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Chapter 400 Four Spirits (subscription required)

'Could it be that the leader of the Wuji Sect came here because the Millennium Catastrophe should be here? And he made so many deployments.'

The good news thought for a moment and thought that the leader of Wuji Sect, who was good at calculating the secrets of heaven, might have figured out something that would make such a big fight.

It's just a secret place that has been opened for thirty years. No big event has happened, so he doesn't need to come here personally.

At first, the good news was similar to what Lin Zishan thought, because they thought there was something important.

Having heard the words of White Tiger's Inner Alchemy before, I had some guesses that there might be a disaster coming. Now I have heard the words of wutong, I am more sure of this idea.

The face on the wutong tree nodded, 'Since the spirit beast Luan Niao was injured 200 years ago, he hasn't woken up. The other three spirit beasts also have weak breath. I don't know what accident happened, so the opening of the secret realm has been delayed until now.

In fact, this year is the year when the four secret realms are opened at the same time every thousand years, and this year is also the weakest time for the boundary between the Luang Huan and the blessed land, which can be broken with a little impact.

If the leader of Wuji Sect is good at calculating, it is very likely that he has calculated this situation. '

The good news wondered: 'Is there a boundary with the big world?'

The wutong tree nodded, 'Yes, once the border is broken, the land of Lang Huan will be connected to the world, which is not good for the land of Lang Huan.

The aura of the big world is exhausted. Once connected, it is bound to suck the aura from this blessed land. A small land of Langhuan can't afford the consumption of the big world at all. In the end, it will only become another land without spirit, and may even disappear between heaven and earth. '

Jiayin thought of the white tiger and the black turtle's inner elixir in her own space, and felt it necessary to talk to the wutong tree.

'You said that the Luan bird was seriously injured, and the white tiger was also seriously injured. Even the Inner Pill was right here with me, and the Inner Pill of the black turtle was also there. But the body of the black turtle should have died, and the Inner Pill was no longer angry.'

Then he took out the two Inner Alchemies, and White Tiger Inner Alchemy jumped out.

'Ah! Why did you take me out? What if the stinking bird found me? Eh? Why did the stinking bird die?'

It couldn't have killed him! That would be troublesome. The four spirit beasts have their own responsibilities. The black turtle has gone, and now there is no phoenix. It is also such a case. Isn't there only a dragon left!

Jiayin held it to prevent it from jumping to the ground. 'This is not a Luan, this is the body of the mythical animal Qingluan.'

'Ah? The beast?'

The White Tiger Inner Pill stopped and looked carefully. It was indeed two more colors than the phoenix's tail feathers, and the phoenix's tail feathers had only three colors.

'The body of the mythical beast Luan bird is still in the secret? Is my ancestor of the white tiger mythical beast also there?'

In that case, should I go back to the secret place?

'I'm afraid not. Qingluan left his body to be reborn one day. White tigers don't have this talent.'

The answer is wutong.

'Now the luan bird is unconscious, the white tiger's inner elixir has left the body, and the black turtle has fallen. If only the dragon is left, I'm afraid that the millennium catastrophe is really coming!'

'What do you mean? But what's wrong with Jiaolong?' asked the good news.

Before the wutong tree could make a sound, the white tiger replied: 'The Jiaolong guy has always wanted to break free from the shackles and leave the blessed land of Langhuan. He feels that staying in the blessed land of Langhuan has delayed his path to becoming a dragon, so he will not leave directly!'

Wutong tree added: 'It's OK to leave directly, but I'm afraid it will break the boundary and cause death.

Jiaolong was originally a magic dragon, but it had to be bound here by the contract of Daning in those years. Now Daning has fallen for many years. I'm afraid it has long wanted to leave. '

The good news turned her eyes. It seemed that something was connected. The dragon was a magic dragon. It was in the secret place of Guixu, and the base camp of Devil Cultivation seemed to be empty

Thinking of the Devil Xiu, he thought of the original purpose and asked, 'Did those Devil Xius also know something, or figured out something, before they came?'

The wutong tree shook its head, 'I don't know. I've been here all the time, and I haven't touched those magical practices. I don't know what their purpose is.'

The good news raised her eyebrows. 'Aren't they in this secret place? You are the spirit of space in this secret place. Why didn't you contact them?'

