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Chapter 376 Qingyun City (subscription required)

The stretcher bed is of fine workmanship. Inside is a big bed that can sleep three people, with a bed top and a bed curtain. Outside is a living room, with a dresser, wardrobe and a basin frame. The floor is also covered with felt blankets.

There was no roof in the outside room. After all, it was put in the room. There was no need to build a two story roof. Jiayin specially added a roof to it. I can't see what I don't know.

It looks much better than a tent.

Jiayin took out a night pearl and put it on the candlestick for lighting, which became bright instantly.

I also took out the quilts I used before, and put a small charcoal stove to heat and boil water. In fact, it's not necessary. I just want this feeling.

Jiang Linger was suppressed by Jiayin's Sao operation again.

How much space is in her storage bag? At least the storage bag I gave myself before the good news, just put this bed almost full.

Cloud Piercing Cat, well, it's called Jin Yuanbao now.

Jin Yuanbao's eyes lit up. It was nice and comfortable to look at. Especially the blanket on the ground made the cat want to roll. There were flowers on it. It was really nice!

Although it is a monster, it is also aesthetic.

Jin Yuanbao solves the problem of the leg of sheep in his arms and walks in like a stroll on the elegant catwalk.

Once inside, I stretched my neck to smell here and there.

After smelling it, I nodded with satisfaction. Hmm, good, it's the smell of sandalwood.

Jiayin looked at its greasy mouth and paws, poured some water into the copper basin next to it, and washed a cloth towel.

Go to press its head and wipe its mouth first, then wash the cloth towel and then wipe its paws.

'Look at your oil. How can you go to bed later? You should clean up.'

Jin Yuanbao unconsciously tried to struggle. If he had oil, he would lick it and clean it. Why should he wipe it?

As a result, I was attracted by the aura on the cloth towel when I was wiped. I sucked my nose hard and looked around. I found that the aura in the water basin was more sufficient!

Immediately spread the word to the good news: 'Wait, it's too bad to wipe my face with this water. I'll go and have a drink first...'

Jiayin held it down and insisted on wiping it. Then she said, 'Look at your worthless appearance. The water is dirty. I'll pour you another bowl later. Don't worry, I have plenty of this.'

Jin Yuanbao looks regretful and smashes his mouth. He watches the good news pour out the water that has wiped his paws. That aura is really rich, isn't it the spring water?

The good news looked at it like that and took out a spare large porcelain bowl that had been fired for Pangpang before with a funny face. She got a full bowl of Holy Water and put it in front of him.

Without saying a word, Jin Yuanbao put his head into the bowl and licked it. Soon, he licked a bowl full of water and belched contentedly.

Gathered near the good news and said with a flattering face, 'Master, I don't need a spirit stone or anything. In the future, just give me a few bowls of this water every day.'

The good news picked her eyebrows and nodded.

This guy doesn't know that the spirit stone he said is not the inferior spirit stone in this world. However, there is enough spirit in the spirit water, which may be more attractive to the monster.

Jiang Linger went to make the bed when Jiayin was scrubbing Jin Yuanbao. She laid the mattress and pillows on the bed, and then went to put out the fire outside.

They had experience in camping before. They knew that Jiayin's monster level was not low, so they let it go. At night, they didn't have to worry that other monsters would come near and hurt them.

In addition, there is a cloud piercing cat. As the good news just said, this mountain peak is the territory of cloud piercing cat. It is already the strongest monster in this mountain peak, so it is safer.

In the days before they arrived at Lvyun City, they always stayed in inns or some deserted houses. This extra bed is much more comfortable than those.

The only disadvantage is the lack of a door. The front is open. Although it is not dangerous, it is always strange.

Later, she simply took out an old quilt that she had used in the Lin family from her storage bag and hung it on the wooden frame. It was tightly blocked and finally felt much better.

After making the bed, Jiang Ling'er consciously slept in it. Jiayin climbed up and slept in the middle. Jin Yuanbao tilted his head and jumped into bed directly on the outside.

As soon as the plump Yunmao went to bed, he squeezed the originally spacious big bed into a perfect fit.

The first floor where the good news used both hands and feet buried his head in his soft hair.

Well, it's as soft as you think~

It's really a demon with accomplishments. It's more comfortable than Chubby Maomao.

Jin Yuanbao's body stiffened unnaturally.

Really, is this too warm?

