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Chapter 391 Catfish monster (subscription required)

Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing were both surprised. Not to mention the deities, they could not easily contact them during the OBE period.

Even Yuanying Zhenjun is kind to his younger generation, and he is more or less superior to outsiders with low accomplishments.

Wolf King Tongtong and Jin Yuanbao were also surprised, especially Tongtong, who had suffered losses during the OBE period before, let alone deification.

At the same time, the positioning of good news in my heart has been raised a lot.

This is the master who does not change his face to the gods, which shows his profound cultivation.

Jin Yuanbao didn't find it before. Jiayin only told Qingzhu and Tongtong that they didn't specifically tell him, but now they know what was going on.

Yao Qing was a little worried and said, 'Is it true that the other party will not embarrass us for the son of the city lord? Do we want to leave early to be insured?'

The good news waved her hand and comforted her: 'No, just take the other person's cultivation as a guide. If you want to take action, you will do it directly. You won't do anything wrong. It's not worth being famous for such a small thing.'

Since the other person can cultivate the deity, he is not a general person, so he should still have such a mind.

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps outside the door of Yajian, and soon there was a knock on the door.

After getting approval, two assistants came in with a tray. On one tray were several cold dishes, and on the other were wine pots, glasses, bowls and chopsticks.

Put them one by one, and then go out according to the rules.

The three men and three beasts looked at the delicate dishes on the table and swallowed their saliva together with the jade wine pot.

The taste of cold dishes and wine is so attractive that the hot dishes must be more delicious.

The good news all regretted that they left without tasting last time.

Xu Jiaojiao poured a glass of wine for three people and three animals. The shopkeeper is also a wonderful person. There are just six wine cups ready. This is to see their three monsters.

Xu Jiaojiao took a sip first, and her eyes lit up. 'Hmm! This wine is really good! It's not only refreshing and sweet, but also has a light aura. It should be brewed from Lingguo. Have a taste.'

Jiayin and Yao Qing also tasted it. They nodded their heads together. It's really good. It's not strong enough for women to drink.

Three little girls also tasted it. Tongtong and Qingzhu just licked it with restraint, and Jin Yuanbao directly picked up the cup.

After drinking, smack it, smack its mouth, and push the cup aside with its big paw.

People thought it didn't like it, meaning they would stop drinking.

Just listen to it and say, 'This cup is too small. Just pour it into my bowl!'

The three men and the two beasts looked at the wine pot and the rice bowl together. It was estimated that there was nothing left in the pot when the bowl was full.

However, out of her love for Jin Yuanbao, Xu Jiaojiao still met its requirements.

When the waiter came to serve again, he ordered a whole jar directly.

They continued to serve several dishes, some of which could only be put down after removing the empty plates, but they still ate nothing.

Of course, the greatest combat effectiveness is Jin Yuanbao. Since he was promoted to the fifth level monster, he seems to have a huge stomach, and his appetite is outrageous.

After dinner, they didn't delay. They just checked out and left. They had to go to the next room to stay.

When we arrived at the Xianhaklai Inn next door, we directly asked for two upper rooms, one for Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing, and one for Jiayin and the monsters.

Tongtong stayed in the inn for the first time. He was very curious. He made a tour of the room and saw nothing special. He wiped his paws on the mat of his feet before jumping to bed.

A few days ago, they were all camping in the wild. Although there was a good news, they were not comfortable in the house.

Green Bamboo was too lazy to practice, so she put herself directly beside the pillow to rest. Jiayin slept in the middle, with Wolf Wang Tongtong inside and gold ingots outside. Both sides were hairy and within reach. Soon she fell asleep.

They had nothing to do overnight. The next morning, they went to the small stall outside to have breakfast and bought a lot of them to put in the storage bag.

Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing have also been fed three times a day by the good news, and they feel that they are missing something even if they don't eat.

Fortunately, the food in this world has a light aura, leaving few impurities in the body, which can be removed with a little practice.

This time, in contrast to the last time Jiayin and Jiangling'er entered the city gate, they strolled through several stores and did not find anything they wanted to buy, so they wanted to go to another direction.

