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Chapter 402 Extreme Cold Secret (subscription required)

Looking at the array pattern on the stone tablet, Jiayin directly put her mind into the broken sphere bead and carried out the leisurely white tiger Neidan who was soaking in the spirit water.

He directly asked: 'Do you four spirit beasts guard a stone tablet respectively? Or do you mean where one is placed in each secret place?'

White Tiger Neidan turned around in her hand, looked at the stone tablet erected at the moment, and hesitated: 'This stone tablet...... Looks familiar, but we haven't guarded this stone tablet. I haven't noticed if there is any in the secret place. Although we are the guarding animals of the secret place, we are not very clear about the whole secret place.

When we were caught in the contract, this secret place already existed, but I seem to have seen this stone tablet somewhere, but I can't remember it for a moment.

Now the tortoise is no longer here, or you can ask him. After all, he is in his territory. '

The good news did not expect that Bai Hu did not know. It seems that things are getting more and more complicated.

At first, she thought that the stone tablet was the kind that stood on the edge of the water to prevent floods or ward off evil spirits. Later, she found the Inner Pill of the Xuangui, and thought it was the Xuangui. The Xuangui liked to carry the tablet, which everyone knew.

It turns out that it is not. Then there is something strange about this monument here.

The good news thought for a while, and let Green Bamboo ask the wutong to see if it knows about it.

Wutong trees have been in the secret for a longer time. They even know about the land of Langhuan and should know more about it than white tigers.

After receiving the good news, Qingzhu ran directly back to the wutong tree. Fortunately, they were not far away.

The three of them had just finished searching for the Lingguo on Tianwaitian Fairy Island and were preparing to go to the next place when they heard the good news and went straight to the wutong tree.

Qingzhu repeated the good news with the wutong tree. After listening to it, wutong tree directly contacted the good news without passing the message through Qingzhu.

It turns out that the wutong seed it gave to Jiayin is its own body, and it can be its eyes and ears if it wants.

Only wutong tree said: 'I don't have much impression about the stele, but if you want to be trapped in the formation, there is such a thing.

Five thousand years ago, the territory of Lang Huan was just closed and not stable. In particular, the four secret places were originally obtained by the two great masters unintentionally and were ready to be refined into their own caves.

Unexpectedly, the aura of the outside world has dried up. I don't know how long it will last. I dare not use a lot of aura to refine it.

Later, there was no way to fly to the end of life. For the sake of future generations, they simply offered it, which became the secret of the land of Langhuan.

At that time, fearing that some unworthy posterity might have the idea of this secret place, they let their contracted spirit animals re contract with the secret place. However, there were only three spirit animals at that time, namely, the phoenix, the white tiger and the turtle.

Their former master was the Supreme Elder of the three major gates in the big world. At that time, the three men were all Mahayana practitioners, and their spiritual beasts were equivalent to their accomplishments.

As a result, there is no spirit beast stationed in the secret place of the Ruins, but spirit beasts are not monster beasts, and there have been so many in tens of thousands of years.

Finally, they thought of Jiaolong, who was possessed by the devil and was suppressed in the nihility. Jiaolong was originally the Holy Grail of the Lord of the Great World, but was later exiled in the Langhuan State for some reason.

When Lang Huan was still a secret place in the big world, it was possessed in it. Because it often attacked the disciples of the sect who came in for training, the sect lost many good seedlings.

Later, they were suppressed in the nihility of the territory of Lang Huan by the Supreme Elder of the Three Major Gates. '

The good news interrupted, 'Why are there three major sects? Aren't there four sects?'

The wutong tree smiled: 'The Wuji Sect came later. You should have heard about it. The first leader of the Wuji Sect went out from the Wanjian Sect.

Before, there were only three major sects, namely, the Yuntian Sect, the Wanjian Sect and the Jiyang Sect. These three sects were all moved in from the big world, with tens of thousands of years of history. '

The good news nodded, 'I see. Then you go on to say that the dragon is possessed. How can it become a guardian spirit beast again?'

