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Chapter 384 Master worship ceremony II (subscription required)

'I'm afraid that it will be looked upon by a friar of higher rank than me, and will be forcibly contracted. I can't protect it.' The good news replied.

Jiang Ling'er had a black line on his head. 'He has turned the Yuntian Sect into a bandit's den. It's a noble and decent sect. How can he do such a thing.

But I have long wanted to ask Sister Jiayin. Why didn't you contract it? I don't think it will refuse. '

The good news said with a smile: 'I have green bamboo. Although there is not only one contract monster, there will inevitably be friction if there are too many. Then it will not help but delay.'

Of course, that's not the reason. Jiayin, as a divine dragon, can't contract with monsters at will. It's a great fortune that can help her become a god!

Even if the world level of this party is too low, it will not become a god under the rules of the Heavenly Way, and will become the strongest in the world through cultivation. Once the good news leaves, it will not take away the other party, which is a hidden danger.

She is here to earn merits, not to commit crimes.

Jiang Linger nodded a little vaguely. Although she didn't understand why Jiayin was different from others, she felt it was reasonable.

Just like raising children in ordinary people's families, they are biased towards their own children, not to mention the contracted monster.

There is always a difference between high and low contracts. There must be a bias. If there are contradictions between monsters, I'm afraid they will really drag their feet in the battle.

Jiang Ling'er decides that she will only have one contract to grow up together and experience together, which must be more tacit.

Speaking of monster contracts, it's OK to grow up from childhood to adulthood. If you have feelings, you will protect the contract with all your heart. On the way to the contract, you can only see the fate.

After the contract itself, we can only guarantee that we will not betray each other, that we are connected with each other, and that we cannot control the monster's thinking. It is also an independent individual.

Generally, there are equality contracts and master servant contracts between friars and monsters.

Among them, there are the most equal contracts, so that the friars and monsters can be promoted together after establishing a relationship. Even when the monster is faster than the friars, it can benefit the friars.

The master servant contract is that the demon beast completely obeys the master's order, and is generally signed by force when an adult demon beast is caught.

In this way, the monster realm must be lower than that of the friars. Most of them are used as cannon fodder beaters, and they usually don't live long.

Jiang Ling'er also said what she had seen and heard in Yuntianzong these days, of course, they were all in Fufeng.

'This Fufeng is divided into five groups. Our Shizu and Shifu have a closed martial uncle, and each of the four elders has one group.

I'm the only disciple of my Shifu. Martial Uncle took two and died when he went to the secret place to experience. Later, he didn't take any more.

The four elders are like competitions. Every year, they will accept one or two apprentices at the enrollment meeting. But because of their lack of accomplishments, those with good talents will not be able to win.

My Shifu said that even if you have talent, you can generally gather it from your heart.

However, the disciples collected by the elders are not very stable. They put their energy into pleasing the Shifu's intrigue. The length of cultivation time has been compared, and there are often people who have heart demons'

The good news is amazing. This peak can be divided into five forces. It is estimated that each sect has its own ideas.

As for the good news of the evil spirit, it is not very clear that what she cultivates is her own inheritance, there is no bottleneck at all, and of course there will be no evil spirit.

However, once you listen to these two words, you can know the general meaning. It must be the obsession caused by negative emotions in your heart, such as desire and greed

This is also easy to dispel, as long as you put it down from the heart.

It's easier said than done. As Father said, people's desires are endless, so they can do many amazing things. Without the support of this obsession, it would not be possible.

Jiayin suddenly remembered that she had not given her the jade bell she had carved, so she took it out of the space and said, 'I carved it myself. The jade is very ordinary. I carved an array on it to defend against a friar's attack during the Yuanying period. You can wear it as a amulet.'

Jiang Ling'er took it, looked at it fondly, and shook it in his ear. 'This bell is really exquisite, and it can ring! Thank you, Sister Jiayin!'

I put it on my neck and put it in my clothes.

The two talked for more than two hours before Yang Suzhong came back with Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing.

Xu Jiaojiao is so happy that she wants to come to visit her teacher.

As soon as Yang Suzhong left, Xu Jiaojiao came up to the good news and smiled: 'I didn't expect Elder Qin to be so gentle and gentle. I was very worried. I was afraid that Elder Qin would not look up to me. I didn't expect that Elder Qin would agree at once! He said that a good day would be chosen to hold the apprenticeship ceremony, and you would also participate in it!'

