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Chapter 379 Xu Family (subscription required)

Xu Jiaojiao was very worried at that time. Her accomplishments were already loose, and she was ready to build a foundation at any time. If she was possessed, it would kill her!

She is the most talented person in the Xu family's generation. The family resources are inclined towards her. Her parents and brothers also place high hopes on her.

I could have built a foundation before I was 60 years old. I could make a great achievement. I could also enter the Yuntian Sect and become the disciple of the elder.

It's good now. Even if you fail to build the foundation, you will be seriously injured. If you don't have natural materials and land treasures, you can't recover them without keeping them for decades.

The Xu family in Qingyun City is also a powerful immortal family. Although there is no deep foundation, there are also Yuan Ying friars in charge.

The family has its own cultivation method, which was obtained by the ancestor of the Xu family in a secret place. Although it is not very advanced, it can also be regarded as the heritage of the Xu family.

I just don't know whether it is not suitable or whether I can't understand the qualification problem. Most of the Xu family's children can only practice to build a foundation, and it is very difficult to move forward.

Therefore, most of those with good talent will still worship the Yuntian Sect, and some will go directly to the inner door of the Yuntian Sect from urination.

Those who are less talented should start from outside disciples, and some will go after building the foundation.

Over the years, the Xu family has entered the Yuntian Clan. The number of people has been considerable, and now they can count on the big tree of the Yuntian Clan.

The reason why Xu Jiaojiao didn't go when she was young is that her parents couldn't bear to part with her.

Xu's father and mother gave birth to four sons before they had her daughter. It can be said that she was as painful as a jewel when she was young. She didn't want to go to the sect at a young age.

After entering the Zong Clan, even if you are an inner disciple, you have to do a lot of things yourself. You must suffer a lot. It's not like being around your parents.

Anyway, I have my own kung fu, so I will practice it first, and it is not too late to learn it when I am older.

To be honest, Xu Jiaojiao has been indulged and spoiled by her parents and several elder brothers. Now she is just a little charming and capricious. She has a good disposition.

So Jiayin doesn't hate Xu Jiaojiao. Now she doesn't refuse her words at the first time.

It is easy for Jiayin to get rid of these evil spirits, not only because of her high cultivation, but also because of her merits.

Merit itself has a natural restraining effect on such evil spirits, bad spirits and grievances.

No need to cast spells specially. As long as Xu Jiaojiao follows the good news, she can be cleaned up in a few days.

However, Jiayin is not a bad person. If you want to ask her to help, you must pay some price in addition to her mood.

What's more, Jiayin was also curious about Xu Jiaojiao's so-called cousin. What's her psychology? She wanted to harm her cousin.

After all, in the Immortal Cultivation World, family unity is also highly valued. If there is no family's casual repair, killing and looting can happen at any time.

Xu Jiaojiao's cousin should be very close to the Xu family. Even if she is not from the same family, she is also a valuable help.

The families in the cultivation world are no different from those in the ordinary world. They are all the same.

Therefore, many children of families, even if they are sent to major schools, will promote their own children even if they stay in the sect after they finish their studies, so that they can take care of each other in the future.

Therefore, the reason why Xu Jiaojiao's cousin did so remains to be explored.

There is also the evil spirit that the weapon refiner said. I didn't notice the good news before. It should be covered by evil spirit.

I don't know whether that person has anything to do with Moxiu. If so, you can check along this line.

Anyway, the Ziyuan Mystery hasn't been opened yet. The good news was that I wanted to buy some in the city first, and check the shops in Qingyun City to see if there are any good things that can be used in the Mystery.

Now that I have this thing to do, I don't need to leave in a hurry. I can also attend Jiang Ling'er's apprenticeship ceremony by the way.

So the good news nodded and agreed to go with Xu Jiaojiao to Xu's house.

During that time, the good news told Jiang Ling'er that she would not leave these days, and she would be informed when the teacher worship ceremony was scheduled. As long as she was still in Qingyun City, she would attend the ceremony.

Jiang Ling'er was very happy to hear that. She was a little sorry before. Sister Jiayin could not attend her teacher worship ceremony.

Jiang Linger has no other relatives. Although she has only been with Jiayin for more than ten days, she is very close to Jiayin.

