu didn't have anything with him and wanted him to help the camel with some things. However, I didn't dare to bother him when I heard that the young laborers who came back said that the donkey kicked the wolf's skull with one hoof.

so Liu easily led the way, followed by a long list of men, women and children.

along the way, I met many rabbits and pheasants. Fang Youwei drew a bow and arrow and shot them down.

everyone, young and old, is elated. They are ready to eat meat when they arrive. They haven't eaten it for a long time.

when there were wild fruits on the tree, everyone climbed up and picked them. It should have been two hours. It took nearly three hours to get there.

when they arrived at the mountain depression, it was completely dark. Fortunately, they were all holding torches.

Mrs. Yang and Mrs. Li heard Fang Youwei's voice in the room. They opened the door and looked quietly. There were so many people!

Fang Youwei started calling Niang and Li's from a long distance, so as soon as they arrived near the stream, Fang Zhiyuan ran over.

Fang Youwei stooped down and opened his hands to welcome his son's 'throwing himself into the arms'

saw Fang Zhiyuan, passed him directly, ran behind him, hugged Liu's neck and shouted: 'Liu! I haven't seen you these two days. I miss you.'

Fang Youwei pulls back his hands and stands up straight. He clears his throat in embarrassment. He is very angry. Smelly boy, your father and I are going out for a few days. Why don't you think so of me?

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.