Yao Qing is also smiling and proud. Martial Uncle Qin Yuan's identity is there. She didn't expect it to go so smoothly. She thinks that she is a cousin of her own.

Of course, Jiayin and Jiangling would not refuse, and they immediately congratulated her.

After another few words, they returned to Xu's home. It was getting dark. Although it was Jiangling's yard, they couldn't stay here.

After returning to Xu's home, Jiayin was hit by a golden lightning as soon as she entered Xu Jiaojiao's yard. Fortunately, she was physically different from ordinary people, otherwise she would have to step back.


'You finally came back. I thought I was the only one left if you didn't come back tonight~' Jin Yuanbao said with a voice of grievance.

After this time of getting along, it found that it was particularly comfortable around Jiayin, and its accomplishments were also rising, so it was one step away from reaching Level 5!

It can't do this in the mountains for years!

Holding the giant cat in her arms, Jiayin was rubbed up and almost threw it out after hearing the whiny voice.

'Speak well. Who did you learn such a tune from? My scales and goose bumps are rising!'

Jin Yuanbao was put on the ground, but he did not stop rubbing Jiayin's arm and said, 'I'm going to be promoted. Do you think I'm going back to the mountain? I'm afraid of causing trouble in the city.'

The good news came back: 'It's OK, just stay here. There is a spirit gathering array in the city, which is good for your promotion.'

The promotion of demon beasts is like human cultivation. They are generally aura whirlpools. Only when they are transformed can there be thunder.

Hearing the good news, Jin Yuanbao was relieved. He was mainly afraid of causing her trouble, but he still wanted to follow her.

Jiayin had intended to attend Jiang Ling'er's apprenticeship ceremony, so she went to the side of the country of Daliang.

Although we don't know how long it will take to open the secret place, they can look at the scenery on the road and slowly wander there.

I should be almost there, and I can stroll along the way.

When they came here, they were in a hurry. The good news was anxious to send Jiang Ling'er to see how the secret place was opened, and wanted to join in the excitement.

Now that I have promised Xu Jiaojiao that I will attend the ceremony of learning from her, I don't need to worry at all.

Anyway, there is still one year after the opening. You can go any time. It's best to catch up with the opening. It doesn't matter if you can't catch up.

Plus, now that Jin Yuanbao wants to be promoted, it's even more urgent.

Jiayin went to tell the Xu Family Leader that she wanted a quiet empty yard where Jin Yuanbao could be promoted.

Xu Si was quite surprised. Unexpectedly, this cloud cat was going to be promoted. If you are promoted to level 5 or above, it is a great battle force.

Then go to the secret place together, and their safety can be more guaranteed.

So he ordered someone to pick up a yard near Xu Jiaojiao's yard and give it to Jin Yuanbao.

There is a huge spirit gathering array in Qingyun City. The spirit in the city is much stronger than that outside. For families like the Xu Family, the master's yard will also place a small spirit gathering array.

Therefore, relatively speaking, there is no sufficient aura for a guest yard or a remote yard.

Therefore, it is conceivable that the yard next to Xu Jiaojiao is not short of aura, and Jin Yuanbao can't be better for promotion.

Jiayin took Jin Yuanbao to thank the Xu Family Leader, and the servant took him to the courtyard.

Jin Yuanbao chose a suitable position and lay there ready to enter the cultivation state. Jiayin felt the aura in the courtyard and took out a top quality Holy Stone and handed it to him.

Jin Yuanbao holds the top spirit stone with his two claws, which is rare.

The top quality spirit stone from the broken world pearl space is much higher than this world top quality spirit stone.

This is the inferior spirit stone that was exchanged before, which was upgraded in the cornucopia, a level higher than that of this world. The spirit is more powerful, not to mention, but also stained with a golden light of merit!

Although Jin Yuanbao can't see it, he can still feel the sufficient spiritual power.

Use two cat paws to carefully pull it under your belly and lie down there, and then start to practice.

The good news did not disturb it, so she left the yard directly and added a layer of prohibition to the yard.

It's not that they don't trust the Xu family, but that they prevent other high-ranking friars in the city from finding Jin Yuanbao and making trouble.

After all, a level five monster without a contract is very attractive to some friars.

