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Chapter 411 Boundary (subscription required)

The good news always felt that there was something wrong. After careful consideration, it finally came to mind.

'No! Green Bamboo, aren't you a little baby? How can the other person recognize you as a monk?'

The green bamboo is full of black lines, 'I was just not skilled in shaping, so I wanted to become more attractive, but unexpectedly I became a child.

During this period, I have discussed with Tong Tong many times. It taught me how to change the shape according to my own ideas. Except for gender, the shape can be changed.

By the way, Tong Tong has eaten a lot of miraculous drugs and fruits here these days, and now he is able to turn into a man. We both turn into male friars, but Jin Yuanbao is still the same, so the other side doesn't recognize him. '

The good news picks the eyebrows, but it can still be like this!

She can take shape after breaking the shell in the egg, which has been used all the time. At most, in the ordinary world, she can blur her facial features. It seems that she can try to take another shape one day.

'Are you still with that nun? I will go to see you tomorrow. If I am still with you, I will separate from others in advance. It saves me from having to explain when I take you out of the secret.'

The secret place of purple source can be entered at any time after it is opened within a year, but if it is thought out, it is not said that it can be thought out at any time.

Unless you do something excessive in it, or the golden pill breaks through the original baby and is rejected by space, it is more difficult to get out of space by yourself.

Because the highest limit of the friars' accomplishments is in the Golden Elixir Period. Those with accomplishments like Jiayin can't enter at all.

What's more, there is also the broken boundary bead. The function of the broken boundary bead is not only to take the good news to travel around the world, but also to break the boundaries of all spaces.

So in fact, Jiayin can shuttle freely in all the space secrets. Of course, it doesn't need to be exposed. Anyway, if there are wutong seeds, you can go in openly.

Then Qingzhu said to her: 'It's OK. We have separated. Her elder martial sister came here and said that she would take her to a safe place to heal her.

That elder martial sister seemed to be on guard against us, as if we were going to kidnap her, so we parted ways.

The good news almost burst into laughter. 'You two look like men with other people's senior sisters. Of course, they should be on guard. Even if they save people, they should always be on guard against strangers in the secret. What if there is any purpose? Besides, they are also disciples of a large sect.'

The good news is that, in the eyes of the disciples of large sects, many casual practices, especially those with high accomplishments, are purposefully approached.

Maybe they thought they were after someone else's junior sister and wanted to cheat money and sex.

I recalled the two female nuns I met at the station at that time. I was still impressed with the female nun who wanted to buy Tongtong. She was very beautiful and charming, which should be the type that men would like.

What's that nun's name? It seems that the elder martial sister called her name. Oh, yes! It seems to be called Jiahui.

Mmm! The name is also very nice, just one word short of her name.

Suddenly, the aura around began to fluctuate violently!

The good news felt something and said to Qingzhu: 'In this case, you should find a better place to wait for me. Tomorrow I will go with White Tiger, and then I will bring you out. I have something to tell you now.'

The green bamboo obediently replied, 'Good.'

The good news regained his divine sense and opened his eyes to see an aura whirlpool around Yuan Xingyi!

This scene is very familiar. It is very similar to Jin Yuanbao when he was promoted, but it is much more dynamic than that.

After all, Jin Yuanbao was only a level five monster at that time, while Yuan Xingyi was a Yuanying who had an advanced OBE, which was a big realm.

Those auras rushed into his body, and the space around him was distorted. Yuan Xingyi's whole body seemed to expand.

The good news thought that, because of the rules, it seems that you can't survive the thunder robbery in this secret place. You must go out of the secret place.

Qin Yuan was also shocked by the noise. Before, he was just closing his eyes and meditating to stabilize his mind. When he was washed away by the strong aura, his realm was also slightly loosened.

Of course, it's not like Yuan Xingyi, who ate Longhuo, can enter a big realm. He wants to enter a small stage, from the middle stage to the late stage of Yuanying.

I opened my eyes and saw the aura whirlpool around Yuan Xingyi. Then I felt my changes. I turned to Jiayin and said, 'It seems that I am going to break through the late stage of Yuanying, and I need Lao Ao to help me protect the Dharma.'

