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Chapter 373 Li Huaishan (subscription required)

The good news has two purposes. While listening to Luo Jinyuan and Shen Yuxin talk about Li Huaishan, they follow Li Huaishan and the Fire Wolf to the north with their divine sense.

It seems that the Fire Wolf has traveled a long way here. Li Huaishan holds the wolf in his arms and flies with the Fire Wolf.

It took two quarters of an hour to reach the valley of a deep mountain.

The good news raised her eyebrows. The companion of the Fire Wolf actually lived here. She thought they were going south.

Li Huaishan couldn't have settled in Minghui State, where Jiyang Sect is located in the south. After all, he is the son of the patriarch.

How did the wolf come to the north to find his mate? At such a distance, it would be nice to see you once a year.

The good news was puzzled and asked directly, 'How did Luo Daoyou and Li Daoyou appear here? Shouldn't he be in the Jiyang Sect?'

Luo Jinyuan replied: 'Senior Brother Huaishan came out to experience. This year, the Ziyuan secret place in the country of Daliang will be opened. We are all waiting here for the secret place to open.

The Purple Source Mystery is opened every 30 years, but the specific date is not certain. Every time there is a change, so everyone will come and wait in advance to check the trend of Devil Cultivation.

We also came here to wait for the secret place to open. The other day, we heard that there were people from the Demon School in the west. We went there to check and came back without finding any clues. '

The good news was a little confused and said, 'Why don't you wait near the secret place? This is the Three Nos Zone. Although it's not far from any country, it's better to stay in the territory of Daliang.'

This time, Shen Yuxin replied: 'You don't know, Sister Jiayin. After all, the country of Daliang is the territory of the Wan Jianzong, and there are many disciples of the Wan Jianzong. They have almost taken over the entrance of the secret border. It's OK to wait there, but Fu Lingshi has to obey their arrangements.

And every time there is occupied by some casual repair, with a large number of people and chaos. The other three sects of ours will not go there basically.

Anyway, it will take one year to enter the secret place. It's the same everywhere. '

Later, someone explained: 'The purple source secret place is opened every 30 years. The opening time is one year. As long as the friars are within the golden pill period, they can enter at any time, but when the time comes, they will be automatically transmitted.

It is meaningless even if it is nearby. It will be randomly placed after entering, and it may not be placed anywhere.

It doesn't mean that whoever is advanced has more opportunities. Everyone has equal opportunities. Some people even enter in the last few days and get more treasures than those who have been in for a whole year'

The good news suddenly nodded, 'I see. It's really unnecessary to squeeze in.'

In this way, it's the same everywhere. Anyway, it won't take long to fly the Imperial Sword, and it will be there in a day.

The Heishan City is located to the southeast. The country of Yunwu is to the east, and the country of Minghui is to the south. It is just at the border of the two countries. The location is quite good.

This is the divine sense of the good news. She immediately focused on Li Huaishan, who was fighting with others!

Just now, the divine sense of good news came with me. It was clear that no one was found, and this person did not know where it came from.

The person's breath and good news seemed familiar. After thinking about it, she remembered that it was one of the things she had noticed during the Qingzhu robbery.

Because of his strong breath, I paid more attention to him at that time.

Now it seems that this person should be Yuanying Cultivation. He has a stronger breath than Li Huaishan. His hair looks gray and middle-aged.

According to the good news, his bone age is almost a thousand years old. If he doesn't break through, he may have his life limit coming.

She just listened to Luo Jinyuan's introduction about the magic power and longevity of this world's accomplishments.

You can live to be more than 150 years old when you enter the Qi training period, and the foundation building period is 500 years old. You can use your spiritual power to use the skills corresponding to your spiritual root to fly with the sword.

The Golden Elixir Period is from 800 to 1000 years old. The body has pills, which can communicate the aura of heaven and earth, and make it into its own form.

At the stage of Yuanying, the infant can be broken into pills and fly in the air. As long as the Yuanying is intact, even if its body is destroyed, it can also be rebuilt. Its life span is from 1000 to 1500 years old.

After Yuanying, if they can't continue to make breakthroughs, most of them will die when their longevity is exhausted at about 1000 years old.

If you have good pills or close the door in a place with sufficient aura, you may live for hundreds of years.

