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Chapter 389 Darkroom (subscription required)

They drove the carriage to the yard.

The doorsill of the gate has been removed, which should have been removed by the people inside before. It was stuck behind the door without being put back.

Later, there were fire wolves stationed here. They didn't pay attention to these details, and the door was never closed.

They stopped the carriage behind the screen wall of the first courtyard and got off the carriage.

The front yard is very spacious, with an open space, winding corridors, scattered flowers and trees, octagonal pavilion, and a stone path between flowers and plants.

The good news people walked along the corridor to the back yard, and they didn't close the gate. Anyway, there was no one in the town, especially around here, and no one would come in.

Three people and three beasts went directly to the second yard. There was basically nothing in the first yard, and you could see the head at a glance.

Second, it was OK outside the courtyard. The flower hall and the main hall were in a mess.

The three men looked at Wang Tongtong, the wolf in the arms of Jiayin.

Since he was held by Jiayin, the guy refused to leave on his own. After eating, he ran into Jiayin's arms and let her hold him.

It's so annoying that it almost got wrapped around its neck and strangled it!

It feels as if it has done something wrong, which is just to get a competitor back!

It was the good news that calmed it for a long time.

Now it seems that green bamboo is wrapped around Jiayin's wrist, but in fact, it secretly beats the wolf's butt with its tail from time to time.

Wolf King Tongtong doesn't care. Anyway, his goal has been achieved, which is nothing compared with the quick recovery of the injury.

Only Jin Yuanbao looked at him with a lonely face. He could not help it. It was too big. If he wanted to be hugged by the good news, he had to wait for the night to sleep.

Xu Jiaojiao looked envious, while Yao Qing was a little funny, but they all felt that Jiayin was really popular with monsters.

The three high-level monsters all revolve around her and compete with each other constantly. It's really enviable~

Tongtong saw that they all looked at themselves and explained: 'We didn't make this. They set up an array in the flower hall and wanted to make a contract with me directly here.

At the critical moment, my subordinates came here and cleaned them up.

We only worked here. Only this yard was forced to break down, and the other yards are still good. '

Tong Tong told them the reason why this place is so dilapidated. Yes, it is dilapidated. Except for the four walls and the roof, the hall is a mess. There is no good place.

The tables, chairs, benches, furniture and ornaments were scattered on the ground, and there were also pieces of dried blood. I don't know how they did it, but it was tragic.

I have seen the good news with divine sense before, so it's not surprising that I took a look at it and prepared to move on.

Xu Jiaojiao decided to stay here and study the contract array, which is the Yin Yang bipolar array.

Although she can't use this insidious array, it's necessary to study it and know what principle it is. In case of encountering it later, she can also know how to crack it.

Yao Qing is not sure that she is here alone, but she also stays here. Although there is a high probability that no one will come to the yard, in case that the evil cultivation in the OBE period or the infant period mentioned by the Wolf King will kill him.

So she stayed to watch her cousin, so that she could not devote herself to studying the array and pay no attention to the surrounding environment. At least she could give a warning.

The good news thought for a moment and left the green bamboo to them. She and the green bamboo have feelings. At the critical moment, the green bamboo can also take them into the space to hide, but they will fall asleep.

She took Tong Tong and Jin Yuanbao to the third courtyard behind her, and directly entered the small courtyard with a dark room.

Jin Yuanbao was a little puzzled and asked, 'Why do you enter this courtyard? Is there any difference in this courtyard?'

Wolf King Tongtong was also confused. These yards are similar, that is, the trees planted in them are different. He didn't find any differences.

The good news explained to them: 'Of course it is different. There is a dark room in the yard. Let's go and see what's in it.'

Jin Yuanbao opened his eyes in surprise and Tongtong moved his ears.

A group of fire wolves have lived here for more than ten days, and they haven't found any dark room in this yard.

Although they have been on guard against those people coming back, they have also explored the mansion in addition to sending away the women and children.

Although I never thought that there would be anything important in this yard, after all, it heard from those people that this is just a stronghold, and their home is not here.

