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Chapter 372 Beast (subscription required)

They introduced several peaks of the Yuntian Sect and the disciples to Jiayin and Jiang Ling'er, and then told them about the level of cultivation.

Of course, the key point is to tell Jiang Ling'er that they think they should know the good news.

Qi training is the introduction, that is, to draw Qi into the body, followed by foundation building, golden pill, Yuanying, out of the body, deification, Mahayana, and salvation.

Each level is further divided into: initial stage, middle stage, late stage and Great Perfection.

The leader of the Yuntian Sect is in the period of getting out of the body, and so are all the peak leaders. The elders are in their infancy, and the Supreme Minister is in their immortalization. The Yuntian Sect also has a Mahayana sect, and now they are going to go through the disaster without paying attention to anything.

There is a Mahayana period in the four major gates, which is regarded as a group of people with the highest accomplishments in the world.

Of course, although both are Mahayanas, the force is also high and low, but outsiders do not know it.

Because these ancestors did not compete. When they reached their realm, they would destroy heaven and earth with a single blow.

However, everyone privately agreed that the ancestor of Wanjian Sect should be more powerful, and it is recognized that Jianxiu has a high force value.

Although Yue Wuji of the Wuji Clan also practiced sword cultivation during the Mahayana period, after all, he was one generation away from the old ancestors of the other three major sects, lacking many years of experience.

Although no one dares to look down upon him, in private, he should be at the bottom.

Of course, this is just a tacit guess. It's really hard to tell exactly.

Most of the major sects are the Supreme Elder in the period of transforming spirit, the peak leader in the period of out of body, and the sect elders in the period of the first child. Therefore, the accomplishments in the golden elixir period, such as Luo Jinyuan and Shen Yuxin, are very good in the sect.

After listening to the good news, I have some music in my heart.

It was similar to what she heard from her father. There was nothing different.

Although she doesn't know what level of cultivation she is now, she is confident in her own defense.

In the divine world, anyone who can hurt her must be at the level of power, not to mention the immortal world, which is one level lower than the immortal world.

After she was relieved, Jiayin decided that she could have a good time in the Immortal Cultivation World and try to earn enough merit.

The first step is to go to Yuntian Sect.

Send Jiang Linger to Yuntianzong, take a walk there by the way, and then go to Yunwu Country for a stroll. Then you can go to other countries.

After dinner, the four talked for a while and then got ready to rest.

It was already very late, and the good news was going to give them another bed, but they refused.

They took out their futons and put them in a clean place to meditate directly.

The good news didn't say much when she saw this. She simply washed with Jiang Linger and went straight to bed.

Once lying on the familiar bed, the good news could not help thinking of Pangpang.

If she can't take it away, she really wants to bring Pangpang with her. She can still sleep comfortably with her arms around fluffy.

In the middle of the night, I heard the wolf howling!

Jiayin opened her eyes in an instant and accidentally picked her eyebrows.

She had explored with divine sense before, and there were no wild animals nearby, so she didn't let Weiya out when she was sleeping like a big fire.

The sound should not be too far away. The other two people got up, apparently they heard it too.

The good news glanced at Jiang Ling'er, who was still sleeping beside her, and released her divine sense.

Five or six miles away, there was a huge wolf with red hair. He was howling in the sky, apparently asking for help.

A closer look shows that the giant wolf has suffered a lot of injuries. His neck and back are peeling and bleeding.

Just looking at the fur color of the wolf, we know that this is not an ordinary wolf, but a monster.

At this time, Luo Jinyuan and Shen Yuxin had already stood up and walked out. The good news thought for a moment, waved her hand on Jiang Ling'er's head to let her sleep, leaving the green bamboo behind just in case, and followed her out.

As soon as they got out, they saw that they had already stepped on the sword and flew towards the demon wolf.

The good news raised her eyebrows. It seems that when she arrives in Yunwu Country, she will also find a shop selling magic tools to buy a spirit sword and fly a sword.

Although she can fly by herself, only those above Yuanying can fly in the sky. In this way, it is easy to expose herself, so it is better to keep a low profile.

Jiayin casually took an object out and immediately followed it.

When he arrived, Luo Jinyuan was already helping the fire wolf with the wound, while Shen Yuxin was holding a baby sized red hair ball in her arms.

