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Chapter 385 Combination of array and device (subscription required)

Hearing this, Xu Jiaojiao immediately stopped and turned the pendant upside down, studying the array pattern behind it.

With a surprised face, he said: 'Ah! It's really a defensive array! This array is so exquisite...'

said and lowered his voice, and suddenly he was fascinated.

Jiayin picks her eyebrows. It seems that Jiaojiao really likes the array.

It's a pity that there is no secret script about the array in the world breaking bead space. I have exchanged some of them before. She left all the skills that mortals and primary monsters cultivate to the Heavenly King Temple, as well as the Eagle.

However, even if we don't stay here, the world is not suitable, and the level is too low.

Xu Jiaojiao did not understand after studying for a long time, and finally asked Jiayin for advice.

Jiayin only told her about the drawing method of the array pattern once, mainly because she did not understand the principle, which was inherent in the inheritance.

The inheritance she received includes the unique cultivation skills of the dragon family and some ancient arrays, which should be the inheritance of the phoenix family from her mother.

After that, they didn't go shopping. Jiayin directly accompanied Xu Jiaojiao to draw a defensive array at home all afternoon.

It should be said or not. Xu Jiaojiao is really talented. She wrote down the array in one afternoon.

He also tried to carve one on the stone, which was very powerful. At least the Golden Elixir could not break it with one blow.

In the next two days, Xu Jiaojiao didn't go out. Except for having dinner with her parents in front, she basically made arrangements in her own yard.

Jiayin also taught her some simple ones, such as the Flame Forging Array and the Lost and Trapped Array. The whole person was fascinated and did not go anywhere.

The Xu family leader and his wife were shocked. The normally wayward daughter suddenly became obedient. Isn't she holding up any big moves?

Later, when I looked in the daughter's yard, I realized that this was the case.

I am very grateful for the good news, which is good. At least before the ceremony, my daughter will not go out to cause trouble, and they will not worry at home.

On that day, Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing came back and told them that Xu Jiaojiao could learn from Qin Yuan, the disciple of the Supreme Elder of the Array Peak, and they felt like a pie in the sky.

Although they always think their daughter is the best, they also know that because of their reluctance, their daughter is old and has missed the best age to learn from teachers.

I thought it would be good to be an inner disciple. Unexpectedly, I had the opportunity to worship Qin Yuan's door. That was the closing disciple of the Supreme Elder and the younger martial brother of the peak leader!

The whole Xu family was very happy. On the evening of that day, the Xu family leader's side, as well as several other leaders from the side branch, gathered together to celebrate.

These elders also gave Xu Jiaojiao a lot of good things and spiritual stones to learn from her master.

Xu Jiaojiao's talent is the top in the Xu family, and the whole family has great expectations for her.

After testing Linggen that year, she wanted to stay at home and learn by herself. The side branches didn't have no opinions, but they couldn't beat Xu Si's master.

Now it's a fortune to be able to worship such a good master. The original baby in the sect is powerful. Which disciple was not trained from childhood.

This kind of disciple who has already built a foundation in his fifties and sixties, unless it is really fate, there are few willing to accept.

In particular, it is good to accept a registered disciple.

The next day, a good day was chosen at the array peak, which was set five days later.

With a specific time, they will not run around and wait for the day when they finish their apprenticeship.

They are not idle even if they don't go out. These days, Jiayin and Yao Qing have become familiar. They often look at her when they have nothing to do.

Yao Qing has her own yard in the Xu family, and she has also prepared a refining room for her. She doesn't have to be in the Cloud Heaven Sect, as long as there is a refining room, she will not delay her practice.

Lin Zishan and the Xu family, two brothers and three apprentices, have a tool refining shop in Qingyun City, and Yao Qing will help from time to time.

Jiayin and Xu Jiaojiao will also be with us these days, mainly because Jiayin wants to go, and Xu Jiaojiao is a guest.

The shop also has the help of the little disciples collected by the Xu brothers, and some common magic tools in it are made by them.

They refine directly in the shop. Anyway, basic weapon refining is not a secret, but a process in which practice makes perfect.

