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Chapter 430 Snow Wolf Land (subscription required)

Of course, Xiaoshan is thinking this way. It is not to say that it wants to pass on to this white tiger. Although this white tiger is the highest level monster it has seen in Langhuan, it does not reach the level of inheritance.

And it is now a demigod beast, and it will be a long time in the future.

What's more, we have a contract with Jiayin, the divine dragon. We don't have to go anywhere in the future. There is no need to rush to find the successor.

It's hard to say that you can't have a descendant. It's really not good. It's also good to use blood essence to create a descendant.

However, since we met today, the other party also claimed to be his younger generation. As the saying goes, reach out and don't hit the smiling face, this sentence can also apply to monsters.

So Xiaoshan sent a message to Jiayin. With her consent, she took a piece of cold jade that Jiayin had given it in the extremely cold space and handed it to it.

'Meeting is fate. This gift to you is very helpful for the cultivation of our ice system. It is a gift for meeting.'

The white tiger monster hurriedly thanked him: 'Thank you, sir. Would you like to go to the small cave and have a rest? It's not far from here, just on the top of the snow peak.'

Xiaoshan shook his head and said, 'No, go back. I have other things to do. I will come to you when I have time.'

The white tiger monster hurriedly saluted, 'I am always waiting for you.'

After that, he stepped back two steps, and then immediately left the place.

Jiayin was speechless, and said to Xiaoshan, 'How did this guy just come along like a white whirlwind and not move in a flash?'

Xiaoshan replied with a chuckle: 'It dare not. If it moves quickly and suddenly appears in front of us, I will kill it with one paw.

In the face of a stronger existence than yourself, coming over openly can better show that you are harmless and have no hostility. If you appear suddenly, you will be considered as a provocation.

Of course, if you are stronger than him, you can do that, because even if the other party wants to attack you, you can also avoid it.

If you go over with authority, the other party will not dare to rush out, so this is also a tacit rule in the demon world. '

Jiayin nodded. I see. She is really knowledgeable.

After the white tiger left, Jiayin, Xiaoshan and Lang Qing searched around the array again.

Jiayin flew into the air and tried everything. It was strange that she could not enter the isolation array.

Even if there is isolation array, there should be eloquence. Is there any mechanism or secret formula for opening the door?

They always found the dark here, and didn't find anything. They went back to the cave of the Snow Wolf family with Lang Qing directly.

By the way, the difference between this extremely cold place and the extremely cold secret place is that it is divided into day and night.

Unlike the extremely cold secret place, it is day for a period of time, and then it is night for a period of time.

However, the days and nights here are not like twelve hours outside, but twenty-four hours, twice as long as outside.

In fact, when Jiayin came in, half of the day had passed. She had been in it for so long before it was dark. She began to think that it was the same as the extremely cold secret place.

After dark, there are also sun, stars and moon outside Langhuan.

This is also the strange place of Jiayin. Langhuan is an independent secret place, and it is a small world.

Where do the sun, moon and stars come from?

Although this is an independent space, it is still connected with the outside world? It's like being surrounded by a boundary. Is the sky the same?

Unlike the other four secret realms, you can't see anything outside after entering. It is really a space of its own, and the time flow rate is also different.

When they returned to the cave of the snow wolf family, Jiayin found that there were more than twice as many snow wolves in the cave.

There were dozens of snow wolves before, but now there are hundreds of them. Many of them are low-ranking ones, much smaller than Xiaojiu. It seems that these low-ranking snow wolves went outside before, and only returned to the cave at night.

When the snow wolves saw the patriarch with a white tiger and a man repairing it, they all gathered around.

This girl looks like Xiu, who is said to be a monster of high rank. They have learned the origin of Jiayin from Xiaojiu's mouth.

Where did this white tiger come from?

Although I didn't feel its pressure, its momentum was obviously different.

Is it the 10-level white tiger monster on the top of Xuefeng Mountain? If so, the little girl is not simple. The ten level monsters bow to her, which shows her strength.

Looking at the white tiger walking behind, we know that it is mainly young girls.

Jiayin and they came back here, not to rest. If they want to rest, they can enter the space at any time, no matter which space.

Of course, except for the Guixu space, which is in a mess, it is not as good as here for rest. Isn't there also the extremely cold secret place and the broken boundary bead space?

When I came here, I mainly wanted to find clues. Lang Qing, the leader of the snow wolf clan, said that there were snow wolves older than him in the clan.

Although the secret about the array is passed on by every generation of clan leaders, it is impossible for these old snow wolves to hear some other news from other places. Maybe the clue is in it.

In addition, Jiayin is going to ask Lang Qing to take her to the Snow Fox clan for a tour, as well as the Snow Leopard and Snow Ape clan.

Not only is this transmission array, but she is also interested in this extremely cold place. Anyway, she has come. If she goes out, she will come again next time, and she may not be able to come in.

After all, the exit of the transmission array is not fixed. I don't know where the transmission will go next time. Now in this extremely cold place, it is still extremely cold when I return to the space.

But once you really leave the extremely cold place, it is not easy to come here from space.

After Lang Qing knew that Jiayin could destroy the array, he didn't have so many worries. He told his group about the array.

Snow wolves are still the first time to know such an array. Although they are surprised, they don't have much feeling.

Anyway, they don't want to go out. It doesn't matter if they have that array.

But like Lang Qing's worry, they are also afraid that some ferocious people will suddenly come to repair in that array, which will cause danger to their extremely cold place.

Xiaojiu was so excited that he asked a lot about the outside world.

Jiayin picked up what she could say and said something about it. She also focused on the dangers of the outside world.

For Renxiu, there is a danger of being killed and robbed of treasure outside, let alone a six-level snow wolf. There must be many friars who want to contract or hunt.

