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Chapter 393 Four Spirits (subscription required)

The good news first told them what she had just done, and the Inner Pill was the price of helping people get rid of the evil spirit.

After the good news, the gentle voice sounded again.

'The low level demon cultivator will die if he is dug out of the inner pill. When his accomplishments reach a certain level, he will not. Just like the human cultivator, he can continue to cultivate and reshape even after his body is destroyed.'

Jin Yuanbao looked surprised

The voice said: 'Yes, the eighth level monster is equivalent to a man's gold elixir, and the ninth level is equivalent to a baby. Of course, it can be separated from the inner elixir for a short time. The body can't be destroyed, and it can't take too long, otherwise too much cultivation will lead to death...'

Jin Yuanbao and Tong Tong nodded thoughtfully, feeling that they could step up their cultivation. When they reached the ninth level, they had an extra chance to save their lives, and monsters were afraid of death

Green Bamboo looked at what the two simple people said to believe, and didn't talk too much. He just folded his body and closed his eyes.

Nei Dan said this to Jin Yuanbao and Tong Tong, while what he said about the good news was another story.

'Sir, you also know that this world is a secret place, called the Land of Fame of Langhuan, which is actually the life space of a divine beast.

After the divine beast fell, the space floated in the void. Forty thousand years ago, it was captured by a saint and fixed in its own Tao fruit, a big world, becoming a subsidiary blessing place of the big world.

Later, with the change of time in the world, Reiki became more and more scarce, until five thousand years ago, Reiki was completely gone, and the end of the law era was directly entered.

Many religious sects can no longer survive there, so they hide in one after another, and continue to carry on their cultivation in the division field here.

It was slowly discovered that the aura in it would be absorbed by the world. Although there were spiritual veins in it, it could not withstand the consumption in the long run, so several friars with the highest accomplishments at that time closed the channel connecting with the world.

The ordinary people here are also the descendants of the former cultivators. Because they have no spiritual roots, they moved to live in places without spiritual veins, and gradually established countries, cities, towns and villages from generation to generation'

'You are very familiar with this place. Are you the guardian spirit animal of this space?' the good news asked.

'Yes, there were four guardian spirits in this space, Jiaolong, White Tiger, Luan Bird and Xuangui, who were arranged to guard here just like the four spirits in ancient times.

I'm a white tiger. I feel like you have the smell of a turtle, but you have its inner elixir? '

Jiayin waved the white tiger inner pill into the space of the broken boundary bead, simply washed and then lay on the bed, hugging each other and closing his eyes.

Then he continued to preach to Nei Dan: 'Yes, I just got it today in Bailian Lake of this city. There is a stone tablet at the bottom of the lake. This Nei Dan is next to the tablet. I think it should be the turtle you said.'

She didn't tell the catfish, but said she picked it up, so as not to cause any trouble to the catfish.

The White Tiger Inner Pill turns around in the broken boundary bead space and is surrounded by the almost liquefied aura, which is extremely comfortable.

It felt the suppression of Jiayin, and thought that the other party was an immortal beast. It seemed that it underestimated. The space of the other party was definitely at the level of artifact, which was much stronger than the artifact it had seen before.

It is not the owner of the Broken World Pearl. Like Green Bamboo, it cannot see the exchange desk and the space-time gate, but can only feel the golden light of merit and spirit.

That's right. After the aura enters here, it will be transformed into the spirit of the gods, so it will be more pure than the aura outside, and the spirit water will have an effect on high-level friars.

White Tiger Inner Alchemy had soaked in Holy Water before, and felt that he would come back to life at once. Now he even feels that if he returns to the essence, he will be able to make a breakthrough.

After listening to the good news, he stopped to turn around and said, 'It should be him. We four spirit beasts are guarding around. This side is the east, and the turtle is in this direction.

Luan bird is in the west, Jiaolong is in the south, and I am in the north'

'Wait!' interrupted the good news.

'Robin Lee said that he found you in Fengqi Lake in Daliang State. Shouldn't you be in Beisha State in the north?'

'Er... What? I'm tired of staying in a place with ice and snow, so I'll go to the Luan Bird to have a duel with him?

Who knows if I hit the real anger, one of them tried too hard, and both of them were defeated. I beat him into the secret place he guarded to recuperate. My body is going back to the extremely cold secret place, but the Inner Alchemy was left in Fengqi Lake.

