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Chapter 429 Lang Qing (subscription required)

As she moved forward, Jiayin felt more familiar. Sure enough, when the Snow Wolf patriarch took her to a place to stop, Jiayin looked at the two deep footprints on the ground and was embarrassed.

Now she wants to dig a snow pit and bury herself.

I have been struggling for a long time. Why on earth?

I don't know if I just came here, and my brain was frozen. I was so stupid that I even wanted to go far.

I came out of the transmission array. The transmission array must be nearby! Why bother to ask?

Like the forbidden area of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect, the exit and entrance are not far away. The exit is on the mountain and the entrance is under the crack. Why didn't she think of it?

Lang Qing stood at the front and said to Jiayin, 'Sir, this is the place. Although this white snowfield looks no different at first glance, there are still some marks here. Look here.'

Jiayin looks in the direction pointed by her paw and sees that the snow on the ground there is obviously whiter than that on the ground here.

In fact, if you don't pay attention to it, it's not easy to distinguish one white flower from another.

Lang Qing said, 'Your excellency, can you see? The snow over there is whiter and smoother than the snow here, because there has never been a monster to go there.

At the beginning, my great-grandfather brought his grandfather to see it. Later, before each patriarch died, he would bring the next patriarch here.

Let every patriarch watch this place, and forbid the younger generation to come here, so as not to intrude into it by mistake again, and also to prevent those people from coming out. '

After hearing about this before Lang Qing succeeded the clan leader, he was curious to go in and have a look, but he couldn't go in.

It keeps this matter in mind, so it will tell its sons, except for this position.

It is only his nine sons, and only Xiaojiu is most interested in this. He often asks about his great-grandfather. He is both pleased and worried.

I'm glad that my son follows it. I'm worried that my son will run around and come here accidentally. I really run to the outside world and something will happen.

Lang Qing walked forward slowly, and could not move forward when he reached a position. His face was deformed, and he could not move forward half a step.

Jiayin knows that it is a transparent boundary. Fortunately, the boundary just stopped it and did not attack it.

Jiayin thinks of the feeling in the crack before. It is probably the same as there. It is an isolation array.

Just find the isolation array. There must be an entrance to the transmission array nearby.

Either around or on top, it's really impossible. She just flew down in the air and tried.

Jiayin thanked Lang Qing and wanted to look for him. He didn't leave, but looked at himself with something to say.

He asked directly, 'If the patriarch has anything to say, I will not hide it from you.'

Lang Qing said excitedly, 'Thank you, sir. I have always been curious. It can be said that the elders of all ethnic groups in the extremely cold place are curious. What is there here? Why can I get in and out of the extremely cold place, where is the way out, and is there only one place?'

Jiayin doesn't hide, either. She directly tells her what she knows.

'This is a transmission array. There is a layer of isolation array outside the transmission array. It does not mean that you can enter from any direction. It may also be for fear that anyone can enter at will, so an entrance is set up.

As for where to send it? This array can be transmitted to a secret place or a space.

And there is also a transmission array in that space. When you enter that transmission array, you can go elsewhere. Your great-grandfather may have entered that space, and then passed through that space to the outside world.

Of course, it is also possible that he was injured in that space, and then came back through the transmission array. '

Because its great-grandfather has died, and the words left behind are not very clear. Jiayin also doesn't know whether the other party went outside the Langhuan realm or just took a turn in the Guixu space, and was injured by a monk or other monster and ran back.

Lang Qing was confused and didn't know what Jiayin meant.

Jiayin looked confused, so she had to say again: 'Well, I can come here because of this transmission array. I have reached a secret realm, and there is a transmission array in the secret realm.

But the exit of the transmission array is uncertain. Since I came out of the transmission array, I have changed three positions. Here is the third one.

But as long as you go back through the transmission array near the exit, you will return to the secret place. That's why I said that your great-grandfather should have been sent to that secret place.

