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Chapter 383 Master worship ceremony (subscription required)

Unexpectedly, the nun didn't care about her face and answered such an offending sentence directly.

You should know that friars have lived for a long time. Even if they spent most of their time practicing, they should know how to be worldly wise.

Except for those who are self-centered in cultivation, most people will not easily offend others in the open.

Who knows if the other party is careful to hold grudges and easily offend. It would be bad if one day someone could find a chance to be a thug.

Xu Jiaojiao looked at the man in surprise. She was also capricious, but she also looked at the occasion. She wouldn't mess up on such a solemn occasion.

Although she can't see the accomplishments of the other side, she will not be too high, or she will not look middle-aged, because every breakthrough can be reshaped.

Xu Jiaojiao guessed right. This person is just at the beginning of the Golden Elixir.

It is not the kind that has just made a breakthrough, but has not made an inch advance since it broke through the Golden Elixir. It has stayed in the initial stage for hundreds of years, and it will soon run out if it does not break through the Shouyuan Capital.

Before Jiayin and Xu Jiaojiao could speak out, a man beside her gently scolded: 'Younger martial sister Ruyue should not be rude. This is the guest invited by Elder Martial Brother Suzhong.'

The middle-aged woman, who was called as the Moon, stared at them secretly, turned her head and replied obediently, 'I see, Elder Martial Brother.'

Jiayin and Xu Jiaojiao looked at Ruyue and the man in surprise. The man looked very young, just in his twenties.

Of course, a friar can't look at his appearance, but it's against the rules for a middle-aged woman to call a young man in his twenties.

In particular, the good news saw the bone age of the two men, one nearly 800 years old and the other less than 500 years old.

The man is less than five hundred years old.

Xu Jiaojiao said to the good news: 'These two should both be the disciples of Elder Fufeng. My cousin told me that the clothes of the disciples of the Yuntian Sect are different.

The cuff of the direct disciple is embroidered with gold cloud pattern, the personal disciple is embroidered with silver cloud pattern, the ordinary inner disciple is embroidered with blue cloud pattern, and the outer disciple has no embroidered pattern. '

The good news swept my eyes, and sure enough, the two men's cuffs were embroidered with silver cloud patterns.

The woman called the man as her elder martial brother, but she didn't add her surname or first name in front of her, indicating that they were both under the same master.

But the good news was a little puzzled. The woman looked at her with poor aptitude and personality. What did the elder look at?

That woman's qualifications are not as good as Yao Qing's. Yao Qing's qualifications are medium, and she is not very brilliant. Today's accomplishments are all based on her own hard work.

It is incomparable with Jiang Linger and Xu Jiaojiao. These two qualifications are good and superior.

If Jiang Ling'er began to cultivate in the early morning, or Xu Jiaojiao went to the sect to teach and polish in the early morning, their achievements would not be low.

The woman is already seven or eight hundred years old. If she doesn't break through, she will fall.

The person she called Elder Martial Brother is much younger than her. He is in the late stage of the Golden Elixir. He has hundreds of years to go. He should be able to break through Yuanying before Shouyuan is near.

The cultivation world does not rank by age, but by the order of entry. This woman should be a latecomer.

I just don't know what her master thinks. This kind of qualification and age is also accepted as a disciple handed down personally. It must not be a simple relationship. Maybe it's a relative. It's not easy to refuse to accept it.

I can only tell the truth about the good news. This person is Huang Ruyue, a disciple of an elder of Fufeng.

The reason why the Elder accepted her as his disciple was that Huang Ruyue's father died in the hands of the Devil Xiu in order to save the Elder's son.

In order to repay his kindness, the elder accepted Huang Ruyue, the only daughter of the benefactor, as his disciple.

However, Huang Ruyue is really limited in qualifications, and he started relatively late. He was nearly 500 years old when he received it.

At that time, she was just in the middle of the foundation construction, and her life was about to end. If the elder had not nearly emptied his family and piled her up to the golden pill with pills, now people say that she would have disappeared.

It can be said that I have lived for hundreds of years, yes, just to live more. Others practice for a higher realm and force. Of course, there are also reasons for longevity. It is everyone's wish to live longer.

However, Huang Ruyue Jiedan is purely for survival, so her qualification stops here.

Because her life expectancy is only a few years, her Shifu and elder martial brothers are very tolerant of her. People hundreds of years old are still very ignorant.

