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Chapter 381 Foundation building (subscription required)

Jiayin and Jin Yuanbao, together with the green bamboo wrapped around their wrists, simultaneously turned their heads to one side. Xu Jiaojiao was too dazzling in the sun.

Although Jiayin also likes shiny things, I have to say that it's not good to wear them like this.

At least she would never dress up like this.

I don't know where Xu Jiaojiao learned her aesthetic appreciation. Obviously, her parents and brothers are very normal!

However, it is obvious that the Xu family have been used to the appearance of Xu Jiaojiao, and have not said anything.

Just went around her and asked her if she had any discomfort. I was afraid there would be any residual influence on her from the evil spirit.

Yao Qing, in particular, asked more carefully.

Xu Jiaojiao answered their questions one by one, and then ran directly to the good news.

The good news couldn't help smiling when she came running with a bright smile. Just wanted to say congratulations on her success in building the foundation, she passed by.

He put his arm around Jin Yuanbao's big head and rubbed his neck with all his strength

Xu Si and Mrs. Xu smiled at her and said, 'Don't be surprised, we spoil this child. He is always so reckless.'

Yao Qing also said, 'Yes, yes. Jiaojiao is a child's nature. Don't take it amiss, Miss Jiayin. She has always been thinking about you in cloud cats because she loved gold things since childhood.'

The good news waved her hand. 'It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, I can understand.'

Xu Jiaojiao rubbed Jin Yuanbao for a while, then came to Jiayin and said, 'Sister Jiayin, thank you. My foundation was built very smoothly. The Holy power in my body seemed to be inexhaustible. It gathered in the direction of Dantian until it was liquefied. The energy channels were widened at once without any obstacles. It must be the water you gave me before, right? Thank you, Sister Jiayin.'

The process of building the foundation was so smooth. The first thing she thought of was that Jiayin gave her a glass of water full of spirit every day. Otherwise, her body would not store so much spiritual power.

The good news smiled, but did not deny it, and it was true.

'You are only one step away from building the foundation. You will succeed even if you do not use any external force.'

In the evening, the Xu family, together with Jiayin and Lin Zishan, celebrated.

Xu Si asked the kitchen to cook a lot of dishes, all of which were made of top quality ingredients with aura.

To tell the truth, although the aura is sufficient, the taste is really insipid, and the good news doesn't like it very much.

She eats for the sake of her appetite, not to supplement her aura. She is not interested in tasteless food.

It's just the opposite in this world. No matter how delicious the food is, the friars will not eat it, so as not to increase the impurities in the body and hinder the cultivation.

These ingredients with aura are usually cooked in the simplest way, for fear that the aura inside will be consumed due to excessive cooking.

There is no rule here that we should eat without saying anything and sleep without saying anything. We talked about the recent events in the Immortal Cultivation World while eating.

Xu Si talked about the fact that the Xu family's children were going to Daliang when they came back from the news recently. She didn't know what was going on there.

Lin Zishan really knows that he is good at refining weapons. Not only people in the door, but also many other families or casual repair. He begged him to help him practice weapons.

So he got the news not too slowly than others in the door.

'It's said that the day before yesterday, the leader of Wuji Sect went to Ziyuan Mystery and brought several disciples of Jindan Age who were about to have babies.

Although the Wuji Sect is dominated by the sword, the leader of this sect is very good at divination, and is called Qianji Taoist.

He personally led the team to come here and explained that there must be a great treasure in the secret of Purple Source, otherwise, such a secret place with regular opening times would not be so laborious.

The Purple Source Mystery has been opened for so many times, and almost all the sects have visited it. There is not too much danger, nor too much opportunity.

So in recent years, the leaders of the team are all elders of various sects. Even the peak leader will not go, let alone the leader.

It is estimated that other sects should also have received the message from the disciples, and will send more people to go there. I am also going to go with them.

Anyway, Qifeng will definitely send someone, so I have already told the peak master that I am going to have a look, and then I can take a close look at the two nieces'

He doesn't need to take care of the good news. The other person is from a reclusive family, and she must have many treasures. Besides, she is in the golden elixir period, and her accomplishments are not low, so she is highly cultivated in the secret realm.