The good news said, 'OK, don't worry, I will help you protect the Dharma here.'

Qin Yuan bowed to the good news, thanked her again, closed his eyes again, and began to cultivate by using the aura whirlpool brought by Yuan's form and meaning.

The good news looked around and saw that the fire was almost going out, so he took out the luminous pearl for lighting.

The brightness of the night pearl is much larger than that of the fire, and you can see clearly around without divine sense.

For such a long time, no other friars appeared nearby.

Although this is the first testing place in the secret realm, many people are not the first time to enter the Yang Pass secret realm, and most of them will go to the Gold and Sands Pool of the Wudao Platform.

Because the Jinsha Pool can completely replace the forging function of the Stone Forest Array and can also exercise muscles, those two places are more popular than here.

In particular, those who come in are all high-level friars. People with low accomplishments will not come here. Only high-level friars who are stuck in the bottleneck will try their luck.

Most of the friars below the golden pill go to the secret place of Ziyuan, where there are natural materials and land treasures, as well as low-level monsters that can help them to advance.

There are even some people who find Xiling Grass in it. Xiling Grass is a good thing, which can help to wash away the redundant spiritual roots and make the cultivation progress faster.

Therefore, the number of people who go to Ziyuan is the largest among the four secret places.

The aura whirlpool grew larger and larger. From the beginning, it entered Yuan Xingyi's body from the whole body to the Baihui Cave on the top of his head, which meant that the whirlpool crossed his head.

It's like trying to suck up all the aura in the secret place of the Yang Pass, even bringing up some gravel.

The good news stepped back a few steps and stood a little far away. Afraid of being affected by the aura whirlpool, she also wanted to meditate.

Since I promised to help protect the Dharma, I decided to help myself.

However, in this way, she was left alone, which was rather boring.

It's not good to continue to communicate with Green Bamboo, so he took out a small table and a small stool, and put Lingcha and Lingguo on them, drinking tea and eating Lingguo.

I thought, when I go out tomorrow, I will go to Qingyun City to buy more snacks made of spiritual food.

All the things I had stored had been consumed at the Tianyun Sect's camp, leaving only a little of the spiritual fruit I had bought before.

After eating some Lingguo, drinking a pot of Lingcha, wiping my mouth with a silk handkerchief, I put the things away again.

Take out a soft futon and sit comfortably on it. Looking at Yuan Xingyi, who is still crazy to absorb spiritual energy, he thinks that the dragon scale fruit is really powerful.

Just take one and you will get instant results. You can help people to reach a higher level immediately, which is much better than those pills.

Speaking of pills, I don't know whether the dragon scale fruit can be directly refined into advanced pills. If it can, it is not just one person who can advance. After all, it is impossible to develop only one pill when refining pills.

One dragon scale fruit and other medicinal materials may produce several and help several people to advance at the same time.

Now there are only two left in her hand. She thought that she had promised to bring gifts to Xu Jiaojiao and them. Then she would give one to Yao Qing, one to Xu Jiaojiao and one to Jiang Ling'er.

But I also know that even if they were given it, they would probably not eat it by themselves. With their talent, their accomplishments would be improved quickly. There would be no bottleneck, and there was no need to waste the dragon scales.

I can't say, they will finally give it to their masters. Their masters have been stuck in the first baby years for many years. With this dragon scale fruit, they can directly promote the OBE period.

Good news doesn't matter. Anyway, it is given to others, who they are willing to give it to.

But now there are only two fruits left, which is not enough. It seems that we can only see them off.

It's a pity that this dragon scale fruit is only useful for friars below the deity. Otherwise, she can help those friars with higher accomplishments to improve. At that time, when the millennium catastrophe comes, she can also help.

I thought to myself, if not, I would go to find a high-level pill repair and ask if the dragon scales could be refined into pills, which would be enough

While I was thinking, my ears suddenly moved, and something came from a distance.

The good news used her divine sense to explore the place and found it was the entrance of the secret place. Then two friars, a man and a woman, came in.

The man was dressed in white, his hair was grey, and he still had a beard. The woman was also middle-aged.

