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Chapter 390 Enemy has a narrow road (subscription required)

After entering the Green Cloud City, Jiayin found that there seemed to be something wrong in the sky above the Green Cloud City, and it became more and more obvious as she walked toward the center of the city.

When I came here last time, although the aura of Lvyun City was rare, there were still some, which was better than those barren places.

After all, it is not too far from Qingyun City, just across a mountain, where there are spiritual veins, and the aura is enough.

Previously, they found that the town where the Wolf King lived was very smart.

Even the place where Jiayin went to fight against Heifeng Bull was OK, except that the aura was just above the Green Cloud City, which seemed to have been sucked away by something.

But the good news has also seen that there is no isolation array.

Since there is no array to isolate the aura, there is something that can quickly absorb the aura in the city, so that the supply of aura outside can not keep up with the absorption speed, so this vacuum state appears.

The good news explored the rarest place of aura with divine sense. If you are not mistaken, it should be the Lord's Residence of Lvyun City.

She is going to probe her divine sense into the Lord's Mansion. Maybe the problem lies in it.

As a result, I was stopped by a force when I was about to enter the mansion!

Without waiting for the other party to get entangled, Jiayin instantly regained her divine sense and frowned.

There is an expert in the city lord's mansion!

The accomplishments of the other party are definitely not lower than the deification period, because the accomplishments of Jiayin should be equivalent to the full state of the OBE period, and her divine sense is equivalent to the middle of deification. Her divine sense can not be stopped below the deification.

This Green Cloud City is no more than Qingyun City. Qingyun City is the first city under the Yuntian Sect. There are many Yuntian Sect industries in it.

However, the last time Jiayin explored Qingyun City with divine sense, she found that the highest point was an OBE period, and she was still an outsider.

As for Jiayin, how do you know that the person is foreign? The other party lives in an inn rather than in his own home. It should not be a local talent.

How can there be such a person with high accomplishments in Lvyun City? It's impossible to say that the other party passed by.

If they are just passing by, senior friars usually don't easily go to other people's homes to stay overnight. They don't want to be responsible for such unnecessary things. Most of them live in inns or in the wild.

In addition, in the deification period, it is almost instantaneous. It is not necessary to live in the city lord's mansion. It is only possible if the city lord has a relationship or is a family.

Last time when we passed Jiang Linger, out of caution, Jiayin didn't use divine sense to explore Lvyun City, so we don't know whether this deification period has been or came later.

Since there are experts in the city, she can't use her divine sense to explore at will. Her divine sense should have shocked the other party just now.

With this in mind, I felt a wave coming from the air. The good news was directly refined and concentrated, and then it was passed on to Tongtong and Qingzhu to make them converge.

Green Bamboo likes to say that she is not worried about the hidden accomplishments.

Although Tongtong has no accomplishments, the other party can't find out, but as long as you have insight, the flame on the forehead of the flame wolf will be silver gray only when it reaches Level 8.

So Jiayin directly pressed the bright wolf face into her arms. As long as the silver gray flame mark was not exposed, even the knowledgeable people could not see that it was not a fire wolf cub.

After a wave in the air, it was calm again.

Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing did not find anything unusual, they were still chatting happily.

They are looking for a suitable inn on the street. As soon as they enter the city, they first put Heifeng Niu in the most famous braised meat shop in the city, and then came to find the inn.

Last time, Jiayin and Jiangling didn't spend the night in Lvyun City. They just strolled around a few shops, bought some things, met the son of the city lord in the tavern, and left. So we don't know which inn is better.

The three men and three beasts discussed, and they simply found the largest one in Lvyun City.

Anyway, they are not short of spirit stones now. Those top-grade spirit stones collected in the underground dark room are enough for them to stay in the inn for a long time.

Of course, they will not live for long, and they can live for two days at most. When the beef is ready, they will continue to travel.

Next to the largest inn is the largest tavern in Lvyun City, which Jiayin and Jiang Ling'er had planned to eat before, but later failed to eat because they beat the son of the city lord.