There used to be friars and monsters there. It may have been injured in that secret realm, or it may have been injured in another place through the transmission array in the secret realm, so I'm not sure. '

Lang Qing understood a little this time, nodded and said, 'Thank you for your help. That adult may destroy the array? Here, I always feel uneasy, for fear that the descendants of the Snow Wolf Clan will break in by mistake, and for fear that there will be powerful enemies inside.

We live in this extremely cold place and don't want to leave for other places. My great-grandfather once left a message saying that the outside environment is not suitable for the snow wolf family, so we are forbidden to come here.

Tell this secret only to the patriarchs of the past dynasties, not to let us guard here, but to monitor the situation here and prevent the descendants of the clan from coming here. '

Jiayin thought for a while and said, 'Yes, but it's a little troublesome. By the way, is the Snow Fox family who came back with your great-grandfather still alive?'

Lang Qing shook his head and said, 'The great-grandfather of the Snow Fox Clan Chief was not as injured as my great-grandfather, but he lived for more than 300 years and died.'

Jiayin is disappointed. In that case, no one can really ask. She wants to know how they broke into the array by mistake. The parties are not there, so she can only grope for it.

'It's a bit difficult to destroy this array, because with this isolation needle, I can only find the array inside the isolation array to break the isolation array first, and the transmission array can only be broken if I find the place outside the array.

But if it is cracked, I can't get out. I need to go out through this transmission array'


Jiayin suddenly thought of a question. She seemed to be confused.

She didn't look for this array to go back!

The purpose of finding the exit and entrance of this array is to destroy the array. Even if there is no transmission array, you can return directly to the return to the ruins of the secret place with one idea. Will you send it again?

Reached out his hand and slapped him on the forehead. It's really stupid!

So he changed his tone and said, 'Hey hey, what's the matter, Clan Leader Lang Qing, I'll study this array first. If I can't, I'll destroy it for you. Then I can go out in other ways...'

Lang Qing was disappointed when she heard Jiayin say that she can't get out of the array. She thought that she couldn't get out of the array. When she heard Jiayin again, her face lit up again.

It would be great if it could destroy this array. It would not have to be afraid of its future generations running out through this array. It would also not have to be afraid of being attacked by others.

After all, the great-grandfather once said that Renxiu loved to stir up disputes, rob ores, treasures, monsters, and even land. Anyway, it was to rob everything that could be robbed.

What the great-grandfather said was that human cultivation was terrible.

This adult can destroy this array, and the monsters in their extremely cold places can rest assured.

Jiayin asks Lang Qing to step back and stay away from the array. She tries to see if she can enter the isolation array and break it.

Of course, I also used my divine sense to explore around here first to see if there are any array plates or painted patterns. If there are, it is better to crack them outside.

Lang Qing retreated ten zhang away obediently, watching quietly.

Jiayin flew up for a while, circled around for a while, and reached out to touch the transparent diaphragm and circled around the array.

It is found that the range of this isolation array is not very wide, and it is within a radius of one mile.

Jiayin circled around but didn't find it. Entrance. If there is an entrance, she should be sucked in. After all, the transmission array is within the isolation array.

She stretched out her hand and felt it all the time, but didn't find it. The entrance was either not below, or there was a gap before, and then it was repaired automatically.

After all, it has been thousands of years since the last time Lang Qing's great-grandfather broke in, and its automatic repair is also very normal. The aura of this extremely cold place is very sufficient, which is comparable to that in extremely cold and dense areas.

Suddenly, Jiayin asked Xiaoshan in the extremely cold space: 'Xiaoshan, I am in the extremely cold place now. The climate here is the same as that in the extremely cold secret place. It is broader. Do you want to come out and have a look?'

This guy is also a person who cultivates the ice skill. She wondered if the extremely cold place would be more beneficial to the cultivation of Xiaoshan Mountain.

Xiaoshan was just bored after finishing his cultivation. He agreed immediately when he heard the good news.

