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Chapter 423 Crystal Palace (subscription required)

With a wave of her hand, Jiayin received all the storage bags on the ground, and calculated that there were forty or fifty!

The contents are almost the same, except for magic tools, pills, and talisman, the most are spirit stones.

However, most of them are middle grade, some are top grade, and few are top grade and bottom grade.

I think that the monks who can enter the Guixu secret realm will not be too low in cultivation. Many of them should be disciples of Daxingmen.

Jiayin didn't expect that she had made a small fortune before she did anything else.

The good news received happily, and he did not forget to observe the surroundings and explore the situation in the distance with his divine sense.

In addition to this barren area, there is an impenetrable barrier of divine sense, which does not attack your own divine sense, but just like a transparent film to prevent divine sense from exploring the outside.

Jiayin slows down, throws the storage bag into the space of the broken boundary bead, and flies directly into the air.

In addition to the dead tree under her feet and the dense white bones piled up, there are also, or even more, in the distance, and even a hill on her right! The ground and trees can't be seen.

Jiayin looks with her eyes while exploring with her mind, and feels the breath of this space.

There is only thick dead gas and magic gas in the air.

There are so many white bones that even the trees have no vitality. It is normal to be dead.

There is obviously an array here, that is, I don't know what is the eye of the array.

According to the position she just entered, it should be the entrance of Guixu Secret Land. Of course, it is also possible that she directly stepped into the transmission array.

It's just that this space is such a place of silence. It's conceivable that there will be no place of bliss behind it.

Jiayin flew around and collected all the storage bags on the ground. Anyway, all the storage bags have come.

It is too late to sort out because of too much collection. They were all directly stacked in the space of the broken boundary bead, and the voice told the three green bamboos to sort out the contents. Anyway, the three of them were watching what she collected and chatting.

Jiayin looks at Xiaoshan Mountain, which is seriously cultivated in the extremely cold space, and thinks to herself, otherwise they are spirit beasts and now they are demigod beasts. These three guys are monster beasts, and they are not motivated at all.

When the storage bag is almost finished, Jiayin Cai paper carefully looks for the starting point.

She can actually use the power of the breaking bead to go through the array, but she still wants to know what the meaning of the array is, or see what clues it has.

It's really not good. It's not too late to go out with the power of the boundary breaking bead.

She first flew along the edge of the array, and she also knew that although it was lifeless, there was a lot of aura.

In this way, the death of those flowers, plants and trees and those people must not be caused by the exhaustion of spirit.

If you don't meet some tough enemy, you will die fighting with each other.

According to the bones of those monsters, Jiayin can tell that they are not too high-level monsters.

The number of bones is not more than that of human bones, indicating that these monster beasts are likely to be contract beasts repaired by these people.

So it is very likely that these people have met some strong enemies, and they didn't fight each other when they were fighting together. They all died here.

Of course, it is also possible that they fought with each other and then all died here.

But that kind of possibility, Jiayin thinks it is not too big, because even if we fight each other, there will always be a living person left. How can we all die together?

There are also those trees. Thinking of these trees, Jiayin suddenly thinks of the so-called entrance to the nihility.

This array is not a kind of desperation array, is it? Start the array with the vitality of others, and then seize what fortune or energy?

With this in mind, Jiayin searched for the position of the triangle according to the triangle array she saw before.

Unexpectedly, she found a black array in the three positions corresponding to the edge and the center.

The array above is the pattern of the Disha Seizure Array, but it is much more advanced than that in the previous village.

If that was the mid-grade array before, it would be equivalent to the top-grade array.

But there is something wrong. The previous array points to the direction of Green Bamboo Ferry Robbery, so where does this Disha seize the luck array?

Thinking of this, Jiayin tried hard to crush the array plate, and broke the array with violence. It took a long time but didn't hurt it.

The material is so hard that I can't squeeze it!

Simply use the space force of the boundary breaking bead to directly twist the four array disks into pieces and destroy them.

Then, the same as before, the space is twisted, and then those dead bones and dead trees are turned into powder, dispersed between heaven and earth, revealing the original face of the place.

It is a mountain range, high and low undulating peaks and valleys. The earth and stones on the ground are maroon, like the color of dried blood.

Was it the blood of those dead monsters and people who had settled down before that soaked the land into this color? I don't know if it can revive here.

Of course, Jiayin won't waste her water here. Even if she has it, it can be converted into ordinary water.

But after all, this is not an outside space, but a suspicious space. In case of exposure of your own magic water, what strong opponent will be attracted, it will not be worth the loss.

In this way, Jiayin once again uses her divine sense to look around. There is no such invisible obstacle in the previous place, and her divine sense suddenly goes out of the way.

But there is nothing strange outside. It is also a piece of brown red scorched soil, with no dead bones and dead trees.

Is this... an array set?

That's not right. Jiayin keeps moving forward and never reaches the edge.

Isn't this Guixu secret place really a ruin?

Fly directly into the air again, find a right direction to fly, save time, and finally turn back.

Go straight ahead and count the time. It has been flying for almost two hours without seeing the end.

At the same time, her mind also extends forward, which is wider than the range she sees with her eyes.

After flying for another hour, he couldn't help stopping and landed on the top of a mountain a little higher than other places. He found a stone to cushion a futon and sat down.

Is she in another fantasy? Otherwise, no matter how big the secret place of Guixu is, can it go out of Langhuan?

You know, her divine sense can see the place of Langhuan from one end to the other.

That's why she said before that the territory of Lang Huan is the size of a country like Big Yan State. Except for those foggy places, she can explore the whole territory of Lang Huan.

