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Chapter 404 Millennium Cold Jade (subscription required)

I saw five or six wolves surrounded them, and the snow wolf who was standing behind giving orders made several short cries.

The three snow wolves in front did not move, but the two sides seemed to have received an order and ran towards them directly!

The white tiger didn't need to give a good news. It jumped across the huge body and kicked the two snow wolves that attacked it on the left with one kick of its hind legs.

Two front paws, one paw at a time, slapped the two snow wolves who attacked Jiayin on the ground!

The four snow wolves were solved in an instant.

The good news saw that she didn't need to do anything by herself, and she was very happy. She stood beside her and leaned against a big ice cube to watch the fun.

At this time, the wolves in front of them also moved. Taking advantage of the white tiger's strong body, they all rushed to the white tiger. The six wolves went straight to the white tiger, calculated their angles, and prepared it to be overwhelmed.

The good news straightened up and prepared to help out if it could not cope.

However, it is obvious that her concern is unnecessary, and the white tiger can handle it easily.

It turned back directly, stretched out a front paw, and swept across. The six snow wolves that were swept were fanned out, flying high, and hit the snow heavily.

The thick snow on the ground was hit by snow flakes flying around. When it fell, it just covered the snow wolves, as if they were buried.

Seeing that the situation was not good, the commanding wolf quickly turned and ran away, but it was too late.

The white tiger pounced on its back, pressed it to the ground, and slapped its paw on the wolf's head, which instantly lost its breath.

The good news slurped his head and said, 'It's really cruel.'

The white tiger pressed the wolf's body, turned around and gave her a white look, 'Boss, you are not authentic, don't do it, and still talk about it...'

The good news was said with a smile, 'It's hard. I'll give you a bowl of Holy Water to reward the head office later.'

He went forward to collect more than a dozen wolves' corpses and received them in an empty storage bag.

Yes, White Tiger. A dozen wolves were directly killed by him when he took one shot from left to right.

There are so many wolf skins, not only enough to make a cloak, but also enough wolf skins on the bed.

The snow wolf skin is much thicker than the ordinary wolf skin, and there is no color at all. It will be warm when you look at it, and you will find a time to make them all.

It's a pity that the wolf meat is not very delicious, otherwise the meat of a dozen snow wolves is really quite good.

They didn't hurry to go back to the icebound temple after picking up the wolves' corpses. They were ready to stroll in this extremely cold secret place. They couldn't come here in vain.

The white tiger walked to Jiayin and bowed down. Jiayin was not polite. Once he sat on it, the two quickly jumped out and left the eye of the storm.

A gust of wind blows, and the marks on the snow are smoothed, leaving only the white vortex, which is still rotating tirelessly.

The two of them soon came to a vast snowfield.

While looking into the distance, the good news sighed: 'Thanks to our cultivation, otherwise we would be blind if we kept looking at the white flower everywhere.'

I haven't seen any other colors since I came to the extremely cold secret place. Oh, no, there are still some in the cave of Dragon Scale Fruit just now.

Anyway, no matter the scenery outside or the hall, even the animals are all white, even the sky is the same.

This is different from the Ziyuan Secret. Although there are many arrays in the Ziyuan Secret, they are synchronized with the outside day and night.

The time is no different from that outside. There is a sun in the sky during the day and a star and moon in the night.

This side, however, has been in vain. I can't feel the change of time and can't figure out how long it has been.

'Isn't there no night in this secret place?'

The good news got off the white tiger's back, walked forward for two steps and asked back.

The white tiger nodded and shook his head. 'That's not true. It's just that in this extremely cold and secret area, it's day for a month, and then it's night for a month.

The good news winked. How could there be such a thing? It is estimated that the monsters here have already adapted. Otherwise, those monsters who are used to going out to look for food in the daytime will starve to death when they meet at night for a month?

Like snow leopards, they act at night. It is daytime for a month in a row, which is probably too bad.

However, they are already monsters, and they should not even have this flexibility.

