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Chapter 386 Monsters eat people (subscription required)

On the third day of Xu Jiaojiao's apprenticeship ceremony, Jin Yuanbao was promoted.

In the early morning of the day, just before dawn, all the Xu family members were awakened and found a whirlpool of spirit in the sky over the yard next to Xu Jiaojiao's yard!

Everyone gathered here. Xu Jiaojiao and Jiayin were the first to arrive, and they lived nearby.

When Xu Si and his wife arrived, Xu Si said to the good news, 'Is this promotion?'

The good news nodded, 'It should be that aura is centered on gold ingots.'

Her divine sense went in at the first time. Jin Yuanbao was lying there with his eyes closed, and these auras automatically penetrated into his body.

'Unexpectedly, the fifth level monster is so noisy. High level monsters usually practice in the mountains, which is hard to see for ordinary people.' Xu Si sighed.

Before the fourth level of monster, there was little movement, but the body would grow up. Those above the fifth level were rarely contracted, unless they had been contracted before.

Even those contracted monsters will find a place where they will not be disturbed when they reach the fifth level of the Jin Dynasty. They will not be seen if they have not been raised.

More and more people gathered outside, and the surrounding Xu family's side branches also came. Everyone was curious when they learned that it was Cloud Cat Wearing who was promoting, but they didn't dare to disturb it, for fear of affecting Cloud Cat Wearing and causing it to fail in promotion.

The aura whirlpool revolved in the air for half an hour, then shrunk smaller and smaller until it disappeared.

The person beside him whispered: 'I didn't expect that the demon beast would need so much aura to be promoted!'

'This is the fifth level of the Jin Dynasty. It is said that after the fifth level, it will be delicious. Of course, it needs a lot of spiritual blessing.'

'The fifth level monster is equivalent to the foundation period.'

'The battle effectiveness of demon beasts is much better than that of friars. They are not only rough and fleshy, but also have their own life power. They won't lose the battle against the Golden Elixir...'

Listening to the words around, Xu Jiaojiao is a little proud. This is a monster she knows. Now she has a good relationship with her.

Suddenly, I felt a sense of divinity. Although it was a flash, I was noticed by the good news.

The good news picks the eyebrows, which is higher than the original baby stage. Is this the OBE stage?

It seems that the divine sense of this world can only be used to explore the surroundings after the first baby.

It should be related to the skills they cultivate. They only focus on the promotion of a skill and accomplishments, but not on the cultivation of divine sense.

Jiayin followed the divine sense of the other party and found that the other party was in an inn in Qingyun City.

Isn't he responsible for guarding Qingyun City?

The good news thought that it was Yuntian Sect's great ability to garrison here, and it seemed that he was also an outsider.

This man was dressed in black, with three-dimensional features, and some of them looked like foreigners in the mortal world. At this time, he was meditating in the room, with a spirit sword with a black scabbard at his hand.

The good news frowned. The person gave her a bad feeling. Although she did not have the blood spirit, her breath was somewhat suppressed.

I don't know what kind of skill I'm practicing.

The good news regained his divine sense, and the other party was completely unaware of it.

Jin Yuanbao has already swaggered out of the yard and promoted, but his body has become smaller. He was once as big as an adult tiger, but now he is only as big as a leopard.

'Jin Yuanbao! Why did you smoke?' said Xu Jiaojiao with a surprised face.

Jin Yuanbao looked at her blankly and opened his mouth directly and replied, 'Can I talk? I'm refined. I don't know if what is condensed is essence?'

Its voice is a kind of voice like that of a teenager in the changing period. It is neither unpleasant nor pleasant. Now it has a proud and charming tone, more like a rebellious teenager.

The curious onlookers were all tongue twitching. It was the first time they heard this statement, but it was quite reasonable to think about it.

Think that the higher the level of pills is, the smaller the size is. It is refined layer by layer to remove impurities, and what remains is not the essence

Everyone was glad that the Cloud Cat had just been promoted. They all talked to him and went back contentedly.

Now that Jin Yuanbao's promotion is completed, the time to go to Daliang will be put on the agenda.

Although the secret realm has not been opened yet, they are not ready to fly over with their swords, and they are ready to take a carriage to go slowly.

Put it in front of you, put all the things you expect to use in the storage bag, and put a cushion on the carriage, even if you are light.