In fact, it is not unreasonable, but some broken jars are broken.

In front of people whose accomplishments are higher than hers, they still keep a little shut, and don't dare to talk nonsense. To people whose accomplishments are lower than hers, they don't have a door to talk to. That's called a flying ego.

The accomplishments of Yao Qing and Xu Jiaojiao are clear at a glance. They are both in the foundation building period. Even if Yao Qing's accomplishments are in the later stage of foundation building, she feels that she is one level higher than the other, which is totally ignored.

To be honest, Huang Ruyue's cultivation depends on pills. If you really want to show off, you may not be the opponent of Yao Qing.

But she could not see the accomplishments of Jiayin. Although she did not think that the other side was a man without accomplishments, the other side came from the sword. She saw it on the way to the hall.

Because the clothes on Jiayin's two bodies are very different from those of the disciples of the Yuntian Sect, it can be seen at a glance, so we know that Jiayin's accomplishments are at least above the foundation.

She could not see the accomplishments of the other side, and felt that they were the same gold pills at most. People with the same accomplishments could not see it, so she was not afraid of offending.

This is in Yuntian Clan. The other party is an outsider. Even if she speaks rudely, the other party has to accept it.

But I didn't expect that her senior brother would scold her just after she ran out.

Although I was not convinced, I also knew what occasion it was today. Later, the peak leader and elders would come over. It was really not as good as her.

Today is the day for Yang Suzhong to receive his disciples. Who is Yang Suzhong? That is the first disciple of the peak leader, and also the son of the peak leader. Fools also know that they should not be offended.

So they also came down the steps, no longer squeaking, but their eyes were still floating towards the good news.

She doesn't want to do anything, she just wants to see if the other party can make an embarrassment. She likes jokes.

The three of them ignored her and loved to see. Anyway, they wouldn't lose a piece of meat.

Jiayin and Xujiaojiao are listening to Yao Qing introduce them the process of the rite of worship. At this time, everyone is almost here.

The four elders and the leader of Fufeng came in last. The four elders sat at the low table in the first row below the stage, and the leader of Fufeng went to the high stage.

Yang Suzhong takes Jiang Ling'er to the center of the stage. First, Yang Suzhong tells her about the rules of the Yuntian Sect. Jiang Ling'er kneels down to Yang Suzhong according to the steps she was told earlier.

Then he saluted the founder of the peak leader, and then worshipped the founder of the Yuntian Sect.

Yang Feng told Jiang Ling'er a long list of words about respecting the teacher and encouraging him, and gave him a storage bag. This process is over.

According to the good news, Yang Su and the leader of Fufeng Peak really look like each other. They are indeed father and son.

Lord Yang Feng looks serious, but when he looks at Jiang Linger, he cannot hide his love. This is the first disciple of his son. His son has not married a Taoist couple, which is equivalent to the existence of a granddaughter.

The good news also reassured me that Jiang Ling'er's future in Fufeng, including Yuntian Sect, would not be bad.

With the support of the peak master, others dare not bully her easily.

After that, the final process was to introduce the elders and senior brothers and sisters in the peak to her.

Elders, as elders, always give gifts. When they kneel down before, Master Yang Suzhong gave them a storage bag.

Master Yang Feng, the teacher ancestor, also gave it away. Of course, the four elders would not be stingy. One of them gave a storage bag.

Jiang Ling'er saluted one by one and thanked her. The good news looked at her and her hands trembled. This was the first time that she got so many good things. She must be excited.

After all, she came out from a small place and has been dependent on others for several years. At the beginning, Jiayin gave her a small storage bag, and she was so happy that she could not sleep at night.

What's more, now that there are so many elders who are honest and obedient, they are all practicing Fuwen, and the things they give must be more agreeable.

The good news guessed correctly. What they sent was really about runes.

In addition to the defensive weapons, Yang Suzhong gave them to us. They were his experience with the runes. They can be given freely from time to time, so that people can avoid many detours in their cultivation.

Yang Feng's main gifts are magic tools, runes and spiritual stones, and the elders mostly send the materials of spiritual stones and pictorial symbols.

After the ceremony, the four elders left with their disciples, leaving the leader of the peak, Yang Suzhong's disciples and the three of them.

Jiayin three people are invited by Jiang Linger, especially Jiayin, who is a sister.

