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Chapter 396 Single tree into forest (subscription required)

This is a forest. The trees are densely crowded, leaving only a small gap in the middle.

There are many thorns on that branch. If you walk into it directly, I'm afraid the clothes will be caught.

Fortunately, most of the friars wear cassocks. Even inferior cassocks can be resisted by ordinary sharp weapons, but it is unavoidable that they are caught.

The good news could not tell what the tree was. As soon as they came out, they were at the edge of the forest.

Just want to explore with divine sense, divine sense can tell how big the forest is when looking down from the sky.

It turned out that his divine sense could not be released!

The good news is a little surprised. It is said that this secret place was formerly the companion space of the divine beast. As a divine dragon family, the owner of this space has much lower blood vessels than himself. It is impossible to suppress him.

But now my divine sense cannot be used, and it is not impossible to use it. It is no problem to explore behind me, but it is impossible to explore this forest.

It must be the forest or the tree is strange.

Can this tree block the divine sense?

Isn't this a fairyland?

Jiayin probes her mind into the space of the broken boundary bead, and is ready to ask Bai Hu Neidan directly.

He is the only one who has seen the most.

Then I saw the Inner Dan swimming around in his stone pool.

Jiayin's eyelids jumped. The guy went to swim in the stone pool. That's the magic water they want to drink!

Although the Inner Pill had been cleaned by her with spirit water before, the thought that they would drink its bath water later made them have some diaphragm.

However, the other side has been swimming in it for a long time, and it's too late.

Fortunately, I have packed a lot of Holy Water in the bamboo tube, and I will give it to others in the stone pool later.

Pressed down the impulse to beat the other person into a pill cake, the voice asked: 'We just came out of an environment, and now we are at the edge of a forest.

The branches and leaves on the tree are almost intertwined. The leaves are somewhat like willow leaves, but the edges are serrated. The branches are thin and dense, and there are many sharp thorns on them. Do you know what kind of tree this is?

Besides, my divine sense cannot be used here. Is it because of this tree? '

White Tiger Inner Dan stopped swimming back and forth when he heard the words. He replied directly: 'A kind of tree with thorns? Well, I don't know. I haven't entered the secret place guarded by the luan bird.

We can't get into each other's secret places. Oh, actually, we can't get into each other's secret places. '

They all protect each other. If they go to the other's secret places, they may not affect other secret places, but they will definitely repel them.

At least they are mutually exclusive, just like their own territory has been invaded.

Before entering the secret place, Jiayin also asked him if he wanted to go around with them, but Baihu Neidan refused.

Although it is only an internal elixir now, if it comes out, it will be found by the stinking bird. Maybe it can be absorbed as nourishment to vent its anger.

After all, they are quite familiar with each other's breath.

Well, they can't find any useful information here, so they have to find out by themselves.

After looking at the green thorny branches in front of her, Jiayin took out the spirit sword she bought in Lvyun City before and prepared to use it to cut the branches.

Even if she walked in directly, the clothes on Jiayin would not be damaged. After all, they were divine.

Yes, Jiayin always wears the divine clothes that her father made himself.

This dress can change with her body shape, and can also change colors and styles according to her wishes.

From an outsider's point of view, Jiayin has always been wearing different clothes. In fact, she has always been wearing this one.

Although we are not afraid of the sharp thorns on the tree, it is not easy to pass through such a narrow gap, so we can just cut it off and open up a road for ourselves.

Holding Tongtong, a fake wolf cub who had been lying in his arms, with green bamboo hanging on his wrist, he led Jin Yuanbao to the forest.

One hand raised the sword and cut at the branch. I thought that the sword would cut off a thin branch, but I heard the sound of 'Qiang!' as if I had cut it on the stone. The thin branch was not hurt, but the sword in my hand rolled its edge!

The sword in my hand is a magic weapon. Although I bought it on the road, it's also a magic weapon. The blade was broken by a branch

Jiayin put Tongtong under her arm and stroked the rolled blade with her hand. The blade immediately recovered.