Although it is a monster, it is also a male. It is somewhat uncomfortable to be held by a little girl.

Just now she said that she was not a human being and did not know what the noumenon was?

Of course, even if it is its own kind, it does not dare to think about it. It looks much higher than its own level. It is so natural after transformation that no one can see it. It must be more than nine levels.

It is said by the elders of the family that the level of the monster is far more than nine levels, just like this.

In fact, many ancient great monsters have fallen asleep, because they have been forgotten for too long. It is even possible that a plain mountain is part of the body of the great demon.

Of course, these are just guesses. They are passed down from elders by word of mouth. Whether they are true or not, no one has verified them.

It never really listened to it before, but now after seeing the good news, it thinks what the elders may have said is true.

As for why don't you think the good news lied to him?

It is because of the intuition of the monster. The pressure that fixed it before is absolutely not owned by the high-level human friars.

The high level friars can only frighten it. If they don't imagine good news, they can't help subjecting themselves from the inside out. There is an impulse to bow down devoutly.

In addition to blood suppression, it is level suppression

Jin Yuanbao slowly fell asleep in his reverie.

The next morning, after getting up and washing up, Jiayin took out the leftover mutton from yesterday and a large pot of mutton, and they worked together with Jiang Ling'er to stew a large pot of mutton.

Jiang Linger's cooking skills have improved a lot through the good news these days.

Even if you can't do a good job with the good news yourself, what kind of the condiment or heat you put in it, you are right.

Before, I watched Zhiyuan every day and they did it.

Of course, it's really just a matter of watching. It's not that important for her to operate.

But Jiang Linger, a veteran of cooking for several years, just picked up a little bit and connected with it one by one. The food is becoming more and more delicious.

The good news is still thinking that when Jiang Linger is sent to Yuntianzong, no one will cook for her.

Although it doesn't matter if she doesn't eat, the problem is that she is greedy. She has been used to eating three meals a day for more than ten years in the ordinary world.

However, Jiang Ling'er's cultivation is so low that she can't enter the secret place.

Forget it. I'd better try to learn by myself. It's better to say that there are many things that can't be customized.

So this morning, Jiayin was also involved in the mutton stew. She put seasoning according to the amount in her memory and controlled the heat. Although Jiang Ling'er saved the field several times in the middle, it was really cooked.

Once the lid of the pot is opened, the taste is really delicious.

In fact, it's not surprising that the materials are good and the condiments are complete. Only if they are not too talented, they will not be too bad.

The condiments are bought again by Jiayin in this world. This world has a spirit, and the condiments produced are much better than those in the ordinary world. The fragrance is more intense.

As soon as the fragrance of Jin Yuanbao floated out, he began to circle around the pot.

The mutton needs to be stewed for a while before it becomes soft. After half an hour of stewing, it revolves around the pot for half an hour. When it is finally ready to eat, tears of excitement flow from the corners of the mouth

Jiayin used the big porcelain bowl that she drank yesterday to fill it with a full bowl first, and then she and Jiang Ling'er also filled their own bowls.

Of course, Jiang Ling'er still has the dry food she bought in the city as her staple food, and the good news is that she eats mutton and drinks mutton soup directly.

Fortunately, Jin Yuanbao licked up the last bit of soup.

This cauldron is used for travelling with Fang Zhiyuan. Six or seven people can eat enough.

Unexpectedly, the three of them had finished the whole pot.

Most of them got into Jin Yuanbao's stomach, and his body was obviously round.

After they finished eating, they sat down to have a snack, put out the fire and picked up their things.

Jin Yuanbao did not want to move and lay on the ground with his belly turned.

When the good news was finished, they looked at the big cat with a round belly and almost couldn't help stepping on it.

I'm sorry that this guy can still be so fast with all his fat, but it's no wonder that he will lose when he fights with his brother for territory. It must be because he often eats and doesn't practice well.

Jin Yuanbao didn't know what Jiayin and Jiang Linger thought, or he would definitely blow the wool.

The reason why he lost was that several of his opponents besieged him, not that he did not cultivate well.

The cloud piercing cat is not only greedy for food, but the entire ethnic group is a food eater, let alone anyone.

Two people and a cat set out on the journey again. Lu Jiayin was going to fly with Jiang Ling'er's sword. Now there is more Jin Yuanbao, and the plan can only be changed.

