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Chapter 432 Seal place (subscription required)

Jiayin came in by using the force of the boundary breaking bead, and was sure not to destroy the isolation array.

Since the isolation array is safe, the transmission array should not be destroyed.

Now the situation is a little strange.

Although Jiayin had imagined that he would enter the isolation array first and study the eye of the array that transmits the array, there was nothing like the array in the white space, not even a stone.

Yes, it is different from the snow field outside. Although it is flat, there are at least a few stones outside. It is true that there is nothing but snow inside.

She can't shovel the snow to see what is buried underneath, can she?

Alas? It's not impossible. She can use her divine sense to explore the snow.

Jiayin uses her divine sense to probe under the snow and finds that there is ice under it. It's very thick ice!

This is another place different from the outside. She has also explored it outside. There is only a thin layer of ice under the snow, and then there is stone.

It's not the same here. She is two feet deep, and it's still ice!

She went deeper to see if the array pattern was carved under the ice, or if the array plate was frozen under the ice.

After nearly four feet deep, I found that there was water underneath.

Jiayin always thought that this snowfield was a plain, but because the snow was too thick, it looked more flat. Unexpectedly, there was water underneath.

That is to say, within the isolation array, this piece of ice is covered by a thick layer of snow.

So the snow here is whiter and smoother than the outside.

So here comes the question. If the following is water, where is the array portrayed? Where is the stone formation base? Is it under the water?

The array is not like talisman. The talisman can be drawn out of thin air, but the array is not.

The next array must have the array pattern and the array eye before it can be started. The array disk is to put these together, which can be carried around and easy to use.

Of course, these may be placed at the bottom of the water, so Jiayin controls her mind and continues to explore.

The water was very deep. It took a long distance to reach the bottom.

Then a black vortex was found in the water.

Jiayin frowns. This vortex is very familiar. It is very similar to the eye of the storm in the extremely cold space. It is rotating rapidly.

Only one is the strong wind and the other is the water flow, but the power she feels from it is the same. If anything goes in, it will definitely be broken.

After watching for a while, Jiayin has an idea. This vortex is not like the eye of the storm. Is there a dark room inside?

Thinking of this, Jiayin tried to probe into the vortex with her divine sense, and found that she could not penetrate at all. There was an isolation array that isolated her divine sense?

Take back the divine sense, turn around and look around. There is no monster nearby. Jiayin flashes and moves into the water.

Although the water is bitterly cold, it's just a little uncomfortable for her, and it doesn't have much impact.

The location where Jiayin appears is near the vortex, but it doesn't appear directly in front of the vortex, for fear that there is an array to attack her.

Swim slowly by swinging her hands and feet, and soon swam to the front of the vortex. She tentatively reached out and touched it, and found that there was no obstacle. Is this array only isolated from the divine sense, not the entity?

She directly put her hand into the whirlpool to explore, and a huge suction hit, directly sucked her in!

Jiayin only feels that the sky is spinning and the earth is spinning. Her body is rotating rapidly with the water!

I don't know how long it took. Finally, I was dizzy and appeared in a dark place. The water was isolated, and I seemed to have stepped on a stone.

Jiayin took out the night pearl from the space and found it was as useless as the extremely cold secret place. She also took out a piece of luminous spar that she had collected in the forbidden area of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect. This is actually useful.

I originally thought that if I could not, I would take out the yang stone.

Lift the crystal stone in your hand and look forward, and you will find that this place is very strange.

This is an empty space. It is dark all around and can't be seen at all.

In the middle, where she is now, there are many boulders floating in the air, like small floating islands. They are fixed there and will not float around.

This is the huge stone that Jiayin is stepping on now. She is very stable on it and does not shake at all. But when she looks down, she can see that the bottom is completely suspended, and she can't see it at all.

The same is true when looking up. In addition to the range that the light source in your hand can reach, there is only a dark spot.

This huge stone is also very strange. It looks like it is scattered everywhere. It is indeed regular. It is like a disordered ladder. As long as you select the right stone, you can always go up.

Jiayin tried to explore here with a gentleman, and found that there was no divine sense and no aura!

It seems that she couldn't use her divine sense to detect it before. It's not that there is any array isolation here, but that she can't use it at all.

Since you can't use divine knowledge, you can only go to the battle and investigate.

Jiayin tries to move herself to another stone in a blink. Even if she doesn't have aura, she still has something in her body that should be usable.

The result is, no.

How can she climb to another stone? Is it necessary to use the power of the boundary breaking bead?

No, if this is an array, what should I do if I am sent out? Who knows if I can come in again.

After a visual inspection, another boulder is two feet away from me. It is difficult to pass by its own bouncing force alone. If you can't fly in the air in a blink, you can't do it, let alone defend the sword.

But she has never learned the lightness skill of flying from roof to wall. Now she can only use external force.

Take out a whip from the storage bag, think about whether you can use this whip to entangle the stone over there, and then jump over.

Then she found that there was no place to tie the whip, only a big bare stone...

She took out a pine tree from the extremely cold space, which was the only tall tree inside.

Want to put it between two huge rocks and climb up along the trunk.

It was found that looking at the stone at a distance of two feet and using a tree to draw it, it could not reach it at all. Obviously, the distance was farther!

Jiayin takes the tree back, sighs, sits on the stone and picks up the things in the space to see if they can be used.

Finally, I found a flying magic weapon in the storage bag that I asked from the Snow Fox Clan Chief today.

This magic weapon is not powered by spiritual spirit provided by monks, but by spiritual stone.

This magic weapon has its name written on it. It is called Night Spirit Boat. The box also indicates its use method.

This kind of flying magic weapon is specially made for low level friars. If you don't want to fly by sword or in the air, and don't reach the realm of fleeting cultivation, you can take this kind of spirit boat.