Besides, like the other three secret places, Guixu is one level lower than Langhuan, otherwise it is impossible to be included in Langhuan.

If it is larger than Langhuan, the level will also be higher. It will directly break Langhuan, and it is impossible to be included.

So, Jiayin has to think about what kind of illusion she should have encountered again. As Yue Mingqi said before, the empty sea that cannot reach the bottom, she now suspects that it may also be an illusion.

It is an array or fantasy set by a person with higher cultivation level, so those powers of Mahayana cannot be seen through.

Thinking of this, Jiayin closed her eyes, took back her mind, and directly used the energy of the boundary breaking bead to move forward.

I soon felt a slight turbulence in the breath around me. When Jiayin opened his eyes again, the scene in front of me had completely changed.

I feel like I am covered in a crystal palace.

Yes, it is the Crystal Palace, which is a transparent palace. You can clearly see the sparkling water outside, as well as various underwater creatures swimming around.

And the strange thing is, since it is the deep seabed, where does the light come from?

Jiayin has seen these creatures in the deep sea of Dayangchao before, including huge whales and fierce sharks, as well as the ugly lantern fish.

Of course, Jiayin can make sure that this is not the illusion of just returning to the Dragon Palace, but the Great Yan Dynasty, but that this should be true, because in this crystal palace, she feels the same breath of the dragon family.

Yes, it is the dragon family. It is not a dragon like a dragon. It is a real dragon family, and there is no evil spirit. It seems that it is not the guess before. Here is the companion space of the evil dragon.

The light in Jiayin's eyes flashed. In this way, there might be many good things here...

Go to the middle, where there is a throne carved of yellow spar.

Well, it is in line with the aesthetics of the dragon nationality.

Just said, this is a transparent crystal palace, that is, a transparent palace. The roof and wall can clearly see the outside scene.

In addition to the throne in the middle, there are also many furniture made of crystal stone and coral, such as tables, chairs and long couch.

And they are different colors. The couch is carved from bright red coral, and the left position is carved into the shape of a dragon head.

Such a large red coral is really rare. Jiayin resisted the impulse to put it directly into the space and first explored it with divine sense.

There is still no smell of any living creature. In fact, the smell of the dragon family is also very light. It seems that it was left a long time ago. If it takes some time, it may disappear slowly.

Go to the side of the couch, lift the pearl cushion above, and then find the dark grid below.

But I didn't find it when I just used divine sense to explore!

This shows that the couch is either used to isolate the divine sense, or the array is hidden in the grid.

Jiayin reached out and clasped the two decorative holes left on it and opened the cover.

He couldn't help closing his eyes and was almost blinded.

It's not that there are offensive arrays in it, but there are many treasures in it, each of which glitters, which is really dazzling.

The most important thing is that they all poked at Jiayin's aesthetics, and she was stunned.

Jiayin takes out the clothes and jewelry made of various pearls and gemstones and touches them one by one, just like touching a beloved toy.

Then he took out a box inlaid with various colors of pearls. After opening it, he found that it was a pearl with a big fist, and it was gold.

As soon as the box is opened, the pearl light shines out, which is obviously not an ordinary bead.

It should be the inner pill of a sea clam monster. According to the above energy, it is also the inner pill of a nine-level monster, one level higher than Tongtong!

Put it back in the box, close the lid, and wave directly to put the coral couch together with the contents into the space of the broken boundary bead.

When her life space can be opened, it's just right in her life space. It's really beautiful.

Then take away the throne and the tables, chairs and lampstands beside it.

The crystal palace doesn't know what material it is. If it wasn't for the limited space of the broken bead, she would like to take it away together.

I don't know if it is OK to enter the extremely cold space? I don't think so. There is already an ice-covered temple there. The crystal palace may be frozen into ice directly. I don't know if it will freeze to pieces. I'd better not risk staying here first.

Find the heart of this space first. If you can find it, you can refine it.

Jiayin found another circle in the Crystal Palace, but could not find the inner essence of the divine beast and the heart of space, so she went directly out of the Crystal Palace.

Coming out of the gate of the Crystal Palace is like leaving a bubble and plunging into the sea.

Jiayin is not afraid at all. As a dragon, she likes water best. If she is not afraid of anything better than her in this space, she would like to return to the body and swim freely.

But it can't become a body, and she can still swim freely.

Swim straight ahead and think that all the bones just like the Beihai Dragon Palace are illusions...

Eh? incorrect!

Jiayin once again probes her mind into the space of the broken boundary bead, and sees that the three green bamboo are still packing the storage bags.

If it is a fantasy, these storage bags should disappear, but they are still there.

Jiayin directly takes out a storage bag from the inside and holds it in her hand, thinking whether it has been isolated by the broken boundary bead before, so those storage bags have not disappeared.

After taking it out, I found that the storage bag still exists. I looked inside the storage bag, and the contents were also full.

Jiayin threw the storage bag back into the space of the broken boundary bead.

Since the white bone just now is not an illusion, is this Crystal Palace an illusion?

Jiayin has been confused. She looks back at the glittering crystal palace and then probes into the space of the broken pearl.

The newly received throne and coral couch are well there, and Jin Yuanbao has jumped on the ground.

What is the situation now? Is there not only sea water at the bottom of the sea, but also land in the secret place of Guixu.

She just broke the array with the energy of the breaking bead, but sent herself into another array.

In fact, these places are not illusions. How many common arrays do they really exist?

Of course, except for the same place as the Beihai Dragon Palace, where she can clearly feel it, it's fake.

(End of this chapter)

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