Not that she can't carry two people and a cat with her sword, but this string flies in the sky, which is really not beautiful.

It is better to fly the imperial sword with immortal air.

Although the cloud piercing cats are fast, if they fly with their swords and let Jin Yuanbao chase them down, she will not be able to bear it, so let's just go on with our feet.

Fortunately, they are not far away. They are now on the top of the mountain. As long as they go down the mountain and walk a few more miles, they can reach Qingyun City.

They will definitely arrive in two days at most before the good news is calculated.

When they went down the mountain, they did not walk in the woods again. They met many friars on the road.

They are all ready to rush to the State of Daliang and wait for the secret land to open.

The good news was curious at first. How can they go now?

They can't be more knowledgeable than the four major gates. Do you know the specific time when the secret world opens?

After all, they are the four major gates, and they went there to guard them a long time in advance, but they are just going there now, as if they knew the time.

I couldn't help but listen to their conversation with divine sense. It wasn't that they knew the specific time when the secret place was opened.

It is because the secret land has been opened for 30 years. The year of opening is either the beginning of the year or the end of the year.

However, it was not opened at the beginning of this year, and now more than half of the year has passed. It will be opened at the end of that year, so they will go there.

I didn't go there to wait in advance, because I either intensified my cultivation in the door, or collected miraculous drugs from demon hunters, and bought equipment with the Holy Stone to prepare for entering the secret place.

When those people saw the good news, their two little girls took a cloud cat with them, and they were afraid.

If there is no crossing cat, they may not pay attention to these two little girls.

After all, in the early days of Qi training, one person did not have accomplishments at all. In addition to being beautiful, they were not much different from ordinary people.

However, it is different to have a cloud cat wearing nearby. With the level of cloud cat wearing, it is definitely not something that can be possessed by a girl in the Qi training period.

There is only one possibility left, that is, the little girl who can't see her accomplishments, and her realm is higher than theirs.

So everyone did not dare to provoke them, and they avoided those who were far away.

Jiayin is very satisfied with this. Although she doesn't want to expose her accomplishments, it's also annoying if people often come up to find fault. It's better to be quiet.

The more you go east, the more friars you have, which means you are closer to the Yuntian Sect.

These people don't necessarily go to the secret border, they just walk on the road.

When I finally arrived at Green Cloud City, I felt that it was obviously different from the previous scene of Green Cloud City.

The guards at the gate all have accomplishments, although it is hard to achieve the peak of Qi training.

Before, the guards of Lvyun City were ordinary people. Even the young master of the city had no accomplishments.

The Qingyun City is not just a guard. Everyone who comes in and out of the city has some accomplishments. It seems that there are no ordinary people living here.

The good news did not directly explore Qingyun City with divine sense. After all, this is the territory of the Cloud Heavenly Sect, and there must be someone with high accomplishments to protect it.

Of course, great power is not dangerous to good news, but people with high accomplishments are more sensitive to divine knowledge.

If she rashly uses her divine sense to probe the other party, it will inevitably cause trouble if she is detected by the other party.

This is totally unnecessary. Anyway, they are going to the city, and it is the same with the naked eye.

After paying the cost of entering the city, two people and one cat entered the city.

The cost here is obviously much higher. It requires ten spirit beads, even the contracted monster.

The cost is ten times that of other cities, but it does not stop the pace of people entering the city. There are obviously more people in Qingyun City than in Lvyun City.

As soon as she entered the city, Jiayin felt obviously different. There was a spirit gathering array in the city!

The aura concentration inside the city is more than ten times higher than that outside the city. Jiang Linger and Jin Yuanbao took a deep breath at the same time, feeling that their pores were stretched out.

Jiayin and Qingzhu don't feel much about it. After all, this aura is far worse than that in the Broken World Pearl.

She looked at the shops on both sides curiously. There were few shops for ordinary people.

Except for the taverns and taverns, those who sell daily necessities are almost invisible. Most of them sell magic tools, monsters, materials for refining weapons, and pills.

They had never seen a shop selling pills and monsters in Heishan City and Lvyun City before. They were very curious about it, so they went in for a walk.

It was found that there were some low-level monster eggs and cubs, and none of them were adult.

Jin Yuanbao looked around, snorted, and said to the good news, 'See? This is what human beings love to do. They buy and sell monsters as commodities. When I'm senior, I'll catch human friars to sell them!'

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