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Chapter 41 Credit to six

As the saying goes, Jiayin and a group of children found wild eggs, and everyone was very happy.

after that, Jiayin first scanned it with her mind, and then asked Liu to take them to find one. As soon as she found one, everyone would do nothing else, so they would concentrate on following Liu.

all the pheasants in the vicinity have run away. These eggs were left here by pheasants. Since the good news came, the animals here have basically run away. Therefore, the hunting team will have to walk for at least an hour before there is any prey.

Jiayin also wants to learn to put away her authority, but she wore it after less than a month of practice. She hasn't had time to learn it. In addition, there is no aura here, so she can't learn it at all.

the only advantage now is that there is no need to be afraid of wild animals to attack where she is.

when a group of children returned to the mountain depression, the little basket of children over 10 years old was full of wild eggs!

they have counted them before, and they have collected 134! They were placed in the baskets of six older children, one layer of grass and one layer of eggs. They were also careful when walking. They were afraid of breaking the eggs.

back at the hill, the old people stared at the wild eggs that were about to emerge.

'Ouch! God! Where did you find it? I don't know. I thought you bought eggs! There must be onehundredandtwohundred!' Aunt Fang Youfu's mother, aunt Fang, and several old ladies who were picking and washing wild vegetables by the stream came over and said while taking the basket from the child.

fangzhigang moved his shoulders and replied, 'Sannai, there are 134 in total. We have counted them all.'

'six took us to look for them nearby. They took us to a place where there was a nest of eggs.'

'yes! Six is amazing!'

the children boasted about six, and when they heard the words six, they looked up proudly with a 'high ah'.

Jiayin and fangzhiyuan also raised their small minds. Fang Zhiyuan said: 'Liu grew up here and is familiar with everywhere!'

'he also took us to the bear cave where we used to live. We also found dry honey, but it has been eaten by us. Each of us ate a small bite.' Fangzhiqiang pinched his little finger with his thumb and said with gestures.

the old people looked at them with a smile. There was no child who didn't like sweets, but the older children who didn't go had some regrets. They would have known better to go with them.

of course, even if younger children want to go, adults will not let them.

in the evening, I had fried eggs with wild vegetables and a large bowl of steamed egg soup.

Jiayin thinks it's fun for such a large group of people to have dinner together. Everyone eats a bowl of food, and they won't scramble.

although the food is not as good as before, only a few people in a family are so full and eat as much as they want, Jiayin doesn't eat and won't be hungry anyway. She is just greedy. Just taste it.

and she also found an interesting thing, that is, by using her mind to find those wild eggs, her mind became stronger and she could sweep farther.

is it possible to practice in this way? In her mind, she called to her father to ask about this matter, but she didn't respond after calling for a long time.

it is estimated that her father has something to do now, so I will find him later.

there are also changes in the boundary breaking beads. There is a mirror water curtain. There are many golden stars on the water curtain. She counted a total of 70, and she doesn't know what it is for.

the golden gate inside has not changed at all. It is still light gold. My father said that when the gate turns to dazzling gold, she can travel through time and space again.

ah... It's probably a very distant thing. Now I still want to know how to find the hive tomorrow...

honey is sweet. She still wants to eat it.

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.