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Chapter 375 Cloud Cat (subscription required)

Because they were the only two little girls, a big sheep animal could not eat all of them, so they only roasted one leg, and the rest of the meat was collected by Jiayin and put into the storage bag for wild animals before.

This goat beast is huge. It needs to weigh dozens of jin on one leg alone. Its fur is also very soft. It is more supple and slender than the goat hair of Fanjie, so a large one is just right for making a mattress.

Jiayin has seen Fang Yun tanning the fur. She is going to soak it in a while and tanning it tomorrow.

There is a stream just over there, and the lamb leg will leave a lot of grass curtain ash after baking.

However, she searched in the space. It seems that the largest wooden basin cannot hold this leather, but if you want to soak the leather in plant grey water, you can't put it in the stream, can you? That won't be washed away?

Forget it. Let's wait until we are full. The smell of meat is coming out.

I don't know if it is because of the mutation. Although the meat has not been salted, it is not fishy at all.

Because the meat is too thick, they use a knife to cut it down and sprinkle the sauce after it is roasted. They eat it layer by layer, which is also very delicious.

Because I was afraid of being disturbed by wild animals when I was eating, Jiayin directly asked Green Bamboo to put out pressure to keep those monsters and wild animals away.

For the monsters in this world, the green bamboo is enough.

Luo Jinyuan once said that the monster with the highest accomplishments known to the world is the eighth level, which is equivalent to the Golden Elixir Cultivation Period, which is the current accomplishments of Green Bamboo.

The monsters in this world are divided into nine levels, and the first to fifth levels are low level monsters, which only have their own natural instincts.

For example, the fire wolf can only attack with bite like ordinary wolves when it is within level 5, of course, its speed and strength are dozens of times that of ordinary wolves.

Once it breaks through Level 6, it can use the innate fire, which is also the origin of its name. The fire of the fire wolf is not only more hot but also corrosive. The higher the level, the more lethal the fire is.

Li Huaishan's is now a fourth level animal. When it reaches the fifth level, it will spit out delicious words. At the sixth level, it can generate strange fire. At the seventh level, it can fly in the air. At the eighth level, it can transform into a shape. At the ninth level, it is said that it is the monster king, but no one has seen it.

Green Bamboo is now Level 8, and it can be regarded as a bearer in the monster world.

Of course, if the senior friars come, this kind of pressure will be useless.

It's no good just eating barbecue. Jiayin also bought some snacks when she was wandering in Green Cloud.

The material used in this heart is good. It is not only delicious, but also contains a touch of aura. It should be made of crops grown in places with sufficient aura.

This kind of snack can also strengthen the body and prolong life for ordinary people who cannot practice. It has the same effect as the Holy Water before her.

By the time they were full, it was already late.

Before, in consideration of Jiang Ling'er's low accomplishments, the Royal Sword Flying News did not dare to fly too fast, which was much faster than walking. Now they are already three or four hundred miles away from Lvyun City.

Before she left here, she used her divine sense to probe forward. After passing the mountain, there would be a city dozens of miles to the east. It should be Qingyun City.

They inquired about it before. They left Lvyun City and headed east. A mountain range separated from it was Qingyun City.

To the north of Qingyun City is Qingyun Mountain. That mountain peak is the highest in Yunwu Country. There are countless small peaks on the mountain, which are also the peaks of Yuntian Sect.

Of course, in addition to the four peaks mentioned by Luo Jinyuan, there are also free mountains that are not occupied by the peak leader. Generally, they are all medicine fields and spiritual fields within the sect, as well as places for disciples to practice.

The good news can clearly feel that the more you go there, the more powerful your aura will be. It should be because of the spirit veins on the Qingyun Mountain.

At that time, the Yuntian Sect established its sect here for this reason.

To be honest, the good news wanted to practice near the Holy vein before, but now she doesn't like it at all.

Because she found that there was no inner foot of the broken boundary bead in the most sufficient place of the aura of Qingyun Mountain. As she stayed in this world for longer, the aura in the broken boundary bead space was also growing, and now it is almost liquefied!

The things in the relative space are also contaminated, so Shen Yuxin will say that the chicken soup cooked in Lingshui is comparable to pills.