Yang Suzhong said before that he would introduce Xu Jiaojiao to Martial Uncle Qin Yuan. He is going to take her and Yao Qing to let Jiang Ling'er and Jiayin talk about themselves.

Of course, Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing were very happy and followed them. As soon as the three left, the leader of Yang Feng smiled at the good news and said, 'This little friend is Miss Ao Jiayin, whom the dog said. She is really talented.'

The good news said: 'I have seen Lord Yang Feng.'

Lord Yang Feng waved his hand and said, 'Hey, don't be so polite. You are Linger's sister, so you are not an outsider. Call me later, er...'

When he said that there was something wrong with him, he couldn't let the other party call him Shizu or Grandpa, could he? It seems that they are taking advantage.

Although the other person's age is really small, and he is almost his own granddaughter, the other person's accomplishments are not like his son's, and he seems to be taking advantage.

Jiayin doesn't care about that. She often calls her grandparents to the old people in Fangjia Village. They are old enough to take advantage.

But it must be inappropriate to call Shizu. After all, he didn't learn from his teacher, so he called directly, 'Grandpa Yang.'

When Lord Yang Feng heard this address, he immediately smiled and said, 'Well, you can often come to Fufeng to play with Linger in the future. This is a greeting, a gift from the elders. Don't refuse...'

As he spoke, he gave Jiayin a storage bag. Sweep the good news, ooh! There are many runes and pills in it. I quickly saluted and thanked them.

This rune was obviously painted by the Lord Yang Feng himself. It can be seen that the level is not too low, and it is also something that can protect one's life at a critical moment. The other party is so generous, so the good news must give thanks.

Lord Yang Feng said a few more words with them and left. After all, the Lord of One Peak still has many things to deal with.

Jiang Ling'er went to her courtyard halfway up the mountain with the good news.

Jiang Ling'er can't fly with the sword yet. He was taken by the good news after he walked out of the square gate.

Although Yang Suzhong is the biological son of the leader of Yang Feng, he does not live at the peak. After he married Dan, he moved to a small courtyard halfway up the mountain.

Later, he even ran down the mountain to open a magic tool shop.

Not that he likes to make money at the foot of the mountain, but because it is also a kind of cultivation to observe life at the foot of the mountain.

At that time, his cultivation reached the bottleneck. At first, he went out for training. Later, he had no effect, so he practiced in the door.

I thought that closing the door with concentration could break through the bottleneck, but I didn't expect that my own quiet closing would have no effect at all. Instead, I was more impatient because I didn't step in.

Later, by chance, Younger Martial Brother begged him to go to the foot of the mountain to help him stay in the shop for a few days.

He saw a lot of casual practitioners and people from other sects in the shop. Through observation and chatting, he had some insights in the attitude of others, which broke through the middle of the Golden Elixir!

So he opened a magic tool shop directly in the city. He often stayed there and practiced there.

Unexpectedly, the breakthrough has reached the present Golden Elixir Period, which is one step away from Yuanying.

Although he is in the same generation as Luo Jinyuan and Shen Yuxin, he is much older than them.

So even if his accomplishments are higher than theirs, they are not as noticeable.

Xiuxianjie still pays more attention to this talent. There is a difference between a 500 year old golden pill and a 100 year old golden pill.

Jiayin and Jiangling went back to the courtyard. As soon as they entered the courtyard, Jiayin couldn't help but began to look at it. There were three main rooms and two auxiliary rooms in the courtyard, which was similar to the courtyard with black bricks and black tiles in Fangjia Village.

There is a set of stone tables and chairs in the middle of the yard, a well in the corner, and a small flower bed with many flowers.

'These flowers and plants were planted by the last elder martial sister who lived here. Now she has married a Taoist couple with her fellow martial brother, moved to the Taoist couple, and the yard was distributed to me...' Jiang Linger said to her sweetheart.

Jiang Ling'er lives here alone, and Yang Suzhong lives in the courtyard next door.

After a visit with the good news, they sat at the stone table and talked.

Jiayin told Jiang Ling'er about what happened after their separation. In fact, there was nothing else, just between Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing.

Jiang Ling'er was still wondering how Jiayin Sister and that charming Xu Jiaojiao got together. After hearing this, she understood.

'At that time, I thought that Xu Jiaojiao was really overbearing and wanted to buy gold ingots. By the way, what about gold ingots? Why didn't you see them?'

Jiang Ling'er remembered that before the greedy guy came, she said that something was missing.

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