Walking on the ice field, except for the occasional piercing cold wind, I feel that there are only two living creatures left in the world.

Jiayin did not use her divine sense to explore. She wanted to have a taste with her eyes. Anyway, there would be no danger for them, so she should explore.

In addition, the white tiger is a local snake, so you should be very familiar with this secret place. Don't worry about the good news at all.

'Where shall we go next? On this snowfield?'

The good news asked Bai Hu curiously.

The white tiger wagged its big hairy tail and lifted its chin in one direction. 'Right ahead, there is a secret ice cave in the center of the snowfield. Walking to the innermost, there is a cold jade mine, all of which are cold jade over a thousand years old.

I see a lot of gems and jades in your space. I think you will like these things, so I will bring you here to collect some. '

Her eyes lit up in an instant, then darkened, 'What color is the millennium cold jade? It can't be white, can it?'

She doesn't like white very much. It's uncomfortable to watch too much.

The white tiger shook his head. 'That's not true. There are several colors of the cold jade. In a short time, it is light cyan. It is milky white with a light cyan. It gives people a cold feeling.

The more years the darker the color, thousands of years are dark blue. The temperature of cold jade is extremely low, which is lower than that of the ice layer.

If you pour water on it, it can become ice instantly. If you put a nail plate size piece in the room in a hot place, the whole room will become very cool. '

That's very useful. Although the good news doesn't invade people in the cold and summer, it's also very useful to listen to the effect. It's the same sentence that can be given as a gift when the time comes.

Or put it in a storage bag to make ice. It must be very cool to eat it in fruit in summer.

While talking, the two walked forward and met a group of snow wolves not far away!

Why did a group of snow wolves come out of the empty snowfield just now? Could it be that those snow wolves they killed before smelt it?

It's not right. They all put them in storage bags. It's not close to the eye of the storm. These snow wolves don't seem to be tracking from afar, but they are here.

After seeing the snow wolf with bigger body and smoother fur, Jiayin's eyes began to shine again.

This is better! The former ones can be made into mattresses and carpets. This one can be made into several cloaks, one for her, and the rest can be given away!

Just wanted to command the white tiger to start, but the snow wolves saw them and ran in the opposite direction.

He stared at the good news and said, 'What's the matter? Did we find our accomplishments in the dark when we were just cleaning up a dozen wolves?'

They knew in advance that they were not their opponents, so they ran away at the first time.

The white tiger said: 'That's not true. These are on the snowfield. There are several heads in the snowfield that are already level five. They should know me.'

The good news nodded. I see. I thought their bad name had spread in the snow wolf world.

After taking a look at the escape direction of those snow wolves, we found that there was a low slope with a half upward hole.

It looks like a slightly undulating plain from a distance. In fact, there may be snow caves like this in those slightly undulating places, which can lead to other places or places where other animals live.

The white tiger pointed at the ups and downs with his paw and said, 'Most of them are the entrances to the caves of the monsters. In this extremely cold secret place, the monsters live in underground caves.

Those peaks are ice and snow accumulated all the year round. They are fragile and may collapse at any time. They are not suitable for digging caves. They are not as warm and safe as the ground.

The monsters like snow wolves, which live together as a group, will find some naturally formed caves, which will be larger at most.

Most solitary monsters like snow bears and snow leopards dig a small cave to live in. '

The good news noticed that most of the undulating areas they passed by were covered, and the snow seemed to have been swept by something. It should be the monster living there that swept away their footprints.

It seems that the monsters here are all enlightened, unlike those snow wolves that have not evolved before.

They didn't seem to walk very fast, but in fact, they walked for a while, and then they came to the center of the snowfield.

It is relatively flat here. It seems that there are no monsters living around.

'This cold jade mine is the center of the extremely cold secret place. It is the coldest place in the secret place, so no monster will live near here.'

The white tiger answered for the good news.