The real high-order magic tools or spirit tools will be refined in a relatively hidden environment. The real know-how and techniques are not to be spread.

Yao Qing has been refining a spirit sword for several days. She was refining it for her cousin Xu Jiaojiao. Now she has built a foundation to fly with the sword. She must have a spirit sword.

Jiayin is not interested in refining spirit sword. What she wants to learn is refining space magic tools.

She wants to make a storage ring for green bamboo. Of course, she also wants to make one herself. After all, she is still a little girl.

Like the storage bag, most of them are simple and grey. If it is not for the sake of concealment, she is too lazy to wear them. She prefers golden ornaments.

It's just this kind of thing. Although all major sectors have refining methods, the materials are difficult to obtain.

The material used in the storage bag is virtual silk. The silk spun by the virtual silk has great space extensibility. A small cocoon can wrap a pupa dozens or even hundreds of times larger than the outside.

After this thing was discovered, people developed a storage bag.

The reason why it is popular is that Netherworld silkworm can be cultured with Lingsang, which is not difficult.

Other space magic weapons are different. For rings, bracelets, pendants and the like, they need to use an extraterrestrial placer with certain space attributes.

As long as you add some extraterrestrial sand and mineral powder when refining magic or spirit weapons, you have a great chance of success.

As for the shape of the magic tools, it depends on your hobby.

Jiayin asked Lin Zishan a lot of common sense about refining weapons in the refining shop, thinking that she could have a try when she gathered all the materials.

After listening to Lin Zishan's explanation, and watching the refining techniques of his two disciples, Jiayin tried some of them.

Lin Zishan was so shocked that he kept asking the good news if he wanted to learn from him.

Who has touched the refiner for the first time? Anyway, he can't do it himself.

Jiayin refused directly, not to mention that she was not determined to learn, but that she could not learn here.

It's not that she doesn't look up to the realm of Lin Zishan, but that she can't stay here.

There is a cause and effect between the master and the apprentice, or the saying that one day as a teacher and one lifetime as a father, I really worship the master and that is to raise him to his old age.

Jiayin may leave this world one day, and it is impossible to leave such a big cause and effect in this world.

Although Lin Zishan was a little disappointed, he did not hesitate to teach Jiayin. He would give some advice to interested younger generations, and he simply taught Jiayin as his nephew.

Although Xu Jiaojiao is not interested in refining weapons, she likes to discuss it with Jiayin and add arrays to the weapons during refining.

As a result, the two people muttered, and they really got it!

First, Jiayin practiced a spirit sword and depicted the attack and defense arrays.

When the spirit sword comes out, although the level of the spirit sword is not high, the attack and defense are more than one level higher than the spirit sword of the same level!

There are also arrays on the spirit swords refined by others, which are basically used to absorb spirit. Otherwise, how can you fly with people by reading the mantra?

It is not to use your own array to absorb Reiki as kinetic energy.

On this basis, they have superimposed the defensive array and the attack array.

Of course, it is not the defensive array in the Jiayin tradition, but the array used is the world's array. Xu's parents collected some array secret scripts for Xu Jiaojiao.

Jiayin's inheritance array level is too high, this magic tool can't bear it, and it can't be integrated at all.

Lin Zishan was shocked at the moment when the Spirit Sword came out.

It is obviously made of ordinary materials. If it is made by ordinary methods, even if it is made by him, it is at most a medium quality magic tool.

After all, materials determine its quality. Low level materials are useless even if they are skilled.

Now he doesn't think so. It's obvious that the power of the two sets of arrays depicted on the same materials is so different at the last step!

He tried specially, and his power is like a magic weapon of top grade. The difference between top grade and middle grade is great. Go to

Let's say that if the middle level magic tool and the top level magic tool are in the same hands of the foundation building friars, you can kill a fourth level monster with the middle level magic tool.

If it is of top grade, it can kill level six monster.

It seems that you have only crossed one level. Don't forget that monsters above level 5 belong to the higher level!

The importance of a powerful weapon for a monk is self-evident.

Practitioners pay attention to the land of the couple. The magic weapons and weapons in their hands are also an important part. Otherwise, how could there be so many murders and looting?