At least now.

'They are not in this space. There are phoenix and purple flame. Those magical practices cannot enter. The voice you hear is probably coming from the space gap.'

'Space gap? Where is that?'

The good news looked puzzled.

'Didn't I say? This year is the time when the four secret realms are opened at the same time. Everyone thinks that the four secret realms are located in four different directions in the territory of Luang Huan.

In fact, the territory of Luang Huan is so big. How big can it be if the secret territory belongs to all sides? In fact, the four secret worlds are adjacent, but the opening time is different and the entrance is different.

There is a place without owner between the secret realm and the secret realm. There is no aura and no light, just a space gap.

It is very likely that those magical practices you mentioned entered there after being burned by purple fever. '

The good news winked. With this, her previous doubts were answered.

She had been speculating before. The friars who had entered the secret place said that the place where they entered the secret place was different every time. Some friars came in several times, but they did not go to the same place repeatedly.

She thought it was because of the superposition of arrays. Now it seems that it is not. There are also arrays, and the area of people's houses is really large.

Now I know that those evil cultivators did not enter the secret realm, so I don't need to worry about those friars being plotted. But now I know about the Millennium Catastrophe, I should pay attention to where it should be.

Jiayin is not afraid of herself. Anyway, she is not a person in this world. It's really dangerous. She can only leave by breaking the boundary bead.

However, this millennium disaster is a good opportunity to earn merit. If I can help Lang Huan survive this disaster, she will be able to return to the world of God if I don't have the merit!

Thinking of this, Jiayin felt that she was full of energy and was ready to study this matter.

First of all, she needs to go out first to meet the leader of Wuji Sect. Since she doubts what the other side has figured out, she might as well ask him directly.

Just go ahead and say to the wutong tree, 'I'm going out of the secret place now. How can I get out?'

Wutong tree was stunned, 'What are you doing in such a hurry? You just came in and didn't turn around. Don't you think it's a pity?'

Even if you don't like the treasures in it, the scenery is not bad. Do you want to leave without looking?

The good news shook her head, 'I thought it was OK, so I came in to have a look. I wanted to find what Tong Tong and Jin Yuanbao could use. Now I have something more important to do.

I'll go out first. Tong Tong and Jin Yuanbao can continue to play here. There should be no danger if you are here. '

She didn't plan to take Green Bamboo and the three of them out together and let them continue to walk around here. It's time for them to practice. Green Bamboo, in particular, has never left her side. I'm afraid the battle surprise is not as good as Jin Yuanbao.

The wutong tree nodded, 'Well, I'll send you out. This is my wutong seed. You can come in anytime with it. I hope to see you again.'

The good news received a shining bead sent by the wutong tree with a branch. The oval bead is the wutong seed? It's still a keepsake that can enter the secret realm.

Jiayin felt that the monster who let people look after him didn't say anything, but also accepted a gift. She was a little sorry, and she scooped a ladle of spirit water to water the root of wutong.

A ladle of water poured into the root, and the wutong only felt that its whole tree had been sublimated!

This is... the spirit of immortality!

incorrect! It's more domineering than the spirit of immortals. Is it the spirit of gods?

How could that be? This thing only exists in the divine world!

Although the Qingluan is a divine animal, it was not born in the divine world, but raised in the fairyland.

There are also hierarchies between the divine animals, just like the blessing place of Lang Huan is also the space of divine animals, and the space of Qingluan is also the space of divine animals, while the space of Qingluan can only be attached to the territory of Lang Huan, and cannot become an independent small world.

At this moment, wutong tree deeply felt that the little girl in front of him was also a divine beast, and the other side also had its own life space, and there was spirit in the space!

The good news felt that the wutong tree was shining brightly, and the whole tree was full of spirit. Even the feathers on the body of the phoenix bird seemed to have brilliance.

It seems that the aura in my aura water is much stronger.

I ordered the three green bamboos to have a good time in it, but don't destroy it, especially Jin Yuanbao. The wutong sent the good news out of the secret.

As soon as I came out, I found it was at the entrance of the secret place, where many sect elders were guarding.

After all, there are many elite disciples in each sect. They are afraid of any accident to their disciples, so they can cure them as soon as they stay here.