There are also a lot of materials available for this snow wolf, both for refining pills and weapons. Of course, it is better to be able to contract, but the probability of contract is very low for such a big snow wolf.

If you want to make a contract, you must beat it. If you want to beat it, you must first cultivate it to a high level, and the cultivation of a high level is not worthy of this level of monster.

Even if it is defeated, if the monster is not willing, it can only sign the contract of master and servant by force. In fact, it will be harmful to the monk.

When fighting, you can force the monster to help you fight, but the monster is not willing to say it without any tacit understanding, and may secretly stumbling you.

Although the contract between the master and the servant is very overbearing, the monster in the contract will die with the master when he dies, but the monster is not stupid. There are ways to make the monks suffer without dying.

Don't underestimate the monster's revenge and fighting power.

So Jiayin purposely said some dangerous places to frighten the little girl who saved her from running out.

Jiayin also likes this guy's personality, which is similar to Jin Yuanbao. They are both simple and easy.

Either Jin Yuanbao is afraid of the cold and is practicing. She wants to get it out and let them know each other. Maybe she can become good friends.

Jiayin and Xiaoshan spent the night in the snow wolf cave, listening to the snow wolves talk out to hear, or encounter some things.

But there is nothing related to the array. I have heard a lot of minerals and ganoderma lucidum. The level is not very high, and it is almost less than that in the extremely cold secret environment. So Jiayin and Xiaoshan are not interested in it. Just listen to it.

I told the snow wolves how to use those minerals and spiritual plants, and what they should pay attention to when practicing.

Although the monster will naturally recognize and look for these things, the effect will be different if the use is different.

The effect can be doubled by using the methods taught by Jiayin and Xiaoshan.

That night, they were chatting and eating and drinking in the cave. Jiayin brought out a lot of fruit and food to share with the snow wolves.

Especially after Xiaojiu ate the food given by Jiayin, his eyes lit up the whole cave.

If it hadn't been stopped by Lang Qing, he would have wanted to bow down with Jiayin and follow them.

Finally, Jiayin gave her a storage bag of food to pacify her and promised to bring her more if she had the chance to come again.

It is safe to practice here. If it can really cultivate to a higher level, it can't be said that it will take it out for a walk. Now it's all right.

Now it is urgent to find some clues of magic cultivation. I don't know when the millennium disaster will come. It is better to solve it earlier and get the merit and golden light earlier.

After daybreak the next day, Lang Qing took Jiayin and Xiaoshan to the family land of Snow Fox in Xiaojiu's reluctant eyes.

The snow fox clan is far away from the transmission array. The transmission array is within the range of the snow wolf clan. The snow fox clan is on the other side of the highest snow peak. It can be said that their territory is very broad.

This time, they did not blink, but walked slowly, and by the way, they also looked at the scenery of the extremely cold place and what was in the snow field.

Since I come here, I always want to see it.

Then I found that there are many other small beasts in the snow wolf's territory and the snow fox's chassis.

For example, snow rabbits, snow rats, snow eagles and other animals can not reach the level of monster animals. They can only be said to be wild animals, but also food for those low-level snow wolves and snow foxes.

The monster within the fifth level still needs to eat, just like human cultivation. It is only in the Qi training period, and has not yet broken the valley. It still needs to eat to supplement energy.

The monster above level 5 is equivalent to the foundation period, which is the opening of the valley. It can replenish energy by absorbing Reiki cultivation.

So these wild animals in the snow are their food reserves. Generally, the high-level monsters do not hunt at will, but leave it to the low-level monsters to hunt for food.

This is also a constant training for low-level monsters, which can exercise their speed and reaction ability.

The reason why Jiayin didn't see it before is that these wild animals are hiding in caves under the snow. They are usually in their own caves and won't run out easily.

After all, it is cold outside, and there is danger of life at any time. Unless it is necessary to find food and eat some hardy plants, they will not go out easily.

What's more, Jiayin didn't think about using her divine sense to explore what was under the snowfield, so she ignored them.

Now I found that there were small animals coming out to look for food from time to time along the way.

Some of those small animals are very timid, and they run away when they hear the noise, while others are very brave, and they will stop and look around when they see them.

Those who are timid are like snow rats and rabbits, while those who are bold are snow eagles. They may have wings and can fly at any time, so they are more daring.

I know that low-level monsters can't easily catch it. I think that low-level monsters can't fly. Only level 8 and level 9 monsters, equivalent to the friars of the Golden Elixir Period, can fly in the air.

The monster of level 10, like the white tiger monster, is equivalent to the friars in the infancy.

They are not ordinary monsters, and even they can walk very fast. After walking for more than three hours, they arrived at the Snow Fox Land.

The snow fox family land is obviously more orderly than the snow wolf family land. Once entering the snow fox family land, there are special patrol snow foxes found.

They didn't take a few steps inside, but the Snow Fox Clan Leader and several high-level Snow Fox met them.

The head of the snow fox clan is a huge silver fox, and the people are pure white or milk white, which is easy to distinguish.

'Lang Qing, what are you doing in our country? We didn't say hello in advance. If it weren't for my son on duty today, he recognized you, we would all think you were invaders.

Are these two friends next to you? Don't you introduce it? '

The Snow Fox Clan Leader walked forward and said to Lang Qing.

Lang Qing arched it to one side and said, 'Hu Hui, I haven't seen you for a while. You are even more verbose. This is Jiayin, and this is Xiaoshan. They are all monsters above the tenth level. Even the one at the top of the peak is called senior.'

Hu Hui straightened up his face, put away the expression he had just squinted at people, went forward and bowed respectfully on the ground and said, 'Hu Hui has seen two adults, and has just been impolite.'

He knew that the other side would not harm him, let alone cheat him, so he made up for it so as not to offend the big guy

(End of this chapter)

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