Fengqi Lake is the territory of Luan Bird, where we set up a border to fight. '

'Is the secret place of Ziyuan guarded by Luan?' the good news asked.

It's a coincidence that they are going there.

'Yes, it was originally called Ziyan Mystery, and it was the companion space of its ancestors, the divine animal Luan bird. Its original life power was purple fire, so the Mystery got its name.

Later, I didn't know how to spread it and it became the source of purple'

'Is the secret place you guard also the companion space of ancestors?' Jiayin asked.

Neidan floated up and down in the air, as if nodding his head.

'Yes, our ancestors are all divine animals, and their respective guardian spaces are also their companion spaces.

I guard the extremely cold secret place, the dragon guards the Guixu secret place, and the turtle guards the Yangguan secret place.

The opening time of our secret places is different. For Luan birds, it takes 30 years, for me, it takes 50 years, for Jiaolong, it takes 70 years, and for Xuangui, it takes 90 years.

by the way! How did the Inner Pill of the Xuangui leave the body? Are you hurt, too? '

Jiayin took the Inner Pill of Xuangui out of the storage bag and put it into the broken boundary bead space.

As soon as White Tiger's Inner Alchemy 'saw' the Inner Alchemy of the Xuangui, he jumped with surprise.

'What's the matter? The turtle fell down!'

The smell on the inner pill is very weak, which means that the body has fallen, and it should be many years ago.

The tortoise should be the oldest among them. How could it fall?

Did you meet any strong enemies?

No! In the territory of Luang Huan, no one should be their opponent.

It is not man-made, and the accident is even more impossible. What accident can kill a spirit beast?

Just as it fights with Luan birds, they will not kill even if they fight with real fire. After all, they still remember their responsibilities.

The good news is that the white tiger's inner elixir is constantly spinning. It should be thinking.

She also felt a little strange about the fall of the turtle, but she was not familiar with this place and could not find any clue, so she simply slept.

The next morning, they went to fetch beef and left Lvyun City.

They still eat, drink and play in carriages all the way. They met many friars when they went out of Yunwu Country. They were casual friars in Minghui Country.

They did not go to the west, but to the north of the Three Ignorance Zone, passing them by.

There are also those who have bad intentions. They want to rob their storage bags and gold ingots. They are all shocked by the good news.

After crossing the border of Minghui State, I have not met any friars. Most of them have gone to the Daliang State and met ordinary people.

Jiayin is very curious about the whereabouts of those people before, and follows them with divine sense while moving forward.

Until they arrived at Heishan City, those people were still on their way.

They did not go to Beisha, but entered a mountain on the southern border of Beisha.

This mountain can be regarded as the border between the Beisha State and the Three Neglected Areas. It's not bad at the foot of the mountain. It's autumn now, and the climate is similar to that of the outside world.

The top of the mountain is covered with thick snow, some like Xuelong Mountain in the Great Inflammation Country.

I don't know what those people are doing there. They are still walking into the deep mountains. Jiayin makes a rough exploration. Except for these people, they haven't seen any different places.

The three of them first walked around the Black Mountain City. The good news came and they knew that there was nothing beautiful in it. Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing took them to see it for the first time.

As a result, they met Luo Jinyuan and Shen Yuxin in the city.

Both of them belong to the same sect. They are famous talented disciples in the sect. Of course Yao Qing knows them.

The good news saw that they also saw them, so she went directly to say hello.

'Luo Daoyou, Shen Daoyou, meet again.'

The good news came forward and gave them a peer salute.

'Elder martial brother Luo and elder martial sister Shen, I am Yao Qing, the inner disciple of Qi Feng. This is my cousin Xu Jiaojiao, who has joined Martial Uncle Qin Yuan at the array peak.'

Afraid that the other party may not know him, he should report to his family.

'Elder martial brother Luo and elder martial sister Shen.'

Xu Jiaojiao followed her cousin's words and went forward.

Luo Jinyuan and Shen Yuxin saluted one by one, and then said to the good news, 'Where is Jiangling? Can you join Elder Martial Brother Yang?'

The good news said with a smile, 'Now I am the disciple of Yang Daoyou. Thank you for finding a good master for Linger.'

