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Chapter 399 Millennium Catastrophe (subscription required)

Only heard a woman's voice, 'I don't know what's wrong with Elder Martial Brother Mo Ying? Are you injured? I thought we could enter the secret place together, but I didn't expect that the secret place would automatically screen friars to enter. Not only those who have achieved accomplishments above the Golden Elixir Period can't enter, but also those who have rejected the Devil Cultivation.'

'I'm afraid they don't know about this, or they won't send us all here.

Now our magic skills have been abolished, and only half of our accomplishments are left. What's more, senior brothers have only magic skills, and I'm afraid they are seriously injured.

The top priority now is that we don't even have a leader, nor do we know what to do next? I can't contact Shifu and Elder Martial Brother in the secret world. '

A slightly hoarse male voice said.

'If you want me to tell you, Shifu can't trust us, or he won't tell us anything. He only says that he listens to the elder martial brother. Now the elder martial brother can't come in himself. How can he listen?'

A somewhat shrill male voice said.

'Xiao Lin! How can you complain about Shifu so much? Be careful that Shifu will punish you when he knows!'

'Alas! There are no outsiders here. Can you go and complain to Shifu?'

The other two did not make any more noise. After a long silence, they heard the female voice say: 'Where is this? It's dark everywhere, and you can't see anything.

How long have we been away? Why does it seem that it will never end? '

'Elder martial sister and elder martial brother, there is no aura here. I feel that my accomplishments are somewhat unstable. If I can't get out again, I'm afraid I'll die here.'

'Don't talk nonsense, Younger Martial Brother. It should be just an array. After we find the eye of the array and break it, we can go out.'

Whether it is the cultivation of magic skills or the cultivation of righteous skills, they all need aura, but the cultivation of magic will transform aura into aura in the body.

Therefore, if there is no aura supply all the time, whether it is magic cultivation or human cultivation, it is not only impossible to cultivate, but it will consume your own accomplishments after a long time. If your accomplishments are consumed to a certain extent, it will consume your own life.

If the senior friars are fine, they can also meditate and close the door on the spot to keep themselves in a low consumption state, and they can still live for a long time in an inanimate environment.

Low level friars can't do that. Their bodies are just a little more resistant than ordinary people. They will die of cold and hunger after a long time.

The good news looked down at the three monsters, Tongtong was listening with his ears up, and the bamboo also put up the head of the snake. It was obvious that they also heard those sounds.

Look at Jin Yuanbao again. The guy is looking at them in a fog.

Seeing the good news looking at it, he was about to make a noise when he was stopped by the good news.

It seems that the person making this noise should be in an array.

This secret place array is innumerable, just like the place where they have been to before, and the mountain tree, all within each small array.

The good news guessed that the other party might also be in a place without soul, but it was dark all around.

Is it in the underground where there is no spirit, in the stone passage excavated by the Vajra armor?

That's not right. If they were in the stone channel, they would say, when is the channel? They should not say where it is. Although the channel is wide, you can touch the stone wall even if you walk two steps.

Besides, friars can see at night. Even if they can't, there can't be no lighting in the storage bag.

Jiayin has the aura circulation system of the broken sphere pearl space, so she never thought that the storage bag could not be opened in a place without aura.

After that, the voice became more and more distant until it disappeared, as if it had just passed their position.

The good news fell into deep thought. Only she, Qingzhu and Tongtong could hear it, but Jin Yuanbao could not.

It means that the array can only block low level monsters and friars, but has no effect on high level friars and monsters.

It's OK. After all, only those below the Golden Elixir Period can come in, and the cloth array can block the Golden Elixir Period.

The good news once again looked around with divine sense to see if she could find any abnormal fluctuations.

She didn't even let the sky and the ground go, nor did she find anything.

I wanted to stay here for a few more days to satisfy my cravings. Now I have something on my mind, so I can't stay any longer. I'm going to leave in two days.

After a night's rest in the woods, Jin Yuanbao went to fight dozens of monsters of different kinds the next morning.

I had another barbecue near the pool. This time, there were no monsters around, because there were their kind on the oven.

On the third day, more than ten kinds of birds were killed, including several Qiang Qiang birds. They could no longer see the monster near the water.