Just walked to the door of the tavern, a man swaggered out of it. Hey! What a coincidence! It is the son of the city lord.

When the other party saw the three of them, their eyes lit up and their expression became obscene. Later, they narrowed their eyes when they saw the good news.

'Shua --' opened the folding fan in his hand with a loud voice, and walked forward with a smile, 'Hehe... It's really hard to find a place to walk through iron shoes. It doesn't take much time. Last time you hurt my young master, you ran away. This time, you'll see where you are going!'

The good news raised her eyebrows. This guy remembered to eat or not to fight. Last time, it was clearly that he was the first to run in frustration. But he was persuaded by the shopkeeper and left without causing any trouble.

However, she didn't talk to the other party as fast as she could. She just looked at the other party with interest and wondered what reliance he had found.

Is it the deification period of the city lord's mansion?

You know, the last time he knew he was a monk, he ran away.

Seeing that he did not answer the good news, Zhu Wenjie put away his fan with a 'pop!'.

A little angry said: 'My young master is talking to you! Don't think that if you pretend to be stupid, I will let you go. Now you kneel down to kowtow to me and admit your mistake, and promise to be my young master's concubine. I will consider forgiving you... Ah!'

Xu Jiaojiao directly stepped forward and kicked him out of the restaurant until she hit the threshold of the restaurant.

Zhu Wenjie opened his mouth and said, 'Wow!' He spat out a mouthful of blood, raised his hand tremulously and pointed at them. He could not speak for a long time.

Xu Jiaojiao snorted, 'Any cat or dog dares to block our way. Are you impatient? I can help you!'

Just now, as soon as she saw the other side looking at them with an evil face, she wanted to do something. It was because she looked at the other side as if she knew the good news and went straight to the good news that she didn't do it at the first time.

Unexpectedly, the other side said such a long string of nonsense, and dared to make Jiayin kneel down to kowtow to him and become his concubine. I don't know how I died!

Zhu Wenjie coughed twice again. After coughing out the blood clot stuck in his throat, he found his voice again.

'Dare! I'm the son of the leader of Green Cloud City. How dare you attack me! Somebody! Take them down!'

After waiting for a long time, no one moved. Looking back, he saw that his two servants were pale and trembling.

He stared at them angrily, and then looked at another man holding a sword with both hands.

He gasped: 'Immortal Wang, you promised my father to protect me, and you just watched her hurt me? Aren't you afraid to go back and be punished?'

The man who was called Immortal Wang raised his eyelids and glanced at him.

He said quietly: 'It was you who made trouble first. What you said just now is a great insult to the cultivator. The other side has spared you.'

Of course, he didn't say the most important thing.

Although his accomplishments were higher than those of the other two women, one of the two foundation building periods was later. If the other had many magic weapons, he would be able to deal with two equally.

The other most beautiful girl, although she was young, could not see her accomplishments at all.

But when I saw the spirit of immortality, I was definitely not a man without accomplishments.

So even if he makes a move, he can only draw with those two women, not to mention that the other side has a person who is higher than his accomplishments.

Moreover, as a man, he was a little angry at what the black sheep of the city master said just now, not to mention the woman.

As he said, let the other party kowtow and admit their mistakes, and let them make concubines for him. It's merciful to let him die.

When Zhu Wenjie heard this, he blushed, angry and ashamed.

Just now, he thought that he also had friars around him. He was a real man of the Golden Elixir Period. He should be able to control the other party, so he dared to challenge him.

Had he known that Wang would not do anything, he did not dare to go forward foolishly.

The three men looked at him with a sneer, and even the monster beside them seemed to have contempt in their eyes, which made it difficult to ride a tiger.

If he begged for mercy now, how would he stay in the city? He did not dare to speak harshly without asking for mercy, for fear that the other party would really kill him.

After all, Immortal Wang doesn't seem to be able to make moves

He was struggling. There was a wave in the air, and a thick voice said, 'Wang Chen, bring the Zhu family boy back.'

The friar named Wang quickly put down his hand that he had copied on his chest and saluted respectfully, 'Yes, Shizu.'