The hole of the cold jade mine cave is on the ground, and the hole is facing upwards. The wind with snow flakes seems to be purposely blowing around it.

'The hole is facing upwards, but it is not filled by the wind and snow. The wind seems to be walking away from the hole.'

The good news told the strange things she saw directly.

'The cold air of the cold jade mine is rising, just like the strong wind. It bounces the snow away, so the hole is not blocked.'

The white tiger said.

The good news frowned, 'That won't be harmful to us, will it? Will the cold in the cold jade mine hurt you?'

The white tiger shook his head and said, 'I'm too belittled. I'm a guardian spirit beast. How can I be afraid of this little cold!'

Jiayin felt even more uneasy when she saw its complacency. 'Really? If not, I will go down by myself, and you can wait for me on it.'

'Absolutely no problem. Don't worry. Let's go down quickly. I'll take you to find the millennium snow ginseng later. It's a great supplement...'

The good news did not seem to be telling lies, so I was relieved.

Two of them jumped down the hole one after the other, only to hear the howling of the white tiger who jumped down first!

Jiayin hurriedly dropped her body by a thousand pounds.

The hole is very deep, as if to enter the center of the earth, and the lower the temperature is, the colder the Jiayin is!

The good news was worried about the white tiger. She couldn't help but probe into her divine sense to make sure whether the white tiger was injured.

Then he reached the bottom of the cave.

The white tiger is at the bottom of the cave, with a transparent... giant snake? They got together.

The transparent thing like a snake was about the same size as the white tiger, but it was very flexible. The white tiger could not hurt it after moving around. Instead, it kept bumping into the cold jade wall, causing many wounds.

It can be seen that the cold jade is very hard, and the white tiger hasn't knocked those jade stones down after so many times.

The good news saw that the transparent snake's tail was about to wrap around the neck of the white tiger. It reached the bottom of the cave in a blink of an eye and grabbed its tail.

The coldness of the tentacles made Jiayin breathe. It was so cold!

The other hand of the good news stood against the head of the snake. Because the head was huge, it could only be held on the mouth of the snake. Unexpectedly, the head was even colder.

The snake wanted to move forward. Unexpectedly, the other side was so powerful that it could not move forward. Instead, it wanted to move backward, get out of the control of Jiayin, and attack again.

As a result, Jiayin's hands were like pincers, which made it impossible to get rid of, so she had to keep twisting the snake body in the middle.

The white tiger gasped for a moment, then came to look at the snake carefully.

'Where does this guy come from? There is no monster in the cold jade cave, and I can't tell his level at all.

Hello! What kind of monster are you? Can you talk? '

Jiayin held the tip of its tail hand a little lower, stepped on it with one foot, and then quickly grabbed the back of its snake head with two hands, released its mouth, and let it not get away.

The transparent snake twisted its head vigorously. Seeing that it still couldn't get away, it became quiet.

Two cold eyes looked at the white tiger and did not answer its words.

The good news saw that it was not struggling, so she looked at it carefully.

The more I saw Jiayin's frown tightened, until she tried to communicate with each other, I found that the snake did not know the sea.

'Are you the spirit of this cold jade mine?' The good news asked uncertainly.

'What!? It is not a monster?' The white tiger cried out in surprise.

The transparent snake head turned to the good news, gently nodded, and then heard an extremely cold voice: 'Yes, I am the chalcedony of the millennium cold jade mine.'

The voice was neither male nor female nor old. It was like rubbing on the ice with an iron tool. It was cold and harsh.

'Really! I didn't expect that this jade could also produce spirits. Are you in a spirit state now? What about your body?'

The white tiger asked curiously.

'This is my body, and my body is the cold jade pith.' The cold jade spirit replied.

'That's right. If you can't beat me in spirit state, then your chalcedony is hard enough to hurt my body.'

'I didn't hurt you, but you hit the stone wall yourself. Your body is not as strong as mine.'

White Tiger: '...'

Needless to say so clearly, I really don't understand the world!

(End of this chapter)

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