When they left in the afternoon of the third day, the valley full of monsters was quiet.

Only when they were sure that they would not be killed back did the demon beasts dare to reappear. From then on, the demon beasts in the valley remembered one thing: the bipedal beasts were very able to eat and cruel, and they must escape when they saw them.

Later, some friars who accidentally entered the Beast Valley thought it was an empty valley.

After they left the valley, they did not go to the other two places at the first time, but went to build the trunk of the mountain trees.

The tree itself said that it existed here at the beginning of the secret world, so it should know a lot.

The good news is going to ask him, but there is no place in the array that is completely dark.

When Gai Shanshu saw that they were back again, he was surprised and said directly, 'You have turned the three places so quickly?'

Jin Yuanbao almost jumped up, 'You can talk!!'

The branches of Gaishan moved, 'I could have spoken, but I have shown you the way before. What's so strange?'

Jin Yuanbao looked at Jiayin and the tree trunk, 'But you haven't spoken before! I thought you could only communicate with the boss passively, so you are a demon plant above level five!'

The tree shook its branches again, 'I'm not a demon plant, I'm a spirit plant!'

There was an irrepressible pride in his tone.

Jiayin pulled Jin Yuanbao aside, and she asked about the matter.

'We have just returned from the Beast Valley, and you haven't answered my previous questions.'

Gai Shanshu thought about what she had asked before and replied: 'There are several places without spirit in the secret, not all of them are arrays, but some of them have been drawn to use the array, which has become their own after a long time.

That kind of place will be dark. All spaces have yin and yang. The same is true of the secret realm. The place with sufficient aura and spirit plants is the sunny side, and the place without darkness is the shady side. '

The good news comes to mind that his father said that with their own growth, their divine dragon family will eventually claim to be a small world.

Every small world has its own rules of operation, and even if it is the owner of the small world, it cannot be broken. Forced intervention will make the small world chaotic or even broken.

The so-called yin and yang should also be a kind of rule.

However, in this way, they can't find the magic repair.

It is said that the purple flame of the phoenix can burn the evil spirit. Those evil practices should not be able to enter.

However, she knew from Tong Tong that the Devil Cultivation could cultivate the righteous kung fu at the same time. As the woman said before, the Devil Cultivation in their bodies was abolished, indicating that there were other kung fu in their bodies.

If only those three people are OK, they have been trapped for a while and can't come out.

But what if there's something else? In this way, it is impossible to defend people.

I don't know what the other party's purpose is. If there is a plot, there is mental calculation but no intention, I will lose many sect disciples if I don't know.

Jiayin told Gaishan Tree about these things. She had a intuition that this tree should be crucial. Maybe it was also related to the guardian spirit beast Luan.

After listening to the good news, Gai Shanshu pondered for a while and said to the good news, 'If you just come in for fun and have no purpose, you can leave ahead of time. This time, the secret place will not be too peaceful.'

The good news picked her eyebrows and said, 'It's related to the Devil Cultivation? It's said that the leader of the Wuji Sect has calculated the secrets of heaven, went directly to the secret place and sent all the lower level disciples back. Listen to what you mean, you can't also calculate the secrets of heaven, can you?'

There was a deep sigh in my ears, and I saw that the branches that had sunk into the soil around me were retreating. In only a moment, the dense branches like the forest were gone.

The surrounding area became bright, and the original hillside turned into a floating island, but there was only this big tree on the floating island, leaving only thick clouds around.

The good news retreated, so that we could see the whole tree clearly.

This is not a mountain building tree that I have never seen before. It is clearly a wutong!

At this time, on the top of the tall tree, there was a huge luan bird lying on the ground, with purple crown, black belly, blue wings and colorful tail feathers.

The White Tiger Inner Pill said that the Luan bird was also seriously injured and recuperated in the secret realm. Is it right here?

That's too coincidental. It's so easy to be met by them!


The good news looked carefully and found the problem. It was clear that the luan bird had no breath! And it is not a spirit beast, but a god beast!

This is not the guardian spirit beast after blood dilution, but the original master of space!

'You see?'