It was a wolf!

The good news came forward and said, 'Luo Daoyou, do you know this wolf?'

Otherwise, it would not directly help to deal with the wound, and the wolf did not reject it at all. Obviously, the wolf should have contracted with people or been used to contact with people.

When they heard the sound, they were not surprised to see the good news. Although they did not hear the sound of the good news getting up when they just walked out, it was normal for them to startle her with such a loud wolf howl.

I just looked behind her and didn't see Jiang Ling'er. It was strange.

Without asking, Luo Jinyuan replied directly, 'This flaming wolf is the contract demon of Elder Martial Brother Huaishan of Jiyang Zong. I don't know why it wandered here alone and was seriously injured.'

The good news looked at the coyote in Shen Yuxin's arms and said, 'Is this coyote its child? It can't be hurt because of protecting the child, can it?'

Luo Jinyuan shook his head

The good news guessed: 'It can't be that he sensed that his partner had an accident and ran out alone and was injured?'

Luo Jinyuan frowned, 'It's also possible that the monster will stay with its master after the contract, but that's not to say that it can't leave. As long as it doesn't betray, it's normal to go out to find a partner after adulthood. It's not too far away, and the master can return at any time when he calls.'

The Fire Wolf obviously understood the good news and nodded to them.

When the good news saw this, she said to him directly: 'You can't say anything now?'

The fire wolf opened his eyes in surprise. This was the first time that anyone outside his contract could communicate with him.

Moreover, after the other party communicates with him, he obviously feels a surge of air flow in his body, which gives him a sense of vitality. The wound is also accelerating healing.

He looked at the good news with awe in his eyes and replied respectfully: 'Lord Hui, I'm just a Level 4 monster and can't speak. I can only go up to a level. But you have healed me with magic? I feel much better.'

Jiayin knows that this is because the other person feels his dragon breath, so she can communicate with the other person, and the dragon breath will naturally sneak into the other person's body to forge for him.

It's not necessary to open your mind. After all, the other party is a monster, and its wisdom is not low.

After giving the other person a positive answer, he asked, 'Is what I just guessed right?'

The fire wolf replied: 'You guessed right. I sensed that my partner was in danger, so I came from Lincheng. It was gone when I came.

The hole where it lives was also put in an array. When I went in, I didn't notice that I was in the array and was injured by the array.

After I broke the array, I found something strange in the cave. My blood was also restless, and I found my cub by the pull of my blood.

I picked it up and prepared to go back. When I came here, I smelled the familiar smell. I really couldn't walk anymore, so I asked for help here'

The good news nodded. It seems that the partner of the other party has either been taken away from the contract or killed and taken to practice weapons and pills.

After all, the flame wolf's fur, flesh and blood, and even teeth are good materials for practicing weapons.

The wolf probably hid himself after his partner knew the danger in advance. Maybe he ran away alone to distract the enemy.

As for the array at the cave entrance, maybe the other side wants to catch more fire wolves. After all, wolves rarely live alone, but generally live in groups.

Luo Jinyuan had already fed the Flaming Wolf Pill and treated its wound. Now it looks much better.

The monster's recovery ability is very strong. The place that was just bloody has scabbed now.

Of course, it also has the function of dragon breath. Anyway, Luo and Shen didn't notice it.

At this time, the three men looked up at the same time, and saw a man in white in the air coming with his sword, and quickly and steadily fell to the ground.

The man took the sword in his hand and walked quickly over. First, he looked at the situation of the Fire Wolf and touched its head. Then he gave them a hand and said, 'Younger Martial Brother Luo, Younger Martial Sister Shen, and this girl, thank you for saving the flames.'

Luo Jinyuan and Shen Yuxin waved their hands and said, 'Senior Brother Huaishan is serious. When we came here, he was already here. He only helped heal the wound, but he didn't do anything else.'

The good news looked at the person in front of her and knew that this was the contract owner of the Fire Wolf. The accomplishments of the other person were higher in the middle of the Golden Elixir than those of Luo Jinyuan. No wonder Luo Jinyuan called the other person a senior brother.

Of course, the age of the other side should also be a little older than the two of them.

After greeting them, the other party took out a pill specially for the monster and fed it into the mouth of the Fire Wolf.