Of course, there are only three of them and one cat in the carriage. Lin Zishan and others have no leisure and want to fight with the sword.

The driving of carriages is changed. As long as you control the direction, you don't have to stare at them all the time.

The horses in the fairyland are not ordinary horses. They are all grown up in the spirit. Even if they don't practice, they will be wise.

After they left the city, they went west all the way. This road was different from the one they came from. It was wider and more flat, and they met many ordinary people on the road.

Xu Jiaojiao introduced to the good news all the way. This is not the first time for her to come out. She also went to Daliang with her brother before.

At that time, it was the brothers who entered the secret place. She, her cousin and Uncle Lin were waiting outside. This time, it was their turn to go in by themselves. My brother and Uncle Lin were waiting for them outside.

This year, the brothers are not going to go in again, because they are not at ease about Wujizong and have to guard outside.

Now, the driver in front is Jiayin. Yao Qinggang has changed to meditate in the car. Xu Jiaojiao also sits beside her and says where it is.

Jin Yuanbao poked his head out, put his chin on Jiayin's shoulder, listened to Xu Jiaojiao's explanation, and looked curiously at the scenery on both sides of the road.

'This is the boundary of Green Cloud City, and the aura is much thinner. My second brother said that it is because it is far away from the Holy vein.

However, it is rumored that the aura of other places is so thin because they have been absorbed by the array of Qingyun City. '

Xu Jiaojiao whispered, as if she was afraid of being heard by others.

The good news nodded in agreement for both reasons.

The Holy vein of Yunwu Country is in the Yuntian Clan. The Holy spirit of Qingyun City is stronger than that of other places except the Yuntian Clan. A spirit gathering array has been set up, which makes the difference more obvious.

'Yes, you think so, too. I tell you, I heard that the mountain in the southwest of Lvyun City also had a spirit vein before.

Later, people found the Holy Stone Mine. Many people went to dig it, and Shengsheng broke the Holy vein! Now that mountain is a little shorter than before, you can imagine how fierce it was dug before.

Cousin, do you eat Lingguo? '

Xu Jiaojiao took out some Holy Fruits from the storage bag, handed them to Jiayin and Jin Yuanbao, one by one, and then turned to look at her cousin who had closed her eyes and kept her alert.

Yao Qing opened his eyes and took a bite of the fruit. 'I've listened to you all the way. Aren't you tired?'

'Don't you take out Lingguo to moisten your throat?'

It means the throat is dry.

Yao Qing smiled at her helplessly. 'Have a rest. Are we still camping in the wild today?'

The last sentence was asked to the good news. Her cultivation is the highest among the three. They unconsciously listened to her arrangement.

The good news looked at the inventory in the storage bag and said, 'There is a town ahead. Let's go to the town and see if there is anything good to add. My storage bag is almost at the bottom.'

Two people and one cat have no objection. They have also seen Jiayin's preference for food. No matter whether there is aura on it or not, as long as it is delicious, it is OK.

And Jin Yuanbao, as long as there are delicious shops along the way, they can't hide their cat's nose.

Before he entered the town, Jin Yuanbao raised his paw and pointed out the way: 'Go left to left. There is the taste of braised meat. It's beef!'

Jiayin took the reins and turned directly to the left fork. After walking a short distance, she smelled the aroma of hegemony.

'It's so delicious! It's so delicious. I want to eat when I smell it~' Xu Jiaojiao shouted softly.

Jiayin and Jin Yuanbao also sniffed, and Yao Qing could not help leaning forward.

'This should be the meat of Heifeng cattle. The meat is firm, tender, and moderately fat.

However, this cow is going to be captured in Heifeng Mountain. Because it lives in a group, it will cooperate with the enemy. The friars with low accomplishments dare not go.

And it can't be raised at home. If you are too angry, you will die of hunger strike, so it's a rare delicacy. 'Xu Jiaojiao said.

'Where is Heifeng Mountain?' the good news asked.

Xu Jiaojiao replied, 'In the north of Lvyun City, at the junction of Ziyun City and Lvyun City, the land on the mountain is black, and the whole mountain is covered by the wind and black soil. That's the name.'