I'm going to try again. I will transfer the aura to the sword and cut it towards the branches. This time, there is no rolling blade. I cut off the branches, but only the thin one. The thicker one didn't even move.

Jiayin picked her eyebrows. I didn't expect that the branch was so hard. When will it be cut?

After thinking about it, put the sword in the storage bag and go to pull it!

Before, I was thinking about not dirtying my hands. After all, the branches are green and I will definitely catch juice.

Since the spirit sword can't be used, there is no sharper weapon in her space, so she should be quick to use it.

I saw that the hard branches before were like noodles in the hands of Jiayin, and they were pulled down one by one with a gentle pull.

After pulling it down, Jiayin directly threw it on the ground. As a result, the green color of those branches quickly faded after they left the trunk. After they fell on the ground, they turned into a metallic color!

Jiayin picked her eyebrows. Is this also a material for refining vessels?

After thinking about it, I still received them directly into a storage bag. Now that they have been pulled down, it is a waste to throw them on the ground. I'd better take them back to see if they can be used.

Jiayin is not a piece of forest that destroys people. You can just pull up a one person wide path and take three small ones with you to go inside.

The light became darker as I walked in. After half an hour, I could hardly see my fingers.

The good news remembered that when they came in, it was clearly noon. The time in this space was synchronized with that outside. Even if it was a fairyland, as long as it was not underground, it was also day and night.

The light here is completely blocked by the dense branches and leaves. Jiayin takes out the night pearl for lighting. Although it is all branches, it is easier to be upset with the same scene. It is better to be bright.

Jin Yuanbao followed him unsteadily. He saw that the eldest brother was very easy to pull up the branches with one hand. He had forgotten to use the spirit sword to cut them all before. He also wanted to try.

As a result, one paw went up and there was a scream!

He raised his fat paws to his eyes and saw several blood holes appeared on the thick meat pad, which was bubbling with blood.

Jin Yuanbao licked it, but the blood continued to flow. His three legs hopped in front of Jiayin and cried, 'Boss, I'm hurt. It hurts.'

Tongtong rolled his eyes. He was caught in the armpit by the good news, and his head was right behind him.

Just now, I saw the blades of the eldest brother's sword were all rolled, and I dared to try it with my paws. It was really stupid.

Jiayin also thinks that it is not very smart, but she can't ignore it. Who let this be the cat she recruited.

'It seems that the sting is poisonous, but the wound cannot be healed. Wait until I find the antidote.'

The monster's skin is rough and its flesh is thick. It should heal in an instant when it is pierced into several small holes. Now it is still bleeding, and there is no sign of healing.

Jiayin took out a wooden basin and put some supernatural water in it. First, she flushed her paws with her hands and then soaked them in water.

The blood has stopped when you take it out again, take the wooden basin back into space, and take out a bottle of antidote powder from the storage bag.

This storage bag was prepared by Xu Jiaojiao's parents. It is full of commonly used pills and powders. Now it is just for use.

Apply a little antidote powder to Jin Yuanbao. Soon after the powder is applied, the wound will begin to heal. It seems that it is really poisonous.

Jin Yuanbao enjoys the care of the boss. Tongtong stares at him for several times and Qingzhu beats him with his tail. He doesn't care.

Just looking at the old man's small white hands, it is clear that the old man is holding the branches and pulling them down one by one, but there is no trace on his hands. He thinks the old man is powerful, hey hey

Looking at the grinning cat, Tongtong raised a small paw to pat it. He looked at his own small paw, then at the other's big head, and took it back.

Forget it. I haven't recovered yet. It's not too late to beat him.

In fact, I was thinking about it. Fortunately, it was not stupid enough to try the strength of the branch. Now it has no power to transform. Although its body is stronger than Jin Yuanbao's, it is not as powerful as the other side.