This is more labor-saving than flying with sword, and it can also do long-distance flight, because it uses spirit stones. As long as you have enough spirit stones, you can fly far.

Jiayin took out a top-grade spirit stone from the storage bag and put it into the mechanism where the spirit boat contained the spirit stone. The white light of the spirit boat flashed, changing from a foot long to a foot long.

Jiayin sits in and tries to control the mechanism to make the boat fly. The boat really flies smoothly.

It seems that this can be used here.

At the beginning, she wanted to fly to another boulder, but now that she has a spirit boat, she can fly directly to the highest place. Why do you have to go step by step.

After flying out with the spirit boat, I found that it didn't go up at all, only flew sideways.

What is this? Since you can fly, it should be no problem. Why can't you control and fly up?

She tried the mechanism to control the direction again, and found that there seemed to be something blocking the upward flight, so she could only fly forward in parallel.

Jiayin stood up and made herself higher than the side of the boat. She reached up and felt it. She found that it was another transparent diaphragm.

She took the spar and flew around with the flying boat. She didn't find the upward gap or anything else, so she had to return to the previous boulder.

After looking at the dark stone, Jiayin replaced it with a new one.

She thought for a moment and tried to fly the spirit boat to the nearest boulder, but she didn't expect to go up at once.

Jiayin patted her forehead. What happened to her these two days? Why are you always doing such things as seeking distance from the near!

It seems that to go up, you can only go through those boulders. Other places are restricted, and you can't fly up directly.

Next, Jiayin flew up layer by layer with the spirit boat. When she reached the highest one, she silently counted that it was exactly ninety-nine eighty-one yuan.

Because there is no day and night in this place, it is not clear how long it has been. Anyway, it should be a long time.

Along the way, more than ten pieces of Lingshi alone were used, which really cost a lot of money.

However, Jiayin also suspects that there is no Reiki in this place, because there is no Reiki, so it is necessary to accelerate the consumption of Reiki.

Otherwise, if you drive this spirit boat for a trip, you can't support it without spirit stones.

The top boulder is the highest and the largest, with a length and width of about ten zhang.

Jiayin puts the spirit boat back into the previous storage bag and walks slowly to the center of the boulder.

Hold up the crystal stone in your hand and look carefully. There is a complicated totem painted there. To be correct, it should be a kind of rune.

She has never seen this kind of rune. It doesn't look like it is painted on the rune or on the array.

The more she looked, the more she felt a sense of oppression, and she always wanted to move her eyes.

He felt a little uneasy, so he called his father directly with his mind.

After contacting his father, he carefully described the scene here and told him the rune.

Ao Zhan carefully listened to his daughter's description and drew a picture in his heart, He frowned and said, 'Jiayin, you should stay away from the rune. It is a seal rune and also a repressive rune. It is usually used to suppress the immortal magic.

Those stones should have this rune on them. Ninety-nine and eighty-one pieces. It seems that the sealed magic is very powerful. With your current accomplishments, it is better to stay away, and it is not the opponent of the other side at all.'

Jiayin is surprised. Father Wang said that powerful things, It seems that the danger level should be very high. Jiayin silently left the rune and stood on the edge of the boulder.

Then he asked his father: 'Father, what level of magic should be suppressed here? Can it hurt me?'

Ao Zhan said: 'That's not so bad, but if the other party attacks you with magic gas, you will be very uncomfortable, even infected, and it will take time to remove it.

From the perspective of this array, the magic objects in it are at least more than the magic generals, which is equivalent to the time of the monks' crossing the plunder. In the world you are now in, it should be the top existence. '

Jiayin's eyes are wide open, and she is a monster in the period of crossing the plunder!

Could it be the magic dragon she heard before? Could it be the magic dragon that was suppressed here?

No, isn't the magic dragon supposed to be in the big world outside of Langhuan? Is it really the same as they guessed before, that the magic dragon was brought into Langhuan by the contract of Zhenyuan Venerable?

In other words, it is not the evil dragon, but the Zhenyuan Venerable. He did not die, but broke through the period of crossing the plunder.

Didn't he say he was possessed? Is it he who will be suppressed here?

That's not right. Didn't you say that the highest accomplishment in the world is the Mahayana period? Who put him down?

There were four Mahayana periods before the addition of Zhenyuan Venerable. If it were him, there would be only three. How could the three Mahayana periods be able to pass the magic cultivation of crossing the robbery period?

Not to mention that he has a dragon.

The problem is that Jiayin doesn't dare to open the seal now. If it is released, and no one can cope with it, will it not be her place for the millennium disaster.

After sitting there thinking for a long time, Jiayin finally flashed back into the Guixu space. Just don't know. It doesn't matter if she can't help. At least she can't make trouble.

After returning to the Guixu space, I found that the scene inside had changed!

The opposite island turned right. The reddish-brown land turned to the water, and the buildings that had been soaked in the water turned to the top.

If it wasn't for the remains of some water plants and the mottled water marks on the wall, Jiayin would have thought that she was wrong.

When she walked into the buildings again, it was still messy, but the furniture was dry and not deformed, and it could not be seen that it had been blistered for many years.

This may be related to the material of the furniture. After all, it is a real thing, and it can be stored better than ordinary people.

Jiayin turns around and goes to the pavilion with the transmission array. The array in the pavilion still exists. I don't know if it is not in the water. The energy emitted by the array seems to be weak.

Jiayin walks into the transmission array again to see where she can be transmitted this time.

The familiar sense of falling came. This time it was very short. It seemed that she felt the ground under her feet in about a quarter of an hour.

Jiayin didn't have time to close her eyes this time, so she saw the scene directly.

She is very familiar here. She and Green Bamboo have been here for several days. This is the Beast Valley of Ziyuan Secret Land...

(end of this chapter)

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