Obviously, there is no such a good pill for free cultivation. Otherwise, it would not look like a decadent face.

People who cultivate immortals can reshape their appearance when they reach a certain level, while the other person looks like a middle-aged and old uncle and has obvious wrinkles on his face.

I don't think I will deliberately make myself look like this. It should be that I can't keep my young shape before I will naturally age.

Both sides beat each other equally. Although he is a higher level than Li Huaishan, his skill is obviously not as good as Li Huaishan's.

Besides, Li Huaishan was also helped by the Fire Wolf. With so many magic weapons on his body, he was even.

When Li Huaishan and the other side were inseparable, the flame wolf flew towards the other side's waist with a fierce flame. With a gentle stroke of its sharp paw, it broke a lanyard on the other side's waist.

When he fell, he opened his mouth and held a dusty cloth bag in his mouth.

The man was so distracted by it that he whipped Li Huaishan's whip and took two steps back.

The whip in Li Huaishan's hand is a spirit weapon, which is one level higher than the magic weapon. The other's magic weapon is a knife, which has many gaps.

The material of the whip attracted Jiayin's attention. The texture looks like a snake's skin or tendons.

The good news frowned and felt uncomfortable. As a dragon, she felt naturally close to snakes and always felt that she was her own family.

Of course, it is not enough to put it under its own wings. It is just uncomfortable.

Then I saw Li Huaishan and the Flaming Wolf feign a move, retreat back, quickly take out a flying shuttle and go directly into the flying shuttle as it grows bigger, and then disappear

Good news '...'

Just ran away?

The man apparently did not expect the other party to run away directly. He was stunned for a moment, but he did not know which side to pursue. He cursed angrily and turned away.

The speed of the shuttle was too fast, and even the divine sense of Jiayin didn't keep up with it, so he had to explore in a hundred miles around.

Unexpectedly, the flying shuttle appeared in the sky above the broken house and came towards them!

The speed of the shuttle is really fast. It took Yu Jian two quarters of an hour to get there, and it took a blink of an eye to get back.

He saw that the shuttle fell outside the gate of the courtyard. Li Huaishan got off the shuttle with the flaming wolf and put it away, then walked in slowly.

In fact, half of the house has no roof, and it is OK for the other party to drop in directly, but Li Huaishan is more polite and says hello before coming in.

The flaming wolf still had the dusty bag in his mouth.

Luo Jinyuan stood up and looked at the bag in the wolf's mouth. He said to Li Huaishan, 'Elder Martial Brother Huaishan, this is saved? The place is actually there. Do you know which sect it belongs to?'

Li Huaishan shook his head. 'He is not a member of the four major sects. He should be a casual cultivator. His accomplishments are not low. If I don't have a lot of magic weapons, I will probably lose them to the other party.'

Pointing to the cloth bag in the mouth of the flame, he said: 'Fortunately, the other party wants to contract with the flame's partner. If the other party is used as the material for refining weapons and pills, it can't be saved.'

She didn't understand the good news, but she looked in the direction of Li Huaishan's fingers and carefully observed the dusty bag. She sensed that there were living things in it!

Is it a storage space for living things? But the bag should be owned by someone, so Jiayin didn't venture into it.

Li Huaishan took the bag from the fire wolf's mouth and gently rubbed it to Luo Jin, saying, 'The other person's accomplishments are a little higher than mine. I can't erase the mark on the beast bag. I have to wait until I get back to the station to bother Elder Yang.'

Hearing the good news, I was stunned, but this was a royal loan? That is to say, it is specially equipped with monsters!

So this kind of living space bag should be more rare?

As expected, Luo Jinyuan smiled and said, 'Congratulations to Elder Martial Brother Huaishan. He not only saved the flame's companion, but also got a beast bag for nothing.

When the Royal Beast Bag recognizes the Lord again, three members of the Flames family can stay in it. It will be convenient to take them out later.

Li Huaishan also felt happy when he heard the speech. He thought so too.

As the son of the leader of the Jiyang Clan, it is not difficult to have a beast bag, but you need to pay some price.

Everyone knows that Flames is his monster. He often brings them out for training because more fighting is also good for Flames' accomplishments.

But now it's a white one, which is also very happy.

Now I understand the good news. The beast bag needs to erase the mark of the original owner if it wants to recognize the Lord again. People with low accomplishments cannot erase those with high accomplishments.