'Although the dragon is possessed by the devil, it is not a natural monster. If you can dispel its evil spirit, it will return to its original spirit animal form.

For this reason, the magnates got together and thought of many ways. Finally, the owner of Xuangui proposed to use the array to try.

At that time, the owner of the turtle was an array cultivator. His array accomplishments were very high. He spent ten years to paint an array with his remaining accomplishments, which could separate the magic spirit from Jiaolong, suck it into another array, and trap it inside.

Although the dragon will generate new magic qi, it will be absorbed with the operation of the array.

In this way, there was only aura left on it. After the dragon's aura was dispelled, he woke up and agreed to guard the secret place of returning to the ruins.

It is said that the secret place is the companion space of a dragon. According to the things found there, the dragon should be a carp like dragon, because many of the totems in it are fish leaping over the dragon's door.

In a strict sense, Jiaolong is not a family with dragons, so he has no sense of closeness to the secret place of returning to the ruins. He never stays in the secret place, so later friars never really saw Jiaolong. '

The good news still didn't understand, 'If the four spirit beasts were to guard the secret realm and not be occupied by others, wouldn't they be afraid of being occupied by spirit beasts? If they refined the space, they could still occupy it for themselves?'

White Tiger Inner Alchemy said at one side: 'It's impossible. At that time, we had a new contract with the secret place. It was a protection contract, and we can't break it.

If not, we are just spirit beasts, which is the companion space of god beasts. Even if the space owner has fallen, not everyone can refine at will.

At least our former owners do not. They are only recognized by the space and can open the space to enter and exit freely. They do not really recognize the owner. '

The good news also asked, 'The dragon was once the spirit pet of the Lord of the world. Did it say it or did someone see the Lord of space?'

The wutong tree choked, 'Er...'

The white tiger was also stunned. It seemed that... it was not. Where did this come from?

When the good news saw that they were all asked, she smiled and said:.

We should know that the power to create a world is at least the saint level, and this world is his Tao fruit.

But when we reach the saint level, we are basically not selfish. It is unlikely that we will grab the empty unowned space and decorate our own world.

It is said that the Great Way is merciless, because it has broken through petty feelings and love, and can treat everything in the world fairly.

Therefore, the dragon is certainly not the so-called exiled pet. Even if it is, it will not be the master of the world, but it may be the former master of the land of Langhuan. '

'Former owner of the blessed land of Langhuan?'

Wutong tree and White Tiger's Inner Pill speak the same way.

The good news nodded, 'Yes, the predecessor of the land of Lang Huan, is also the life space of the mythical beasts. He can be captured from the void. At least he is a golden immortal. Otherwise, he cannot enter the void.'

This is what her father told her. In some big world, not everyone can enter the void, not the level of golden immortal. The body can't withstand the wind at all, and even those with lower accomplishments will be crushed to pieces.

Wutong tree wondered: 'How do you know so clearly? Did you come down from the upper boundary to suffer?'

It had doubted before. There were only four spirit beasts here. Why did a divine beast suddenly appear?

Isn't she the one responsible for the millennium catastrophe?

Hearing the good news, he knew what he was thinking. He explained: 'I really came from the upper world, not from the past. I came to the lower world to earn merit. Don't you see the dazzling golden light on me?'

White Tiger Inner Dan jumped, 'I see! The golden light in your space is going to blind my eyes!'

The good news said directly, 'Come on, where did you get the eye of Inner Alchemy?'

White Tiger's Inner Pill said unconvinced, 'There is divine sense without eyes! Otherwise, how can I see it?'

Jiayin did not argue with it, but said to the wutong tree, 'What matters now is how to survive the millennium catastrophe, and now we don't know where to start.'

Wutong tree said: 'Three of the four spirit beasts are dead. The most suspicious one is Jiaolong. We can only start from it.'

White Tiger Inner Pill interrupted again, 'I'm not useless! Why don't you send me back to the body first, and I'll use the body to check with you.'

The good news also looked at the stone tablet next to it. The array pattern on it was really carved by a highly accomplished monk. If it was used to trap the evil spirit, it must have come out long ago.