The cultivation achievements were greatly improved in the Golden Elixir Period. Only one chance should be able to break through the original baby.

Just listen to the male monk: 'Li Xianzi, I didn't expect that you would also come to the Yang Pass secret place. I thought you would go to the Ziyuan secret place.

It's said that the leader of the Wuji Sect is sitting outside. Maybe there will be a treasure. Han Daoyou and others have gone. '

The middle-aged woman, who was called Li Xianzi, glanced at him casually and said: 'It's not the same with Immortal Xu. The Ziyuan secret place is almost occupied by the disciples of all major schools. They all have the experience taught by predecessors. We won't get much if we go there.

Besides, this rumor is not credible. It's impossible to say that any crisis may come. It's better to try your luck in the secret place of Yangguan in case of a breakthrough. '

Xu Jinyuan nodded and replied with approval: 'Fairy Li is right, and I think so too. I don't know whether the monster that day had anything to do with the leader of Wuji Sect's going to the secret place of Ziyuan?'

'How can Immortal Xu still think about the beast that robbed the clouds? I'm about to forget. It seems that just as we know about the cloud robbery, the four major gates have not moved at all.

Ordinarily, there are so many powerful people in their family that they can't see it. I don't know whether they sent someone to investigate secretly. '

Narcissus Li, also known as Fairy Li, always felt that her name was not very pleasant. She was called Fairy Li. Although many people felt that it was not worthy of the name, they got used to it after a long time.

These two people were on the day of the Qingzhu Ferry robbery. They went to check two of them.

They did not dare to stay at the base of the Big Gate and compete for resources with the disciples of the Zong Clan. Most of them wandered around the edge of the nearby Three Regardless Areas.

So I saw the cloud when I was crossing the Qingzhu River and rushed to it.

When Jiayin heard that they were talking about the monster robbing the cloud, the first thing she thought of was the time when the green bamboo was robbing the cloud.

Speaking of it, it didn't last long. She didn't pay attention to it before, but now when they talk about it, she feels strange.

I didn't know before, but now she knows that there are very few monsters in this world. What's more, because of her intrusion, there are so many powerful robbery clouds.

Why did the people of the four major doors not notice?

Even Luo Jinyuan and Shen Yuxin, who met at that time, didn't mention it, which was very unusual. At that time, she didn't feel the existence of the boundary. Why didn't she find the Yuntianzong residence that was not far away?


It should not be said that there is no enchantment. If there is no enchantment, how did those magical practices suddenly appear and disappear?

The good news suddenly burst into a trance. It can't be said that the momentum of the cloud robbery was stopped because of the fiend!

At that time, only these scattered repairs in the vicinity saw them and rushed to them. Although the Yuntianzong camp was not far away from there, it was also separated by several cities after all.

It can't be said that the fiefdom of the fiefdom is located in the middle of those cities, which just blocks the friars here.

The other party who has been ignored seems to suddenly become clear.

The Three Ignorance Zone is because of the nihility, which is where the Devil Cultivation comes in and out.

It means that the inner part of the nihility is basically surrounded by boundaries, which can not be said to be an array.

Is it possible that it is also an isolation array? Isolate the Demon Sect from the outside world, so that even if the high-ranking friars go, they will not be able to detect the evil spirit inside.

If so, the good news will not only go to the secret place of Guixu, but also go to the nihility.

She has an intuition that things may not be as simple as she thought before, and there may be other secrets.

At this time, those two people had already walked in this direction. Because of Qin Yuan's array, they could not find the situation here until they got closer.

Of course, even if it was discovered, it would have to be a high-level friar, at least better than Qin Yuan.

So Jiayin didn't worry at all. She just put away the luminous pearl and hid her figure.

When the two people came over, they just felt that the aura here was so strong that it was indeed a secret place of the Yang Pass.

The two of them came here for the first time. They just looked at the map and walked this way. They knew that this was the first test place, but they thought it was because of the array.

After that, they went directly to the Jinsha Pool.

The two men were not bad or good, so Jiayin didn't pay attention to their meaning.

She didn't show up again until they had gone away, looking thoughtful.

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