It didn't touch the green bamboo, otherwise it would be a disservice.

The good news is worthy of being the boss, but it is unusual. Haven't you seen that the Inner Pill who guarded the spirit beast before is respectful to the boss?

Think about what is above the spirit beast? Is the boss an immortal beast?

He pulled his paws out from under his body. Scratch his chin, put it on Jiayin's arm, and put his chin on his paw.

I thought, how can I make a contract with the boss?

The boss is so powerful. Even if he can't become a spirit beast or an immortal beast in his contract with her, he will certainly become the strongest monster in the future.

I just don't know if the boss will accept me. After all, the earliest bamboo trees with the boss have no contract, and I don't think I have much chance.

It doesn't know. In fact, Green Bamboo and Jiayin have already made a contract, but they use the divine law of contract, which can't be seen at all.

They stayed in place for a while, ate some spiritual fruits, and then walked on until Jin Yuanbao's claws were completely restored.

There is no way to rest in this place where there are many branches. It's better to move forward to see if there is an open place or go out of the forest.

As a result, they walked all the way. They walked for another four or five hours, and the branches they pulled were packed with two storage bags. Suddenly, they were enlightened!

Although still in the woods, there are no dense branches around, only the top of the head.

They walked a little further and found a big tree pole surrounded by dozens of people. Looking around, they found that it was a circular space.

The good news felt that the scene was familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere.

I remembered it carefully!

Isn't it like the big tree that dug red agate on the half cliff of Dayan before!

The tree is a thick trunk, with countless branches hanging down next to it, and then rooting on the ground. Looking at the dense, it is actually a tree.

Is this whole forest a big tree?

How old the tree is!

Jiayin told the three little ones about this discovery and took them around the tree trunk.

The trunk of the tree was free of those sharp spines, and the bark was smooth. Jiayin reached out and touched it.


Why do you feel that bark shrinks?

Jiayin reached out and touched it again. I just felt it was right. It just shrunk. The tree doesn't have itchy flesh, does it?

Jiayin scratched the trunk with her finger, but the tree did not respond.

What's going on here?

'Boss, what's wrong?'

When Jin Yuanbao saw the boss touching the trunk of a tree for a while, he scratched it again and again. He didn't understand what he was doing.

'I just put my hand on the trunk of the tree, and it seemed to shrink. I wondered if it was already smart and ticklish. I could scratch it with my fingers, but it didn't respond.'

Jin Yuanbao approached curiously and sniffed. He touched it with his paw. 'No response? Are you wrong, boss?'

Tongtong stretched out his wolf's head, looked at Jin Yuanbao's paw, looked at Jiayin's hand, and guessed, 'Is it possible that it is your hand that is afraid of you?'

The good news was confused, 'Afraid of my hand? I just touched it gently?'

Tong Tong: '...'

Green Bamboo: 'Did you forget to pull the branches all the way?'

Good news: '...'

Well, probably.

The good news did not worry about the tree. She said to the trunk of the tree, 'Hey, can you talk? Is there any spirit of the tree?'

The tree did not respond.

So Jiayin changed her way and said directly to the tree, 'As long as you answer a few questions, I will pour some spiritual spring water on your trunk, which is the one that was taken out before.'

Don't think she didn't find it. When she took out the Holy Water to wash Jin Yuanbao's wound, those branches were ready to move. They walked a little farther, and Jiayin looked back and saw that there were branches already rooted in the water.

'Really? Then ask!'

An old voice sounded in the head of the good news.

The good news smiled and was indeed intelligent.

'What tree are you?'

The voice did not answer immediately, as if she were surprised to ask such a question.

'Why, can't you say?' the good news asked again.

'That's not true. I am a mountain tree, which can cover the whole mountain.'

The good news nodded, and the tree was just like its name.

Then he asked, 'Where are we going from you?'

'It depends on which direction you are going to go. The direction you are coming to is a place without spirit. You must have been there.'

(End of this chapter)

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