Unexpectedly, there is such a thing as a darkroom. I don't know how to hide it, but they didn't find it.

Jiayin entered the yard and walked to the side room on the right. The room was shorter and much smaller than the main room, which should be prepared for servants.

She did not enter the room, but walked to the small space between the accessory room and the main room.

There is a jujube tree. Jiayin walked around the tree twice and said to Tongtong and Jin Yuanbao, who looked puzzled, 'The people who built here must be proficient in arrays. There is a small magic array here.'

With that, he picked up two small stones from the ground and threw them in two different directions.

The empty space and jujube trees between the two houses disappeared instantly, and a stone house appeared with large doors and windows, which looked solid and bright.

Tongtong and Jin Yuanbao stared at the same time. This array is really exquisite! They haven't seen anything before!

Jiayin has made a guess about this array. She can use it freely. If she is really a member of the Yuntian Sect, she may be the member of the Array Peak.

Who is this person? At the array peak, except for the peak master, it should be an elder. When the time comes to deify, he will become the Supreme Elder.

If you are not from the Yuntian Sect, it is hard to guess. I will tell Xu Jiaojiao and her two about it later, so that they can communicate with Qin Yuan and avoid missing any important clues

While thinking about this, the good news walked towards the door with two beasts. There was no mechanism on the door, just an ordinary door.

The defense here should be in this magic array. Once the magic array is broken, there will be no mechanism.

She pushed the door directly and found that this room was not so much a dark room as a secret place to practice and rest.

The house has two floors, one above and one below.

The upper floor has good lighting. There is a futon on the ground, a couch next to the window, a desk on the left, a chair behind, and a bookshelf.

Jiayin looked at the bookshelf, but there were few books on it. She took them out and turned them over. They were all storybooks used by ordinary people to pass the time. They were not secret scripts of kung fu.

After a turn, the only thing in the whole room that can attract the good news is the wooden couch.

It should be made of a special kind of wood, with a comfortable fragrance, which can calm the nerves.

The jade mat on it emits a slight chill. Jiayin touches it. It's cold. It should be made of cold jade.

This is not bad, it can be kept for your own use, so it was put into the broken boundary bead space without saying a word.

Then he looked into the room and put away the jade pots and cups on the table beside the couch.

They are all made of good materials. It is a waste to put them here. They are not taken for nothing.

After taking these, they took Tong Tong and Jin Yuanbao down the stairs beside them.

Originally, I thought that the underground floor should be very dark, and Jiayin was ready to take out the night pearl. Unexpectedly, it was very bright below.

At a glance, she saw the luminous jade inlaid on the wall, which was different from the cold light of the night pearl. The long jade inlaid on the wall emitted soft light, like sunlight, making people feel warm.

Jiayin held out her hand and tried it. It was really warm!

The closer to the light source, the temperature is obvious, and the stone can not only emit heat!

Jiayin put Tongtong on the ground beside, took out the luminous pearl on the shelf beside, and began to pick up the jade on the wall.

She did not pick the jade bar directly, but also picked the stones inlaid behind it. In order to avoid being pinched by too much strength.

After three or two times of digging, he touched the stone bar with his hand. The stone bar itself was not very hot, but the light was really warm.

Jiayin didn't think too much about it, so she put it into the space and waited to study it.

In the light of the night pearl, I looked at the basement.

There are many things in the basement. There are not only many shelves, but also many boxes.

As soon as she saw the box, her eyes began to glow.

Generally, they are packed in boxes. They are all valuable items. The most unfortunate thing is the Holy Stone.

She walked forward and looked at the things on the shelf. They were all made of materials for refining. It was difficult to see some of them.

Put away what you like, and then go forward to open the lid one by one.

Sure enough, there are four or five boxes of top quality Lingshi, which is not a small fortune.

The rest of the boxes contain various magic tools and storage bags.

But it seems that they have been used, and they should have been snatched from others.