After arranging Jin Yuanbao, the good news began to think about what gift to give Xu Jiaojiao.

After thinking about it, we should treat Xu Jiaojiao equally and give her a jade pendant.

Thinking that she liked gold ingot and gold, she directly found a piece of gold filigree yellow dragon jade that she had collected before and carved a pendant in the shape of gold ingot.

Jiayin's carvers are very skilled. They carve the look and actions of Jin Yuanbao vividly and lovingly.

She put it on the table and enjoyed it for herself. As a result, Green Bamboo became jealous and stretched out her little tail to pull the pendant back and forth on the table.

In that way, I wish I could 'accidentally' pull it to the ground and smash it.

Jiayin looked at it helplessly, knowing that it was careful, so she found a piece of emerald in green color in the space and carved one according to its previous appearance.

At last, Green Bamboo was happy and contented to receive the pendant in his storage bag.

Jiayin looked at the storage bag it put in the broken boundary bead space and thought that it was inconvenient for a snake to carry a small cloth bag.

It seems that there are other storage tools in the fairyland, such as storage rings and bracelets.

Otherwise, one day I will buy a storage ring for Green Bamboo. It will look better if I put it directly on my body than if I put a small pocket on my neck.

Jiayin doesn't care about herself. Anyway, all her things are in the space. The storage bag hanging on her waist is the smallest one. There are some fruits and beads inside, which are just hidden from the public.

Of course, if you are lucky enough, you may also find these storage tools in secret places or in some training places.

If many people accidentally die in the hands of monsters, the storage tools on their bodies will generally fall off and can be used directly if they are picked up.

When a person is dead, the divine sense imprint on the storage tool will naturally disappear.

If he is not dead, then he must compare his accomplishments with the other person in order to directly erase his divine sense.

Just like the imperial beast bag captured by Li Huaishan before, the other party is in the infant stage, and he is in the golden elixir stage.

Although it felt like it was only one step away, it was also a level gap, so he could not erase the divine sense of the other party. If it was forced to operate, he might even be eaten back.

With this in mind, Jiayin feels that if possible, she can learn how to practice weapons.

It would be great if you could make it yourself. Although you don't lack spiritual stones, it's hard to say if you want to buy something you like.

If you can refine it yourself, it's not up to you to decide what shape you want to refine.

At this time, Xu Jiaojiao ran over, knocked at the door twice and got in.

He smiled and said, 'Jiayin, let's go shopping outside. I want to make a suit of vests for my apprenticeship.'

Good news, I was stunned. Did you not wear the uniform of the Yuntian Sect when you were apprentice? '

Today Jiang Ling'er is wearing the clothes of Yuntian Sect's disciples.

Xu Jiaojiao was also stunned, 'Yes, I forgot about this.'

The expression on Xu Jiaojiao's face became a little dispirited when she thought of the moon white disciple clothes of the Yuntian Sect.

The plain color is far from her preference.

Well, you can't choose clothes, you can choose headwear!

Xu Jiaojiao rallied again and said to the good news, 'Let's go and buy jewelry! Look at the beautiful jewelry. It makes me more dazzling with the disciple clothes!'

The good news looked at the headdress on her head now, and could not imagine what a smile it would be if her head was tinkling and glittering with gold

Before she finished thinking, Xu Jiaojiao pulled her out of the yard.

Anyway, it's OK now. Let's go shopping.

After thinking about it, Jiayin took out the pendant she had just carved and handed it to her.

'This is a gift I just made for you. Anyway, it's a gift for you to send early or late. I'll give it to you in advance.'

Xu Jiaojiao stretched out her hand to take it, but she couldn't see what she liked. She held it in her hand and said, 'Oh my god, it's too similar! The gesture is exactly the same as Jin Yuanbao's. It's so vivid!'

Xu Jiaojiao couldn't like the color any more. She hung it directly on her neck and showed it to the good news. 'How nice is it?'

The good news nodded, not to mention that it matched her golden clothes.

'This pendant is carved with an array, which can almost withstand a strike in the Yuanying period. You can wear it with you.'

It is hard to say that the good news is too high. First, it is true that it has not been tested, nor does it know how strong an attack it can withstand. Second, it is not believed that it is too high.

After all, her accomplishments are here, which is called the Golden Elixir Period externally. It would be unreasonable if the array depicted could resist the deification or an out of body attack.

(End of this chapter)

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