Jiayin also took good care of her. She protected her all the way, escorted her to this place, and helped her worship her teacher. In her heart, Jiang Ling'er really regarded Jiayin as her sister.

Here, Jiayin and Xu Jiaojiao go to Xu's home together. On the way, Xu Jiaojiao steals Jin Yuanbao several times.

Finally, Jin Yuanbao simply hid behind the good news and roast to the good news: 'This little girl is so mean. She even steals my tail from time to time. She is a big girl with yellow flowers.'

The good news rolled her eyes wide, 'That's not you. You can walk when you walk. You have to swing your tail hard. Besides, you are a male. You should be said to be a child cat.'

The tail of the cloud cat is long, thick and fluffy, with smooth golden hair. She feels itchy and wants to scratch her hand.

Jin Yuanbao paused, and the cat's face was full of mysterious expressions. 'How can you say that? Is it my fault that you look so beautiful?

Yingying~You said you would be nice to others. You've been helping others for only a few days'

The good news smiled stiffly and glared at it, 'Who did you learn from?'

What is this? It seems that she is a traitor, and the evil cry echoes in her mind, which is very harsh.

Jin Yuanbao poked his head out from the side, 'Hey hey hey, this is the same as a group of people who passed by my mountain before.

You don't know that there was a woman in that group. They stayed in my mountain for the night, and that woman was crying all night.

After a while, she said that her man was better to other women. She gave them all the good things. After a while, she said who bullied her.

Then the man promised to go back and buy her a better one, and to vent his anger on her.

I just want to try this to work. Is it because you are not human, so it has no effect? '

Good news: '...'

'People are coqueting with their own men. It's the taste of a couple. I just want to kick you away if you follow me like a cat.'

Jin Yuanbao turned his head back and said to himself, 'It's really because he's not human.'

The speed of two people and one cat was not slow, and they soon arrived at the Xu's front door.

The Xu Family is located in the southeast of Qingyun City, occupying a large area of this area. The largest house in the middle is the direct family of the Xu Family, namely the Xu Jiaojiao Family.

The houses next to them are all sub clansmen, and the number of people will be considerable from generation to generation.

Even if they are separated, they are all around the main house, so they have their own space and can take care of each other.

The good news looked around. Xu Jiaojiao started to introduce her to the good news from the time she entered the territory. It was her uncle's house.

According to the good news, this place is a little like Fangjia Village. People of one ethnic group live together. They usually live separately and can get together when they have something to do.

It's just that the house here is very interesting. Although the main house is in the center, it is located in the back.

The houses on both sides are a little ahead of the main house. There is a visual dislocation. If you look from the side, you can't see the main house.

Across the street, there are also other members of the Xu family. In this way, the main house of the Xu family can be said to be protected inside.

Moreover, it seems that these houses are built casually, not orderly in rows. There are many misplaced places, and there are many alleys connecting the yards.

People who do not know will think that the location is not enough when building, or the place has been selected, and there is no way to do so.

In fact, these houses are built according to a certain array, and each house has a particular orientation.

Just like Qingyun City, there is also a spirit gathering array. This Xu family's house is also an array. Jiayin looks at it in the air with divine sense. It should be a defensive array.

Once there is an emergency, the array can cover the whole house. It is unknown how high the cultivation can withstand the impact.

This array can only be seen after it is activated. The strength of the array depends on the talent and state of the person who placed the array, and the energy used to activate the array.

If the energy is sufficient, even if the array is not so sophisticated, it will also gain some points.

Some arrays are started by the Holy Stone and Holy Vein, while others rely on people with certain accomplishments to stand at specific positions and deliver energy to the big array.

Of course, the most fundamental thing is to use Reiki, whether it is a person or a Holy Stone or a Holy vein, to deliver Reiki to the array.

Some arrays can automatically absorb the aura around them for normal operation.

This kind of defense array rule is not used. It is usually not activated, but only used when it is activated. It is similar to the mountain protection array of some clans, but it is not so powerful.

Some large doors can almost empty the aura around them once the Mountain Guard Array is opened, so the Mountain Guard Array is just a precaution and will not be used easily.