Jiayin and Jiangling used to travel from west to east, but now they travel from east to west. They don't travel from north to south.

In the south, Jiayin Yujian flew to hunt Heifeng Bull and passed by, just some houses and mountains. It's not interesting.

On the contrary, they didn't know what was in the north, so they decided to go to the north.

That direction is the location of the Lord's Mansion. You must pass the Lord's Mansion to get there.

Yao Qing and Xu Jiaojiao hesitated. Yao Qing said, 'Shall we make a detour? We don't have to take the main road. There are still many alleys nearby.'

Just injured the only son of the city lord, he swaggered by the door of the house, and thought they were deliberately provocative.

The good news waved her hand. 'It doesn't matter. Since the other side has said that he will not let the boy come to us again, he should be able to keep his word. Besides, being petite is not easy. The other side is a mortal. At least he can't go out until he recovers his wounds.'

Even if there is a pill for repairing the fairyland, it will take several days to cure it.

When passing the Lord's Mansion, the good news looked at the sky above the Lord's Mansion again.

It is still in the state of Reiki vacuum, indicating that the other party has been absorbing.

Jiayin wondered what the other party was doing? The aura of this space has been washed away.

The cultivation and promotion are not like that. Although a lot of aura will be absorbed in those two times, it will produce a vision.

Just like the gold ingot before promotion, the aura becomes swirling or funneling and converges in the body.

It is not like now. There is nothing unusual at the bottom, but there is a blank space in the sky.

They just walked along the wall of the Lord's Mansion for two quarters of an hour.

Because this area is full of walls and houses, they are not interested in staying here, but they are all passing at a faster pace. We can imagine how large the area of the city lord's residence is.

They didn't drive the carriage when they came out today. They left the carriage in the inn.

It's more convenient to go shopping on foot. A small store like that can block the entrance of others' stores when a carriage is crossed.

There are also some shops that are opened in small alleys, and carriages can't get in at all.

Directly through this area, you can reach the south of the Lord's Mansion and find that this is a large lake.

Because today is a cloudy day, without the sun, you can see the scenery on the lake more clearly.

The lake is very broad, one side is outside the wall of the city lord's residence, the other side is directly to the city wall, and the other side is even linked to the mountain side.

There is a lotus flower in bloom near the lake. In the center of the lotus flower is an exquisite octagonal pavilion built in the air. There is a wooden bridge connected with this side. You can walk into the pavilion to enjoy the lake view.

A gentle breeze blew by, and the still picture was revived by the sparkling lake.

The lake is quiet and there is no one else.

I don't know whether it is because of some overcast weather today or because people in the Green Cloud City are busy making a living and have no leisure to enjoy the scenery.

The three of them have nothing to do anyway. The stewed beef can be picked up tonight, so they will stay in the city for one night and leave tomorrow morning.

I don't have anything else to do today. It's a beautiful place. I'd better spend time here.

They crossed the wooden bridge and walked into the small pavilion. The water vapor on the lake was like a cloud, which made them feel like a fairyland.

After looking at the scenery around, Jiayin felt that it was monotonous to just sit and watch the scenery. She took a small table out of the storage bag and got a jade pot and cup in the dark room.

These have been cleaned before. They are not tea, but spiritual water.

Then he took out some fruits and snacks and put them on the small table.

Three people and three animals are enjoying the scenery while eating, drinking and chatting. It's very pleasant.

Suddenly, Jiayin put down her cup and felt something strange underwater.

As a dragon, she has the strongest control over things in the water. Without divine sense, she knows what the water is when she senses the lake water.

There is a catfish monster underwater!

Yes, it is a catfish. It should not exceed Grade 5, because it is very big.

The good news has been known that when the monster is within the fifth level, the size of each level from the first level to the fourth level will increase by a circle. When it reaches the fifth level, it will become smaller after it can speak.

After that, when I went to level 8, my body shrank by a circle, just like Tongtong, the Wolf King.

They are not always so small. When they really enter the combat form, their bodies will expand, and some will even be hundreds of times larger.

If two level eight monsters fight, the earth will shake.