On the contrary, Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing are both in the foundation construction period. Even if Yao Qing is in the late foundation construction period, it is not enough to look at them.

Although his cultivation achievements in his first childhood certainly meant that he could not enter the secret world, it was better to be outside. If something happened, he could help at the first time.

Xu Si gave him a grateful fist and said, 'Great, I was not sure. It would be better if brother Lin followed him. Then there would be brother Laurin.'

At present, the Xu family's highest cultivation achievement is his grandfather, who is in the middle of Yuanying. They basically practice in their own yard and are intent on breaking through the late Yuanying, but rarely come out.

So Lin Zishan can go together. They can't wait for it.

The good news's eyes flashed. It seems that she will try divination to see if there is really a treasure.

However, even if there is one, treasures that reach a certain level will choose their own owners.

It is not to say that whoever has high accomplishments will choose anyone, nor that whoever goes to the sect with more people will definitely fall into the hands of the sect.

It also depends on fate.

Of course, it may not really be a treasure. There is another possibility, that is, there will be great changes or disasters.

However, I have watched the astronomical phenomena for some time, and I haven't found any disaster recently.

In general, if there is something important, the celestial phenomena will certainly have a prediction, which will be somewhat abnormal. Even if human cultivation does not have much perception, the monster will also have.

The monster is much more sensitive than human perception. She did not feel that the monster in this world was restless, so there should be no danger.

The good news is that there is a divine dragon family. Even if she doesn't take the initiative to contact those monsters, she will feel more or less responsive if they are afraid or restless collectively.

Therefore, it is really possible that there are some treasures or opportunities.

She didn't want to steal the chance from others. After all, it was not very useful for her to improve her accomplishments or protect her body. She was just curious and wanted to know what it was.

The people chatted for a while and then dispersed.

Early the next morning, Jiayin received a message from Jiang Ling'er, 'Sister Jiayin, the rite of worship will be held tomorrow. Are you still in Qingyun City?'

The good news injected Holy power into the communication jade card and said, 'I am still in Qingyun City, and I will go to participate in it tomorrow. Is the ceremony held in Fufeng or somewhere else?'

Jiang Ling'er's voice immediately said, 'Right at the main peak of Fufeng, Shizu will host it for me personally...'

Jiang Ling'er said that the Shizu is the leader of Fufeng, and also the Shifu in Xiangsuzhong.

It seems that they still attach great importance to Jiang Ling'er. Jiang Ling'er's talent in Fufeng should be good.

The good news recorded the time and said that she might take two friends with her.

Of course, Jiang Ling'er is very welcome. If the good news doesn't come, only the people from Fufeng will attend the ceremony. Most of them are disciples accepted by other elders or younger martial brothers of Yang Suzhong.

Yang Suzhong has only one disciple, Jiang Ling'er, so far. If Jiayin can take two people there, she will be able to make a strong impression.

The good news turned around and told Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing about it. After hearing this, they were certainly willing to go.

In the future, Xu Jiaojiao will also visit the Yuntian Clan and make friends with her fellow teachers and sisters in advance.

Yao Qing was originally a disciple of Qifeng. Although he belonged to each peak in the sect, he didn't have any contact with his brothers and sisters in other peaks.

Just like Luo Jinyuan and Shen Yuxin, Shen Yuxin is a disciple of Danfeng. Luo Jin was originally under the leader's sect, and was generally referred to as brothers and sisters of the same sect. Only within the sect can there be a master.

Since we are going to attend the Master worship ceremony, we can't go empty handed. Jiayin is doing a good job in her own space.

What gift should I give Jiang Ling'er? She was reluctant to ask her to exchange her merits and golden light for magic tools.

When I went to the store to buy one, I thought it was a bit perfunctory. I could just make one myself.

There are a lot of jewels and jades in the space. After being put there for a long time, they are infected with a lot of aura. They can be used to make some jewels, or add arrays to make jade medals.

During the lunch break, Jiayin had a good choice. Finally, she picked a piece of white jade from a pile of jewels.