I saw Guanghua flash just now. I thought it was someone who was injured and was sent out.

One advantage of this secret place is that most of the disciples who enter it will not be in danger of losing their lives. As long as they are injured and lose their ability to move, they will be sent out.

Of course, except for the killing and looting among friars, all the disciples of the sect have soul lamps. Once they die, their master can use the soul lamps to trace back the scene before death. So there are many looters and few murderers.

It's not unusual to be sent out of the secret place, but it's too fast. It's only three days since the secret place was opened. It's too useless to be sent out.

You should know that all the people who went in this time were in the Golden Elixir Period. Even the casual builders were aware of it, but none of them went in during the foundation period.

I stayed there for three days and really ordered some food.

The elders of each sect looked closely and said, well, it's OK. They are not from their own sect.

Only the Elder Danfeng of the Yuntian Sect looks familiar with Jiayin. He seems to have seen her in the camp. However, Jiayin doesn't wear the clothes of the sect. I think she should be a relative or friend of the disciples in the sect.

As long as you are not a disciple of your own sect, there are so many people watching, and there are many casual repairs. If you are a disciple of your own sect, it is somewhat humiliating.

But the little girl looks alive and kicking, doesn't she look hurt?

Everyone looked at the good news with some doubts on their faces.

No matter what they think, the good news went straight to the Wuji Sect.

He bowed to the elder on duty and said, 'Elder, I found something in the secret place. I want to see the leader of your sect. Can you tell me?'

The elder looked at the good news, nodded and said, 'Wait a moment, little friend. I'll ask you with the messenger jade charm.'

Thank you for your good news and wait quietly.

The Elder of Wuji Sect soon finished his inquiry and said to the good news, 'Please follow me, little friend.'

Then he turned and walked backward, with the good news following him.

As soon as they left, the elders of the various sects looked at each other and said nothing, while the casual practitioners were whispering.

'What problem did the little girl find in the secret?'

'It looks like it is, but I don't know what it is.'

'There are four major sects here. Why did she find the Wuji Sect? Is it related to their leader's divine plan?'

'Did you find that the accomplishments of the little girl are not clear?'

'Really? I didn't pay attention just now. Is that girl's cultivation superior to mine?'

'Impossible, beyond the Golden Elixir Period, this secret place cannot be entered!'

'I have already found that it must be that little girl who has some magic weapon to hide her accomplishments...'


The good news did not go far with the Elder of Wuji Clan, but stopped at a house a few miles away from the entrance of the secret place.

This house is just an ordinary small yard, not specially built, but temporarily leased.

The good news followed the elder into the yard. She knew that there was an isolation array here, so that the surrounding residents could not see anyone in the yard and hear the sound inside.

The elder directly brought the good news into the hall. There were four people sitting in the hall, all of whom were devoting to God.

The good news raised her eyebrows, and the leaders of the four major sects gathered here unexpectedly.

'I heard that you found something in the secret place. I happened to be discussing with the three leaders. Would you like to listen to it together?'

Ye Zuo, the leader of Wuji Sect, stood up and asked with a smile.

The good news nodded, 'Of course, it is related to the whole Luang Huan state, so it is not necessary to inform several leaders.'

The other three people looked at each other. Unexpectedly, the little girl was brave, and the leaders of their four big doors were not afraid.

Although they did not deliberately release the pressure, they all had the momentum of some superiors. The younger generation would feel uncomfortable when they saw them. They never looked so comfortable.

As for those who can't see the accomplishments of the other person, they all think that they are covered by treasures.

No matter what they were thinking, Jiayin told them what they knew in the secret, except for their own blood.

The four of them were in deep thought at the same time. They all thought that the coming disaster was a natural disaster or a man-made disaster, but they did not expect it was from the four spirit beasts.

Among them, the other three spirit beasts that can restrain Jiaolong are injured and dead. If Jiaolong is really in trouble, they may not be able to withstand it.

The four major gates are now the most successful ancestors. Even if they come out, they are not necessarily Jiaolong's opponents.

It is not a monster, it is a spirit beast and also a monster. Before entering the Luang Huan state, its cultivation level was comparable to the Mahayana period, and its physical strength was more than that of the Mahayana!

(End of this chapter)

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