Jiayin and Jiang Ling'er didn't finish the leg of mutton. There was still more than half of it left. They baked the rest and sprinkled it with spices. They were ready to receive it in the storage bag and bring it out for breakfast tomorrow.

As soon as I picked up the roasted leg of lamb, a golden light flashed in front of me, and the leg of lamb in my hand disappeared!

Good news, what is so fast?

He quickly used his divine sense to look around. A golden tiger was hundreds of feet away from them? At this time, I was holding the leg of a sheep with two big claws and biting it!

…… The good news twitched at the corners of her mouth. The cultivation of this monster that seems to be a tiger is obviously not high, which is almost the same as that of the fire wolf. Unexpectedly, people who want to stutter even take risks to rob the level eight monster, Green Bamboo.

When Jiayin's divine sense saw the other side's face, it found that it was not a tiger. There was no tiger's signature Wang character on her forehead, but a cluster of white hairs in the shape of lightning.

The face is very similar to the cat in the ordinary world. Is it the mutant cat in this world?

The speed is too fast. I just grabbed something from my own hands, but I didn't react to it for a while, so we can see that it should be good at speed.

The good news directly asked Jiang Linger, 'Linger, do you know a monster that looks like a cat? Its body is gradually golden yellow, and its head has a bunch of white hair in the shape of lightning.'

Jiang Ling'er was stunned and said, 'I really know that the people who came to my father to hunt monsters were going to hunt them.

It is said that its name is Chuanyunmao. It is famous for its fast speed. Its hair is golden and its pupils are also golden. Only a handful of white hairs on its forehead grow into a lightning shape.

Sister Jiayin, is it Chuan Yunmao who just stole our leg? Could my father have come here? '

After saying that, Jiang Ling'er felt a little depressed. If his father came here to hunt Yunmao, he would have died here?

She couldn't help looking around to find out some clues related to her father, but it was dark all around and she couldn't see anything. '

The good news touched her head in comfort, 'I took it and asked if it had seen your father and them.'

Although it is unlikely, after all, there is not only one monster of this kind. How could they meet them so accidentally.

Jiang Ling'er nodded and held a glimmer of hope in his heart.

Although I believe in the divination ability of Jiayin, my father should have died, but what if?

There is a glimmer of hope, but I still want to ask. Even if there is no one, it is better to find the bones. You can build a grave for Dad, and there will be a place for worship in the future.

The good news directly transformed the divine sense into the form, and surrounded the big cat.

Cloud Piercing Cat was held in place by the sudden threat, and its body froze for a moment.

Even so, the two claws still held the leg tightly and did not let go.

Jiayin brought it directly with divine sense.

Cloud Piercing Cat just felt black and appeared in front of two human women.

It had observed them from afar before, of course, it knew that this was the owner of the leg of sheep, and thought of this, it tightened its claws subconsciously.

It was attracted by the smell of barbecue. Although it was not seen that these two people were threatening, they had a threat. It should be that there was a stronger monster here, so it didn't dare to move forward and looked at them eagerly.

Later, I saw that one of the women was going to put away the meat, but she couldn't help but came to snatch it. I thought that the other party would not care too much if she ate the leftovers. With her own speed, I guess she would not be caught.

Unexpectedly, the other person was even more powerful than he thought, so he was caught by others directly. At this time, he was still holding a leg of sheep in his paws.

Jiayin watched the cloud cat with fire light, and saw that his hair was gradually golden, with a round head and a somewhat round body.

The hairy ears are not as sharp as the kittens, but some are round and thick like fat ears.

The two golden pupils, either because of fear or because they saw the firelight, turned into vertical pupils and were looking at them vigilantly.

The good news said directly, 'Can you talk to others?'

The cloud cat looked at her and shook its head obediently.

It seems that they have not reached Level 5, so the good news directly said: 'I have no malice, just want to ask something, and let you go after asking.'

Cloud Piercing Cat didn't expect that the other side could directly communicate to him, and his eyes opened wide in an instant.

Isn't this the contract that the elders of the clan said can be done later? Is the other party so powerful that he can contract himself unconsciously?