She thought it was lucky that she didn't act rashly just now. She directly put her divine sense into the bag. If the other party's mark was erased by mistake, she would expose herself.

She also wanted to sneak into that secret place with them to have a look. It was not good to expose her accomplishments. The secret place could only be entered below the golden pill. If she did, there would be no explanation.

But before that, she had to send Jiang Ling'er to Yuntianzong and then come back.

Li Huaishan asked, 'This place is not far from the camp. Why are you resting here? Don't you go back today?'

Luo Jinyuan chuckled and said: 'It's the time today. It's good to go back to the camp tomorrow. Didn't my younger martial sister and I go to check the Devil Cultivation before?

I happened to meet these two girls who wanted to go to the Cloud Heavenly Sect for an introductory test when I came back and passed by here, so I stayed here to explain something about the Cloud Heavenly Sect to them. '

He told the story about the chicken soup before when he was bad. Now they are still digesting the chicken soup with rich aura. If they get a cheap price, they should not be obedient again. If Senior Brother Huaishan wants to taste it, what should we do.

Li Huaishan then looked at the good news again. Although he had said hello to the other party before, he did not see the accomplishments of the other party. He thought he was a new disciple of the Yuntian Sect and was taken out to see the world by Luo Jinyuan.

After all, not all people who come here will enter the secret place. There are also many people waiting outside for people inside to come out and buy treasures brought out of the secret place with spirit stones.

There are many lower level treasures that can no longer be used for cultivation like them. They can either be taken back to the sect for distribution, or sold directly to those lower level friars who need them outside the secret world to earn some extra money.

Unexpectedly, this is a person who has not yet joined the sect. He looks like an ordinary person.

He looked carefully, but still did not see any accomplishments. 'Has this girl tested the spiritual root? She knows her own spiritual root and can practice the corresponding skills. If she has excellent aptitude, she can become a disciple personally...'

The good news smiled and said, 'Thanks for the advice from Li Daoyou. It's not me but my friend who wants to go to Yuntianzong to take the test. I sent her by the way. I will return when I send someone to Yuntianzong to have a look at the secret place of Ziyuan.

You have experience, do not know what to bring into the secret? I would also like to prepare in advance. '

Li Huaishan heard that the other party was also going to enter the secret realm. That is, he had accomplishments. He couldn't see through it. He thought it was a treasure to cover his accomplishments.

Having figured this out, he introduced it to Jiayin. 'Although anyone can enter the secret place, their accomplishments cannot exceed the golden pill period. There have been hidden accomplishments before, and all of them have been excluded from the secret place.

It doesn't matter if you enter the secret place. You'd better take everything you can with you. There are many dangerous monsters in it. If you are unlucky, you will be put on the territory of high-level monsters.

Except for the king of beasts, monsters are usually in groups. One can say that a group is not easy to deal with.

In addition, if you have trusted acquaintances, you'd better form a team. It is difficult to pass in many places alone, and it is better to have someone to take care of when there are many people'

I listened to the good news carefully. Although I don't know what level my accomplishments are, I must have surpassed Yuanying.

He has broken the world bead. People with high accomplishments may not be able to see through it, but they don't know whether they can hide it from the secret world.

At that time, she can try it. If she can't, she will wait outside to see if she can probe into the divine sense. She just wants to see what the secret place looks like.

If possible, it doesn't matter whether people can enter or not.

After a few words, Li Huaishan left with the Fire Wolf. He hurried back to remove the mark on the Royal Beast Bag, so that the other party could not follow the mark.

Moreover, Fierce Flame has been telling him, anxious to see if his partner is injured. After all, they can't see the situation in the Royal Beast Bag.

After they left, Jiayin also went back to bed and had a rest. Now it's only midnight and there's nothing to talk about. It's better to ask Luo Jinyuan and his wife to meditate and catch up on their own sleep.

The next day, they went out together.

Only Jiang Ling'er had some snacks for breakfast, but Jiayin didn't.

She didn't want to take out Holy Water again in front of them, for fear that they would think more.

If you don't take the spirit water, you can see at a glance that there is no spirit in the pheasant, so you don't take it at all. She said she hit it on the road before, and it's normal if there is no spirit.

(End of this chapter)

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