Luo Jinyuan waved his hand, 'Where is it? It's her own talent. She will be liked by the elder martial brother. Otherwise, it's useless for us to be a matchmaker.'

'Elder martial brother, let's hurry to meet younger martial brother Chen, or they will have to wait.'

'Well, you've just come here. You must have a look around the city. We'll leave before we have something to do. See you at the station later.'

The good news saw that Shen Yuxin's face was a little wrong. He was a little strange for a moment. He nodded to them and said, 'If you are busy, you will not be delayed.'

When they got far away, Yao Qingcai said to the good news, 'You'd better keep a distance with Elder Martial Brother Luo in the future. I didn't see that Elder Martial Sister Shen's face has changed.'

The good news wondered, 'What have I done? Just say hello?'

Yao Qing said: 'Their two masters have made a marriage agreement for them. When they return from the Ziyuan Secret, they will become Taoist couples. I certainly care when I see Elder Martial Brother Luo talking and laughing with you.'

The good news winked. She just said hello normally. Luo Jinyuan's tone was polite. There was no place for people to daydream.

Besides, last time they were together in the same room, Shen Yuxin was not like that. Why did she suddenly become cautious?

Forget it. Anyway, it has nothing to do with her. Even if they go to the Yuntianzong camp later, they will also be with the people of Qifeng. It is estimated that they will not have much contact.

I walked around the city again, found a place to eat, and prepared to leave.

They had to go back a little. Yuntianzong was stationed in the southeast of Heishan City, where the border between Daliang and Minghui was.

Not far from the city gate, I met a group of people watching the activity.

The good news felt familiar when she looked at this place. Isn't this the place where she met Jiang Linger!

Divine knowledge, hey! Coincidentally, it's the one Jiang Ling'er rented before!

I saw a white lantern hanging at the door. It was obvious that someone had passed away, and I didn't know who it was?

She soon learned from the comments of those people that it was the son of the landlord. What was his name? Oh, yes, it's called Lin Xing.

No! He was fine before. Although he had a disease on his leg, he was really healthy. Didn't he say Taoist Li would help him cure his leg?

Even if it cannot be cured, it will not be cured to death, right?

The three of them and the three beasts liked to join in the fun, so they stopped the carriage not far away and heard it.

The vision and ear power of the friars are good, and they will play an important role at this time.

It was only heard from the crowd that the Lin family was really unlucky. They rented a house to two evil spirits and broke their son's leg. Then they met a liar and killed him

'That's right! At least one can live with his lame leg. At most, it's not easy to find a daughter-in-law. The doctors in the city have said that it can't be cured. They believe that a Taoist priest has to be cured. This time, they will be cured directly...'

'At that time, I tried to persuade her to marry the daughter of the man who made her lame, because she had lost money. The girl also earned a lot in one month.

I have to listen to the Taoist and drive people away. My daughter-in-law is gone, my money is gone, and my life is gone. What's the plan? '

'In other words, I heard that the Taoist priest ran away overnight and didn't dare to go back to pack his luggage. I don't know whether he can still find it.'

'The world is big. Where can I find it?'

'Yang Lin is the only one left in the Lin family, and I don't know how to live in the future.'

'This is really a widow's dead son. There is no hope.'



There was a lot of talk outside the door. The woman in the room was so bored that she squatted in front of a black coffin and mechanically threw paper money into the pottery basin.

The divine sense of Jiayin came in and saw this picture.

I don't know why I always feel a little discord, but I can't tell what's wrong.

Suddenly, Jiayin felt something moving in the coffin. She was shocked. Could Lin Xing have closed his breath and pretended to die?

He quickly put his divine sense into the coffin and was shocked by the sight inside!

There are two people in it!

One of them is still alive and struggling constantly, trying to get rid of the rope, but in vain.

The man was dressed in a tawny Taoist robe. He was clearly a Taoist. Is this Taoist Li?

The good news also knew where she felt the discord before. The coffin was wider than the ordinary coffin, which was used by two people.

Unexpectedly, Taoist Li did not escape, but was ruled by Yang Lin and prepared to pay for his son's burial.

The good news read Taoist Li's breath and cause and effect line. Hmm, he is not a good man, but there are lives on him.

Seeing this, Jiayin is not prepared to take care of it. They have cause and effect. It is natural to kill people for their lives.

(End of this chapter)

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