With the good news, Xu Jiaojiao entered directly from the main gate. The two vermilion gates were opened by herself.

The good news looked around and found that there were no guards or gatekeepers. It was worthy of the name of the Immortal World. The doors were opened automatically, which was very convenient.

This is similar to their Dragon Palace. When the master comes back, the Dragon Palace will be opened. If others don't get the master's permission, they can't even find the Dragon Palace anywhere.

But they rely on blood induction, and here they rely on identity jade.

Yes, it's the identity jade token. Just now, the good news has seen Xu Jiaojiao's body. Only that jade token has just had some spiritual power fluctuations.

After they entered the door, Xu Jiaojiao took them directly to the hall.

The door of the hall was open. Before I entered, I saw six people sitting inside, a middle-aged man and four young men.

They should be Xu's father and mother and the four sons of the Xu family.

Xu's father and mother only had accomplishments in the later period of foundation building. Their qualifications were not very good. They should have been built with pills as their own veins. They were not very solid.

The four sons are better than them. They are in the late stage of foundation building and their realm is very stable.

When they saw Xu Jiaojiao bringing people back, they were first delighted and then surprised at the good news.

Unexpectedly, Xu Jiaojiao said to remind her that she is so young!

However, he soon regained his consciousness and showed no contempt.

They are not people who have never seen the world. Since the other party can see the problems on the whip at a glance, it means that the other party is not an ordinary person.

And seeing Chuan Yunmao, who did not make a contract with her, but obediently followed her around, confirmed this conjecture.

Those who can let the monster actively follow either have a special method to resist the beast or have the ability to frighten the monster.

The demon animal world is respected by the strong. When they encounter a strong existence, they will naturally surrender, just like the demon king.

Some people have no ability to conquer, so they can only rely on the power of the contract to bind the monster to themselves.

Of course, over a long period of time, there will also be feelings between humans and animals, especially those who have been raised since childhood.

Xu's father and mother came forward, and Xu Jiaojiao's four brothers also followed.

Xu's father clenched his fist at the good news and said, 'My dear Xu Si, thank you for reminding my daughter. I asked my daughter to invite my friend to come. Do you have a way to dispel this evil spirit?'

Xu Si didn't want to make a fuss. She asked directly. It was about her baby daughter. He was very worried. The sooner the matter was resolved, the better.

The good news smiled and said, 'There are ways, but it's just a little more trouble.'

Xu Si was also a human spirit. She immediately understood the meaning of the good news and said directly: 'As long as you can remove the evil spirit from your little girl and make her build a foundation safely, you can ask for anything.'

People who practice Taoism fear to owe others cause and effect, so if they can trade equally, it's really best.

The good news also believes that they will not be stingy, after all, it concerns their most beloved children.

Just asked her to ask. The good news was unexpected for a while. To tell the truth, although the Xu family is OK, it's not necessarily that there are any natural resources and land treasures.

And even if there is, good news may not be appreciated.

Of course, even if they give some Lingshi, Jiayin will be happy to accept it. For her, as long as she doesn't work in vain, it doesn't matter what she gives.

So the good news said: 'You can watch it.'

When the Xu family heard the good news, they were a little confused. How should they look at it?

Before that, they had some precautions. They were afraid that Jiayin wanted something from the Xu family, so they intended to contact Xu Jiaojiao through this matter.

After all, there are no so many coincidences in the world. As soon as Jiaojiao took out the whip, she let the other party see it and told Jiaojiao directly.

The friars are not so kind. In the immortal world, many things are purposeful, especially friars.

There is some cause and effect in everything you do. The real bad man can't live to be a high achiever, and he has already been killed by others.

But now they are not sure, because the good news makes people feel too clean, and their eyes can make people see their heads at a glance.

They didn't hide their thoughts at all, which made them seem a little suspicious, just like they desecrated each other.

As soon as she saw their expressions, she knew that they had doubts about themselves and didn't explain much. This kind of thing is more said than wrong.

He simply opened his mouth and said, 'I'm going to Ziyuan Secret Place. You can help me prepare some things I need to enter the secret place.'

The Xu family were relieved when they heard the words. It would be nice if they could ask for something. At least they don't have to guess here

(End of this chapter)

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