After all, it seems that the stone tablet has not been here for a year or two. It has been broken into pieces. It is estimated that the trapped things have been free for a long time.

Whether it's back in Jiaolong's body or somewhere else, it's not a matter of two days, and there's no need to rush.

'Then let's go to the extremely cold secret place and send you back to the body. But I'm afraid you'll have to recuperate when you get back to the body. You can't get out for a while.'

The good news looks at the white tiger's inner path.

White Tiger's Inner Pill jumped up and down, 'My body is not seriously injured, but the Inner Pill will fall asleep after leaving the body. I have kept almost everything in your space these days. Once I get back to the body, I will be alive and well!'

Good news is indispensable. Since it says so, let it be.

So Jiayin changed her destination again and headed for Beisha.

The good news flies faster than the imperial sword. It takes less than a day to reach a desolate place north of Beisha.

She came here according to the directions of White Tiger Neidan. This is a sandy and rocky land. On the left is a vast desert. In the distance, it looks like an endless desert.

There are several snow mountains on the right. Both the top and the foot of the mountain are covered with thick ice and snow, which is pure white.

After reading the good news, I can't see where it looks like the entrance of the secret place.

'Where is the entrance? How can we get in?'

White Tiger Neidan said: 'This is the entrance. You can walk five steps forward, three steps right, and one step back.'

Jiayin follows the steps it says, and when the last step is over, the scene will change!

Just now, the ground is still gravel, but now it has become a world of ice and snow.

There are also big snowflakes floating in the sky. The world is surrounded by ice. At a glance, it is white, and you can't tell the direction at all.

'This is really a very cold place. It is surrounded by ice and snow. If I hadn't stayed warm and cold, I would have shivered.'

The good news looked around curiously while talking with the white tiger.

'Where is your body? Go back quickly!'

The white tiger inner elixir is still hanging around, the good news urged.

White Tiger Inner Pill: '...'

OK, I wanted to take her to have a look first. Since people don't use it, it will first know the essence.

The inner elixir just floated in the air and disappeared in the snow.

The divine sense of good news spread out directly and enveloped all around. It was found that this secret place was actually a snow mountain. The distance was foggy, and people could not see the edge. It felt like it was all in ice and snow.

Jiayin took a step forward and found out how thick the snow was. She was trapped!

She pulled herself out of the snow and flew straight into the air. The wind in the air was stronger, mixed with snowflakes, which made her a little blind.

Jiayin took out an umbrella shaped magic tool and put it on her head. Hmm, it's much better. At least she won't be covered in snow.

Although she is not afraid of cold, her clothes will not get wet, and it is more comfortable to block some than not.

People are flying in the air, and divine sense is still exploring everywhere. This secret place seems lifeless. In fact, there are many precious cold resistant plants under the snow.

There are also many monsters in the extremely cold places in the covered caves.

There are snow leopards, snow bears, and snow foxes. Their fur is all white. If it is not for divine sense, they cannot be distinguished in the snow.

The good news also saw the body of the white tiger. On the highest mountain, there was an ice palace!

Although it is not very big, it is very delicate. The whole palace is carved with white solid ice. There are carved beams, columns, and even hollow carved flowers. The flower patterns are clear as if they were real.

In the middle of the hall was a wide and large seat, on which the white tiger was lying.

A big snow-white tiger was lying there quietly with its eyes closed. It didn't look real at a glance. If it didn't have ups and downs, it thought it was also an ice sculpture.

At this time, a bead was spinning up and down above the tiger's head, which was the white tiger's inner pill.

The good news picks her eyebrows. Is this... Can't you go back?

The anxiety of the Inner Alchemy can be seen from the divine sense.

The good news flashed into the ice sculpture hall.

'What's the matter? Why don't you return to your body?'

White Tiger Inner Alchemy heard the voice and stopped moving all the time, 'I, I can't go back! I don't know what happened, I just can't get into my own body, as if something has covered my body.'

Jiayin came forward and touched it.

Mmm! Good touch~soft and smooth!

(End of this chapter)

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