These were told by Tong Tong. They were all personal experiences.

It seems that the monsters in this world are similar to green bamboo in that they can adjust their size by themselves.

The higher the level and the smaller the shape of the monster, the most important reason is to be flexible. After all, it is too big to go anywhere.

Once you encounter a strong enemy, you will enter the combat state. At this time, the bigger you are, the more advantageous you will be, and the more beneficial you will be. The most beautiful year.

Now the catfish under the water is more than 40 feet long, which is definitely huge.

At this time, the guy was floating up quietly, and some wanted to come over to them.

I think I feel the breath of good news and want to be close subconsciously.

As a dragon family, it is attractive to other monsters, but far less attractive to the aquarium.

Just like a hundred birds courting the phoenix, the Shui people mainly follow the dragon people. Dragon people have a natural level of oppression against Shui people.

The good news took a look at the catfish. There was no blood on it, and the smell was even white with gold. It was faintly meritorious.

It seems that the other side not only didn't hurt people, but also saved them. They just meditated in the lake.

So Jiayin decided to give it a chance.

'How long have you been in this lake? But you saved people?'

The catfish was startled by the sudden sound, and clumsily turned the fish to find the source of the sound.

'I am communicating with you in the sea of knowledge. Just answer me in your mind.'

The catfish tried to respond in his mind: 'Who are you? How can you talk to me? Isn't it only to sign a contract?'

'Because I am a high-level aquarium and not a human being, I can communicate with you. Since I can meet you, it means that you and I are destined.

I just want to remind you that you can continue to help others in the future. It's good for your cultivation to accumulate merits and virtues.

Not only will you get twice the result with half the effort in the future, but I hope you can also bear the thunder robbery if you have an organic fate. Remember not to hurt people's lives or plant cause and effect.

When the sun and the moon rise here every day, you can absorb the first ray of essence of the sun and the moon upward, and you will succeed one day. '

Listening to the teachings of the good news, every time the soft voice comes, it feels as if its body has been washed again, and it is comfortable.

At the bottom of the lake, I felt a force attracting it, making it swim up from the center of the deep lake bottom and want to approach this way.

At this time, its body seemed to be washed away by the meridians, and its whole body was full of power, and its mind was clearer.

This intuitive feeling suddenly strengthened his determination and decided to do as the adult taught him.

Anyway, it is all cultivation. Before, it was lying on the bottom of the water and naturally absorbed the aura. Now it is just the essence of the sun and the moon. It doesn't make much difference.

Also, it has never hurt anyone before, and even saved a fallen mortal once, so this is not difficult.

At this time, it felt that the realm was slightly loose, as if it could break through immediately!

He thanked the good news sincerely in his mind, turned around and swam back to the middle of the lake and sank to the bottom.

It needs to return to the stone it cultivated before. Only when it returns to its familiar territory can it be relieved to cultivate and promote.

Jiayin Shenzhi followed it all the way until it was lying on a large flat stone.

Seeing the stone, Jiayin raised her eyebrows.

She said that it was because of the stone that this catfish became the essence of such a large lake!

That stone is a stele, which should have been carved by a high accomplishments monk many years ago. The inscription on it is very common, but the patterns around it are array.

A stone tablet is carved on the water side of the town, where there is water. In order to prevent ghosts from making trouble, a stone tablet is carved on the water side.

But I don't know why the stone tablet fell to the middle of the lake bottom, and the catfish used it as a place to live.

Since it is an array, it will absorb Reiki to operate. The catfish will lie on it all the year round, and will naturally be washed away again and again by Reiki.

After years and months, he has become a monster.

Seeing the crowded fish and shrimp in the lake, Jiayin turned her eyes.

This is not enlightened. I don't know how it tastes? It's better to catch some when you go camping in the wild.

With this in mind, Jiayin did so directly.

Xu Jiaojiao and her colleagues didn't notice that the secret poking people had collected a lot of magic and put it into an empty storage bag.

Of course, Qingzhu is sensitive. After all, he also found the catfish. He just saw the other person come up and go back, so he didn't care about it.

(End of this chapter)

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