'Boss, did you go to the extremely cold place? Didn't you say there is a boundary there that can't be crossed? Many people try to go there, but once they pass the snowy mountains in the north, they will get lost, and they can't tell the direction at all. They walk and then come back. Few people can go into the extremely cold place.'

So many people speculate that the entrance of the extremely cold secret place is the entrance of the extremely cold place, and the extremely cold secret place is the extremely cold place.

Jiayin picks her eyebrows. Is there a boundary outside the extremely cold place? That is to say, when she went outside to explore her divine knowledge, it was not how big the extremely cold place was, but was blocked by a boundary?

Jiayin took Xiaoshan out of the extremely cold space with an idea.

As soon as Xiaoshan came out, he gave a fright to Lang Qing, and then was directly pressed to the ground by a powerful force.

Xiaoshan had just reached the first level, so he stopped practicing, and was suddenly brought out by the good news. He didn't have the time to restrain the pressure from his body, which scared Lang Qing.

The cultivation level of Lang Qing is about Level 8. As the head of the Snow Wolf clan, he is quite high. Of course, he can't compare with the monster on the Snow Peak.

It's enough to see it outside the extremely cold place. It's at the same level as the flame wolf Wang Tongtong, and it's still in its heyday. Although Tongtong has recovered, it hasn't recovered to its heyday. If you really fight, you may not be able to beat others.

Speaking of Tongtong, Jiayin looks into the space of the broken boundary bead. The three guys are practicing honestly and have nothing else to do.

The storage bags she collected before have been sorted out and put into storage bags in different categories. When she had nothing to do, she began to cultivate wholeheartedly.

Jiayin didn't bother them. After all, none of the three are monsters who like cold weather. They probably don't want to come out.

Xiaoshan stopped his pressure and looked at the snow wolf in front of him and said, 'Get up, I'm sorry. I just came here and didn't stop my pressure for a while.'

Lang Qinglian hurriedly said, 'No, no, your majesty is too serious. It's because my cultivation is too low. It's none of your business.'

But I couldn't help but mutter, what are the two? One is more powerful than the other. The new one is more powerful, and it will lie down on the ground and will not rise.

Seeing that Lang Qing was all right, Xiaoshan turned to Jiayin and said, 'Boss, how did you come to this extremely cold place? But what happened?'

Jiayin told it the whole story. Xiaoshan opened a pair of tiger eyes and said, 'How can the transmission array in Guixu Secret Land reach the extremely cold place? Other entrances and exits can not even reach the misty place and the empty sea?'

Jiayin is stunned. She hasn't really thought of these things. Maybe they can be really good.

At this time, Xiaoshan suddenly stared at the direction of the highest snow peak and said, 'Strange, how can I feel the same breath of white tiger?'

Jiayin and Lang Qing also followed them to look over there, and they saw a far away, like a white whirlwind rushing towards this side.

If they were not looking over there, they would not have found it.

Soon, the white thing came and stopped in front of Xiaoshan.

Jiayin picks her eyebrows. Isn't this the 10-level white tiger monster on the top of Xuefeng?

I saw it lying on the ground in front of the Xiaoshan Mountain and said respectfully to the Xiaoshan Mountain, 'I have seen the elders, I feel your breath, so I found it. Are you the ancestor of my white tiger family? Or have you returned to the ancestors and received the inheritance?'

Xiaoshan was stunned. Does it think it has returned to its ancestors?

In fact, the white tiger monster is also slowly degenerated from the divine beast and the spirit beast, and still has a certain blood relationship.

Otherwise, it could not directly accept the inheritance of the white tiger divine beast. Of course, it was born a spirit beast.

Even if it is born as a monster, it cannot become a spirit beast or a divine beast, but as long as it reaches a certain level of cultivation, it may not be unable to accept its inheritance. Even if it does not reach the level of spirit beast, it is much higher than the current cultivation level.

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