Seeing his cat face, his expression kept changing. The good news was funny, 'Don't worry, I didn't contract with you, and I'm not human, so I can talk to you.'

The cloud piercing cat blinked, then nodded carefully, 'Please ask me, I will tell you what I know.'

Seeing this, the good news continued to ask, 'Do you all live here?'

Cloud Piercing Cat shook his head. 'I came here seven years ago. I was expelled after losing the territory with my brothers. I'm the only one here.'

'Do you know that five years ago, there was a group of friars in your gathering place? One of them was a middle-aged man who had no accomplishments but could only paint a mansion. He looked like the little girl around me.'

Chuan Yunmao looked at Jiang Linger, tilted his head and shook his head: 'There are a lot of people who want to catch us in the mountains over there, because that is the stronghold of our family. I don't know whether there are those people you mentioned.

Most people who go to our territory are driven away or killed. Generally, people who enter our territory, whether monks or ordinary people, are driven away first. If they don't leave or fight with us, we will kill them.

They come to hunt us or steal our cubs. They will come again if they don't kill them. '

The good news agrees that it is a matter of life and death. No one is right or wrong.

She just asked for help. She thought as much as Jiang Ling. If you can find out the whereabouts of her father's body, you can collect it and let him go home.

As for revenge, there is no need. After all, they came to disturb people's lives first, and they also wanted to kill people and steal their cubs to sell money.

To be honest, those friars deserved to die.

As a divine dragon family, Jiayin has no preference for mortals and monsters. She is a creature, and no one is more noble than others. She is just respected by the strong and the weak.

She told Jiang Ling'er what she had asked, only saying that her demon pet helped her to ask.

Demons can communicate with each other, while people and monsters can only communicate with each other by contract.

Jiang Ling'er felt sad when she heard this, but she knew that the chances were slim.

Moreover, even if she knew the place, she could not be so selfish and let Sister Jiayin take risks with her.

Only after she has become a teacher, she will seize the time to practice and improve her accomplishments. When she can take charge of her own affairs, she will go to collect the body for her father.

At this time, Jiayin had an idea when she looked at the golden cloud cat with hair and pupils in front of her.

This cloud cat suits her very well, no matter in shape or appearance, especially the color on her body, which is completely aesthetic.

He asked directly, 'You are also alone here. Would you like to be my pet?'

Cloud Piercing Cat just wants to refuse. It is the boss here. Why should it follow others?

I heard the good news and continued: 'I won't make a contract with you. You can leave at any time. Follow my words, and you can use the Holy Stone freely. There are delicious food every day. I can help you achieve it as long as you don't want too much...'

The cloud cat lifted its paw and replied, 'Don't say anything, master, I'm tired of staying here for a long time. I just want to go out with you.'

It's a fool who won't agree to such a good deed!

No contract means no need to help fight, no need to help work hard, no matter how much you eat, no matter how much you control, you can also make demands. What kind of immortal treatment is this

Green Bamboo looked at the two of them, one was like a kidnapper in the mortal world, the other was like a foolish son of the landlord's family.

Green Bamboo doesn't know. These cloud cats are all food eaters. If you want to catch them, you can lead them out with delicious food. If it isn't really fast, I'm afraid they will be extinct.

With the roast leg of lamb it just ate, even if the good news is not said, it will secretly follow behind them.

Since it will be its own beast, Jiayin is going to give it a name.

After looking at its shape and color, he said directly, 'In the future, you can call it Jin Yuanbao. It's lovely and rich.'

Jiang Ling'er looks confused. What's the matter? Why did you just ask a couple of questions and get your name?

What did she miss?

And even if you accept the pet, is this name too good?

People are all in the fierce wind and flame. No matter how hard it is to lighten, it's better than gold ingot?

But she saw through the posture of Yunmao and liked the name very much.

Good trumpet~_~ I wish you liked it.

Since we decided to rest here tonight, Jiayin took out the big bed. This time, we didn't take the last one.

Last time, the bed was put in the room, with only four bed pillars and gauze curtains. This big bed was a stretcher bed collected in the Imperial Palace of the Half Moon Kingdom. Like a small house, it also has internal and external rooms.

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