This piece of jade is only the size of a baby's fist. It should have been mixed in the gem pile when she was cleaning up. She gave all the jade to Emperor Dayan before, and the rest of her is shiny gems and gold.

This jade should have been collected by mountain bandits for the first time. It has been stored in the space for more than ten years and has sufficient aura.

In addition, she has strong merit and virtue in her space, which makes this jade much better than ordinary Lingyu.

Jiayin is going to carve a jade bell for Jiangling with this, which matches her name very well.

Then paint an array on it. It can also be used as an amulet when there is danger.

Of course, Jiayin didn't dare to leave her own dragon breath on it. She was afraid that the world would be able to see it and bring disaster to Jiangling.

Jiayin took out the array book she had exchanged before, and with her own dragon inheritance, she soon finished carving.

The reason why we don't use those gems and spirit stones is that they don't store spirit like jade, and the spirit on them is much less than that in jade.

If you use the best Lingshi, it can be used as money. It's not good if people see it and take it away directly.

This sheepskin white jade is different. It is more subtle and does not need to be hidden. Even if there is a lot of aura in it, it cannot be seen on the surface. It would be better to carve another array for concealment.

Jiayin spent the whole afternoon carving Jiangling a small hollow bell the size of a thumb cap.

It can be worn on the neck, hands or feet without being conspicuous.

The bell is hollow, and a jade bead rolling around in it will make a small clear sound, not as loud as gold and silver bells.

The array pattern outside does not make the bell look strange, but makes it more delicate.

The good news drilled a hole in the bell, just enough to put on a red rope. Hmm, it's done.

Although it is small, the size of the gift does not matter in the immortal cultivation world. Its function is the most important.

The most important function of the bell is defense. Jiayin doesn't know how much the defense of this array is. Anyway, there is no problem in the first baby period, and it is not clear to go up again. After all, there is no way to try.

Of course, Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing will not go empty handed. Since they are taking part in the apprenticeship ceremony, it is more or less meaningful.

There is no need for them to give anything. After Xu's parents knew about this, they directly prepared three copies for them, even the good news one.

As for the good news they sent alone, they don't care. Since people live here, you can't leave out the gift preparation.

The three gifts they chose were all very good. They were three different kinds of magic tools, a spirit sword, an inkstone that would never dry, and a spirit brush.

It is very suitable for Jiang Ling'er to use, and these three magic tools can all be started with a spirit stone. Jiang Ling'er has just learned from her teacher and has just begun to practice Qi. These are more practical for her.

The good news sincerely thanked Jiang Ling'er. They went to attend Jiang Ling'er's teacher worship ceremony because of her face. Now they are also helping to prepare gifts, which is a proper thanks.

The next morning, Jiayin and Xu Jiaojiao followed Yao Qing to the Yuntian Sect.

Although Xu Jiaojiao's brothers and Yao Qing are in the Yuntian Sect. But Xu Jiaojiao has never gone in.

After all, not everyone in the Yuntian Sect can enter at will. Only when they recruit disciples, the mountain gate of the Yuntian Sect is open.

To take the introductory test, it was just at the foot of the Mountain of the Cloud Heavenly Sect. It was unknown how many people had been brushed down just by the ladder.

There is a high ladder in front of the mountain gate of each sect gate, which is used to test the perseverance and patience of the disciples who want to enter.

There are a total of 97999 steps on the ladder. The higher you go, the higher and steeper you will be. It is difficult to climb up without a certain amount of perseverance and endurance.

Of course, although the main gate is here, the disciples of the gate don't come in and out from here. After entering the Zongmen, they can't come out without building the foundation.

After the foundation is built, the sword can fly, so most people in the gate fly out.

Only entry-level disciples should go up here.

Once you enter the sect, you will not go out. You will practice hard in it. Even if you are busy at home, you will be brought out by the senior brothers and sisters.

Now they are at the gate of Yuntianzong Mountain. They don't come here to learn from teachers. Of course, they don't have to climb the ladder.

Besides, the three people are all above the foundation. Even if Xu Jiaojiao can't fly with the sword, Yao Qing can take her with him, so the three people fly in with the sword directly

(End of this chapter)

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