It is not only a natural treasure, but also a powerful weapon.

Later, Lin Zishan seems to have found a new direction and started to study the array with them.

I think the magic weapon made in this way is really more powerful. Before, they all wanted to work hard on materials, but never thought that they could increase their power with arrays.

Attack array and defense array are not rare. They are usually engraved on the jade pendant and worn by people to block certain attacks for themselves.

The magic tools and weapons used by the Immortal Cultivation World are separated now, like a person's own life magic weapon, which is either offensive or defensive, with few combinations.

I want to know that if the aggressiveness is high, the defensiveness must be low. If the defensiveness is high, all the energy is used for defense, and the aggressiveness must be insufficient, which is also a contradiction.

There is no way. Many people can't conquer it, so they will bring many magic weapons when they go out.

Two little girls murmured that this kind of overlapping array with both offensive and defensive skills is also a wizard of Tianzong.

After that, several people struggled in the refining shop.

In a few days, I have refined several different small magic tools, and the array used on them is also different.

They tried the combination of trap array and attack array, magic array and trap array.

Of course, not everyone can succeed. Some are suitable, and some are not.

It has no effect. It also destroys a good magic tool.

The time soon came five days later, the day of Xu Jiaojiao's apprenticeship ceremony.

They joined Jiang Ling'er's apprentices to participate. The process was the same, just a change of person standing in the middle.

The leader of Zhenfeng Peak and the Supreme Elder, one is the master and the other is the senior brother, who gave Xu Jiaojiao a storage bag.

Qin Yuan had been outside for many years before, and he had a lot of good things on his body. He certainly wouldn't be stingy with his only disciple who passed on his own.

Because Xu Jiaojiao has built the foundation, she does not need to learn from scratch, so she does not need to listen to the basic courses in the hall with the new disciples.

Qin Yuan directly gave her a copy of his own training notes, and asked her to study first, and then ask him if she didn't understand.

This is the first time for him to bring his apprentice. He has no experience, so he has to come here first.

Fortunately, Xu Jiaojiao has a good talent and understanding, and does have a foundation. She doesn't need to start from the foundation, so she can completely learn by herself.

Qin Yuan heard that they were going to Ziyuan Secret Place, and he gave Xu Jiaojiao a storage bag, which was used for self-defence. He was afraid that the disciples he had just received would be folded into the secret place.

And I also told Xu Jiaojiao about his experience in entering the secret place of Ziyuan.

The secret place was opened once in 30 years. Before the Golden Elixir Period of Qin Yuan, he had gone in three times, but he never went in again. He could only provide Xu Jiaojiao with information hundreds of years ago.

However, even so, Xu Jiaojiao listened carefully.

She has heard Lin Zishan say before. She has been there several times, and the location of the teleportation is different each time. Even if she feels familiar with the location, the vegetation monster inside is also completely changed.

The two brothers have been to Ziyuan Secret twice. If they don't happen to have pills, they can go there again this time.

Everyone is also saying that every time a person goes in, the place is different. For example, the first time he transmits a valley, the next time he goes there, he will be transmitted in a desert or an island. Anyway, the location of each transmission is not the same.

Up to now, all the people in Xiuxian World have no specific understanding of this secret place of purple source, which comes into existence once every three decades.

I don't know how big it is, how many kinds of monsters there are, what kind of environment it is, and there is no specific location.

There are many changes in it. Even if you go to the desert twice, it may not be the same. The scenery looks very similar, but the monsters you encounter are completely different. There is no reference at all.

However, it is good to know more about the experience of some people. Even if you can't meet them, you will be prepared.

After returning, Xu Jiaojiao told Yao Qing and the good news.

Jiayin has also heard several versions of the scenes in Ziyuan, and knows that this is indeed the case.

I think this secret place is very interesting, and there may be some surprises.

No matter how large the area is, it is impossible to say. This is not the first time that so many people in the whole cultivation circle have entered, and they have never encountered repeated positions, which makes no sense.

There are so many kinds of monster, can't we meet different monsters every time we go in?

There is only one possibility, that is, these monsters are not fixed in one position, but are replaced in several or dozens of positions...

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