When Jiayin heard the specific address, she wanted to taste it later. If it was as delicious as the taste, she would use her divine sense to catch several heads and put them in the storage bag. She would eat them with brine when she wanted to.

They continued to drive forward and saw a tavern not far away.

The location of the tavern is good, and the front of the tavern is also very conspicuous.

It's just strange that there is no one in the tavern. It's impossible for others to smell such a delicious smell. At least the child next door should cry greedily

Jiayin looked into the surrounding courtyard and found that it was empty!

What's going on here? It suddenly occurred to me that after they entered the town, they did not seem to have met anyone.

Where are all the people in this town?

Thinking, he stopped the carriage and stopped at the gate of the tavern.

Even if there is no other person, there must be someone in the tavern, or where does the fragrance come from?

Jiayin poked his divine sense towards the kitchen and saw an old man in his sixties and seventies.

The old man was stirring the pot pot with a big spoon.

Three people and one cat got out of the carriage and went straight into the tavern.

Xu Jiaojiao shouted at the back door, 'Is there anyone? Is there anyone? Is the boss here?'

Soon there was a slightly faltering footsteps, and soon an old man appeared at the door.

Seeing them, the old man stepped out and said in his hoarse voice, 'You girls come from outside, don't stay here.'

The three were stunned. What happened?

Seeing that they did not move, the old man said as quickly as possible: 'Don't ask too much, just leave. It will be too late if you are late.'

The good news shows that his face is not fake, and his breath is very peaceful. He should be a kind person.

So the good news comforted him: 'Don't be like this, Father. All three of us are men of practice. If there is any difficulty, you can tell us. It's our duty to kill demons.'

When the old man heard the words, his muddy eyes brightened and then faded.

With a trembling voice, he said, 'The three fairies should leave. I'm afraid you can't crack the danger here.'

Xu Jiaojiao said hurriedly, 'How do you know if we can't crack it? Our accomplishments are not low!'

The old man thought for a moment and said to them, 'A month ago, a fairy came to Wang Dahu's house in the town and said that he wanted to take Wang Dahu's youngest son as his apprentice.

As soon as Wang Dahu was happy, he asked around to see what kind of gift he would give the immortal.

Just a few days later, a group of traders came to the town with a young monster in their hands.

When Wang Dahu knew it, he went to buy the monster and prepared to give it to his son's master.

The immortal was really satisfied, so he began to teach his son directly, saying that he would take him back to the sect when he got into the body.

Unexpectedly, one night half a month ago, the monster's parents came to kill Wang's family. The immortal was defeated and left injured.

At that time, people in the town closed their doors and did not dare to go out. They thought that the monster had saved the baby and left.

Unexpectedly, instead of leaving, he lived directly in the house of Wang Dahu.

The neighbors on both sides could hear the sound of chewing every day in those days. They had the courage to lie on the wall and look at it. The monster was eating the corpse!

The left and right neighbors ran away. Before they left, they told the people in the town, so we knew that the monster was still in the town.

Later, we saw that the monster did not come out to attack people, so everyone was a little relieved. Unexpectedly, two more came five days ago!

The two monster beasts took two children away from the town after one catty. Later, people refused to let the children go out, but they took several women away!

It's no use for everyone to close the door. Later, they just break into the house and pick up people, especially children and women, old people and men.

After that, all the people who could run in the town ran away, leaving behind people as old as me.

Later, I didn't know whether people had run away and had no more to eat. They began to eat cooked food.

Because my braised meat is famous far and wide, I don't know how it was known by the monster. The Heifeng ox was picked up by the monster, and it was thrown directly at my door. Let me take it the next day.

This is the third Heifeng cattle I have given them. They will come here early tomorrow morning. You can leave quickly. '

The good news caught the point and said, 'That monster will talk?'

The old man nodded, 'Yes, there are men and women who have the same voice as people. It should be the parents of the baby who came to me.'

The three people looked at each other. Yao Qing and Xu Jiaojiao had some serious eyes. They were Level 5 monsters.

Ordinarily, the fifth level monster should not eat mortals. It is already fifth level, and it will experience thunder robbery if it is promoted to two levels. Now it will become worse if it eats people.

Heaven has always preferred the human race, and it's OK for people to eat monsters. But once the monsters eat people, it's hard to bear the transformation thunder robbery, and they will be beaten to death.

(End of this chapter)

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