The good news thought for a moment, but did not touch those things. She just took three boxes of Lingshi into the space, leaving two boxes to be shared with Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing.

Since they came together, they should be allowed to take advantage of it. It will be convenient for them to spend money in the future.

She is not going to collect these magic tools and storage bags, nor is she going to let Xu Jiaojiao and them use them. She is going to give them when Yuntianzong sends people to investigate. These things may be clues.

When it was dark, Xu Jiaojiao and her colleagues came over. Because the magic array had been destroyed, they did not attract Xu Jiaojiao's attention. Otherwise, she would have to study it again.

Green Bamboo brought them directly. As soon as Xu Jiaojiao entered the basement, she started to exclaim.

'Wow! There are so many good things! Ah! These magic tools and storage bags are old, can't they be obtained by the evil cultivation who killed people and looted treasures?'

Yao Qing felt the same way, so they just looked and didn't move.

The good news said: 'Put away these two boxes of Holy Stone, and I have already put them away. Leave the magic tools and storage bags for your sect to see if there are any clues.'

Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing looked at the two boxes of top-grade Lingshi and were embarrassed to accept it. It was actually found by Jiayin.

When the good news saw that they didn't do anything, she urged them: 'Come on, of course, good friends have their share. In the future, there will be many opportunities. Don't be so open-minded.'

The two of them just put it away. They are both top-grade spirit stones. They can not only buy things, but also be used for cultivation. In particular, Xu Jiaojiao used this array to get twice the result with half the effort. She said she didn't want it to be fake.

They selected the materials on the shelf again, mainly Yao Qing, who is a tool refiner, and these materials are really valuable to her.

Jiayin and Xu Jiaojiao were also popularized by her. The origin and characteristics of these materials.

Jiayin felt that she had gained a lot of experience. She had spent several days in Lin Zishan's refining shop before. After all, the materials available were limited.

Especially some precious things that are hard to get, many of them are taken right away and made by the smelter, so they will not be left.

There are not many kinds of materials for these shelves. Jiayin also received some shiny and beautiful ones. Except for the stone bar, she left some of the same ones, and did not receive the other ones that only have one copy.

First, they don't know the use, and second, they are not good-looking.

After being popularized by Yao Qing, Jiayin found that the things she collected were all auxiliary, mostly decorative, which could make the magic tools look more beautiful

After collecting the materials, they put those magic tools into a storage bag, ready to leave here for the night and leave tomorrow morning.

When they met Lin Zishan and his disciples in the secret place, they gave him the storage bag and he gave it to the Zongmen.

They didn't go to the backyard, so they were going to rest in this guest house, but they also agreed to take turns on duty at night to prevent evil practices from coming back.

Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing did not know Qingzhu's accomplishments, and they thought it was just like Jin Yuanbao.

Although Tongtong, the Wolf King, is level eight, he has no force at all. He is inferior to Jin Yuanbao. He must be worried if he is not worth the night.

The good news didn't say much. It would be better to be alert. If you relax too much, it will be too late.

No one can say whether there will be any accident. If there is someone with higher accomplishments behind those evil practices, she may not be able to deal with them even if she exposes them.

Three people, three beasts and one person took turns to watch the night for an hour. They had a good rest. In addition to Jiayin and Jin Yuanbao, Xu Jiaojiao, Yao Qing and the two beasts spent their time in training.

The next morning, they left with a carriage.

It was not until they arrived at Lvyun City that they went to the city again to rest. During this time, Jiayin went to fight several Heifeng cows with her sword.

I can't help it. The meat is so delicious. The wild animals she caught on the road these days are incomparable. On the contrary, it makes her even more hungry for it.

Two Heifeng cattle went to the city's braised meat shop to help with the stew. The other side didn't want a stone, so they charged 100 jin of meat as processing fee.

The good news has no problem. She picks up the big ones and beats them. Two cows are three thousand catties smaller, so it's nothing to divide one hundred catties.

She plans to bake or stew the rest on the way, and she will be tired of eating bittern.

(End of this chapter)

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