A face, a wrinkled old man's face, appeared on the trunk of the wutong tree. One eye seemed to have insight into everything in the world, which was extremely profound.

The good news did not answer, but frowned and asked, 'Do you know who I am?'

The face on the wutong tree shook, 'I don't know. It's just that you feel the blood breath of the Phoenix family, and I thought that you might be Qingluan's chance to wait for rebirth.'

The good news winked. I didn't quite understand its meaning.

The wutong tree explained to her: 'The phoenix bird and the phoenix belong to the same family. It can be said that the phoenix bird is the offspring of the phoenix family, and also has the talent of rebirth.

However, the phoenix's own flame is not comparable to that of the phoenix, and cannot reach the level of nirvana. Therefore, after the phoenix's death, it will keep its body in the companion space, hoping to have the opportunity to meet the phoenix's flame and help her rebirth from nirvana. '

Jiayin raised her hand and touched her nose, which may disappoint them. She did not inherit the phoenix fire of her parents, and she followed her father.

Jin Yuanbao and Tong Tong were dumbfounded. They thought the boss was a spirit beast or a immortal beast, but they were still small.

The boss is a divine beast directly, and also the blood of the Phoenix family!

This thigh is holding it well( ˊωˋ*)

This is enough for them to blow all their lives. They have followed the divine beast Phoenix!

The two were excited to turn around when the boss shook his head at the wutong tree and said, 'I'm not a phoenix.'

It stopped for two seconds, huh? What's going on? Old wutong is wrong?

Of course, wutong tree can't be mistaken. It dares not to say anything else. It definitely thinks Phoenix people are right.

'How can you not be a phoenix? You have blood on your body.'

The good news was excited when she saw it. She quickly comforted her and said, 'I have Phoenix blood, but I have not inherited Phoenix fire. My inheritance is on my father's side.'

Wutong tree calmed down and carefully observed the breath of Jiayin. Previously, it only sensed the breath of the Phoenix family, and did not pay attention to anything else.

Now after careful induction, I found that there was no flame breath on the other side, but a stream of water vapor!

'How could this be possible? You have Phoenix blood, but you have water talent!'

The good news nodded, held the stall, and said to it, 'Because I am a dragon, my father is a divine dragon, and my mother is a phoenix.'

Wutong tree suddenly froze on the spot, and then reacted. No wonder, the dragon inheritance has always been overbearing. No matter which nationality you marry, the children born must be the inheritance of the dragon's talent.

He sighed again. It seemed that Qingluan's chance of rebirth was gone.

Now the guardian spirit beast of space, the luan bird, is also seriously injured and cultivated in the purple flame. It seems that the millennium catastrophe is really coming.


The wutong tree looks at the good news, but it may not be without changes. This sudden appearance of the divine beast may be the salvation of the millennium catastrophe?

'Do you know about the Millennium Catastrophe?'

The good news was still stunned after reading it. Tong Tong and Jin Yuanbao, who digested the news that she was a dragon, shook their heads.

Wutong tree has been brewing for a while and speaks to the good news.

'The blessed land of the Luang Huan Opera was also the original life space of a divine beast. The specific nature of the divine beast was unknown. Later, it was captured by the leader of a big world and refined into a secret place, just like this resource secret place, it was also a secret place of the big world...'

The following is similar to what White Tiger Neidan said, except that there are some differences. The four spirit beasts are not responsible for guarding the four small secret places, but for guarding the land of Langhuan.

Four small secret places plus four spirit beasts are actually a guard array, which enables the blessed land of the Luang Huan to run continuously and circularly.

As early as 5000 years ago, it was possible to figure out that there was a disaster in the big world outside, and this small world needed help to get through it. Therefore, an array was set up in the Luang Huan state early.

As soon as the fate of the big world came, the monks at that time moved into the land of Langhuan and closed their contact with the outside world.

But in fact, when the great power of Longevity came to an end, it was calculated once again that the land of Lang Huan was also a disaster.

If it is not enough, the whole blessed land will be destroyed. If it is over, the friars and monsters here may return to the big world.

The leaders of all sects know about this and have been trying to figure out how to deal with it, but they don't know where the disaster should be, so they have made a lot of preparations.

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