Luo Jin just gave the Fire Wolf the healing pill made by Shen Yuxin, which they took with them. Although it also has an effect on monsters, it is certainly not as effective as the special pill for monsters.

Just like now, the Flaming Wolf has just finished taking pills and felt much better. It seems that his hair color is more shiny than before.

The good news may be that I have stayed in the mortal world for a long time. When I saw such a miraculous pill, I did not react to it.

I think I must learn the alchemy when I have time. Maybe it will be useful to return to the divine world in the future. Most of these things are always the same.

Just like the medical skills of the world, some medical skills are also very magical. Like the acupuncture, it is better to prick the disease with a few needles. Jiayin also thinks it is very powerful.

If you learn the alchemy, you may be able to refine better pills when you return to the divine world and use better medicinal materials.

Huaishan took the little flaming wolf handed over by Shen Yuxin and reached out to touch the hairy little body.

He looked up and asked, 'By the way, why are you here, Younger Martial Brother Luo?'

Luo Jinyuan replied, 'We heard that there was a devil in the west of Heishan City. We went to have a look and found that people in several villages over there had been arrested. This time, there was no clue left.'

Huaishan sighed, 'The Demon Sect has become more and more arrogant in recent years, and people have been arrested and killed more and more frequently. But they just appear and disappear, and they have no way to catch them. It's really annoying...'

He said that he never stopped masturbating the wolf on his hands, and his hands itched to touch the good news.

Before going to bed, she was still thinking of the fat and hairy body, and now she saw the wolf with more eyes.

She felt that she could get a monster if she had a chance. It doesn't matter whether the fighting power is strong or not, as long as the fur is thick and soft enough.

It would be better if there were monsters in this world, such as chubby or leopard and tiger. She likes those two kinds of fur colors, while iron eaters are cute.

Huaishan and Luo Jinyuan said a few more words and left with the Fire Wolf. He was going to see if his partner left any clues.

Your demon animal's partner has been captured. If you can be sure, you should help to save it.

The three of them went back to the broken house.

Luo Jinyuan glanced at Yu Ruyi in Jiayin's hand. This was taken out by Jiayin in order to deceive others, and she just stepped on it.

There is no way. She has no sword, so she can only find something to cover.

Jiayin turned over on the shelf in the space. Only this jade Ruyi aura is the most sufficient. It is not a magic tool, but it has been in the space for a long time and has been contaminated with a lot of aura. It can be fake, confused and true.

This fooled the two of them. They thought it was the magic tool of the Jiayin tape, but they just glanced at it curiously.

After all, everyone is flying with a sword. It's the first time to see someone flying on Jade Ruyi. Of course, you should take a closer look.

After they entered the room, they saw Jiang Linger still sleeping, and looked at the good news with doubts.

The good news explained: 'I cast a spell to let her sleep. Linger's cultivation is not high, so I'm afraid it might be dangerous to follow her.'

The two people listened to Wen Yan and nodded.

Also, I don't know what unknown danger is there. Besides, Jiang Ling'er can't help if he goes there.

They couldn't sleep anyway, so Luo Jinyuan talked about this senior brother Huaishan.

Li Huaishan is the son of the leader of Jiyang Clan, and also his direct disciple. He is 207 years old this year. He is already in the middle of the Golden Elixir, and is the highest among the disciples of the four major sects.

Jiayin raised her eyebrows. This generation of disciples had the highest accomplishments in the middle of the Golden Elixir. It seems that the skills of these four major sects are not so powerful.

No matter how talented a person is, no matter how excellent his spiritual root talent is, if his skill is average, his cultivation speed will not be fast.

Although she had never seen them do it before, and could only see their accomplishments according to their aura fluctuations, she realized that they had no power.

If they have not trained their power and divine sense, then they have not practiced at all.

Jiayin prefers the latter, because when she talked with the Fire Wolf, they didn't notice at all.

After special cultivation, the divine sense will be much sharper. Even if you can't hear the voice, you will feel it.

Another is that Li Huaishan's imperial sword just flew nearby, and they seemed to notice that they looked up.

The good news was discovered long ago, but the other party had already flown nearby, if they pretended not to notice. It was a little hard to explain, so they looked up together.

She felt that she had a new understanding of her accomplishments in this world, which should not be as powerful as she imagined, and may be several levels lower than she imagined.

(End of this chapter)

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