At the same time, a voice appeared in the minds of the three of Jiayin, 'Three little friends, please forgive me. This is the only son of the leader of Green Cloud City. Can you give me a face? Let him go this time. I promise I won't let him get into trouble again.'

The good news picked her eyebrows. It seems that this is indeed the cultivation of the deification period, and it really has something to do with the Chengzhu Mansion.

Otherwise, it is impossible to deign to plead with them in order to keep such a thing.

That's right. It's condescending to lower the rank. Generally, a monk with high accomplishments disdains to be humble to a person with low accomplishments. It's good nature to be nice to you.

After all, the strong are respected in the immortal cultivation world. Of course, there are also those who can behave themselves and are not willing to offend others easily. They are polite to talk to anyone.

However, there are few such things.

After the other party finished the sound, Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing were in a cold sweat.

Although the other side said it was polite, there was a bit of pressure in the voice transmission. For them, there was both temptation and threat.

The good news waved her hand and laid a barrier in front of them, so that their divine sense would not be damaged.

He also replied with a voice: 'In this case, let it go this time. Give him a life. You'd better let someone take care of him. If he does, he will be killed immediately next time.'

The other party paused for a while, took back the pressure, and spoke more politely again.

'Don't worry, little friend. I keep my word.'

After saying that, the son of the city lord and the friar named Wang Chen suddenly disappeared.

The good news is not strange at all. When it comes to the deification period, you can not only move forward, but also move objects or people in space.

Just as she used to collect things with broken boundary beads, she can directly transfer them to her side.

Why is the other party so polite and take the person away immediately? Because the other side can't see her accomplishments.

At first, the power was to test her. If the power could hold her down, it would indicate that she only had a treasure with hidden accomplishments, but her accomplishments were not high.

If the pressure does not have any effect, it means that her accomplishments are at least equal to that of the other party.

Obviously, the other party also realized that the cultivation of the good news was not low, and it might even have reached the deification period, or even higher than the deification period. Therefore, they could not see the cultivation clearly, and would be so cautious.

The cultivation of Jiayin is not as high as that of the other party, but her divine sense is higher than that of the other party. In addition, the dragon clan is the first in defense, and the other party can't hurt her even if it is higher.

The reason why she dares to expose herself to the other party is to see that the other party is a person who knows the current affairs. She really has no hostility and will not cause trouble to her.

Glancing at the people whispering around, the three of them went directly into the tavern and prepared to go to the inn after dinner.

Last time, Jiayin didn't eat the special dishes here. This time, we must have a good taste.

The shopkeeper still remembers the good news. Seeing that they have injured the master's son again, they still have nothing to do. They know they should treat him well.

He quickly went forward to personally entertain them and took them to the private room on the second floor.

They entered a private room called Songtao Pavilion, and sat down separately.

'Shopkeeper, I'd like to order all your specialty dishes, as well as a pot of good wine.'

Xu Jiaojiao looks like an old man. She orders dishes skillfully, but she doesn't eat too little restaurants.

The shopkeeper saw that they were silent and knew that this was to be done according to this. He nodded and said, 'OK, my guest, I will arrange it now. There is a kind of fruit wine in the shop. The three fairies can taste it. It is sweet and not intoxicating.'

'OK, just a pot of this fruit wine. You can go down and be busy, and we will call you when we have something to do.' Xu Jiaojiao clapped.

'Yes, I will go down first. If you ask me to pull the string, I will come up.'

The shopkeeper pointed to the string beside the wall and said, then bowed down.

There were only three people and three animals left in the Ya room. Then Xu Jiaojiao patted her chest and said in a small voice, 'Sister Jiayin, what was that cultivation before? I could hardly breathe under the pressure.'

The good news first explained the gratitude and resentment with the son of the city lord, and then said: 'That man should be in the period of deification, and only when he is in the period of deification can he be removed from the city without anything.'

The good news didn't say that she knew it by coercion, only that she saw it by this.

Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing stared at each other and said in a trance, 'It's the magic power of the transformation period. This venerable person is so approachable and polite to talk to us...'

(End of this chapter)

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